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Are you a digital nomad?…or wish to become one? But what does that mean actually and what does that imply?

Meet Lauren, a digital nomad that has travelled to more that 50 countries already and still counting.

I have asked Lauren what a digital nomad means and got 5 tips on how to make the most of it.

So, let me introduce:


1. Tell us a little about yourself.

lauren juliff

My name is Lauren and I’m a full-time traveller.

I’ve been travelling the world for three years, visited 50 countries and have no plans to ever stop! I blog over at Never Ending Footsteps.

2. You say you have a “travel addiction”… what was the trigger for that and what made you start blogging at

There wasn’t a trigger or any one event that convinced me to travel. I just always found myself much happier when I was out of the UK and exploring new places.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved travel.

I started Never Ending Footsteps to keep my family informed of where I was on my round the world trip and what I was getting up to.

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3. How do you define a “digital nomad”? Give us a few tips on how to become one.

I define a digital nomad quite simply as someone who works and travels.

I’d suggest figuring out your skills and finding a way to be paid to do that from anywhere — it could be finding a job you can do remotely, working online, freelancing, or working as a scuba diving instructor!

There are hundreds of ways to fund your travels — you just need to work out which ones you can do.

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4. “The Incidents” section on you site is truly amazing. Can you give us a little insight into that and what was the worst incident?

Thank you! The worst incident for me was probably the time that a woman died on the boat I was on in Laos.

She died of malaria a few hours into the trip and I had to spend six hours sat next to her body and her grieving husband.

5. What is you preferred travelling gear?

13” Macbook Pro

Because I work online, I cannot travel without my laptop!

I travel with a 13” Macbook Pro and it’s the one item I’d be devastated if I lost. I don’t have much attachment to anything else in my backpack!



6. You were involved in a tsunami…what was the gear that helped you in that survival situation?

I didn’t use any gear, and it wasn’t much of a survival situation! I was evacuated, and walked up to higher ground to escape.

While it was terrifying, there wasn’t any kind of gear that would have affected the situation.

7. There are many who aspire at your lifestyle. Can you give 5 tips to someone who is just getting started?

  • Have patience: It’s incredibly hard to make it as a travel blogger, so expect to work hard for at least a year before you start seeing any kind of pay-off.
  • Make friends with the travel blogging community: Travel bloggers are incredibly friendly and helpful people and can help you out when you’re stuck, and provide inspiration, too. Form a community of bloggers who all started at the same time as you and bounce ideas off one another.
  • Spend a lot of time on social media: It’s where your potential readers are.
  • Don’t write about travel blogging: The only people who want to read about travel blogging are travel bloggers. Write about travel and you’ll attract a far wider audience.
  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing: Other people will find success easier than you, others won’t. Don’t worry about what others are doing and don’t beat yourself up if people seem to be doing better than you. Your only competition should be yourself.

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8. Who is your favorite traveller and hero?

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain.

9. A message to your fans.

If you’re frightened to travel, do it anyway because you don’t want to live your life with regrets.

Yes, travel can be challenging and tough, but it’ll make you a better person.

The positive experiences will far outweigh the negatives.

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Thank you Lauren for this wonderful interview.

We thank you for the tips you gave us and we will implement them in our travels.

In my opinion the first one is the hardest…

Being patient is hard 🙂 

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