Bolster Pillows – Top 5 of the Year

Bolster pillows are called “hugging pillows” in China. So, if you’re looking for the best hugging pillows, this is the guide for you.

I will present to you all the necessary information, so you’re well equipped with knowledge once you decide to go shopping.

My background

I run a blog on mattresses, bedding and sleep in general and write product reviews for a long time now, and have extensive knowledge of the industry.

I’ve developed a grading method for finding the best pieces of bedding at any given moment. I read all the reviews I can find, contact the customers to hear their experiences, and filter the information using my knowledge and experience. All in service of presenting the best of the best.

I keep my lists updated at all times, so I can add some new products on the market and keep you up to date.

The outlines of this guide

After this introduction, we’ll get to some digest reviews concerning the current winners of my bolster pillows list.

I begin by listing out the product specification. Later on, we’ll confirm or dispute what the manufacturer promised us. I continue with experiences of the customers, good and bad. Finally, I’ll share my own impressions.

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Aller-Ease Cotton Hypoallergenic Allergy Protection Body PillowCotton body pillow48 / 50ratings
MyPillow Bolster PillowBolster pillow47 / 50ratings
Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head CushionMicro bed log head cushion45 / 50ratings
Bucky Comfort Bolster PillowComfort bolster pillow46 / 50ratings
Newpoint 100-Percent Cotton 6 by 16 Neckroll Pillow PairsNeckroll pillow pairs46 / 50ratings

Bolster pillows digest reviews

These are the top 5 products on my list, as of this moment.

Cotton body pillow

By Aller-Ease

Aller-Ease Cotton Hypoallergenic Allergy Protection Body Pillow

First we’ll see the basic product specs:

  • Hypoallergenic fabric for blocking asthma and allergies triggering microscopic particles
  • Barrier for pet dander and pollen
  • 2 year warranty
  • Machine washable, tumble dryable
  • When required, use the bleach without chloride
  • 20 inches x 54 inches

After we’ve familiarized ourselves with basic product information, we can continue on to user experiences.

PROs, reported from the consumers reviews:

  • What a fluffy pillow. Just like sinking into a soft, fluffy cloud. And it fits perfectly into my bolster pillow cover. I use it in so many ways, and I think it was a money well spent
  • My husband constantly sleeps on his side, and back problems are ever present. I bought this fairly long bolster pillow so he would stop using me for support. So the pillow is benefiting us both, his back is never better, and he sleeps like a baby throughout the night. Finally, I can sleep peacefully, without him wrapping around me
  • I love it…great long bolster pillow…
  • This is one cozy pillow! Barrel shaped body pillow is something I’m very accustomed to, but they were always too small for me. This bolster pillow is bigger, plus very cozy and cool all night long. I like how it feels now, but I’m definitely order some appropriate bolster pillow covers, just to give it a go
  • I love the fact that this bolster pillow is extra long…
  • It’s very well made, and it feels so soft against my skin. Now that I got one, I sleep with it constantly, and don’t know how I ever went without it
  • I got this pillow when I had to change every single item in my son’s bed to hypoallergenic one. It’s really working, as far as I can see, he didn’t have any allergies breakout since
  • I’ve had several back surgeries, and this pillow is doing wonders in supporting my back while I sleep. It’s comfortable and thick enough to stop my bank from acting up

CONs, the things the users didn’t like about the bolster pillow:

  • This pillow was just making some noises while I was turning around. It lasted for some time when I first got it, but now it just stopped, out of the blue. I guess a little breaking in period was all it needed…
  • I ordered a 100% cotton pillow, and the one I got was 100% polyester. I shipped it back, and they sent me the right one, which I’m now waiting to arrive. The customer support guys were really helpful though…
  • This pillow is just not working for me. I think it’s because I’m used to much firmer pillows, and this one is very fluffy and soft. My friend has the same one, and he says it did wonders for him, but I just don’t feel it. It’s individual, I guess

My review resume

This is a very well made and comfortable bolster pillow. It’s in my top 5 for a reason, and the users seem to like it. It’s hypoallergenic, supportive, and it comes with a 2 year warranty. All point in it’s favor.

Overall Quality Rating of 48/50.

