Ecotones sound sleep machine model asm1002 – complete review and reasons why this is the best sleep machine ever made (last update June ’15)

I don’t usually jump the gun this early in my reviews, but Ecotones sound sleep machine model asm1002 certainly deserves the credit it got within the title itself.

People who are not new to my website and review methods know that I don’t make these kind of statements easily, but here are the reasons I made the exception – this machine:

  • holds the title as best rated overall for 14 months now
  • has been rated best in “top quality” category since I first put this guide together
  • has been rated best in “best value” category for over a year now
  • is priced much lower than other high-end sleep machines – and in my opinion, worth every dime


The downside – since it’s recently been discounted, it becomes and unavailable and stays that way far two often. It comes as a surprise to me that Ecotones hasn’t adapted to the marketplace needs since I’ve been following the product.

All of us who truly know the importance of a good nights sleep come to see white noise sleep machines as these indispensable noise removers, whatever the cause of that noise might be. Modern times keep bombarding us with all sorts of unwanted sounds, most of them lingering on even during the night when we should be in our happiest and most tranquil of places. Needless to say that anything that can help us steal our good night’s sleep back from the times we’re living in is more than a welcomed addition to our sleeping sanctuary.

So, if you’re even the least bit curious about taking a quick peek under the hood of this baby and see what makes it tick, stay tuned.

A quick review road-map of the Ecotones ASM 1002

In order to show you the proverbial ropes, I’ll give you all the major review sections in advance. It helps stem off that feeling of reading into the unknown and familiarizes us a bit with my way of giving this product the review it deserves.

Here’s what’s about to come as we delve deeper into this article:

Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine

  • We’ll start with the “personal ID” of this sleeping machine. Basic info provided by the manufacturer
  • We’ll go over some PROs and CONs as provided by the users
  • With all that said and done, I’ll button the whole thing up with a few final thoughts. I’ll try to encompass everything we’ve just heard, and give you my honest final rating of this product. We’ll see how Ecotones sound sleep machine model asm1002 got to its current position, and will it truly bring forth that earth-shattering kaboom we all expect to get for our hard earned money

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Ecotones’s Product information sheet of the ASM 1002

Although this review will give way for me to take a somewhat broader approach, considering it’s more than twice as long as my regular articles of this type, the areas of interest are also multiplied, so I find myself without all that much wiggle room. Not to mention the responsibility of reviewing the market’s “golden boy”, and giving it the attention it deserves.

That’s why we’ll get straight to business right off the bat, and see the “flavor specs” manufacturer followed its product with:

  • 10 natural high quality sound recordings for the most natural and realistic sleep environment
  • The technology of adaptive sound will listen to the environment and react to it
  • 3 different richness settings will command a wide array of additional sounds, offering superb sleep conditions
  • Display control and sleep timer offer optimal operating environment during the night
  • Manual and adaptive operating modes

If this manufacturer’s specification left you with a feeling as if you’ve just stumbled upon an ancient writing in a language you’re not at all familiar with, worry not! I’m your official “sleep machine fancy talk” translator, and I also have an army of real-life users offering their view on the matter.

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Positive aspects of this white noise sleep machine as per real life customers

Considering the prelude leading up to this moment, it is safe to say this should be the longest part of the review. Everywhere I looked, the numbers backed up the quality of the ASM 1002, but I always dig deeper.

