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On March 5, 2014
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This is a great pull-out sofa from Intex. It's best use, in my opinion, is for the indoors. When guest are coming over and you need the extra space to watch sport games like soccer (my favourite) this air sofa is perfect. It is very durable and will not leak air so easy. It needs re-inflating about once per 10 days. You can also take it for camping and set it by the lake and enjoy the view. All in all a great product for it's price!

Name a person who doesn’t like the relaxing experiences of sipping beer or snacking on popcorn on their sofa in front of the TV, even if it’s once in a while and, I’ll name a person who’s lying.

For this kind of home spa-like relaxation a good sofa is a must. Now, as I have disclosed in the video I am not huge fan of inflatable sofas, but this Intex sofa bed is different in most of the ways that matter, it’s well crafted, easy to operate, durable and super comfortable.

Features, pros and cons

It is a two-seater sofa and can be folded or stretched. It’s measurements are approximately 76” wide, 91” long and 28” high.

It features cup holders which comes handy for bottles, glasses or even the remote control. The measurements, however, will range depending on how one inflates the sofa. The size that Intex lists is measured from the widest point including the bulges on the side and to the tallest point measuring from the floors to the built-in pillows.

Intex Pull-out Sofa Queen

It has a quality tested 0.52mm waterproof flocked sides and top along with a vinyl bottom of 15gauge or 0.38mm. The valves are 2-in-1 and are easy to inflate and deflate along with a comfy back and arm rests. The sofa can deflate in a minute and be folded easily to store or transport.

It’s made using strong PVC so it can even be used outdoors, the thick vinyl make it almost puncture resistant. It also makes it more durable, because the thicker the vinyl the wider and stronger they can make the seams.

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What are the main advantages of this Intex inflatable sofa

Once inflated, it can be pulled out to become a queen size mattress and pushed back into a sofa-mode again. It quickly inflates and deflates it because a super-wide opening. Its huge size makes it versatile – great both for overnight stay or rather for lounging on the porch.

It has a waterproof surface which helps prevent water or any other liquids destroying the inner pillows. The sofa be used even for dogs or cats to sleep on, as the urine will not pass through the surface.

It weighs around 20lbs which makes it easy to carry and move. It can be used indoors for watching, sleeping or just relaxing.

So, this is basically the fact sheet of the sofa (what the company is saying) but le this put this inflatable under real scrutiny of the people using it.

What people say – the PROs

  • Comfortable and versatile for a variety of uses
  • Fast inflation and deflation..
  • The electronic pump was better then I expected…
  • This Intex sofa is just as advertised…
  • Easy to clean the pillows using only a spuge and some water
  • It stays inflated for days without the need to add air…
  • Very sturdy, can hold up to 450 lbs…
  • The PVC seems really good, I’ve had it for 6 months and I practically see no change…
  • Cheap compared to the other inflatable sofas…
  • Arrived fast, and the free shipping is a great plus…
  • This air sofa doesn’t break down like my old one, feels almost like a regular one…
  • Great for my kids, they find it more interesting then my french hand-made sofa which is a huge relief…I let them jump on it and do whatever they want…

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Intex Pull-out Sofa Queen

Other aspects I found on this Intex sofa bed

Let’s take a moment here an look at the CONs as per the end users:

  • spreads a strange smell I didn’t like…
  • I think it’s too low…
  • My Intex sofa started loosing air weeks after I started using it…I am waiting for a replacement…
  • I hate the fact that it has 3 separate sections to inflate

My Final resume and Overall Quality Rating of the sofa:

As I said before, I’m not big on air sofas but I have to say that this Intex is worth every dime and then some. From what I’ve seen this inflatable is good enough to be your main sofa, which makes it a rare beast.

When looking at the CONs people complain about, I have a very precise and specific system to determine whether something is a true flaw or a case of getting a flawed product. Not to bore you with numbers here, my system is based on statistics of positive and negative reviews of each of the features. It does take some time, but it’s worth it’s worth it, since the end result always gives me a very precise picture on the quality of the product.

Over time I tweaked these rating techniques and I will not be humble here and I’ll say that I believe that it’s the best way to rate a product. After all, what best way to judge a piece then a criteria that is entirely based on the user experiences.

Enough about that, let’s get back to our thing here, rating the Intex inflatable sofa – here is my Overall Quality Rating.

My final rating of Intex inflatable sofa

So, a solid 46 out of the 50. The most that I ever gave to a product is 49/50. I never gave a Whammie (just a name I use for the elusive 50/50). And bear in mind here that some of the products that got 48 or 49 cost 40 times as much as this little eye candy.

Let me finish clear – this sofa is one of the few sofas out there that’s worth the money.


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