Best air mattress for everyday long-term use – March 2017 update 6

best-air-mattress-for-everyday-use-and-permanent-bed-1This months update of the guide on best air mattresses for long-term everyday use is nothing to write home about.

When we say that we mean that we’ve seen no significant changes among the TOP 3 models that would make a good permanent air mattress for everyday, long term use.

This is 14 update (bi-monthly) that finds the Sound Asleep as the top airbed for prolonged  and frequent use.




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Current ratings – 97/100


As you can see, it’s currently rated at an all-time-high of 97/100, with the only 3 points deducted in the categories of:

  • Design (both our testers and we would like to see at least one more color choice, also, a longer cord would be good, it’s about 50 ” inches long)
  • Pump (it’s an average pump, there are faster and more powerful pumps out there in more expensive models – inflation/deflation time is around 4 minutes)
  • Easy to handle (it might be unfair to mention things like this at this price range, but the 9 in the “handling” category is because there are no firmness pre-sets and no remote control for the pump)


TOP 3 air mattresses for long-term / everyday use


(out of 10)
Amazon ratings & Price Comparison link

See the SoundAsleep
on Amazon here >>


See the Lazery Sleep
on Amazon here >>


See the Sky Blue Bamboo
on Amazon here >>



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Things changed when Lazery Sleep hit the market


We mentioned above that it’s unfair to even mention remote controls for the pump and firmness pre-sets.

The Sound Asleep used to be cemented at 10/10 for ease of handling but not any more. There was nothing wrong with the design, everything was finely tuned and though-out.

But when the current runner-up, Lazery Sleep, both in this category and the category of best air mattress overall hit the market, we have to tweak our ratings.

The Lazery Sleep does cost a few dozen $ more but it set new standards in the category and firmness presets are now a mandatory for 10/10 in Ease of Use, with a remote being a desirable but not mandatory.

We’ll get into more details about that, but let’s move on and present the top 3 top choice for long term use.

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All category ratings of the beds

Let us compare the 3 best air mattresses for everyday use side-by-side by listing their fact sheets and looking at each of the quality categories.




Sky Blue
19 "
19 "
19 "
(for Queen size)
Twin / Queen
Twin / Queen
Twin XL / Full
Queen / King
All Category Ratings (out of 10)
Air retention















& Finish
Easy to use
& store
Value for
Customer service
Overall Rating

Commentary of the results

The Sound Asleep Dream Series dominates the ratings with a comfortable lead of 8 points over the runner-up.

It is not only the top choice for people looking to make an air mattress their permanent bed, but it’s also the best air mattress overall,.

The only category where Lazery tops the SoundAsleep is the Ease of Use, and we explained why – because the Lazery comes with a remote control of the pump and the Dream Series does not.

Those are our thoughts and testing results but there’s nothing better than
reading what people in a situation similar to yours are saying
about their experiences with the beds.



See what people who sleep
on the SoundAsleep daily
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See what people who sleep daily
on the Lazery Sleep
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See what people who sleep
on the Sky Blue long-term
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Some general info about airbeds

It’s well known that air mattresses are lifesavers when it comes to camping. They’re a much better choice than let’s say cots or some other sleeping devices- they offer the comfort of a real bed in the great outdoors. But when you begin searching for the best air mattress for everyday use, you might face a problem or two.

We’re talking about two very different purposes after all. When you head out on a camping trip you don’t really need a mattress that’s all that perfect. Cheap air mattress will do just fine in most cases. But once you decide to make it a part of your permanent sleeping arrangement, you’ll want the best inflatable bed your budget can afford.

Luckily, you’ve just stumbled upon the right article that will do all the work for you and save you a ton of time spent on researching your options online. All you have to do is keep on reading, and I’ll deliver all the information and criteria you should keep in mind whether you’re searching the best air mattress for guests or for your personal everyday use.

Few words about me

I get that my promise of information delivery might not be enough. So, I’ll tell you a thing or two about myself.

I’ve spent so many years around the air mattress industry, I’ve been reviewing them in my sleep. I’ve been writing blogs and reviews for so long now that it has become my second nature to know all there is to know about air mattresses.

