Best King Size Air Mattress – Top 3 – March 2017 update 4

best_king_size_air_mattress-bamboo-coverWe’ve seen quite a few changes in the category of king air mattress over the past 8 months.

This category celebrates its 50-month birthday with this update- which means that the results you are about to see are fruit of continuous testing  and re-testing over the course of 4+ years. We sincerely hope you find it useful…

Dimensions of a king size air mattress are 76×80 inches, with the height ranging from 5 to 25 inches.

We’ve even had a change right at the very top in the previous bi-monthly update. It was the first time ever for the relatively “young” king air bed – the bed we are calling Sky Blue because we don’t particularly like using the name the company gave the mattress (which is “Best Choice”) – it would simply  be confusing using it in our guides.



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We predict that this bed will one of the few
models to dominate the industry in the next decade.

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Now that are done with the boring part let’s get to present and compare the TOP 3 King air mattresses on the market today.


3 best airbeds in King Size


(out of 10)
Amazon ratings
& price comparison link

See the Sky Blue
on Amazon here >>



See the Fox Plush
on Amazon here >>


See the Aerobed 14-inch
on Amazon here >>



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The company making the currently the best blow up mattress in king size is the company behind the website

We know that they’ve been designing it and tweaking the design for long (far too long if you ask us) before they finally brought it to the market in the summer of 2016.

We couldn’t rate and review it then, because we had to wait it for it to hit 200 reviews from verified-buyer reviews to know if it’s worth testing and reviewing in the first place.

Let’s move on to a more detailed comparison of the TOP 3.

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All Specs & ratings of the TOP 3 King size air mattress


Sky Blue
Bamboo topper

Fox Plush

Aerobed 14-inch
19 "
25 "
14 "
25.6 lbs
35.8 lbs
27.2 lbs
King / Queen
Full / Twin XL
King / Queen
Full / Twin XL
All Category Ratings (out of 10)
Air retention
& Finish
Easy to use
& store
Value for
Overall Rating


Analysis of the results


The Sky Blue with a Bamboo cover and Fox Plush are neck and neck in overall ratings.

You’ll notice that the Fox Plush bests the Sky Blue in the categories of Durability and Edges sturdiness  and that tells a story.

The Fox Plush is designed to be extra tough – the PVC used is almost 50% thicker (0.43 mm in other air mattresses vs. 0.6 mm in the for Plush), which explains all the extra weight.



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Who will choose the Sky Blue Bamboo?

This bed will be the choice of anybody looking for a king air mattress and is OK with the maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs.



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Who will choose the Fox Plush?

The Fox Plush lists a maximum capacity of 750 lbs, which makes it the toughest air mattress on the market. It will be the choice of people who like the extra height and a choice of those who are on the heavier side.

The Fox Plush is also likely to be a choice of people looking for a bed that they won’t set up and down daily, because it is a bulky and heavy air mattress, especially in king size.


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Who will choose the Aerobed double-high king air mattress?

People looking for luxury (at least in terms of looks) and are prepared for it.

It’s currently priced a few hundred % more than the previous two models – yes, you read that right,  few times over…



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No better advice than the people using the beds right now

We can test the beds, we can rate them and review them and do it a zillion times,
but nothing beats learning from the experiences of people using the beds right now.
People who slept on the Sky Blue or the Fox Plush
just last night – you can find them below.



See what owners
of the Sky Blue
are saying about it
on Amazon here >>>

See what people
who bought the Fox Plush
are saying about it
on Amazon here >>>

See the user reviews
of the Aerobed 14-inch
on Amazon here >>>


Reference info, fact sheets and some quotes for the testers Airbed – Sky Blue King  with Bamboo cover

Fact sheet:

  • True to size – true King mattress dimensions
  • Bamboo cover included – removable and hypoallergenic, fitted, machine washable
  • Inner construction – coil beams for increased durability and better weight distribution
  • Weight capacity – 600 lbs
  • Material of the mattress body – reinforced vinyl (using nylon laminate which increases durability by 40%)
  • Stylish bed skirt attached to the bamboo cover – hangs to the floors and covers all vinyl part

The positive reviews:

  • I took my time researching this bed and I finally decided to take the leap…I couldn’t’ be happier…
  • Because of my spine problems no regular mattress or cheap camping-style air bed was good enough for me…it changed my life, literally…
  • great price compared to the other luxury models…
  • I was surprised how small it packs…the whole things packed into 9 cubic feet…
  • very precise instructions made it a breeze to set up…
  • price and service beat the more expensive brands…

Reviews resume of this King inflatable:

Hands down, the best king air mattress on the market, especially for the low price tag.