Bolster pillow

By MyPillow

MyPillow Bolster Pillow

We’ll again start with manufacturer’s info about the product:

  • Comfort guarantee of 60 days and 10 year warranty
  • 3 piece adjustable fill, interlocking and patented for a cool sensation of the pillow
  • Lumbar support provided while seating
  • Made in USA

Usual follow-up. The word of the users.

What customers liked about this pillow :

  • I love this pillow! It supports my neck perfectly, and I don’t aggravate my carpal tunnel syndrome or my arthritis with my sleeping position. I also noticed that my neck pain is almost gone. It’s a true blessing, and I recommend it to everyone with the same kind of problems. It can also be used as a daybed bolster pillow if you have a matching bed. Or more likely, you’ll use some bolster pillow inserts with some matching covers
  • Very nice and round bolster pillow. I use it for my neck and back support. So far, no complaints
  • It’s a great pillow and multifunctional too. I use it between my legs when I’m lying on the side or behind my back when I’m sitting somewhere… I constantly discover new positions for using this little guy. I just need to find some bolster pillow covers for it
  • I liked it so much that I also bought a “travel pillow” from the same company. After so many injuries of my neck, for the first time I really felt my neck being properly supported
  • It held up really well, in spite of constant use. It’s very comfortable and thick, so you can use it for neck support, watching TV, put it under your lower back… Endless possibilities and I truly enjoy it
  • long and comfy, I am loving my new sleeping buddy…
  • This is a great yoga bolster pillow. Very helpful for stretching and flexibility, but also very comfortable, so I can just relax completely during my yoga nidra

Some of the less favorable impressions:

  • I washed this pillow before I used it, and it just felt really strange and flat, for the lack of a better word. I air-dried it btw. Later I read how using the dryer really fluffs it up, so I tried that and what do you know, it actually worked. Now it’s all nice and fluffy, just like when I got it
  • It’s way to unmanageable for me. I like when the pillow is not stuffed to its maximum, and there’s some room to pinch or grasp it. This one is very well stuffed and certainly firm because of it, I just don’t like it that way

Review resume

Very comfortable, long lasting and practical pillow from what I gather. Very nice performance in the support area too and those are just few of the many things that make it a good buy.

Overall Quality Rating of 47/50.

Micro bed log head cushion

By Kikkerland

Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion

Company specification:

  • Log shaped pillow, featuring realistic log 3d print
  • Spandex cover and contouring custom microbead filling
  • Only spot clean

Interesting piece, without any doubt. But we have a schedule to maintain, so let’s see what the customers have to say about it.


  • I sleep on it like a log
  • It really looks like a log. It’s pretty comfortable to match. All of the seams are very tight and nicely sewn. My cat even tried to steal it.
  • It’s very realistic looking. I use it for lumbar support and it does the job perfectly. It was also a tremendous hit when I bought one for my sister’s birthday
  • a great bolster pillow for a daybed…
  • Looking like a real log, but it feels like the softest pillow I’ve ever seen. It has some kind of foam balls filling I gather, and it’s really neat. It offers a lot of support but it’s, simultaneously very squishy. Really shiny fabric, yet very comfortable. It’s not bulky, like some other pillows for neck support I’ve owned, and it’s a godsend for traveling. And you just can’t replace the wonder of people passing by saying: “Is that really……..a log?!”
  • Really god value. This pillow feels great and looks amazing, just like a real piece of wood. It’s surprisingly comfortable, unique and great as a gift
  • I love this pillow. I can just feel the microbeads filling in the gap between the bed and my shoulders, neck and head. It arrived when it was supposed to, and in perfectly good condition.


  • When I unpacked this pillow it had some weird, plasticky smell. Sort of like a new toy for swimming does. It aired out after a while though, and now it’s completely gone
  • I have two cats and let me tell you, you better look out for snags if you’re a cat lover too. For some reason, they really love clawing at this pillow, and it’s a constant guard duty for me

Bolster pillow review resume

This is a very unique product indeed. It wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t comfortable, well made or supportive enough. It turns out it is all those things, plus it’s a very refreshing novelty for your bed. One of the true gems waiting to be discovered.

On the other hand, not everybody will like the design.

