Intex inflatable sofas – Top 3 Picks of the year (based on statistical Menta model)

The landscape of inflatable furniture has changed a lot over the last decade. Simply put – it’s not a waste of money any more. But one company stands alone in the quality of inflatable furniture they make. Intex inflatable sofas became an industry standard.

How did the quality improve so much over the last decade:

  1. Intex started using thicker PVC vinyl – minimized punctures
  2. The thicker the PVC the better the seams – minimized air leaks at the seams
  3. Design and finish quality improved – improved usability

Here’s what I’ll do in this guide about Intex inflatable sofas:

  • I’ll offer you my top 3 choices (based on statistical Menta model built around user reviews) of inflatable furniture available today
  • I’ll get into digest reviews of all the 3 products
  • We’ll talk some more about inflatable furniture in general

I update this guide bi-monthly so you can make sure the information you get are up-to-date.


PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Intex Pull-out Sofa QueenPull-out sofa queen4.6 / 5ratings
Intex Sofa LoungeSofa lounge4.1 / 5ratings
INTEX Inflatable Pull-Out Chair and Twin Bed Mattress SleeperInflatable pull-out chair4.2 / 5ratings

So, these are the top 3 choices of best inflatable furniture on the market today based on my statistical model.

Let us move on and take a look at each of the products individually:

Pull-out sofa queen

By Intex

Intex Pull-out Sofa QueenLet’s hear what Intex says about this one:

  • 2 valves for quick inflation/deflation
  • 2 cup holders
  • Very comfortable armrest and backrest
  • Up to 2 people can seat and sleep
  • Folds compactly for convenient storage
  • Will need occasional re-inflation since the factors such as humidity, temperature and location will affect its firmness

Ok, very nice, but we expect nothing less from a company that’s making and selling them. Let’s hear out the users just to be sure.


  • I just love this Intex inflatable sofa. I’ve had it for almost a month now, and it didn’t leak air yet. That’s most important to me since I had some bad experiences with air mattresses before
  • I just moved in with my boyfriend. We have our own place now, and this couch is a dream when it comes to budget. We were really surprised with the comfort too. It’s a great deal
  • I move a lot as I’m in the military. This was a great solution for me, and I can even fit it into my barracks. I did poke a hole in it once with my knife, but I patched it in a minute and it hold well
  • I read it would require some re-inflation after a while. Not for me, I had 2 people sitting on it, watching movies for 4 hours straight, and it didn’t move an inch

See what the owners have to share about this sofa on Amazon:

See owner’s ratings >>

And CONs:

  • It needs a period of breaking in. After that it was fine…
  • This Intex inflatable sofa had a distinct smell when I got it. It smelled like plastic, and I had to air it out for a day or two…

Great product! I would shake the hand of a man who put it here, oh wait, it was me. I particularly like the fact that the company says in advance you’ll need to re-inflate it once in a while. It’s just common for every piece of furniture and when you’re in this business as long as I you don’t really see this as a flaw. So, a great deal and a good budget-friendly addition to any household.

Sofa lounge

By Intex

Intex Sofa LoungeThe fact sheet:

  • 2-seater, great for kids’ room, dorm or game room
  • 21 gauge waterproof top , sides and bottom are flocked
  • Extra large on the valve for quick inflation/deflation
  • Cup holders integrated on each side
  • Compact fold for storage
  • 61” x 46” x 29” fully inflated


  • We got it for our son to sleep on when we go camping. He’s just in love with his new “sofa bed”. It’s also really comfortable for sitting around, watching the rain or TV when we get home
  • I’m a pretty tall guy who lives in a cabin with a slanted roof. I always hit my head into stuff, and this chair is really a blessing. Finally, a piece of furniture that prevents tall people from bashing their head into stuff. It’s comfortable too, and I just inflated it once when I got it. It stays the same and doesn’t leak air
  • So far so good, no blow-outs or leaking air. I also like the fact that you can just clean whatever you spill on it with soap and water
  • This is an amazing lounge. It feels smooth and well made, holds air really good and for that price I call this a bargain
  • Extremely portable and comfortable! Just deflate it, and you can take it pretty much anywhere
  • It’s fully inflated for 3 months now without additional air

