Inflatable furniture – is it worth your money?

Intex Pull-out Sofa QueenThat’s right, let’s face it, the age of air furniture is upon us, so the least we can do is get ourselves acquainted with it and bid it welcome.

Inflatable furniture is not what it used to be. It’s come a long since it was perceived as kitschy and cheap.

I’ll make a short guide to introduce you to the idea and give you all the information you could possibly need to form your own opinion. I’ll just try and form my own along the way from a professional’s point of view. So I’m going to share it with you in the end, and you can take it for what it’s worth.

It might seem a little crazy at first, but there are actually some interesting points to be made here so bare with me for a moment.

Why should you listen to me at all?

Well, that’s a legitimate question right there.

And I’ll keep my answer simple, so we can get to the good stuff as soon as possible.

  • First I’ve been writing all kinds of reviews and blogs concerning household items for the better part of my life. So whether we’re talking about, oh I don’t know Intex inflatable sofa or 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, I’m your guy.
  • Also, I am always contacting the actual owners and users of these products. So you see, I’m not just some corporate reviewer, I base my writing on the experiences of the customers, even when they totally contradict the company specifications.

I’m not here to tell it like the companies would want me to, but how it actually is. I try to paint the whole picture, I believe it’s fair to say.

Does that answer your question? Let’s roll then.

Ok, so the reasonable thing to do next would be to check the advantages and disadvantages of both inflatable and regular furniture. That’s how we’ll surely know whether or not you should put your hard earned cash into this, hmm, less conventional option.

Advantages of inflatable furniture

Comfort Research 7-Foot XXL Fuf in Comfort SuedeSo let’s take a bite at it:

  • It’s much cheaper. Inflatable furniture is by far the cheapest one you’ll ever find. You can for example get 2 plain inflatable sofas for like 30 bucks. If they have some jazzy print on them, they’ll be like 50. You can even get the large beds for well under 50 dollars. That’s the one thing inflatable furniture definitely has going for it. Its price is beyond budget-friendly.
  • It’s portable. Yup, just let all the air out, fold it and put it in a bag. You can carry it with you wherever you want. Hell, if all furniture in your house were inflatable it’ll all fit into a single suitcase. Or if you want it moved from one place to another, no problem even kids can do it.
  • It’s multifunctional. A bunch of these furniture pieces are designed to have multiple shapes and uses. For example, what started out as a sofa could instantly become a bed for two or a lounge chair… Endless possibilities.
  • No special maintenance required whatsoever. No polishing, waxing or spraying them with insect or pest-proof substances. PVC offers you resistance to all of those factors, so you can be sure it will serve you for a long time.
  • It’s the best furniture for kid’s room hands down. It’s not just colorful and bouncy, it also has no pointy ends and is thus completely safe for your little ones.

Advantages of regular furniture (time to strike back)

Let’s see the other side of the story:

  • The regular furniture will last longer. Even though, PVC offers a great deal of sturdiness your conventional pieces will outlast it. Especially if kids play with it it’s exposed to all kinds of hazardous factors.
  • It’s much heavier, so it gets better and firmer base on the floor. With the smaller pieces of inflatable furniture, there is the possibility of toppling over. This is not so much of a problem with bigger pieces such as beds and sofas.
  • It’s considered more elegant. If you’re trying to make a statement with the décor of your home, it is more accepted that you go with the old school furniture.
  • It is somewhat accepted that regular furniture is more comfortable. I can’t personally vouch for this since I’ve heard stories go either way. Some people stay loyal to their trusty old furniture, and some are swearing they wouldn’t change their inflatable king size for the world.

So what did we get from all of this? We’ll find out soon enough.

Verdict time

Ok, first of all I know I’m about to sound like a bit of a cheater, but I really mean what I’m about to say. My general opinion after doing a lot of research and talking to a lot of furniture owners is that it’s all just a matter of personal preferences and needs.

You can’t really draw a straight line between the two. Every option has its merits, and it all comes down to what you need. If you want some light, fancy-looking, new-age piece of furniture, inflatable ones are the way to go. If you, however want a sturdy, old school, statement making piece, regular is your choice.

But the initial question wasn’t that at all. It was whether or not this furniture is worth your time and money… And let me tell you my two cents, it definitely is. You get what you pay whit this one you can take my word for it. Just be sure to define your actual needs first, so you know which category you fit in. Once you’re sure that inflatable is the way for you it will not disappoint I can tell you that much.

Thank you for reading and I hope this gives you some clarity.


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