Everything I say is based on years of experience and proven in practice since I regularly spend hours reading all the new user reviews. That’s the only currency that flies if you ask me. Manufacturers will always shoot out rainbows and sunlight about their products, of course. It is the user feedback I’ve been using as a filter throughout all these years, and it has yet to let me down. That’s how we determine the pattern of characteristics we’ll want in our new air mattress.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can start some actual guiding. Sit back, relax and we’ll go over this before you know it.

Determine your price range for a permanent air mattress

Basic step and the first thing you should do. And that’s what this site is all about – finding the best quality mattresses in price ranges.

Let’s simplify things – choose your range between $50-150 and $150-300. Then, check out these links – these are the best rated air mattresses in those price ranges.

Sleeping on an air matters long term – stick to the basics

This part of the guide is intended to show you how you can buy a relatively cheap air mattress and still have all that you need out if one. Remember, best rated inflatable bed isn’t necessarily the best inflatable bed for you. We need to go beyond all the pomp and look into the matter from our own perspective. My years of experience have left me with one general rule of thumb: “The simpler, the better”.

More often than not people will pass on a good quality air mattress just because it’s “too basic”. What does that mean? Well, it won’t have all the bells and whistles the more expensive models do such as a bunch of unnecessary controls on a digital remote controller, inadequate and overpriced pump systems or bunch of needles layers of foam or different filler materials that will skyrocket the price, and will often cost thousands of bucks.

Let me give you an example

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology reviewIn some air mattresses, there’s an “added feature” called “I-beam”. You’ll pay extra for it but in some cases it will prevent you from seeing a design flaw in your new mattress. The I-beam will prevent you from sinking into the bed’s center, and so the structural flaws go undetected.

Self-adjusting feature is another possible money “trap”. Basically, you could be buying an airbed with only one firmness setting under the promise that it adjusts its firmness “automatically”.

Another caveat is how good and fluffy the mattress looks in the showroom. It really does look like a cloud, but if it’s covered with countless layers of cheap foam, it will lose its fluffiness very quickly, compress and deteriorate. It will start developing body impressions, roots and dips.

Quick loss of poofiness is the number one complaint in these cases. Mattresses become lifeless, flat and, on occasion, rock hard.

Does this mean that all air mattresses are uncomfortable and unsuitable for everyday use? Of course not. You just need to find one that’s build of high quality materials and you’re good to go. We’ll talk about materials later, but it’s good to point out here how important this matter really is. Materials such as vulcanized rubber will indeed make you feel like you’re sleeping on a regular bed of luxurious variety.

So, bottom line, go for a fairly simplistic design, test the mattress before you buy it, pick one from a well known manufacturer, mind the components it’s made of and don’t get sidetracked by all that media hype. Remember, good product is its own commercial.

Choosing the best air mattress for everyday use

Your new best inflatable bed can come in different sizes, just as regular mattresses do. Since you’re going to be using it at home, it is always smart to pair the air bed with a designated space that’s at your disposal. You wouldn’t believe how often people buy an air mattress that’s the wrong size. That’s not going to happen to you if you’re careful.

Concerning sizes we are talking about twin single that’s 75 x 39, long twin 80 x 39, full/double 75 x 54, queen 80 x 60, king 80 x 76 and California king 84 x 72.

If you’re especially tall person, king and California king size will keep your feet from hanging from the edges. It’s not a usual size people get, but it has a solid 5 inches more than standard bed size, so it should be quite satisfying for even the tallest of people. We’re talking about a long-term use here, so comfort is everything.

There’s also a matter of height of your new air mattress. We also have various options here. Some of them are extra high, giving you the feeling of a regular bed. This height will ensure ease of use and optimal comfort, so it’s my recommendation that you go for it when looking for the best air mattress for everyday use. Other models come in a regular mattress size, without any frames or box springs.

Owner’s manual will typically tell you all there is to know about the height of the mattress, so no worries there.

Now it’s just up to you to decide which size and height suites you best.

What the best air mattress for everyday use should be made of?

