Meet Mark and Stefy from – Interview

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

We are Mark and Stefy, two Italian backpackers, lovers of the world and of the adventure.


We live near Bologna, Italy.

2. What’s the story of your site? Tell us things from behind the scenes. What was the trigger for starting Born2travel?

We started to create because we felt the need to SHARE our emotions, our feelings and our experiences around the globe with as many people as we could.

Considering that we are quite humble to realize that we are not able to write a book we have decided to report all our lived experiences in our website.

We hope it can be useful to whom is going to leave for a new journey or a way to travel with the fantasy for whom cannot do it physically.

3. I love your “That Time That” section on your blog. What was your most amazing experience… give us more on that.

This is a hard questions because each of it has been a crazy, weird, good or bad but for sure unforgettable adventure!

I soon recall one of the last happened in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda when at dawn I was going to the “bathroom” and I found in front of me a huge group of elephants which was eating peacefully grass just 5 meters from my “bath”… Crazy time!

traveller photographing

4. What is your preferred travel gear?

Our backpacks are our world when we travel, it’s like a snail shell!

5. What is your favorite survival and backpacking gear?

Well, we don’t have many survival kit.

I can’t travel without my knife.

I have used it when I was deployed in Afghanistan and from that moment it has become very useful for me.

It has helped us in many circumstances; it’s a MUST to bring around.

6. While camping what was the best air mattress that you ever tried?

We never use mattress when we camp.

We love to feel the real contact with the ground, with the Nature… though sometimes it’s not that comfortable! 😉

7. What was the most amazing place that you visited?

One place we have visited and “lived” recently has been Myanmar.

It’s not very touristic so far and maybe this is its strength but it’s magic and very interesting.

We fell in love with it and its people. See it here.


8. What was your most frightening experience in the wild?

Actually there would be so many horrible experiences happened to me in Afghanistan… but maybe this is another story…

Into the wild?

When during the Annapurna trail in Nepal we were almost hit by a yak…

in the wild

9. Who is your favorite traveler and adventurer?

Being Italian I can’t help saying Cristoforo Colombo.

I can’t imagine what those navigators of the past could have lived and experienced during their amazing journeys.


10. A message to your readers and fans.

Travel with your heart, live with locals, try to immerge yourself as more as you can in the new culture and abandon yourself in this new adventure; keep it in your heart and share it with people you love.


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