Quick Luxe Inflatable Pullout Mattress – an in depths look and ratings

If you are on a quest for the best inflatable sofa to fit your every need, I have some good news for you. This might just be the one, so you’re welcome to continue reading.

You can always try your luck with some internet searches in the dark if you have a lot of extra time to spare. Or you can just scroll down, and let me do all the work.

Who am I, and how do I go about all this?

I’ve dedicated years of my life writing about pretty much every piece of inflatable furniture out there. I write blogs, guides and reviews, such as this on a regular basis.

The core of my writing is always feedback from the users. The only way to really grade a product, in my opinion is to put it against some real life, everyday tasks, and see how it performs.

So, we’ll start by introducing the product, the way the manufacturer intended to. We’ll later dissect that information by reading some of the good and not so good things users had to say about it. I’ll say a few words in the end, and you’ll have your complete picture of this product painted for you.

Now that we know the procedure, we can start reviewing.

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Basic product info (as shared by the manufacturer)

Quick Luxe Multi Functional Inflatable Fun Sofa w Queen Size Pullout Mattress in Black

  • Excellent sofa for camping, office, studio, dorm, or yard
  • Pump included
  • High durability and comfortable suspension due to special, air transferring tubes, which go into the sides of the product
  • Very versatile, sofa – junior twin mattress – queen mattress – lounger in one
  • 90 day warranty
  • Weight limit set at 400 – 500lb

Ok, so just the basics, leaving the more in depth reviewing to us. It’s a good sign, by the way, since it shows us that the company has a great faith in its product. No need for praising specification, since the quality will speak for itself.

Let’s see if that faith is truly justified though.

Pleasant user experiences

Quick Luxe  Multi Functional Best Inflatable SofaThis part is otherwise known as a PROs section, so let’s see some of the pros users shared with us:

  • This is one excellent product! It inflates very easily with the pump that came with it. It’s very versatile and comfortable like you wouldn’t believe. Also, it’s very compact when deflated, so storing it is no trouble at all
  • I was in need of some temporary furniture, and this sofa was my choice, since it has so many good reviews. It arrived before the set date, and the customer service was really on the level.
  • It’s very comfortable, turns into everything imaginable, and it’s a dream to set up or put away
  • This is the best inflatable sofa ever! It’s great for watching movies, and my sheets stay perfectly in place, once I transform it into a sleeping mattress
  • I bought this sofa as a present for my husband’s mancave. He loved it. It inflates super fast, it’s very comfortable, and it just seems solid.
  • There’s been two weeks since we inflated it for the first time, and it still holds perfectly. No refill since then whatsoever
  • This is my first piece of inflatable furniture. It seems very sturdy and versatile. I like the options it gives me. It’s also a breeze to blow up or deflate.
  • It holds air beautifully, and there are no squeaking noises my friends warned me about. It’s a great product, made even better by the reasonable price
  • Very high quality product and my kids just love it. We got it about a month ago, and it still looks brand new. Should I even mention all the jumping and bouncing it has to withstand daily?
  • The pump works very well, and it’s not too slippery to sit on. It’s a great buy overall, and I highly recommend it
  • It’s very portable and storage friendly. I like the possibilities. You get a sofa, a lounger, and a real sleeping mattress, all for the price of one, and all very comfortable.
  • Material is really top notch, and all that combined makes it a no brainer for me. You can’t go wrong with this one
  • We bought it for three different reasons, our apartment is too tiny for a regular sofa, we could use a guest bed, and it’s good for camping. My husband and I are both pretty heavy, and we were sleeping on this mattress for three nights in a row while camping, without any loss of air.
  • It’s comfortable, affordable, very durable, and unbeatable…

See what the actual users are saying about this sofa on Amazon (below):

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Pros are pretty plentiful it would seem. Let’s see where we’re at when it comes to cons.

Less than pleasant user experiences

Let’s go over some of the CONs, our trusted fellow users had to share with us:

  • It was ok when it got here, the air held well, and it was rather comfortable. Suddenly, it started leaking, and after that, it couldn’t hold air for a single night. My warranty expired by that time…
  • It had some sharp, plastic smell when we got it. We had to air it out for a while, and thank god it disappeared. Besides that, it’s a great sofa
  • I really wished it came with an old-school pump, since the electric one was pretty pointless when we went camping

Resume of the review

It seems that we have a winner here. Great product for a very reasonable price and I think this is the best Overall Quality Rating any inflatable sofa has ever gotten on my website – 48/50.


If you do go with it, enjoy your new sofa/mattress/lounger. You deserved it.

Quick Luxe Multi Functional Inflatable Fun Sofa review

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