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American Baby Company Portable Mini Crib Mattress Pad CoverOrganic materials and absence of any toxins in your baby’s sleep environment are crucial. Within that story, the best crib cover that you can afford has a very special place. Today we are taking a closer look at a very special product.

But first let’s remind ourselves of the benefits of an organic mattress pad for your baby’s bed:

They’re organic, meaning no toxic chemicals/germs in baby’s environment. They’re also increasing the safety and comfort level while protecting the crib mattress and making your life much easier.

And again, today we’re reviewing one of the best ones on the market, so if I managed to spark your interest, you’re welcome to continue reading. Gathering the info to put this review together took around 2 weeks.

Who am I to tell you all this?

Someone who spent a better part of his life writing about all things even remotely connected to bedding. I have countless reviews, guides and other articles in my portfolio, with all the research that goes with the job. So, it’s safe to say I know my way around the industry.

A great helper with keeping things real over the years were customer reviews. I pay great attention to what our fellow customers have to say about the products they’ve bought. I read all their reviews I can find, so in turn, you’re not just reading to my opinion, but of thousands of people.

Then I use a statistical model I have developed over the years to assign a final rating to every product.

And my reviews look like this…

Just a quick content overview, before we start the actual reviewing part:

  • We’ll start things off by listing out some basic product specs as seen in the manufacturer’s product specification
  • Then we’ll put all that to the test via PROs/CONs the customers had to share with us
  • Lastly, I’ll give you my own honest opinion and report on the Overall Rating to wrap things up

Now that we have the general idea, we can delve into the specifics.

Manufacturer’s product specification

American Baby Company best Mini Crib Mattress Pad CoverHere’s what the company thinks will get us to buy their product, so let’s see what they have to offer:

  • 100% cotton on top, 100% polyester middle part, waterproof polyester backing
  • Imported
  • No dyes, natural organic color
  • 24” x 38” x 5”
  • Harmful chemicals free
  • Secure fit guaranteed by elastic and 5” deep pockets

Sounds very than tempting for now, but we’ll let the customers be the final judges of that.

Let’s see what the customers liked about the cover

American Baby Company Portable Crib Mattress Pad Cover reviewThe PROs:

  • We use it with our American Baby mattress, and we couldn’t be happier with it. Besides making the mattress even more comfortable than it already is, now I know my baby is in the environment that’s completely germ and toxins free, and you can’t really put a price on that. Organic all the way!
  • It’s so comfortable and soft, it makes Dream on Me 3 that we bought into an even better sleeping cloud for our little man. No bunching or wrinkling whatsoever, so washing it is a dream. They didn’t only think of the babies, but of the parents also, and I for one am more than thankful
  • I didn’t believe a simple organic crib cover can do so much. I didn’t get why we would need a waterproof cover over a waterproof mattress… Well, turns out it protects the crib, the mattress, the floor, and our baby all at once. Secondly, I wasn’t all that into this organic story, but once you become a parent you start worrying about such things.
  • After some research, I couldn’t believe the things they put in those mattresses and pads, so organic stuff really gave me a piece of mind
  • The price – benefits ratio is not even funny. We got so much with this cover, and it left us with that “we got what we paid for” feeling. It’s super comfortable, and it adds just the right amount of cushioning to our mattress. Also, it’s 100% organic, and that’s the greatest of advantages for us.
  • We love it and will buy one more for replacement while the first one is being washed
  • It’s the best mattress cover. It’s also good for the crib and the floor underneath since nothing, and I repeat NOTHING will ever start dripping anywhere. We had our share of leaky diapers, and this cover did its part masterfully.
  • Very happy with this buy and recommend it to all fresh parents out there. It doesn’t look like much, but it does A LOT
  • It’s the perfect compromise between comfort and safety. It’s thick enough to provide the necessary cushion, yet not that thick to pose a safety issue. It’s really comfortable and feels wonderfully soft to the touch.
  • We knew we had to go organic. After all, our girl spend most of her day in her crib and keeping her environment clean and safe is our top priority. This cover is amazing, and it fits perfectly on our organic mattress
  • No funny chemical smells right out of the box, which is a refreshing change. Organic is not even a choice nowadays, it’s a must-have for any concerned parent out there

Parents shared their opinions in Amazon reviews:

See their comprehensive reviews here >>

Some less pleasant experiences

Time to see some of the CONs:

  • I think there’s room for a bit extra thickness to it, without causing safety problems. It’s perfectly fine the way it is, but I always look for ways to improve on everything
  • The price was a bit high in my opinion. Well, at least you get a good quality product for your money

Conclusions and the Overall rating

Countless PROs and the minimal “CONs that aren’t really CONs” can lead us to only one possible conclusion. This is one great product! I thought so, and the customers that bought it and have their babies sleep on it agree.

It’s organic, meaning no dangerous chemicals or critters of any kind around your baby. It’s very well made, durable, and more than excellent in the comfort department. It’s easy to use, and protects your crib, mattress, floor, and most importantly your baby.

It’s perfect, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Overall Quality Rating 4.8/5.


Organic materials make a healthy and safe environment for your baby. No dangerous chemicals, dyes or fire retardants to be found here. It’s hypoallergenic, so germs will stay away from your baby’s crib. It’s super comfortable, and it adds the right amount of cushion, without posing a safety risk.

It’s very well made and built to last. Protects your baby, crib, mattress, and floor. Easy to use and wash. No wrinkling. Fits perfectly on most top selling mattresses.


Some customers found the price steep.

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