Read more customer reviews by visiting

Visit it’s page and learn more >>


  • I would like if the cup holders on the sides were just a bit larger
  • I got my air sealer always handy for this one. It’s air after all so you better be careful

One more hit and one more score. This is one great and modern looking lounge chair, It’s highly portable, has a bunch of uses, holds air like a charm, and it’s cheap to match.

Inflatable pull-out chair

By Intex

INTEX Inflatable Pull-Out Chair and Twin Bed Mattress SleeperLet’s hear it from the company:

  • Turns into a twin-size mattress
  • Handy cup holders
  • Quick inflation
  • 20.08 gauge waterproof top (flocked), 15 gauge sides, vinyl bottom
  • Compact deflation for travel or storage

Some of the most relevant PROs:

  • It’s very comfortable to lounge in. It happened to me a lot of times to just doze of while sitting in it
  • Very smooth and comfy, I’m so glad I got it. It’s also surprisingly wide for a single sofa
  • I sit on this Intex inflatable sofa every time I visit my friend, he just has it as a seat for visitors I guess. Today I finally bought one for myself since I loved it so much. It’s so comfortable I can’t believe it costs what it costs. Should’ve bought it sooner but hey, better late than never

Read more about it on Amazon:

Click here to

And CONs:

  • My roommate complained about some squeaky sounds from my sofa when I moved. They were gone after a little breaking in…

Excellent single sofa, you’ve heard it all already, nothing for me to add.

With the economy as it is, a lot of us turn to budget solutions. And inflatable furniture and sofas is just that – a nice friend for your house budget.

But today we’re here to talk about sofas in particular. As we said, inflatable furniture made a big breakthrough in the past few years and the people still don’t know enough about it. Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here, to turn that hours and days of endless internet searches into one, tight little package.

I was set on making a guide that will gather all the necessary information about Intex inflatable sofas, as a member of the inflatable furniture family. All the information you’ll ever need to make up your mind on buying one or not in the first place and picking the one that suits your needs and preferences the best if you opt for buying.

There’s a lot to tell when it comes to inflatable sofas and if you continue on reading you will hear it all from me. I know you’re kind of suspicious right about now, and I don’t blame you.

Quality blow up furniture is still a novelty of sorts on the market and, as I said you don’t know enough to make an informed choice. We’re about to change all that, just stick with me till the end.

Why am I to tell you about inflatable furniture?

Well, people might not know enough about inflatable furniture, but I do. I’ve spent a good portion of my years researching this particular subject, writing blogs and reviews about all kinds of household items that run on air.

The other point in my favor is the fact that the Menta review rating is based on customer reviews. Meaning I take my hints directly from the people actually owning ad using these products.

You can’t trust too much to what manufacturer will say about its own product, right?

The true knowledge and the whole picture can only be had when you see how a piece of furniture holds up when someone really uses it. That’s the mantra under which I operate.

So, my point is, you can expect an unbiased inflatable sofas review from me. I’ll tell you things as they are, give you some advices about common pitfalls and opinions of people that went down the road you might decide to go yourself.

Just sit back, enjoy yourself and let me do all the work for you.

What’s the structure of this guide going to look like?

Let me give you a little rundown of things to come. I like to make a quick content check before we start, so you can know exactly what you’re in for. In case you don’t like what I’m about to write, you can just quit while you’re ahead and save yourself some time. I don’t think that will be the case though cause if you’re interested in some quality information about inflatable sofas, this is the place to be.

Ok, here we go, first we’ll say something about inflatable sofas in general, so you can get your feet wet with all this air furniture business. I’ll give you some tips about thing you should look for and how to buy a sofa that’s perfect for your needs.