As we said, we see this mattress dominating over the next years and as its popularity grows, it probably won’t be as cheap as it is today.

The rating of 88/100 speaks for itself, it’s not only the top choice in this size but one of the top 3 choices overall among the hundreds of airbeds we reviewed and tested over the years.


User reviews on Amazon speak volumes,
you can see them by following the link below:


Click here to read what
owners of this King airbed are saying
about it on Amazon >>>

Fox Plush airbed – the runner up among King-sized inflatables

As we’ve seen in the ratings, This Fox King is neck to neck with the winner of the category.

That’s no big deal and not a problem when it comes to choosing because different people will go for the two beds.

Double-high and raised at 25 ” it is the highest model we know – seeing the King size inflated is impressive and sleeping on it will be a thrill for months until you get used to the height and the size.

With the maximum weight capacity of 750 lbs it’s THE choice for big people and for those who need a bed that will sleep more than two people – like a couple and a toddler.



The fact sheet:

  • Ar-flow pillow-top chambers for better temperature insulation (this means you’ll never feel the cold rushes of air which do happen with lower-quality beds, you can see the illustration in the image above)
  • Vinyl used is 0.6 mm thick which is 43% thicker than the industry standard (this means you won’t have to worry about punctures and cat scratches)
  • 90 day full warranty
  • 400 lbs capacity
  • Includes a valve that can be used to inflate and deflate it with a manual pump (which makes it solid choice for car camping)

This Fox King also features a built in pump, one of the most powerful and fastest there is.

The PROs as per the customer reviews:

  • perfect choice for a guest bed…holds air great…
  • It exceeded my expectations…great value for money in this bed…
  • polite and friendly customer service…thanks, Rose…
  • great looking bed, I can see the envy in my guests eyes and I like it 🙂
  • finally I have enough room for a good night’s sleep for the two of us (me and my hubby)…
  • The  in the name is totally deserved…
  • the best air bed I’ve ever had…
  • loving the colors, finally an air bed that not beige and just plain boring…
  • still the same 6 weeks in, I only added air twice…
  • I don’t have to chase my pillows any more, the rising design of the top is great…
  • as close you can get to a real bed experience with an airbed…it’s better for my back problems than my luxury air mattress – Innomax Medallion
  • my guests just kept talking about how comfortable the bed is…we decided to get them one as a present…



Our current ratings of the Fox Plush are 87 / 10,
you can see how it’s rated on Amazon below:


See what those
who bought the Fox Plush
are saying about it
on Amazon here >>>



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King size air mattresses by type and brand

The rest of the guide comes in response to the requests we’ve been getting from, both through email and in the comments below – to do a more in-depth analysis of the king size airbed.

Two most common requests were to recommend a King size camping air mattress and, from brand fans, top choices in the size from certain brands.


  • Top Aerobed king size air mattress (apart from the 14-inch, something cheaper)
  • Top Coleman airbed in King size
  • Top Intex in King Size

We’ll address those requests below.


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King size air mattress for camping


Two of the three choices blow up beds in size King we mentioned above (Fox and Sky) can be used for camping.

They both feature a valve that can be used to manually inflate and deflate them, which makes them a valid option for camping. But they are both high-raised and only a choice if you have extra room in your trunk, that especially goes for the Fox Plush.

Here, we want to mention a king-sized air mattress for camping that’s much more versatile and a much better choice if you are backpacking and not driving to the site.



Coleman King air mattress for camping – Quickbed 4-in-1

The Coleman airbed that you see below might not look like a king-size, but that’s what the 4-in-1 stands for.

Let us explain – notice the straps on the side that are connecting the two twin low-profile beds. When you place them side by side and secure the straps, this Bed turns into what’s probably the most versatile camping air mattress.

It can be used as two low twins, one double-high twin and a king size camping air mattress.

It’s one of the industry classics and it has been around for years and it’s still the bed to beat when it comes to finding a good camping air mattress in king size.

If there wasn’t for the Quickbed, there would practically be no options for campers looking for a low-profile king blow-up bed.


What makes this Coleman appealing for campers, besides the versatility,
is that it’s unusually cheap for a King-sized airbed.

See this Coleman on Amazon here >>>




Coleman King air mattress for camping – classic Quickbed

The Coleman Quickbed King for camping comes in a  few “flavors” that are very similar.

If you don’t need the option to use your camping bed as a twin or raised, you have the option of getting the classic Coleman Quickbed.


This Coleman King is even cheaper than the 4-in-1,
which makes it the the top option for campers looking for camping airbed in this size.

