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Let me start this guides on best rated California-sized airbeds with a simple question:” Can you imagine any better way to spend your money than on something that will allow you to enjoy luxury for over 200.000 hours in your life?”

Average American lives around 80 years and that’s about 230.000 of sleep…ok, you adjust the math based on your age, but you get where I am going with this…

If you are reading these lines, I envy you. I envy you simply because if you end up getting one of the babies on the list I am about to present, you are into a lifetime of luxurious pampering and a sleeping experience that 99% of people on the planet will never know.

Let’s get something straight -all the beds on this list are investments, and substantial ones too. That makes the decision process ever so important.

And that’s where I step in – doing the research so that you don’t have to.

By the end of this page, you have clarity about what’s what in the luxury airbeds arena and be fully equipped to make a calm, informed decision.

Here how we’ll go about it:

  1. You’ll see a synoptic table where I compare the beds side by side
  2. We’ll do digest reviews of each of the models listed
  3. We’ll draw conclusions

Moving on to the table comparison (note – because most of these are luxury items, you will not see them in the overall comparisons):

Picture & Model
Overall Rating
See Amazon Offer
Innomax® Luxury
Support Medallion
Select Air c300 10"
Air bed Mattress
Select Air c300 10inch Airbed Mattress
Luxury Support Air
Suspension Sleep
Luxury Support Air Suspension Sleep Softside
Select Air i1000 15"
Air bed Mattress
Select Air i1000 15inch Airbed Mattress
Select Air p500 11"
Air bed Mattress
Select Air p500 11inch Air bed Mattress

Innomax® Luxury Support Medallion Review

I’ve talked about this bed in various contexts on this website, and I never fail mention that THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BEDS EVER MADE.

It’s in ITS own category and delivers value that’s unparalleled. Sleep Number models that bring something close to this (still not as good) cost around $5000.

This bed stands proud and alone.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why:


  • the top box is 15″ high for a cloud-like sleep experience
  • the covers have what Innomax calls Petme Milk feel to them, for a softer and healthier sleep environment (hypoallergenic and dust mite free)
  • 50 numbers led display to adjust the firmness
  • separate firmness adjustments for each half of the bed (yes, you read it right, one half can be soft and the other firm)
  • even the pillows tops are adjustable and you can choose between Memory Cell and highest quality Latex
  • the foundation is 8 inches thick premium wood, upholstered using luxurious but durable matching fabric
  • made in the USA

Read more about it on Amazon.

The CON:

  • price (if you can say that that’s a con having in mind that any bed that comes close to this quality and features is twice as expensive)


Not much to add – if there’s a better bed, somebody please let me know…

Select Air c300 10″ Air bed Mattress review

Select Air series is coming from Select Foam, another reputable company in the arena of luxury beds. Their sales proposal when it comes to airbeds is that they deliver the same quality at lower prices.

I know that it’s hard to talk about “lower prices” with these beds, but you’ll agree that getting something for 1k that’s otherwise sold for 2 is a pretty good deal.

Let’s see what’s so good about this bed:

Select Air c300 10inch Airbed MattressThe PROs:

  • adjustable internal air chambers
  • bottom of the bed is skid-proof to keep the bed in place
  • you save 40% compared to buying a bed from Sleep number
  • hypoallergenic
  • dust-mite free
  • patented mid-sone body support for extreme comfort
  • digital remote control
  • Cover quilted in highest quality cotton for a cloud-like sleeping experience
  • made in the USA
  • 20 years full warranty
  • 30 day trial period (at-home)
  • free shipping for Canada and USA

See more pictures and reviews here – on Amazon.

The CONs:

  • price

My review resume:

What I did for each of these high end beds in my resume is find a bed made by Sleep Number (the best known brand in his high end airbeds) and find a bed that offers similar features like the one on this list.

My conclusion is this – Sleep Number beds of this class and basically the same features cost 30-40% more.

So, by getting this bed you get the same quality and save hundreds (especially if you can find it discounted).

Still, the price is substantial, and I’ll let you digest the information as we move further down the list.

Luxury Support Air Suspension Sleep Softside review

This baby is coming from Innomax, and they maintained their reputation and authority in luxury airbeds industry for years. They did it with a simple approach – by sustaining impeccable quality in everything they bring to the market.

