Healthy Baby Ideas Bamboo Waterproof Fitted Crib and Toddler Mattress Pad Cover

Healthy Baby Ideas Viscose Toddler Mattress Pad CoverOrganic crib cover is the single most overlooked necessity that really makes a difference when it comes to your baby’s comfort and safety.

Today we have one of those up for reviewing, so stick around, and you’ll definitely find out why having one is a great idea. And if you come to like this particular one, all the better.

But who am I to talk about mattresses?

I’ve been in the industry and I’ve been writing all sleeping stuff reviews for as long as I remember. Well, not so much writing as compiling.

I say this I also take great heed in what customers have to say about the products they’ve bought. So, I read tons of user reviews, just to feel the product’s performance in real-life situations.

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What to expect from this review?

Here’s a little rundown of things to come:

  • First we’ll see some product specs by reading the manufacturer’s specification
  • Then we’ll filter all that info through some PROs and CONs the customers had to share with us
  • Finally, I’ll pass the final judgment, and tell you what I think about this product after all we’ve heard

Sounds simple? That’s because it should be. Now let’s get to some actual work.

Basic manufacturer’s info

Healthy Baby Ideas Viscose Toddler best Mattress Pad CoverLet’s see what the company has for us in the product’s specification:

  • Imported
  • Bamboo viscose
  • 52 x 28 x 9 inches are the measurements, strong all elastic pocket will keep this pad tightly in place no matter what crib mattress you choose
  • Odor free, waterproof, PVC/phtalates-free, highly breathable material will efficiently protect the mattress
  • Luxurious, cozy and silky soft cloth is perfect for sensitive skin and very easy to clean
  • Light yellow color, suitable for both girls and boys
  • Lifetime warranty

It looks like we have a real show stopper here. But let’s hold our enthusiasm until we hear it from the customers that actually had some “hands-on” experience with this organic crib cover.


Healthy Baby Ideas Viscose Toddler Mattress Pad Cover reviewWe’ll start with some pleasant experiences:

  • This cover is a true winner in my book. Safety is my number one concern when it comes to my baby, and this cover is simply perfect. It’s completely organic, no dangerous chemicals whatsoever, and no microscopic critters crawling around my boy. Absolute winner!
  • I use it with our Healthy Baby mattress, and it fits the crib like a glove. It’s really well made, and it didn’t get unusable or shrunk after the first wash. It got even better, if that’s even possible.
  • You can put it on very easily. Even our granddad is up to it. Plus, it totally toxins free, which really puts my mind at ease. I highly recommend this one
  • We figured out pretty early on that the waterproof mattress isn’t going to be quite enough in it of itself. Sure, the liquid doesn’t get through, but what about the crib and the floor? This organic crib cover came in as a true blessing for us.
  • The cover gets a bit moist after a leaky diaper does its thing, but it’s perfectly fine, and it keeps the mattress bone dry. Wholehearted recommendation
  • Super comfortable. You can just feel under your hand how silky smooth it is. Our girl sleeps a lot more peaceful after we got this cover, and leaky diapers are no longer a concern. Neither are the harmful chemicals or germs. You get it all with this one
  • We bought two, so we can use one while we’re washing the other. It’s a great buy, and we’re more than happy with what we got for our money
  • It just has so many 5-star reviews on Amazon we had to give it a try. And let me tell you, they were all true. It’s more than comfortable, easy to use, protects the mattress perfectly, and once you put it on, it stays on. We like the fact that it’s made of bamboo, so it’s 100% organic. You really, REALLY don’t want to try and save money when your baby’s health is in play. So, the price does sting a bit, but we really got what we paid for
  • This is one great bamboo crib mattress cover. It’s very soft and comfortable, yet extremely durable.
  • To my shock, it felt and looked better after I washed and dried it. I tested the backing myself with a cup of water, and it’s very efficient at liquid repelling. To all parents out there, this is an absolute must-have!

Read what parents shared in their Amazon reviews of this mattress:

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Now let’s see the less pleasant part:

  • The price didn’t quite agree with our budget, but we get why it costs so much. You get what you pay for, only it’s actually true in this case
  • It’s good, but I wish the material were a bit thicker. Just my personal preference


Overall Quality Rating of 4.7/5 makes this cover pad one of the best on the market.

There’s nothing much to add here, just to sum it all up. And the sum of all we just heard is, THIS IS ONE AMAZING ORGANIC CRIB COVER! It’s super comfortable, well made and durable, waterproof, and most importantly it’s 100% organic, which spells safety for our little people.

You can invest freely in this cover, and it won’t let you down.

I hope I gave you a nudge in the right direction.

It’s made of bamboo, which means totally organic. It’s free from toxic chemicals, PVC/phthalates, and it’ll keep your baby’s environment germ free too. It’s very well made, durable and simply built to last. The backing is completely waterproof, yet the overall cover is perfectly breathable.

It really shines in the comfort department, so silky and smooth to the touch, babies just love it. It won’t have any out of the box plastic or chemical smell. It looks very stylish, and the lifetime warranty is just the cherry we were looking for on top of this cake.

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