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Ever thought of selling everything you own and start travelling full time? You must admit that one needs courage to do it.

I have the pleasure to introduce to you a guy that did just this and never looked back… Actually, it changed his life for the better.

Get more in this special interview with Michael Hodson from


1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Michael Hodson from

I was a lawyer in the States for about 10 years until I closed everything down at the end of 2008 to attempt to circle the globe without flying.

16 months, 44 countries, and 6 continents later, I succeeded, and just kept going.

I’ve been permanently traveling now for over 5 years and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

2. How did you find your passion for travel and what made you start

I’ve always loved traveling. I did about 10 years of extensive US travel before I started traveling internationally and like every aspect of the whole travel experience.

As to the website, it started as a way to keep family and friends informed about my travels and also as a note taking device for a book I originally wanted to write about the RTW-no-flights trip.

The book never came to pass, but the website has become my current life’s work.

3. What is the most amazing place that you’ve been to and what makes it special?

Wow, such a tough question. I could name a dozen off the top of my head. Machu Picchu, Great Barrier Reef, Pyramids, Table Mountain, Namib Desert, Badlands in South Dakota, Sequoia National Park, the Great Wall of China, and more, but if I was to name just one, I’d go with Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat

4. What if your favorite gear for your travels?

ipodThe one thing I can’t do without (aside from my work gear like my computer, cameras, and hard drives) is my iPod.

I do a lot of long overland travel in buses and trains and having music is just something that is not optional for me.

There is no better way to pass the time than looking out the window as the world goes by, listening to the music that moves your soul.


5. What is the most remote place that you have been to?

I’ve done a lot of remote travel, but on this one let’s say the deserts of Sudan.

I did Cape Town to Cairo in about four and a half months on my RTW overland trip and the three days we spent in the desert in Sudan were a highlight.

Little known fact is that there are more pyramids in Sudan than Egypt…. and far less tourists.

deserts of Sudan

6. If you were in a life-threatening situation, facing the elements what gear would save your life?

I’ve been in a couple of them and no gear would have saved me. I suppose just plain dumb luck worked the trick.

But as to advice, the best advice to keep you out of trouble is the same advice your parents gave you when you were a teenager — don’t be out after midnight drunk and wasted.

A high percentage of robbery stories I have heard over the years all start with “so I was walking home at 3 a.m. to my hostel/hotel drunk and….”

7. What is the one item that you recommend we take along in all of our traveling?

Your sense of adventure. Way too many people I have met travel to interesting places, but then just avoid all the difference and interest.

Go meet some locals. Eat food you’ve never heard of. Get lost down alleyways (not drunk late at night, of course).

When you get invited to eat at someone’s home, and you will if you are traveling properly, accept and enjoy the hospitality.

Get out of your comfort zone, if only for one week out of the year.

8. Give us 5 tips on travelling green.

Number 1 through 5 for me would be to never take short haul flights.

If you are taking an airline on any flight under 500 miles, you are destroying the environment for no good reason at all.

But to answer the other 4 points quickly: (2) have a water bottle, refill it yourself, and stop buying water in plastic bottles that just fill up landfills; (3) short showers, since water is the next environmental disaster; (4) walk more, its good for your body and the environment; and (5) eat local if you can, because local providers are likely more environmentally sound.

travelling green

9. What are you plans for the future concerning your blog and your travels?

These days video and more video. Is is the format to share my experiences with the world that I’ve fallen in love with.

My stuff is all here: I hope you enjoy them and I’d love you to subscribe and leave me comments on stuff you’d like to see.

10. A message to your fans.

We get one shot at this, get out there and do it right.

I’m not saying that everyone should sell everything and travel the world like I did — in fact, I think that is a really horrible plan for most everyone — but that being said, you’ve got a limited number of days on this planet.

Figure out what makes you smile and do it more often.

If that is playing soccer in your backyard with your kids, do it. If that means seeing UNECSO World Heritage Sites, make a plan to see some this year.

But whatever it is, get up off your couch and do something out there in the world.

I’ve seen a lot of the world and I can tell you one thing — its pretty damn amazing out there. Go enjoy it.

go see write


Thank you Michael for this interview and taking the time to offer us some insight into your travels and lifestyle.

You are an inspiration!  

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