How to get the best sleep on an air mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil TechnologyAir mattresses have come a long way since they were just a piece of plastic that you offer put out for your aunt and uncle when they come for a sleep over from Nebraska or whatever…

Today, they are a viable option. New technologies have taken the air beds to whole new level.

Remember the times where you would spend days in the mattress store choosing just the right firmness? Coming back to the store for days and lying around until you get those “get-out” looks from the sales people.

What if I told you that with some air mattress you can adjust the firmness until you get it just right? 

Now, what if I told you there are air beds today that allow you to choose different firmness for the two sides of the bed?

Amazing, right? 

But, let’s get back to the gist of this article and come up with a few basic tips on how to get the most of your air bed.

Don’t worry, I will not be talking about sleeping music, subtle lights, counting sheep…nothing like that…

Getting a good night’s sleep on an air bed comes down to one thing and one thing only – CHOOSING THE RIGHT BED.

5 essential tips on how to choose the right air bed:


Choose an air bed that allows you choose the firmness of the mattress.

This one is a huge advantage of an air bed over the regular mattresses.


Chose an air bed with a built-in pump that can be both cable and battery operated.

This makes setting the bed a breeze and gives you the flexibility to use your new baby both indoors and on camping trips.


Choose a bed that holds air well and doesn’t develop leaks. Now, this one is crucial, it can make or break your experience.

How to do this?

Simple – just read the reviews of the people using the product. My rule of thumb is going for a bed that has no more than 1 review reporting leaks for every 7-8 reviews saying that the bed holds air well.

If possible, go for a product that includes a warranty.


Choose an air bed design that includes multi-cell, coil or beam design.

I suppose these are new terms to you but what they basically mean is that your air bed is not just one huge chamber of air, but smartly designed multi-chamber designs that offer just the kind of comfort as that of a high-end regular mattress.


Choose an air bed that has a plush finish on the top and a sure grip bottom. The former will eliminate any slippage of your linen, and the later will make sure that your bed is firmly planted to the ground.

Sure, you can light a candle, have a glass of warm milk before you go to bed and listen to Enya, but trust me with the tips above – you might end up having the best night’s sleep in a long time.

Take care and sleep tight.


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