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If you are planning to travel on a budget you will love the tips that Jade Johnston from offers.

Do you have a water purifier that you take with you as part of your travel gear?

Learn more about that in this great interview with Jade Johnston.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jade Johnston and I have been traveling for over 8 years.

the family behind

I have lived in seven different countries, and although I am originally from Canada, I am now based in Australia with my husband and young son.

Now we travel the world with our son who had been to 12 countries before he was 12 months old.

2. How did you find your passion for travel and what made you start

I didn’t start traveling until I was 20 years old, but I quickly found my passion.

I didn’t start my travel blog until 3 years ago when I moved to New Zealand.

It was originally a way to document my experiences hitch hiking and traveling around New Zealand, but it quickly became a way to share my tips and stories about world budget travel.


3. You have visited so many places already…what would be the best place for backpacker enthusiasts?

I think one of the best places for backpackers is New Zealand… especially if you love hiking and nature.

But Europe is also really great as you can see so many different cultures and countries without spending a lot of time on the road.

And South East Asia is a classic for those on a budget.


4. Is it hard to travel on a budget? What are the sacrifices one needs to make travelling on a budget?

We don’t make that many sacrifices when we travel, but we do make sacrifices when we are at home so we can afford the travel lifestyle that we prefer.

When we are at home, going to work or school, we always pack lunches, refrain from buying coffees, and keep our alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Just these small changes allow us to save considerably so we can experience as much as possible while on the road.


5. Give us 5 tips on how to make the most of a trip when travelling on a budget.

  1. You will spend most of your time out exploring, so save money by booking basic accommodation.
  2. Most restaurants are cheaper to go to at lunch time than dinner, so go out for lunch and self cater your dinner
  3. Use a credit card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees
  4. Travel overland when possible to cut down on flights and cut down on costs
  5. Look into alternative accommodation options like woofing, couchsurfing, and house sitting

travelling on a budget

6. What is your preferred travel gear?

I always go for backpacks over suitcases – everytime.

7. What gear do you take along when adventure travelling?

I always take a steri pen with me when I travel.

It is an ultraviolet light which sterilizes water. I have used it hiking, in Asia, on Pacific islands… everywhere.

I have never gotten sick from using local tap water when I sterilize it with the steri pen.

The best part is – no chemicals! I even trust it to sterilize water for my little guy.

SteriPen Traveler Retail Pack

8. How hard is travelling when having a little baby? Can you give us some tips on how to make it all work?

Actually, traveling with a baby is super easy.

The smaller they are, the easier it is too. We spent 5 months traveling with our son before he turned 1, and it was an amazing experience.

The only thing more difficult about traveling with a baby is the extra luggage you require.

Traveling with a toddler though…. well we will let you know on the blog!


9. Who is your favorite traveller and hero?

Haha I have no idea!

10. A message to your readers and fans.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy days to spend time with us and read our stories!

We hope we can give a little inspiration and help you with some tips and planning ideas for your next trip!


Thank you Jane!

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