Let’s get a bit more specific and dive into all the things that made the title of this article what it is:

  • I constantly feel like I’m under siege by all the unpleasant noises imaginable! Be it my neighbors from the apartment above with their constant radiator clanking, construction noises all around, people’s pets, the list goes on… It really started affecting my job performance and overall daily functioning, until I found this bad boy, that is. It’s a groundbreaking solution for any kind of noise pollution, period!
  • When I read online reviews for Ecotones sound sleep machine model asm1002 I was constantly wondering what’s that “adaptive technology” all about, and why do people seem to be giving it so much praise… After I’ve got it, I realized the machine adjusts the volume of the white noise in accordance to the level of noise outside. It was surprisingly effective, and I couldn’t believe how much it improved the quality of my sleep. No more constant adjusting of the volume, the machine does it all by itself!
  • I like how many sound options I have with this little wonder! I can switch between different sounds every night, so it doesn’t get all too repetitive. I also discovered the machine really shines once you realize which sounds mask which noise best. For example, I figured out that S+S works best for masking sounds of footfalls upstairs; meditation mode really does a number on that radiator clanking, and so on…
  • The unit is built perfectly, ad I really like the overall design. The sound it gives off is excellent, helped by the fact it features a separate woofer and top-mounted tweeter. I see people really enjoy the adaptive capabilities of this machine, and I’m happy to fall under that category too. I see there’s a small front microphone that apparently “listens” to what’s going on around you and adjusts the volume accordingly
  • I like how these “sound stories”, as the manufacturer calls them go on for half an hour before repeating. I’ve owned several white noise sleep machines. Admittedly they were all of lesser quality but still, the constant repeating of the same short track really started to bug me, in turn preventing me to fall asleep. I guess you really get what you paid for, as this machine puts me to sleep way before the track finishes its circle
  • I enjoy the richness you can add to your sound experience. You can add some whimsical chirping of the birds by the brook, or some relaxing percussion sounds available in the meditation mode, for example. They can also be turned off, for when you’re sleeping. Super happy with this white noise sleep machine, and I finally understand all those positive reviews I’ve been reading online
  • It’s a great sleeping machine! I especially like the existence of an additional output, so I can hook it up to my stereo in no time. All of the offered sounds are very restful, and they really turned my bedroom into an oasis of peace and relaxation
  • It’s a very well made piece of technology, and the overall design is quite appealing and futuristic-looking. The sound leave me with an added touch of realism, as the extra richness options really make you experience all of the sound stories on a whole new level. They also didn’t repeat once, or at least I didn’t quite catch it, either way it’s perfect
  • LED lights became something of a pain for me at night. I amassed so many appliances it almost makes no difference if my lights are on or off. My whole apartment is like one huge Christmas tree! That’s why I really appreciate the option of shutting the LED light off on this machine. It’s a step in the right direction, and I just hope all the others manufacturers of electric appliances would follow this example. There’s also a sleep timer, which just adds to the overall comfort this little machine provides. It’s a great little gadget, and I recommend it wholeheartedly
  • When you take into account the fact that we’re living in quite the busy city block and add my husband’s loud snoring into the mix, you’ll see why I simply had to get one of these white noise sleep machines. This one was recommended to me by a close friend, and boy did that recommendation hit the spot. I don’t know how it does what it does, I just know it works! It helps both me and my husband with the outside noise, and it completely masks his snoring once he’s asleep
  • Ecotones sound sleep machine model asm1002 is the way to go!!! I’ve read a bunch of customer feedback online, and none of the products had such glorious praises going for it as this one. It looks very nice, goes with my bedroom, and it really does what it’s supposed to. Even as I’m writing a bunch of communal workers are cutting the grass just under my window, and I can see them, but not hear them at all. Thank good for this little miracle machine!
  • Our new NYC apartment was a dream come true except for some noisy neighbors and a decent number of street nuts night after night, after night. It was a real problem for a while, one that even got us thinking of moving at one point. Luckily, we’ve heard about these little white noise machines and decided to give it a go. This one had the most positive reviews, and we know why, now that we have one. It works like a charm, and it really turned our new apartment into a dreamland we thought it was
  • Fireplace sound story is absolutely the best for your romantic nights with the wife! Ocean is great for those relaxing moments, and the crickets will really block out any obtrusive noise coming your way. We still didn’t try out some of the sounds this machine has to offer, but we’ll get down to it, and will post an update. So far, this white noise sleep machine is a lifesaver, and certainly worth its weight in gold!

