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It wasn’t long ago after my website grew to decent numbers in terms of audience that people were asking for me to make the scope of the websites broader and include types of mattresses other than air mattress (like reviews of best memory foam mattresses).

And I kept refusing to do it, and always explained myself using the same argument:

The Menta statistical model I am using to rate products requires the rating of at least one real expert or a median rating of a few experts. I was not and am not an expert on any other types of mattresses apart the inflatable ones.

So, to make this possible I needed help. And help from reliable people who know what they are talking about

After being annoying enough for over 4 months I finally got a YES from the people of the National Institute of Sleep research (special thanks to Ruth Mully).

I also recruited Leah Arevalo, who I found through the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency and who used to work as Quality Assurance Manager in a mattress factory (one of the big names in the industry but I can’t name names of companies here for legal reasons).

Leah is now a full-time employee, a valued writer and tester of mattresses.

Once I got this team together, I was finally confident that I can maintain the same kind of precision, objectivity and reliability of reviews and ratings when reviewing memory foam mattresses.

To keep everything clear and as useful as possible (because people make their decisions based on different criteria) I decided to divide the whole guide on best memory foam mattresses and their reviews into sections.

So, here is what we’ll be looking at (one dedicated guide for each of the subjects):

The first batch of guides is kind of general, but these were the guides that were most requested in the poll taken from February to May 2015:

  1. Best memory foam mattress by general price:
  2. Top rated memory foam mattresses by size

Stay tuned for the next batch of guides that will tackle the issue of mattress thickness, listing the best foam mattresses by thickness.

Choose wisely,

James, Ruth and Leah

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