Best pillow for neck pain – TOP 5 PICKS OF THE YEAR (Menta statistical rating)

If there is one thing that can make the most impact on your neck pain, it’s your pillow. If you are seeing this issues, researching about the best pillow for neck pain is absolutely the place to start.

The good news is – this guide on just that. Rating the best pillows for neck pain based on the Menta statistical model that relies on customer reviews from all around the web.

What this means for you

To simplify – it means that all the research has been done for you and presented right here on this page. As I said, the ratings are not something I am pulling out of my hat but rather a fruit of weeks of research and data processing.

Here’s what we’ll do in this guide

  1. Present the “winners” right away in a concise table along with their OQR (Overall Quality Rating)
  2. Review each of them in more depth by looking at the specifications, the PROs and the CONs as reported by users
  3. Provide some general reference information on choosing the best pillow for neck pain, in case none of the pillows on the list seem right for your needs

Let us dig in – presenting:


PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam PillowConforma memory foam pillow4.8 / 5ratings
Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover By Coop Home GoodsShredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover4.7 / 5ratings
Mediflow Original Waterbase PillowOriginal waterbase pillow 4.2 / 5ratings
BioPEDIC 205-Thread Count UltraFresh Standard Size PillowsBioPEDIC 205-Thread Count4.0 / 5ratings
Bamboo Pillow Filled with Shredded Memory FoamFive Star Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow - Shredded Memory Foam4.5 / 5ratings

Conforma memory foam pillow

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam PillowBy Classic Brands

First let’s hear form company – the basic specs:

  • Memory foam pillow, medium firm
  • Five inches thick, the best pillow for side sleepers
  • Ventilated foam for cooler sleeping environment
  • Optimal spinal alignment
  • Three year warranty

Ok, quite a show, it seems, but let us take a step back and hear it from the users:

  • Best pillow for neck pain I’ve ever had!
  • We have a winner…
  • It’s cool, gives me great support and has eliminated my neck and jaw pain…
  • Very comfy and my neck pain is gone
  • This pillow is just what I’ve been looking for as a side sleeper…
  • So soft and comfortable. And it supports my aching neck perfectly…
  • I love this pillow, thank you…

Now for some CONs to complete the story:

  • It had some chemical odor for some time, but it’s gone now…
  • I didn’t read the specification, so I didn’t see this pillow is not that great for a stomach sleeper…

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Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover By Coop Home GoodsBy Coop Home Goods

The specifications:

  • Made in USA, 5 year warranty
  • Mixed for shapeability and comfort, will never go flat
  • Bamboo cover is keeping it cool, machine washable
  • Includes a guide for better sleep EBook
  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic

Now for some PROs:

  • So comfortable and cool feeling
  • It’s just what doctor ordered for my aching neck
  • It’s comfy and washes quite nicely
  • Just the best pillow I could find, all the good reviews were true
  • I highly recommend this pillow, we got two and never looked back
  • It shapes so good to my neck, no lumps whatsoever I sleep like a baby

CONs as reported by the users:

  • I bought this one, feels very soft but too stiff for my particular neck problem
  • Chemical odor on this one right out of the box. But I knew what to do, so I had to air it out for days…

Check out the price and ratings of this pillow on Amazon:

>> Click here to visit the page >>

Original waterbase pillow

Mediflow Original Waterbase PillowBy Mediflow

The basic fact as reported on the label:

  • Highly adjustable, soft, medium, firm
  • Waterbase provides proper support for less waking up
  • Soft, hypoallergenic polyester top and 100% cotton cover
  • Machine washable and dryable

Big words, let’s se how they hold up under user scrutiny – the PROs:

  • Nice pillow, I just love the waterbase
  • Really comfortable and such a good support
  • I didn’t wake up once during the night since I got it
  • My neck pain is slowly letting go, it’s a blessing
  • The cover is so soft, and the support is amazing
  • The best pillow for neck pain by far in my book!