See the classic Coleman Quickbed King for camping on Amazon here >>>




“Foot-in-the-door” model.

What’s a foot-in-the-door model?

It’s just a term I am using for beds that are sold at insanely low margins but are still very well made. Every company has them. They sell them to make their brand look good and to make huge margins when you decide to invest “real money”.

They want to get you thinking: “If something that costs 50 bucks is this good, what will I get if I spend a 100 or 200…”

But, if you see them coming, you can use this to your advantage and just get the foot-in-the-door model. It’s kind of a secret of the industry. It’s not a double-high like the King inflatable beds we looked at, but still a solid choice if you need to get something on the cheap.

If you don’t see me writing reviews over the next few days, call the cops 🙂

Just kidding of course, this is a slick sales tactics that takes advantage of the basics of human psychology (like a Big Mac at McDonalds).

Enough blabber, let’s re-focus on reviewing the bed.

Coleman 4 in 1 QuickbedThe fact sheet:

  • internal design of air coils makes this bed durable and sturdy
  • soft top finish for luxurious sleeping
  • no air leaks (double lock valve, Air Tight patented system)
  • 4 in 1 use (explained above)

The PROs of the Coleman King camping quickbed:

  • great value for money…versatile use. It’s my best mate on all my camping trips since November last year…
  • I wasn’t expecting much from this bed…but it’s very good…
  • so comfy…
  • flexible, it can sleep two-grown ups and two children at the same time…
  • Holds air better than any air bed I’ve owned, and this is my 4th…a real bargain…
  • I only add air once or twice per week and both wifey and I have been sleeping on it every night since the move (5 weeks now)

The CONs:

  • it spread kind of a rubbery smell which stays with you for days…
  • it feels flimsy to me…
  • color choices would be good…

Review resume of this Coleman King camping air mattress

Perfect budget solution, that’s our first thought. As I mentioned, I believe that Coleman is making a sliver of a margin here just to raise brand awareness.

You can use that and get the product that, in my humble opinion, offers the best value in this price range.


Honorable mentions

In the rest of the rest we’ll go over some airbeds that come in king size as honorable mentions – these are not close in ratings to the best beds we listed above, but we are including them as a response to special requests to brand fans – especially Aerobed & Intex.

We won’t go into great depths about these models, we’ll just share their specs and some quotes we collected from our testers over the years.




Aerobed King size air mattress – Comfort Anywhere 18″


Ratings -69 / 100

A confession before we move on

We did our best to respond to the requests of Aerobed fans and recommend a good Aerobed in King size (double high) and the Comfort Anywhere was the closest to the description.

We do think that this Aerobed is overpriced and not really worth it, we went though the TOP 3 King airbeds above each of them offering more and two of them costing way less. The one that costs more is, again, an Aerobed.

The market has changed and we are seeing Aerobed models dropping out of our guides of recommended beds left and right – if somebody from the company (Coleman) is reading these lines, we don’t mean to sound cocky but we do believe it’s time to rethink some things and respond to the changing trends. We do like Aerobed as a brand, we think it stands for class and we’d love to see its response to the “new kids on the block”.

This Aerobed is not a true King size

The Aerobed Comfort is somewhere in-between a queen and a king size, if you sheets ate not fitted and you do end up getting this bed, we recommend going with California King sheets.

The fact sheet:
  • the most comfortable air mattress Aerobed has ever made (or so they claim)
  • packed size – 22×9.4×14.7
  • weight – 30 lbs
  • Made in China
The PROS of this aerobed king air mattress:
  • throughout the day I think about the moment I’ll sink into my Innomax womb…it’s my safe place…
  • finally a solution for my husband and me…he likes soft mattresses and I like sturdy and firm, I was excited like a child in a candy shop when I found this bed…
  • once I tried this bed I knew it’s for life, never going back to anything else…
  • proud that I finally did it, cut through the fear and did something nice for myself…
  • transformed my life…
  • I was thinking for so long about investing in this bed. I would go and check it out once a week or so. It’s only when they ran out of stock that I panicked and called the company…they said that it’s not discontinued and will be back in stock soon. Long story short, it’s now in my bedroom and it’s nothing I’ve ever seen…just amazing…
  • I was surprised at how easy this bed is to set up…

Our thoughts and review resume

The Comfort anywhere King from Aerobed is only a decent choice as a permanent, every day long-term use air mattress.

Nothing more than that, it is to cumbersome to set up and down daily and the headboard take too much space.

Our current ratings of the bed are 74/100 – we’ve seen much more value in king airbeds that cost less.




