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Conair Sound Therapy Sound MachineI know the issue of insomnia all to well, much better than I’d want to and contrary to what I found in some research, a specific kind of outside stimuli has helped resolve the issue. What changed my sleeping habits are sleep machines, but here’s the catch –  it really has to be the best sleep sound or white noise machine on the market or else you just spent your money on an overpriced music player.

Today, we are reviewing a Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine – specifically the Conair su1w sound therapy.

So, let us move on…

Here is the methodology I will be using to determine if the Conair su1w sound therapy silver is the best sleep machine and white noise machine around?

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So, here’s what you can hope to read here:

  • The first part will familiarize us with the product itself. We’ll read the manufacturer’s specification and see some of the products’ features
  • We’ll then test everything we’ve heard from the company by putting it through the filter that is public opinion. We’ll list some PROs and CONs directly given to us by the users themselves
  • Finally, I’ll give you my own honest opinion, and tell you what I think whether this sound machine is a good buy or just a waste of time and money

Now that we know what’s to come, we can get some work done, so let’s waste no more time and dive right into this sound machine review.

What does the manufacturer have to say about the Conair su1w sound therapy silver?

Let’s go over the product description given to us by the company:

  • Imported
  • Plastic
  • Elemental soothing therapy offering rhythm, sounds, and nature
  • 10 different soothing sounds
  • 60 minutes auto-sleep timer
  • Volume control
  • DC adapter or battery operated

Ok, it’s you basic specification concerning products of this sort. It has everything we need in order to get a good night’s sleep, all that is left now is to check out if everything works exactly as stated by the manufacturer in the real world. We’ll need a little help from our fellow customers for this one.

What did the customers like about the Conair su1w?

Let’s see users’ contribution to our PROs list:

  • It’s an excellent product for our little ones. We have two daughters, and both of them had some serious troubles falling asleep. We’ve tried a couple of different products, and this turned out to be the best sound therapy machine for them. They really enjoy all the different sounds and sleep like angels
  • It’s pretty smaller than all of my previous sleep machines, so I can put it pretty much anywhere, and it’ll fit perfectly. It’s also very lightweight
  • I was so happy to finally get rid of my big fan, which I used to help me fall asleep. It was perfectly fine as far as sound is concerned, but it made the room too cold to sleep in, especially during the cooler months. The sound is still perfect with this machine, just without the cold
  • It’s really great that it can be both battery operated and simply plugged into the electric socket. It’s gonna be great when we travel
  • It’s a really great little machine! It has plenty of options, which let me customize the whole experience just the way I like it, and it also features a white noise option. It’s great since I was having troubles finding it on the rest of sleep machines I’ve checked out
  • I just love that it has a volume control. It’s a pretty big plus in my book since you can have a perfect sleep machine with a bunch of options, and still fail miserably if the volume is too loud or quiet. This one gives me full control over the volume and lets me set it just the way I like it
  • The controls are pretty easy to understand, and the instruction is also very clear and simple. I’m not all that tech-savvy, and I go with the simplest solutions I can find. This machine has a lot of options, a lot of possibilities, but it’s all very comprehensive and clearly marked even my 4-year old could operate it
  • This little machine has really changed the way I sleep. I like all of the sounds, especially the white noise. It’s very easy to use, offers a ton of options and it can be set to turn itself off, or simply go throughout the whole night. Super happy with this buy
  • My neighbors are very loud people, even if I don’t mix their two dogs into the whole equation, and it really was a big problem for me, waking up zombified every morning since I didn’t get enough sleep during the night. This is the best sleep machine out of 7 different ones I’ve tried. The white noise feature truly came as a blessing, and now I can finally get some proper rest
  • I was somewhat skeptical before reading the reviews, but all those people who gave it good grades couldn’t be wrong, so I bought it, and I’m certainly glad I did. I am more than impressed with it! It completely changed my sleeping experience for the better. I really enjoy the sounds it has, and all the extra options are just icing on the cake

Visits its dedicated Amazon page to read more reviews >>

What the customers didn’t like about the Conair Silver Sound Machine?

Let’s go over some CONs:

  • The sounds start to loop after a while, but I don’t find it to be all that annoying in the first place. I’m usually fast asleep before it happens anyway
  • It’s an excellent sleep machine, and if I absolutely had to pick something I don’t like, I would say that the heartbeat sounds is a bit creepy for me, but that’s just nit-picking. There are plenty of other sounds to choose from

What do I think of Conair su1w sleep machine?

It an a very good product and I’d what a bargain it is compared to the other white noise and similar machines and it still remains one of the best rated sleep machines around. This is not the machine I used to help me with my insomnia, but I got mine as a gift and it was already pretty good.

PROs: One of the top rated sleep sound machines on the market for 3-5 times less money of other products in it’s category. Small and lightweight, it still does as good of a job as some of it’s more cumbersome buddies. The white noise is actual white noise. A big plus for the design that make it easy to fit into different surroundings. Biggest bang for your back in the arena of therapy and assisted sleeping sound machines.

CONs: Some users find it’s not diverse enough with the sounds. Not available in any other color than silver.

I could elaborate here about all the different options, quality of the product, experience of customization, relaxing properties, but users already told you all we need to know and as always it’s best to sum all this up in one rating of a product.

The final quality score for the Conair su1w is 4.4/5 which still puts it up there with the best but twice or trice as expensive sleep machines.

Certainly, a big bang for your buck with this one.

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