And the CONs:

  • They sent me the wrong size, I returned it and I’m waiting for the right one to arrive
  • This pillow is quite heavy when filled, I had some trouble moving it while lying down, other than that it’s great
  • I just can’t set it up when I want to read a book in bed

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BioPEDIC 205-Thread Count

BioPEDIC 205-Thread Count UltraFresh Standard Size PillowsBy Ultra Fresh

What Ultra Fresh is saying:

  • Filled with SofLoft fill
  • 4 pillows, standard-sized
  • Great for a guest room or as extra pillows
  • Machine washable, tumble dry

Let’s hear it from the users, here are some PROs:

  • These are just awesome at this price
  • Bought them as extra pillows, they are very comfortable and such a good price
  • Very affordable and more than worth the price for quality
  • Surprisingly soft and comfortable
  • Budget-friendly option yet so nice and supportive

And the CONs:

  • Realized I don’t need 4 pillows, I was better off with just one that was more expensive
  • Too flat for me, better suited for stomach sleepers

>> Get More Information on This Pillow by visiting its Amazon page >>

Five Star Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow – Shredded Memory Foam

Bamboo Pillow Filled with Shredded Memory FoamBy Original bamboo

Company specification:

  • Extra soft, durable and supportive
  • Breathable, cool design
  • Great support, reducing neck pain
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes with travel case for free

The PROs:

  • Comfortable beyond words
  • Great for my neck pain
  • Not to soft or fluffy or hard, it’s just right, and I love it!
  • Best pillow I’ve ever had
  • It’s the best pillow for side sleepers, I highly recommend it to everyone

The CONs:

  • It’s too hard for me, I’m used to softer pillows

>> Read more customer reviews on Amazon >>

Reference information on choosing the best pillow

Nothing really comes close to a refreshing night’s sleep, does it?

On the other hand, constant pain in your neck can truly be, well, a pain in the neck. Only if you have these issue, you truly know what I’m talking about.

But you didn’t think I’ll just leave you to roam the internet, searching for it, completely unprepared did you now? I’m here to help, and that’s what I’m gonna do. So if you’re with me, just keep on reading, and I won’t disappoint.

What I’ll do is give you a complete set of information you need for feeling confident when you hit the stores, knowing exactly what you’re looking for. So no matter what your case may be, in the end we’ll find that best pillow for neck pain at the end of the rainbow for you. Cross my heart and hope to nobody ever reading my guide again.

All joking aside, all those sleepless nights, waking up exhausted and irritable and lacking sleep in general can lead to some serious health problems. Not to mention it affects your quality of life in general.

Lack of sleep affects my health?! How so?

More than you can imagine! No two ways around that, you need to get a quality night’s sleep, or you’re risking big after a while.

Here are some of the aches that can hit you due to sleep deprivation: Daytime sleepiness, fatigue, clumsiness, weight gain or weight loss, hand tremors, saggy eyes… Sounds like nothing too bad, right? Try this on for size: Aching muscles, depression, increased blood pressure and risk of diabetes and fibromyalgia, hallucinations, memory loss, false memory development and much more, I’m trying not to freak you out here.

So we need sleep, who would have guessed, right?

So now when we know all this let’s see what we can do, so you don’t lose a minute of sleep ever again.

Sleeping mode engage (what kind of sleeper are you?)

So before we dabble into talking about all the different pillows in the world we need to see real quick what kind of a sleeper are you as it will determine the best pillow for you.

The point of using a pillow in the first place is keeping your head in so called “neutral-alignment”. It simply means your head is squarely sitting on your shoulders, with no reaching forward too far or bending backwards.

If you are a back sleeper – You will need a thinner pillow, so your head won’t be thrown too far forward. You’ll also want a pillow with some extra loft in its bottom third, so it can cradle your neck comfortably.

Only for side sleepers – Best pillow for side sleepers is firm, so it can fill the distance between the outside shoulder and the ear. You have to be careful with these pillows though, not to turn on your back while sleeping since it’s not designed for that sleeping position.

For all those tummy sleepers out there – You’re looking for a very thin, almost flat pillow. In this position, you might not even need a pillow under your head, but under your stomach, as it saves you some back pain later.

Now all you have to do is see which category you fall into, and we can move on with our ride together.

Let’s get some clarity on the types of pillows available

Ok, this might be the main course for today. Let’s talk about some common types of pillows and see what the best pillow for neck pain is for you. No time to lose so let’s get down to business.

Memory foam pillow – I’m sure you’ve at least heard of this one right? This pillow is following the contour of your neck and head. It arches at the part supporting the neck, cups on the head part and arches again towards the end making a border for your head top.

