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How does “No possession ~ no plans ~ just travel” sounds for you?

Could you give up your possessions and just….be free, just travel, discover and… feel alive?

I would!

I will!

I already imagine that this will be my life in a couple of years….

But, for now how about meeting these incredible guys that are already living their dream.

Today I give you an interview with Dalene and Pete Heck, full-time travellers and adventurers:


1. Please introduce us to yourself and your blog.

Dalene and Peter Heck

We are Dalene and Pete Heck and our blog is

We have been traveling the world for almost five years, and blogging for just over three.

Our travel blog chronologically follows our story around the globe, with a focus on narrative stories, photography and more recently, video.

2. How did you find your passion for travel and what made you start blogging?

South AmericaWe both found our passion for travel in adulthood – at first it was only relegated to the few weeks a year that our corporate lifestyles would allow.

We endured some severe personal tragedies in 2007 that really made us rethink how we were living our lives.

So, shortly after, we sold our house and started our travels in South America.

At first we blogged only for our friends and family but then decided to expand what we offered and see where it would take us.

3. “No possession ~ no plans ~ just travel” is brilliant. Can you give us a little insight into that and what inspired it?

Those six little words are exactly how we live our lives, and are very significant to the big changes that we have made.

Our adult evolution has been defined by what we have left behind, and that has opened us up to this amazing life that we love.

We have very few possessions, rarely plan out more than a couple of months, and have dedicated our lives to what we love most: travel.

4. Your book is a great success. Can you tell us more about “How to Become a House-Sitter and See the World”?

House-sittingWe started house-sitting about a year in and it quickly became our favourite way to travel.

Not only do we save money, but we get a unique local experience by staying in one place for extended periods of time and are also helping out others who would like their house and/or pets taken care of.

When we started to write about it on our blog, we were shocked to find that so many people had never heard of it before (our first post on the subject still remains the most popular on our site).

So, we decided to put all our house-sitting knowledge into one book and get it to the masses!

We regularly get emails from readers who we have helped find house-sits, and that is a great reward.

5. What are the basics in making a living travelling and writing? Any heads-up for the newbies?

Blogging has to, first and foremost, be a labour of love.

It is an excruciating amount of work for very little money.

Many bloggers (like us) find other ways to bring in revenue – some do freelance writing, etc. – we ourselves have started a social media consulting company ( that is doing well.

But one cannot exist on a blog alone (or at least, VERY few bloggers have made this happen after many years of work) – the key is to diversify income streams to find your way.

6. What is the best place you have visited and what do your recommend for the starting-out adventurer?

Blue Mosque turkeyWe adore Turkey.

We have spent over six months there, house-sitting and touring, and we always feel ourselves drawn back to that magnificent country.

I think it also makes a great first stop for a starting-out adventurer!

The Turkish are really the most hospitable people we have ever encountered, and make it quite an easy and delightful country to travel in.

7. What are you plans for the future concerning your adventures and website?

As per our tagline, we don’t plan much!

We are currently in Mexico and in a couple of weeks are making a brief stop in Canada for our nephew’s high school graduation.

Then we have two weeks in Maui, and after that, who knows?

We have loose plans to drive north of the Arctic Circle in Canada, so we really hope to make that happen in June.

Arctic Circle in Canada

8. A message to your fans.

There will always be a million reasons not to do what you’ve always dreamed of – whether it be travel or something else – so our message is to just take the big leap and do it.

Have faith that it will all turn out as you desire.

As cliche as it sounds: “life is too short” is so very, very true.



Thank you so much Dalene and Pete Heck ! You rock!

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