We’ve already listed our top picks, so the second part of this guide will serve for reference purposes should you decide to go with some other product.

That’s about it, doesn’t look like much but it will be all the info you’ll ever need to make a smart choice

Let’s talk about inflatable sofas in general

Besides being immensely popular in recent years, inflatable sofas do have some other advantages over old-school furniture, so let’s see what they are.

First of all they are considerably cheaper, giving you the same level of comfort without burning a hole through your pocket. So they’re certainly a budget-friendly option.

They are highly portable. You can simply lift one up and carry it around as you please without your entire neighborhood helping you. If you it can’t fit through the door just deflate it and problem solved.

They don’t require any special maintenance. You don’t need to polish them, wax them or do pretty much anything. Just give them a quick cleaning once and a while to remove dust and you’re good to go.

It’s a great choice for kid’s rooms. Kids will just love their new empire of bounciness.

Now let’s talk about some things you should pay attention to when buying one of these. The things I’m talking about are, in order of appearance:

  • Features
  • Purpose
  • Size
  • Color
  • Price and condition

So let’s go over the real quick, one by one.


Inflatable sofas can be a very versatile piece of furniture, depending on additional options they come with. So, I’ll list out some of the more traditional special options.

Multifunctional – They can be designed in a way that allows for its various segments to be rearranged and create a different form entirely. Commonly sofas can be made into air beds, recliners or lounge chairs.

Air pump – It allow for quick and easy inflation/deflation job. If you’re left without one, it will be a pain in the neck to inflate one of these. Most of them usually come already equipped with one, but you keep your eyes open just in case.

Travel bag – For compact storage and easy transport.

Repair kit – When I said these were great for children I indeed meant it. The only problem is, kids are kids. Sooner or later they get something sharp through it if they try hard enough and you’ll really want one of these around when that happens.


You should figure it first what is exactly the reason you’re getting one of these. You already know the advantages of inflatable sofas. Now let me tell you about some of the disadvantages compared to your regular furniture so you can know if it fits your bill or not.

Two main, and I would say only disadvantages of our little inflatable friends here are frailty and longevity.

As you already could tell, yes, inflatable furniture is a membrane filled with air that holds it up. It makes it less sturdy and more susceptible to damage from cigarettes, sharp objects and whatnot. Is somewhat mitigated by how easy is to patch one up. Just keep your repair kit handy, and it’s a matter of minutes.

And the durability issue – you get what you pay for, and price is so many times lower on inflatable sofas it’s not even funny. And with proper care it can serve you for a very long time too. The choice is up to you completely on this one.


Intex inflatable sofas are somewhat limited in size choices compared to, say, air beds. So it’s important to measure your room first and compare it to a fully inflated sofa before buying. It’s common sense, but people still get stuck once in a while with a sofa that’s just too big no matter how you turn it. We don’t want that for you.


This is clearly just a matter of aesthetics of your room. Still, not irrelevant particularly if you are a female reading this.

Most people go safe and buy black, and I agree to a point, you can hardly go wrong with that. But if you like a dash of bright colors in your room you might consider going the other direction with your inflatable furniture.

You could also get one that has a pattern all over it rather than mono-colored one. Sky is the limit. And since they’re so cheap you can just buy a couple and mix it up once in a while.

Price and condition

I’ve talked a lot about prices when you take a look at it, and you know what, I should talk some more. Price is a make it or break it point after all if the budget says NO, you go back home.

So buying a second-hand sofa can lower the price even more. But then you need to exercise caution. Take a good look at it, inspect for damage or patching places and overall condition of the sofa.

If it looks ok, no reason not to go for it, as it will certainly benefit your budget. But if you can afford it I would always go for a new one.


This brings us to the goodbye and “don’t forget me” section. I hope my guide will be of some service to you and that you’ll enjoy your new sofa as many before did and still do.

Take care and sleep tight!


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