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Another amazing interview today guys.

Meet Jack and Hill from


1. Please introduce us to yourself.

jack and jill

We’re Jack and Jill from California.

We’re avid climbers and world travelers who love to spend every second of our free time outdoors either scrambling a peak in the backcountry or exploring new places around the world.

2. is amazing. What made you start blogging and how did the site came to be?

Aw, thank you.

We started as a way to keep our friends and families up to date with our travels around the world.

Slowly it grew to become so much more than that. We’ve met some fantastic people and visited places that was made possible because of the site.

We love sharing our adventures and that’s what keeps the site going for the past 5 years.

jack and jill alpinism

3. You have already travelled to so many beautiful places. What was your favorite one and why?

Such a difficult question.

I think because we both love the outdoors our favorite places are the ones with unbelievable mountain sceneries and hiking trails, like Alaska and Peru.

One of the best hikes we’ve done is the Huayhuash Trek in the Peruvian Andes:

jackandjilltravel huayhuash trek

4. I am also a great fan of backpacking and the outdoors. What is your favorite gear when backpacking?

Our goose down sleeping bags.

It was the best investment we’ve made in the camping department we think.

Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

5. If you were in a life-threatening situation what gear would save your life?

We have a space blanket we carry with us when we go climbing.

Just incase we got stuck on the mountains and have to do an unplanned bivy, the blanket will hopefully keep us warm/protect us from the wind until morning.

6. What is the best air mattress/sleeping pad that you have ever used and in what environment?

We’ve always used Thermarest sleeping pads that have done great wonders in terms of insulating us from the cold grounds.

We’ve used them everywhere from backpacking in Denali to climbing trips in Yosemite.


7. Give us 5 tips on travelling alone, and how not to get homesick.

  • Find out how to get a local SIM card with data plan on your phone.
  • On that note, invest in an unlocked phone.
  • Stay in hostels/AirBnb that makes it easier to find travel buddies – hotels can be so isolating
  • Reach out on Couchsurfing/travel forums to find local activities that you can join while in a foreign city
  • Be cautiously approachable when it comes to dealing with strangers. I’ve had some of the most enlightening encounter with strangers while on the road. Trust your gut instinct.

8. Who is your favorite traveller and hero?

world travellerI met this girl in Peru (unfortunately I forgot her name) who has traveled to 30+ countries, solo, while working odd jobs to finance her travel.

The twist is she has a Lebanese passport – one of the hardest passport to travel with but she managed to see a lot of the world, one visa logistic nightmare after another.

If that’s not a testament to her love of traveling, I don’t know what is.

9. A message to your readers and fans.

Find your passion and life will be one long continuous adventure.

We’re lucky to have found ours and we’re looking forward to having you join us as we share our adventure.


Thank you so much for the inspiration, Jack and Jill. Keep on travelling and adventuring, we are following you and hope to join you one day!


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