SimplySleeper SS-FL89Q Flocked TopGeneral material of choice when it comes to air mattresses is PVC plastic. In last few years, we’ve also witnessed the appearance of new models with rubber and textile reinforced urethane. There’s a compromise every air mattress has to be able to make. It has to be sturdy enough to withstand a significant weight over substantial periods of time, and yet thin enough for you to roll it pretty compactly once you decide to deflate it and put it away.

When we’re talking about air mattresses that you’ll be able to use every night, you should be searching for one that’s made of heavier material, making it stronger and more resistant to weight pressure and puncture. It also makes it cost a bit more money, so keep that in mind also.

Permanent air mattresses are often referred to as air beds, and nowadays you can hardly distinguish them from your old-school regular bed. The air chambers are often coated with layers of latex or foam. And we’ve already talked about paying attention to the quality of the foam itself, making sure it’s not there only to make the air mattress look pretty, fluffy and comfortable. By the way, these air mattresses are regarded as the next step in the evolution. Previous step being the water beds.

So, what have we learned here?

Just make sure that you get a good quality air mattress that’s specifically designed for everyday use. Make sure to look beyond its outer appearance and look into the quality of its components. And I’ll repeat once more, best rated inflatable bed might not be the best inflatable bed for your particular needs, so make a decision based on the product itself, not the marketing strategy of the manufacturers.

By now, you might know enough to make your choice:

Air pumps

Coleman AC 120V QuickPumpThis is probably one of the most important parts of your whole air mattress setup, and I’m addressing it here since a lot of manufacturers like to skimp on it most often.

First of all, the pump should work very quietly while filling the mattress with air. A silent hum is also ok, but loud clicking and clacking is something that we simply can not tolerate. Most of the manufacturers have mastered the art of sound dampening by now, so this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. I’m putting it out there anyway, just in case. The sound dampening technology is critical when it comes to high capacity pumps.

The power of the pump should correspond to your bed size. So, make sure you ask questions about the power a certain pump is capable of dishing out. Simplicity is the key once more in my opinion. You should look for a pump with as few moving parts possible and one that’s UL listed.

So, basically this is what we’re looking for, a simple pump, without a bunch of moving parts and intricate mechanisms that are easily breakable. A pump that’s UL listed fits the size of your bed and is comfortably audible while doing its thing. This kind of an air pump will also move a higher volume of air and will get your air bed from dead empty to fully inflated in under 2 minutes.

One more thing, which I like to single out is the fact that you should find a mattress with a pump that’s easily accessible. You don’t want it to be buried somewhere inside the mattress. It should have clear access in all directions, otherwise it will pull on a vacuum and start overheating regularly. It all makes since when you look at it since it’s not given proper ventilation. The fact that you’ll want to get to the pump is no small matter too. You’ll need to replace it or repair it eventually, and you don’t want the procedure to be a bigger hassle than it has to.

All inclusive pump warranty for 3 years at a minimum is a standard now, so if you don’t get it there’s something fishy about it. Pumps are pretty long lasting nowadays. Just make sure it has proper ventilation and that its air intake parts are free from any obstructions such as debris, dust or animal hairs.

You can read the full guide the best air mattress pumps here.

Addressing your back pain – air mattress as permanent, everyday bed

air mattress and back painIf you don’t have it, great! But there are a lot of people out there spending endless sleepless nights, simply unable to find a perfect and painless position for sleeping. I have a bit of good news for them here. It is proven that sleeping on an air mattress will alleviate the pain in your back. I personally know a lot of examples where people use air the mattress for back pain.

Sleeping on water beds offers a similar experience, and we’ve already stated that air beds are the next step in alternative sleeping arrangements.

Let me make one thing clear, your standard camping mattress that you can just roll up and take with you will not do the trick. Luckily, we’re not talking about those mattresses here. Your best air mattress for everyday use, with all the qualities we mentioned along the way, will however. That would be a premium, padded mattress with an adjustable firmness level. New age air beds have controls that allow you to change their firmness simply by pushing a button, and the possibilities are neverending, so you’re bound to find one setting that will make that pain simply go away. Not something you can do with your regular bed, right?

The best argument for using an air mattresses for back pain is the fact that even the hospitals use them as they offer the possibility of increasing or reducing pressure on certain body parts.