Let’s see what so special about this bed:

Luxury Support Air Suspension Sleep SoftsideThe PROs:

  • quiet Eclipse air inflator (fast, proven reliability)
  • innovative design – independent coil action for added support, comfort and durability
  • only luxurious materials used for the top of the bed
  • free shipping

Learn more about this amazing mattress here – on Amazon.

The CONs:

  • price

The resume:

It might be confusing seeing only 3 PROs in a luxury bed. It doesn’t mean that I couldn’t blabber about how good the pump is or how comfortable this bed is, it just means that in this class of beds, all of that is a given, and I just wanted to stress what separates it from the rest.

What makes this bed so different is the second point in the PROs. As simple as it sounds, this is a true innovation.


In a regular design of the coils, they are interconnected, and if over time, one gives in just a little bit, it starts a process of the decay of the coils. This happens as the material of the of the other coils fatigues and also starts go give in. Slowly, a weak spot develops on your bed.

This design eliminates that – each coil functions on its own, and this dramatically reduces the chances of your bed giving in at some point.

I feel that I can’t stress enough how big of a move forward this is in internal coil design.

Select Air i1000 15″ Air bed Mattress

Another model by Select Foam. This is one of the few beds that come pretty close to the quality and features of the Innomax Medallion.

Let’s take a closer look:

Select Air i1000 15inch Airbed MattressThe PROs:

  • 2 separate layers of memory foam and latex to maximize comfort
  • adjustable air chambers
  • mold proofed
  • innovative edge support (they call it sling rail)
  • Innovative body support technology (patented mid-sone)
  • free of dust mite and hypoallergenic
  • USA made
  • Full 20 years warranty
  • Free shipping provided USA and Canada
  • See more pictures and reviews on Amazon by following the link below:

More reviews here


  • Price (still, any similar model from Sleep Number will cost 30-40% more)

My review resume:

I am so “in love” with the Innomax Medallion that when I say that a bed comes dangerously close to Medallion you can take that to be a huge compliment.

And I said it for this bed.

What separates this bed from the rest is primarily the design of the top (featuring two separate layers of Latex and Memory Foam). This results in a sleeping surface that is just soft enough for your shoulder and hip bone to sink still keep your spine aligned.

Bottom line – a perfect bed for side-sleepers with back issues.

Select Air p500 11″ Air bed Mattress review

So, third bed on the list that comes from Select Foam. There’s a reason for that – I believe that the company offers best value-for-money mattresses (Innomax Medallion excluded).

Each of the models offers something unique to deserve the place on this list.

Let’s see what unique about the p500:

Select Air p500 11inch Air bed MattressThe PROs:

  • Cover is Belgian Damask (luxury at it’s best)
  • the cover completely eliminates dust mites and is hypoallergenic
  • adjustable air chambers for even weight distribution and added comfort
  • stable bottom keeps the foundation of the bed firmly in it’s place
  • the mentioned patented mid-sone support
  • dual digital remote
  • USA made
  • Full 20 Year Warranty and a 30-day home trial
  • Free shipping to Canada and USA

Visit and read more reviews of people who actually own this product >>

The CON:

  • Price

My review resume:

I don’t want to repeat myself in these resumes, so I’ll just stress one thing here – the Belgian Damask cover. I know how much this costs, and it’s the best bed cover you can get. Next level would be silver threads.

Bottom line – great choice for restless sleepers and people with allergy problems.

Final thoughts:

If I had 2001 bucks to spare, I would probably spend 2000 on getting one these babies. I dream about getting the Innomax Luxury Medallion, it’s growing to be kind of an obsession.

If this guide helped a little and clarified a few things, it’s good enough for me.

Take care and sleep tight,


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  1. Reply Dan Aug 16,2014 8:03 pm

    I’ve been looking for a specific type of air mattress for some time and I can’t seem to find one. My criteria are very specific.

    – California king
    – maximum of 11 inches thick (not a raised type)
    – Air chamber only (like a camping model)
    – maximum of $300
    – with remote (corded)
    – must ship to Canada

    Anything come to mind ?

    • Reply James Menta Aug 22,2014 1:51 pm

      Hi Dan,

      Don’t kill the messenger, but I don’t you’ll finding anything that meets most of your criteria, let alone all of them.

      Here is the issue – they rarely make air mattress in California king size and when they do (as you can see in the special guide in the side bar) they are raised and cost, well, 5-10 times your proposed budget.

      I’d be very interested to learn about it if you find one, since nothing really comes to mind even after spending some time researching…

      I wish I could help more.


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