You can buy’em cheaper, made of foam fillings and sand, or more expensive, made of 100% foam.

It’s important that you know what kind of filling is used for a particular memory foam pillow. It’s the filling that decides whether the pillow will conform to your posture or you’ll have to adjust to the pillow. Good memory foam pillows will always conform to the shape of your body while the low quality won’t. So testing is everything here. Just note that there are some good memory foam pillows that adjust to your posture, but require a break-in time. These are also not recommended if you’re suffering from any kind of back pain.

So the filling of your pillow should have the right density. If density is too high the pillow will be stiff at lower temperature while the pillow with low-density filling will be too soft to provide adequate support.

This kind of pillows is recommended for people who suffer from acute neck pain, neck sprain or degenerative disc disease. The softness of this pillow is certainly an advantage for them, but simultaneously a disadvantage for people who like their pillows harder.

Chiropractic neck pillow – This is a foam based pillow with soft edges. Its chiropractic foam provides stable support, and memory foam layer throws in additional support and comfort.

This pillow certainly has a unique design, aligning the neck and supporting the head perfectly.

It also doesn’t aggravate some of the ear problems like the other high-density foam pillows.

It is recommended for people who are treating: headaches, tension, whiplash injuries even back pain.

It’s good not only if you suffer from back pain but also if you want to avoid it. It corrects the posture of your neck, reducing or even eliminating the back pain risk.

Orthopedic pillow – Many types of orthopedic pillows exist, but only one is specially designed for treating neck pain. It has a cupped center for holding your head tightly in place while you sleep. They have memory and therapeutic foam layers. Some also have a neck roll on the pillows lower edge, providing additional comfort and support.

It provides proper alignment of the neck, preventing snoring and insomnia. Also, it allows resting of your head at the height that’s just right, preventing that morning tension in your neck often leading to arthritis and neck stiffness.

Neck support pillow – Now we’re talking. This pillow has been used by neck pain sufferers since 1895. If your daily activities require you to bend your neck in odd shapes it will, after some time affect the normal curve of your neck.

When you’re buying pillows of this type be sure its shape is following the contour of your back and then rising to the top for neck support.

A good neck support pillow will correct your neck posture and loosen your nerve roots and tense spinal cord.

It should not be used for sleeping though as it will only aggravate the pain in your neck. So keep your sessions with it under 20 minutes.

Neck traction pillow – This is a small, inflatable pillow that is U-shaped so it can wrap nicely around your neck. It is portable so you can use it wherever, like when you travel or at work. You can use it while sitting, standing or lying down. Just put it around your neck deflated and stat inflating it to your preferred level.

You can start with 10-minute sessions and slowly work your way up to 20 minutes. The best position for using this pillow is lying down.

When it comes to sizes, these pillows mostly come in small, medium and large size. Nothing to it, just match it to your bed size and to your personal preference.

Get your pillow fill right

Let’s talk a bit about the pillows filling to give you a heads up on this also.

Among natural material, one choice would be feather or down filled pillows. They feel quite luxurious but aren’t that good for treating pain in your back as they offer inconsistent support.

The other choice is pillows filled with seeds or small pellets. They can suit you just fine if you’re looking for a firmer type of pillow. But there is a possibility of seeds shifting during the night which can affect the amount of support.

Cotton or wool filled pillows are providing you with decent support and comfort, and are great if you’re sensitive to some kind of chemicals.

As for manmade materials we have: polyester fill, foam and memory foam filled ones. They all provide good support and comfort, so it’s all up to you again. The memory foam ones are everyone’s favorites though, so there’s that.

Lightning speed shopping tips

The best pillow for neck pain must be comfortable, period, so you better test it before buying.

If you don’t want to provoke your neck further pillows with extra comfort is the way to go. Bit more expensive but they pay off in the long run.

If you’re changing positions during the night get a pillow that provides adequate support in all of them.

Get the softness level just right for your particular kind of neck pain.

Consult your doctor before buying if your neck pain is chronic! Not necessary if it’s mild though.

Final thoughts

I hope I helped and that you’ll find the perfect pillow to rid you of that pesky neck pain. Play your cards right and this change alone has the potential of immensely changing the quality of your life:

Sleep tight and painless!


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