Talking about air mattresses for back pain, we’ll mention single and dual chamber ones. Models featuring dual chambers simply offer a split mattress. This means that both sides can be controlled separately. Excellent for couples, as they can separately adjust the firmness level to match their liking, providing ultimate comfort and good night’s sleep.

Our guide on best camping air mattresses is here.

A few questions

In the finishing chapter of this guide, I’ll be asking you some simple questions that will help you further more in picking the best air mattress for everyday use that you can enjoy long-term.

Are you tech savvy?

I’m asking this because air beds tend to come with more and more complicated remotes and controls. Some functions are welcomed improvements, other just exist to inflate the price, without being all that necessary or useful for that matter.

The one function you should need your controller to do is simply inflate and deflate your air bed with a push of a button. If you’re not all that into technology that will be enough for you. Some firm, soft or memory settings are good options, so you might throw that into the mix without making it over-complicated.

All other functions are a matter of personal preference and will inflate the price also. So, as we said before, stick to basics and you can’t go wrong.

Does it have a solid warranty?

This issue is essential. Even with the top quality control sometimes things break, whether in transport or during the manufacturing process. So, look for a good quality air mattress and a manufacturer with a good track record.

This is how a good warranty should look like, minimum. Pro-rated warranty for 10-20 years and replacement coverage for 3 years in case of any defective component or part.

Do you have babies hanging around?

Any kind of a soft mattress is potentially hazardous for babies. Air mattresses are no exception. So, if you have a baby in the house, you shouldn’t let it sleep on your air bed. The reason is simple, babies can’t roll over, and if they end up face down on an air bed, they might have difficulties breathing.

Just a little precaution is all that it takes to avoid these situations.

Conclusions about choosing the best airbed for long-term, everyday use

Here’s what you’re looking for, all packed into one compact section.

You want a mattress that’s extremely comfortable, easy to handle and inflate/deflate, easy to store, silent when you move on it, sturdy and built to last, resistant to punctures and doesn’t leak air, under a heavy warranty.

You also want a good quality pump and fairly simple controlling mechanics.

That’s about all I had to say about this subject. I sincerely hope I was of some assistance and that you’re just one shopping trip away from your best air mattress for everyday use.

Enjoy your new air bed., I believe you are well equipped with knowledge to get one now.

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  1. Reply James Menta Feb 25,2015 5:50 pm

    So what air mattress would you recommend for daily use. One that is durable for long periods.


    • Reply James Menta Apr 8,2015 1:27 pm

      Hi, at the moment I’d have to say the SoundAsleep dream series that’s featured here on the website as the editor’s choice…cheap but very well made and durable…

  2. Reply Marissa Dec 2,2014 3:18 am

    So what would you say is your favorite brand? I’m starting over in a new home soon and cant afford a bed set right away im looking for an air mattress that will last a few months

    • Reply James Menta Dec 4,2014 7:56 am

      Hi Marissa,

      If you asked me that question a year ago I would say that I am an Aerobed man all the way, but today I would have to say that the Dream Series is the mattress to go with.

      You can see I put it under “Editor’ choice” and I stand by it…and yes, it will last a lot more then a few months…

      Hope this helps and congrats on the new home


  3. Reply Chris Dalzell Oct 29,2014 6:57 pm

    Hi James,

    We’re a bed retailer based in Northern Ireland and air beds is the last remaining content gap in our offering. Is there a particular brand that you would recommend to us here in the UK? Preferably one which is part of the National Bed Federation.


    Chris Dalzell

    • Reply James Menta Oct 29,2014 10:53 pm

      Hi Chris,

      What you’re asking is a complicated matter. I am not sure about the local laws, but if you search for “air mattress” mos the result you get are Intex, which is, let’s say, not my favorite brand, but it seems like they are more easily imported than the other brands like Coleman, Aerobed, Serta, Insta, Simply Sleeper…

      The second part of my answer is that I first search the the database of the National Bed Federation – no results for these brands. Also, a search in product categories doesn’t appear to be listing anything similar, so I guess you could consult them if they even take members that just make air beds.

      If you have these things sorted out, I would be more than happy to further assist you with advice on quality matters.

      Hope this helps


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