PVC governmental policies around the world

pvcPVC must be changed with another product that is healthier, so governments of the world responded to this threat and issued according policies. Here are a few resources on PVC-free policies issued by the Governments of important countries.

Nationwide bans on PVC

Back in 1995 the first to propose restriction on PVC was Sweden and it’s now working to discontinue all uses of PVC. Over 60 towns in Spain alone are now PVC free. In 2005 Germany has banned incineration of PVC and also it’s disposal in landfills. Since 1986 many of Germany’s cities restricted to use of PVC.

Toy’s industry restrictions on PVC

In the European Union there are now bans and restrictions on using phthalates in PVC toys. Greece, Japan, Austria, France, Sweden and Germany are among the first to implement such policies. Baby bottle nipples and pacifiers where the first products that were considered by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to have removed two of the phthalates that were used in production. This agreement was reached in 1998. In June 2006 San Francisco was the first city that banned the use of PVC in toys.

Governmental purchasing policies regarding PVC-Free

Many U.S. cities wanted to stop the purchase of PVC in order to stop the pollution so they have passed procurement policies. Many important cities like New York and San Francisco passed legislation to encourage purchase of safer products that are environmentally friendlier and reduce the use of PVC.

PVC packaging ban

Spain, Canada and many other important countries have banned the use of PVC in packaging industries. Also many big cities around the world have restricted or prohibited the use of PVC in food utensils. This represents an important step in creating a more toxic free environment.

PVC and air mattresses

The use of phthalates from PVC was banned in the air mattress industry. Large brands that make air beds for camping or guest house purposes are not using this kind of materials in the process of manufacturing any more. This is an important step in the creation of a healthier sleeping environment. Aero Bed, Intex and Serta are among the first big brands to take such action and now create some of the most desirable products and most appreciated mattresses.

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