Intex King size air mattress – the Classic Downy


Ratings -61 / 100

The Classic Downy is the only Intex king size air mattress worth mentioning and, if we are being honest, cannot really compare to the top choices in the size.

The fact sheet of Intex King Downy:

  • soft and luxurious flocking cover top for added comfort and insulation
  • the pump is fast, ETL approved and detachable (it can also be used on other beds and inflatables)
  • 21 inches high
  • Unparalleled comfort and support (patented cross beam design act like spring in a regular bed)
  • Giga valve will deflate the bed in 1 minute

The PROs of the Intex King air mattress:

  • this airbed is as close you can get to the experience of a real mattress…
  • It holds air very well, great even, having in mind that both and hubby and I are pretty big…
  • amazing value for money…
  • exceeded all my expectations…
  • I’ve had this bed for 3 months now…no issues so far…
  • Didn’t know what to expect from this product, I just wanted a king-sized bed that wouldn’t cost a small fortune. This was a bull’s eye…I am getting a second one for my father’s house…
  • one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept on, including my expensive memory foam mattress…
  • love how high this bed is…makes all the difference…
  • must-have for all campers that still want comfort after the long hikes…

The CONs as per the users:

  • it arrived with a hole on the left side…
  • I wish the pump was faster…

Review resume of this Intex King airbed

In our opinion, it’s only an option if money is extremely tight , maybe not even then because the King version of this Intex is not cheap at all, but it is more affordable compared to the TOP 3 choices in the size.

The other scenario in which we go out and get ourselves an Intex King Downy is if we had some kind of an Intex fetish.


Final thoughts:

It wasn’t easy finding true quality in King-sized beds. I am not sure why, but it seems that most of the companies offer their models in Twin and Queen size. Most of the ones offered in King size are luxury models, and I included two of the best ones on the list.

It took me some time of digging and research, but I think I did it. I think that what you see on this page is worth spending money on. I did my best to include a little something for everyone, both for people that just want comfort and the price is not an issue, and for those who don’t want or can’s afford to spend so much.

If I helped and cleared the field a little, I don’t regret the days of research needed to compile this guide.

Take care and sleep tight,



Resources and links

Luxury air mattress in king size – Innomax Medallion luxury support review

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    james menta thank you so much for the king air bed reviews.your reviews really did give me information about air beds that I didnt have before.

    • Reply James Menta Jun 22,2015 12:17 pm

      Thanks Pam for the kind words, finding the best air mattress becomes increasingly harder as time go by and more companies try to cut cost. I’m glad I could help.

  2. Reply Tim Feb 27,2015 3:43 am

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for the reviews. I have back problems and am over weight (320) I need something that will give me the support that I need and I am unable at the moment to sleep on a regular mattress. I sleep in my recliner as of now. I love the air bed but am unable to get a sleep comfort as they are to expensive for me. So I thought about getting an air bed. My problem is the weight. Most make them for smaller thinner people. I need something that is going to hold 700 to 800 pounds and not fall apart on my if I use it every night. It is hard to get a straight answer as to what is good verses what is bad. I read one person say that the seams split and another say that they have used it for over three years and it is still great. So who do I trust? I am on a tight budget but will also be moving soon to SEattle and would like to be able to take it with me. If I found one that was comfortable enough and lasted a longer time it wouldn’t bother me to much to even replace it if it did wear out. I also need something that is puncture resistant. Most stores that sell them will not tell you the max weight or if it is highly constructed as well as puncture resistant. I also wanted to find one that you can make, well, let’s just say I do not want to live alone forever. . .Hint Hint Hint. Thanks for the reviews both pro and con. The one that cost over $1000.00 would be nice if I had Bill Gates money as it looks like a real bed you would buy in a top mattress store.
    Thanks again for the reviews,
    Timothy Jenkins

    • Reply James Menta Apr 8,2015 1:25 pm

      Hey Tim,

      Thanks for saying all those kind words about the work I do here at the website.

      About your question – I know your pain all too well, I’ve been dreaming about getting the Innomax Luxury Medallion for years. I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping in one at a friends house and I don’t know whether it’s just my head but I think I felt a relief with my back pain in days.

      Now, about what you said and your question on how to decide and who to trust…if you go over to Amazon you’ll see that the best of the products have negative reviews from some people that simply either got a defective one or just didn’t like it. It all comes down to numbers and ratings. It ten people wrote reviews and two of them complained you stay away fro the product, but if thousands wrote reviews and a handful of them complained, then you’ve got a winner product on your hands.

      Based on what you said about your budget I would go with the SoundAsleep Dream Series. In my mind, the best air bed on the market today that will not cost you a small fortune.

      Hope this helps

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