Overall Quality Rating of 45/50.

Comfort bolster pillow

By Bucky

Bucky Comfort Bolster Pillow

Company info is what we start with, as usual:

  • Cervical curve support, instant adjustment to your spine movement
  • Silky-soft and cool
  • Correct alignment for all kinds of sleepers
  • 100% cotton cover, 100% polyester liner and 100% filling of millet hull
  • Cover is machine washable

We proceed with the PROs:

  • My neck never felt the same after a severe whiplash when I was 18. This is the first pillow that supported my neck enough to give me a whole night’s sleep. It’s both moldable and firm, and I just love it
  • I bought 2 of these pillows to put one on each side when I sleep. It works perfectly, and they don’t become flat after a while, like the regular pillows I’ve used before. They are very comfortable and with the right amount of firmness. Somehow they managed to make them firm and supportive, yet soft…it’s also great as an outdoor bolster pillow…
  • This pillow is so cuddly and soft. I work very hard and sometimes I have serious aches in my arms and legs, so I use it to support them during the night, and it works like a charm
  • I have a very bad neck, and I can’t sleep if it’s supported right. This pillow has proven to be quite supportive, but without the usual stiffness of my previous pillows. It just gives me the good night’s sleep I so desired, and there’s nothing more I could ask for
  • I love this bolster pillow cover…so soft…
  • I just feel gradually better the more I use this pillow. No more morning stiffness in my shoulders/neck that lasted long after actual morning. And it’s just been 4 days since I got it. My wife suffers from stiffness in her lower back, and since she’s taking naps on my pillow, she said she felt her spine just realign. I wake up more rested than ever, and I’m overjoyed I’ve found this bolster pillow. My sincere recommendation

And the CONs:

  • I can’t find any bolster pillow covers for this one ANYWHERE! I’m forced to use regular covers instead. If you’re not a big covers lover, I guess it won’t matter to you

Review resume

Overall Quality Rating of 46/50.

Another great product with a well deserved place on the list from everything I’ve read. It does exactly what you need it to, and with a dose of comfort. Also, the cons are surprisingly absent in reviews for this particular item.

Neckroll pillow pairs

By Newpoint Corporation

Newpoint 100-Percent Cotton 6 by 16 Neckroll Pillow Pairs

Manufacturer’s info, one more time:

  • 100% cotton cover, thread count 237
  • Hypoallergenic fill (polyester fiber)
  • Machine washable
  • Great loft and comfort
  • Fashionable shape

Pleasant experiences users had to share:

  • My neck is thanking me for buying this pillow. It’s fantastic if your neck is computer strained, like mine. It lets my overused muscles completely relax, allowing free neck and head movement while I sleep
  • These pillows fall under the “soft” category, which I like very much since the harder ones always hurt my neck. It was so inexpensive I didn’t know what to expect, but once I gave it a try, there was no doubt left that this is the pillow for me
  • The size is just right for me, and so is the firmness. I like how you can just throw them into the washer/dryer and no special treatment needed
  • This bolster pillow is nice and large, the best I’ve had so far…
  • This is not an extra long bolster pillow by any means, but I like that since I was looking for something to support my neck, but smaller than your regular bolster pillows. I suffer from chronic neck pain, and just needed something to make me comfortable while I’m watching TV, reading or tinkering with my laptop
  • I like that it’s a 2-pack. They are very comfortable, high quality, nicely packed and come at a great price. The shipping was quick too

And some less than pleasant impressions:

  • I wish this set included a cover for the neckrolls, so I could keep them clean more easily. I guess it’s countered by the fact you can just put them in your washer and you’re good to go
  • These pillows are too small to use them between my knees


All I’ve said about previous top bolster pillows applies to this one also. It’s just better cause it’s a 2-pack. It has all the qualities needed to be on this list, and that is saying a lot.

Overall Quality Rating of 46/50.

Final thoughts

This concludes our current version of the top 5 list, concerning bolster pillows. It is without any doubt representing the top products on the market in this very moment. You can rest assured that I’ll inform you diligently of any changes that might occur.

I sincerely hope this guide was helpful to you in some way.

Nothing left but to thank you for reading and to bid you farewell and comfy nights.


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