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As I predicted, customers really spared no words when it came to positive aspects of this little machine. But we still have a second part of the story ahead of us, where we’ll try and hunt down some of its possible shortcomings.

What the users didn’t like about this sleep machine – the CONS:

This was a tough task for me, I’ll put it out there right off the bat. I was completely overwhelmed with all the positive feedback, deciding what to pick and include in this article, and what to leave out. I had a completely opposite problem once I started digging for some CONs. They were so few and far between, but I’ve managed to track some of them and present them here.

Let’s see some of the things the customers didn’t like so much:

  • The adaptive technology is great, and it really works, but I’m one of those people who simply like to have things under control, and command over their own appliances. What I’m trying to say is this; I would really like having some way of seeing the actual volume setting, which I can’t by the state of things. But this is a minor nit-pick, just so that I don’t have to admit the damn thing is perfect!
  • As far as white noise sleep machines go, Ecotones sound sleep machine is definitely not among the cheapest of products. I was on the bubble whether it’s worth that kind of money or I can get by with some cheaper model. I’ll just say I’m really glad I decided to get it, as you can’t really put a price tag on a good night’s rest. You get what you pay for, and possibly more with this one
  • I would like to see the option for hooking it up with an external microphone. It’ll give it a much larger level of volume control, and it would exploit the adaptive system way better in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, this is the best white noise sleep machine I’ve ever seen, but a few touch ups here and there are always a possibility

This is pretty much all I have to show as far as CONs are concerned. Now we can finally put everything we’ve just heard to some good use and come up with a proper conclusion for the saga of this remarkable sleep machine.

See what other users are saying at – link below:

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Conclusions and final thoughts

Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine revireIf you’ve read any of my previous articles, you’ll know by now that I like to base my endings solely on what the customers had to say, without me being too much of a wise guy in the process. You’ll be happy to know that this conclusion will be no exception.

We’ve started by boldly stating this would be a review of a best sleep machine out there at this very moment. Those were pretty large shoes to fill, but I really think the customers did it for us with their overwhelmingly positive reviews. I had done some research before I began writing, and I was confident enough to present this product as the king of the hill as far as white noise sleep machines go.

The users were very cohesive with their reports, and they usually started with the most important function in products such as this; noise masking or blocking! Without that, everything else that’s good about it can be thrown out the window right away. You won’t buy a white noise machine for decoration; you’ll buy it to block unwanted sounds, and this model does it remarkably. The customers also enjoy the wide array of different sounds it features and the length of these “sound stories”. You are guaranteed a relaxing, soothing, and non-repetitive audio experience. Some sound work better with some particular obtrusive noises, but I’ll leave it to you to figure out your own sound stories preferences.

The unit’s general outlook really struck a cord with the users. Their reports testify to the appeal of the overall design, and the way machine fits inside their bedrooms. I believe “futuristic” was one of the terms used to describe it. They also say it‘s very well made, high-quality product, and with perfect sound quality. The option of connecting it to your average stereo is just an icing on the cake. The adaptive sound technology is “the best for last” part of this story. Featuring a built-in microphone, the machine will adjust its volume based on the sounds it “hears”, and according to the customers, this function works without a hitch.

As far as CONs go, I really went through some trouble to find some. And even when I did, they’ve all appeared to me as someone’s personal preferences. Not to say they’re unimportant, but things such as price or some minor nit-picks don’t really constitute a solid CON in my humble opinion. Unless the price is absurdly disproportionate to the quality of the product, of course.

So, the final verdict is just as the title said it. Ecotones sound sleep machine model asm1002 is the best white noise sleep machine the market has to offer at this time! It’s just so good at what it does, and customer reviews and the overall popularity of this model will surely attest to that. Go for it without a second thought, but be careful to set the sleep timer correctly; we don’t want it to mask the sound of your alarm clock.

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