Luxury – Top 5 Best Rated Air Mattresses

If you are reading this guide on TOP 5 luxury air mattresses it’s probably because…

  • You decided that enough is enough and that you finally want to do something nice for yourself
  • The price is not an issue for you and you just want the best of the best
  • You have a medical condition that causes sleeping problems that can only be solved by this kind of high-end comfort

Bear in mind – these mattresses are not included in the other lists or charts. I just wanted to explain why, you’ll all these high scores and not see these best in the other “top-rated” categories.

Let’s not beat around the bushes and let us get to our winners:

Overall Rating
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Innomax® Medallion
Adjustable Sleep
Air Mattress
Luxury Support Air
Suspension Sleep Softside
air mattress
Luxury Support Air Suspension Sleep Softside Comfort Systems Evolutions Mattress
Select Air c300
10″ Air Mattress
Select Air c300 10inch Airbed Mattress
Select Air i1000
15" Air Mattress
Select Air i1000 15inch Airbed Mattress
Select Air p500
11" Air Mattress
Select Air p500 11inch Air bed Mattress

Innomax® Medallion Adjustable Sleep Air Mattress

I already said it a few times, this is the best air mattress on the market right now in any price range. Everything about is both innovative and crafted using only highest quality materials.

Let’s see what’s so good about it:


  • luxurious top is 15″ high and adds up to a luxurious sleeping experience
  • Petme Milk cover for an unparalleled feeling of comfort
  • hypoallergenic and free of dust mites
  • LED display featuring 50 firmness pre-sets
  • each half of the bed can be set to a different firmness level (yes, you read it right – one can be firm and the other one soft)
  • chose your pillow between Memory cell and top quality latex
  • highest quality premium wood used for the foundation box (upholstery in durable matching fabric)
  • US made

Check it out on Amazon.

The CONs:

  • Price

My review resume:

There’s at least one more company (Sleep Number) that makes this kind of luxurious beds. Here is the main thing – with Sleep Number, you would pay much more for the same high-end features.

So, if you can afford to get this one, you would actually save money. Strange to even say at this price point, but true.

I think my wife is slowly getting jealous with me praising this bed over and over again on the website. If I only had the money to get it…

Luxury Support Air Suspension Sleep Softside air mattress review

Another model coming from the authority in the arena of luxurious air mattresses – Innomax. You can hardly go wrong with any of their beds, if you can afford it, that is.

Luxury Support Air Suspension Sleep Softside Comfort Systems Evolutions MattressThe qualities:

  • fast and quiet Eclipse inflator, proven and reliable
  • internal coils that act independently from one another, making this bed probably twice as durable as any other mattress (except from my praised Medallion above)
  • only highest quality materials used
  • free shipping

See more reviews on

The CON:

  • You guessed it – the price.

My review resume:

What makes this bed so special is the design of the internal coils. If the internal coils are interconnected, weakness in one of them causes a chain reaction that shortness the life of the mattress.

I strongly believe that this innovative design contributes to the unparalleled durability of this bed.

This one is for life.

Select Air c300 10″ Air Mattress review

The company making this bed (Select Foam) has a very simple philosophy – make beds that are just as good as the other high end products and sell them at lower margins. As times goes by, I see that this philosophy is starting to work.

The one thing that’s stopping them from fully shaking the foundations of the industry lays in the basic human psychology. People are still hesitant. What they (and probably You) are wondering is whether these beds are just as good as similar products that cost twice as much.

I’ll try to answer that question here.

Select Air c300 10inch Airbed MattressBut first, let’s look at the main qualities of the air mattress:

  • Warranty of full 20 years
  • adjustable air chambers for enhanced comfort and durability
  • digital remote (dual controls)
  • exactly the same materials used as in the mattresses that cost twice as much
  • the materials used for the bottom ensure that the mattress stays in place, no flipping or moving
  • luxurious quilted cover included
  • US made
  • 30 day trial (at home) and a full money back guarantee if for any reason you think the bed is not everything that you wanted

Curious on what the other customers had to say? Learn more on Amazon. com

The CON:

  • Price (I am getting a bit tired of using this as a con, especially since you know that we are talking about luxury air mattresses here).

My resume:

I did something pretty fun when trying to compile this review. I tried to put the philosophy of (Select Foam) under real scrutiny:

Here’s how:

  1. I head over to Sleep Number’s website
  2. I do my best to find a model that is as close to this bed as possible (features, materials used, quality)
  3. I compare the prices

And…it’s true.

They really are doing it. They are using the selling margins of the competition to their own advantage.

And I stand behind my words when I say that the quality is just as good.

Only time will tell if people can get over themselves or will spend a grand more just to be sure.

It’s a good thing that they have that 30 day at-home trial period. Try it and return it if you don’t like it.

Select Air i1000 15″ Air Mattress

Coming from the same company and still about 50% more expensive as the previous entry on this list. Strange.

Let’s see what the reasons for this might be:

Select Air i1000 15inch Airbed MattressWhat stands out in this air mattress:

  • Full 20 years warranty
  • Maximized comfort assured by two separate layers of thick foam and latex
  • Air chambers are adjustable for better comfort and increased life span of the product
  • Sturdy edges assured by the sling rails
  • Even weight distribution (mid-sone support)
  • Anti dust mite and hypoallergenic materials
  • 30 day trial of the bed (at-home), full money back guarantee
  • Made in the US
  • Free shipping for orders from the US or Canada

See more pictures on

My review resume:

I kind of get it now. I understand why this bed costs as much. I know how much the kind of memory foam used in this foam costs (density over 4) and how much the sling rails in the sides for added sturdiness cost.

What would I do?

This bed is worth it. When I say this, I’m thinking about the extra investments of the company in the added features (like the foam-latex top).

Having said that, if I ever get the money, I don’t really see myself getting this one over the Innomax Medallion.

I am just honest here – great bed, but still a level below the Medallion.

Select Air p500 11″ Air Mattress

Another model from Select Foam, this time mid-priced (compared to the previous two on the list). It’s probably because this one doesn’t include those two extra layers of memory foam and latex.

I never tried this bed (and probably never will with my mortgage) but I sincerely doubt that the lack of that top foam and latex makes a noticeable difference. If I am being blunt and completely honest, I think that the topper on top of layers of foam that we’ve seen in the i1000 is an overkill.

Select Air p500 11inch Air bed MattressLet’s list it’s main strengths:

  • 20 years full warranty
  • dual digital remote
  • similar to the previous model, it features adjustable air chambers for added comfort and durability
  • materials that are used for the bottom prevent the mattress from sliding and flipping
  • 30-40% cheaper compared to its competitors
  • advanced mid-sone body support
  • materials used are anti dust-mite and hypoallergenic
  • includes a luxurious Damask Cover (Belgian made) for a cloud-like luxurious sleeping experience
  • 30 day trial (at home and full money back guarantee)
  • Read more reviews of people who actually own this product on Amazon on the link below


You know by now that the main downside is price, so I am not even going there anymore. The main thing to keep in mind that, no matter how costly, this mattress is still 30-40% less expensive than the same quality mattresses coming from their competitors.

One final thought:

Let me leave you with one final thought here. I know very well that these beds would leave a solid dent in your account, I completely get it…

Having said that, let’s keep one thing in mind – we spend more than third of our lives sleeping. The rest of our living is greatly determined by how well we sleep.

Now, if you can tell me of a better way to change the quality of our lives, shoot me an email, because I just can’t think of one…

Take care and sleep in luxury,


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