Review of L A Baby Organic Cotton 2 in One Orthopedic Crib Mattress

L A Baby Organic Cotton 2 in One Orthopedic Crib MattressWelcome to yet another in the series of crib mattress review. I know how stressful and convoluted the search for the best crib mattress can be, hence I do everything that’s in my power to make that search a bit more pleasant of an experience.

No amount of research is enough when it comes to the comfort and safety of our little people, but we can try our best to make the whole process just a tad easier.

Couple of reasons to continue reading

First of all, I’ve been writing these articles for a very long time now. Through my ventures in the world of mattresses and bedding components, I’ve picked up every bit of relevant knowledge you could possibly think of. I know the downsides and upsides of the industry and the companies within, so I will free enough to say that you are in good hands if you do decide to use this website and my knowledge to help you make the right decision.

There is no proof of quality like real-life testing, so I base my reviews largely on user experiences. It is of utmost importance for my writing what the customers shared with us after they’ve bought and used a certain product.

So, professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and informed approach is what I have to offer here, hoping it’s enough to spark your interest.

See what parents are sharing about this crib mattress on Amazon:

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Basic outlines of my reviews

Here’s what you can expect if you continue reading:

  • We’ll start off with basic information concerning our organic crib mattress here. Manufacturer’s product specification is just the place to kick this mattress review off
  • Then we’ll dig deep into the world of user reviews which is always crucial. We’ll have an opportunity to see some of the PROs and CONs in order to put what we know so far to the test
  • Lastly, I’ll give you an opinion of my own, filtering what we heard through my knowledge on the topic

That would be a short presentation of my optimized system for giving you all the necessary information in a short article such as this.

Manufacturer’s product specification

Organic Cotton Mattress reviewLet’s go over through the introductory section, and learn a bit more about this product:

  • Featuring 260 steel heavy duty coils, ensuring optimal durability. Border rod gives it extra support and strength
  • Ultimate safety and edge support. Prevents cushioning material loss due to cotton-poly wrap
  • Insulator pad made of organic cotton that’s USDA certified. Additional comfort for your baby is offered by a layer of blended cotton
  • Deluxe Jacquard cover featuring waterproof backing. The mattress is always fresh due to air-vents
  • Lock stitch will prevent moisture entry and seam splitting

At first glance this organic baby mattress seems top quality, but let’s test this information through what the users shared with us.

PROs – the positive consumer opinions

Let’s go over the good sides of this organic crib mattress:

  • It’s completely cotton, so no toxic grossness is to be found here. Secondly, it’s organic, which is particularly important for the newborns since they do spend most of their time sleeping
  • I like this 2-side thing a lot! It’s was a great mattress for our little daughter since day 1. It was there when she was born, and now it’s still there, just as a toddler bed
  • This organic crib mattress has been with us for about 4 months, and we absolutely love it! The most important thing for us is that out baby’s environment is completely toxins and germ-free. I’ve noticed there were no chemical or plastic smells right out of the box, and I even then knew we’ve made the right choice
  • This was an unbelievably good deal! I mean there are no downsides to this mattress. I mean it’s organic, 2-sided, waterproof, not to mention the absence of PVC, vinyl, formaldehyde…. It’s was an amazing purchase, and our little guy loves it
  • It’s a very comfortable little crib mattress. You can see right off the bat how well made it is, and it’s so gentle and soft to the touch, yet firm enough to provide the needed support. It also offers an amazing quality for the price we’ve paid, so I can only recommend it from the bottom of my heart
  • I simply don’t see any reason to spend a lot more money on some other brands. This little orthopedic mattress has it all, and after a year since our purchase, not a single thing has gone wrong with it
  • It’s an excellent choice for your newborns even through their toddler years. It’s also a blessing in the skies for me since it’s so easy to clean
  • We’ve read tons of crib mattress reviews, we’ve decided to go with this one, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. No funny odors, great comfort, and it fits our baby’s crib perfectly without any gaps whatsoever. Toddler side is where we’re at right now, and it held up extraordinary, even though, our restless youngster uses it as a bouncy castle

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Let’s go over some not so pleasant experiences:

  • I think it should be a bit firmer on the infant side
  • It’s excellent, but just a tad too big for our crib, had to return it

Conclusions and final ratings

This is one amazing piece of bedding! It offers so much at a very budget-friendly cost. No wonder the parents and their infants and toddlers love it so much.

My final Menta rating of this baby mattress is 4.6 out of 5 which is pretty good. I have solid reasons for such a high grade. Apart from the overwhelmingly positive user opinions, I have used my connections in the industry to make inquiries about the manufacturing processes of the company to  confirm is everything they are saying about their product is true.

I’ve seen no red lights and I am always especially diligent when it comes to mattresses for babies and kids and especially the ones that claim that they are “organic”, for obvious reasons.

It’s organic, comfortable, well made, durable, with just the right amount of necessary support on both sides. That’s right, it’s also dual sided, which makes your investment last much longer.

Great mattress, and last but not least  – a great deal!


It’s an organic crib mattress, meaning toxic chemicals and germ-free. No likes of PVC, formaldehyde, and other dangerous substances are to be found. It is also very comfortable, durable and well made. Two sides with different level of firmness make sure this mattress is useful well into the toddler years of your child. Sufficient coils count guarantees perfect support and comfort, which is particularly important for your infants. Fits all the popular crib models perfectly without any dangerous gaps.


Some customers stated that a bit of extra firmness on the infant side would go a long way.

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