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Today we have a special interview with Daniel Neilson from The Great Outdoors Magazine.

TGO Magazine is just simply put one of my favorite sources of information when it comes to getting my stuff ready for an outdoor experience like a wild walk.

Their GEAR selection is amazing and all reviews are honest and complete, so you can make a very good impression about the reviewed product before you buy it. I have bought a few items myself based on the suggestion I found on this site…never let me down.

So, I though it would be a great idea to find get a little info from behind the scenes about this great company. I have contacted them and requested a interview and as alway they have responded with professionalism.

So here it is. Enojy!

1. Please tell us a little about yourself and your company.


The Great Outdoors was founded in 1978 and has been going strong since. We focus on hill walking and backpacking and are known for our authoritative gear reviews. I’m the Digital editor of and last year was the Acting Editor covering maternity leave. Emily Rodway has now returned as Editor. I’ve been working for The Great Outdoors for two years. I write reviews, features, walking routes and pretty much anything else for the magazine and website. I also look after the social media. Before then I was a freelance travel writer and guidebook editor.

2. How did your passion for the outdoors start and how did came to be?

I’ve always been an outdoorsy person from the highlands of Lincolnshire, but it was a trek in the Bolivian Andes when I decided I wanted to work predominantly in the outdoors. As well as hill walking and backpacking, I enjoy mountain biking and trail running, and I’ve started doing adventure races.


3. Tell us a little about the “GEAR” section on your site and what are the items that are review there?

We review everything to do with the outdoors from stoves to sleeping bags, crampon compatible boots to 50l rucksacks, as well as apps, GPS devices, and waterproofs. Everything.

4. What is the most amazing habitat that you explored and what are the gear items that helped the most?

Mountain Equipment Compressor Hooded JacketI’m still constantly amazed by the UK and I’ve never stopped discovering. The belay jacket is my latest thing to be excited about. A synthetic layer that can go over a waterproof without losing too much of its insulating property. I’ve just reviewed the Mountain Equipment Compressor Hoody here:

5. If you were in a survival situation what gear would you prefer having close?

A water filter and a stove I’d say – but staying warm is essential. I’d like a cosy sleeping bag too.

6. Give us 5 tips on how to make the most incredible “wild walk”.

1. Go somewhere new.
2. Before you go, learn about the manmade history of the area, and take a book to identify plants, animals etc. The mountain environment is why I go walking, not summit bagging.
3. Don’t get lost! That can really ruin a walk – map, compass and ability to use it.
4. I enjoy a bit of adventure – so maybe a scramble or a nice ridge always helps.
5. Start early – there’s nothing better than getting the mountain to yourself

7. What does the “TGO Challenge” mean what how can we get involved?

It’s a serious backpacking challenge where 300 people will backpack across Scotland. All the entrants are vetted, and the routes carefully monitored, and we expect the Challengers to phone in regularly, but for the most part you’re on your own. The only way to enter is to buy the October issue of The Great Outdoors.


8. Who is the outdoor expert that you appreciate most and why?

Without a doubt, Chris Townsend, our gear editor. He is hugely respected in the industry for his knowledge and authenticity. He’s out in the Cairngorms living it and testing the gear to its capacity. An inspiration.


Thank you so much for this great opportunity Daniel. I have enjoyed this one very much. Let me take this opportunity to say I am a fan of your writing and the work you do as a digital editor at TGOMagazine. Keep on the good work, as we, silently, appreciate it!


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