Best value for money in a memory foam mattress

It’s been over a year a half now since I started this section of the website. To do it I had to get some help of my friends from the National Sleep Research Institute, because after all, I am an expert of sorts for air mattresses but a memory foam mattress is a whole different beast.

The Menta statistical model is still applicable for memory foam mattress reviews, but a part of the rating is based on the opinion of at least one expert, and that wasn’t me.

Anyway, this update to this specific guide marks a 1 year milestone and I’d like to use the opportunity to thank the people from the NSRI (especially Ruth) as well as all my featured testers and customers who shared their experiences with the products and made this whole thing possible. Thanks for the help and support, guys, you are great, every single one of you.

But, let’s not dilly-dally and let’s present the winners of the update to this guide on memory foam mattresses that provide best value for money spent, which is probably a category that’s be most relevant for 90% of “regular” people.

Before we move on, please take a special not of the fact that my rating method is:

  • Objective and reliable – I never say YES to offers to get “sample” products to test because I know that the more valuable the product the more pressure I’m under to embellish the reviews
  • Based on customer and experts experiences and opinions
  • Always relevant – I update the guide bimonthly to make sure you, the visitor, only sees fresh information

Right, now that we got that out the way let’s dig right in.

No big surprises in this last update. We do have a new arrival into the TOP 3 (number 3) but the first 2 mattresses and especially the best rated mattress have been up there for a long time now.

These are the memory foam mattresses rated as best in the category of “value for money”:

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
1_Sleep_Innovations_SureTemp_memory_foam_mattress_reviewSureTemp memory foam mattress 4.9 / 5ratings
2_Best_Price_10_Inch_Foam_Charcoal_Mattress10-inch Best Price Memory foam mattress 4.5 / 5ratings
3_Sleep_Master_Pressure_reviewSleep Master memory foam mattress + full mattress foundation4.4 / 5ratings

SureTemp memory foam mattress review

1_Sleep_Innovations_SureTemp_memory_foam_mattress_reviewBy Sleep Innovations

First order of our business here is to see what the manufacturer had to say about their product:

  • 12” two layer memory premium mattress with exclusive open cell SureTemp memory foam
  • Optimal comfort ensured by the top quality of the US made memory foam
  • 5” 3lb density SureTemp memory foam in the comfort layer; base layer is made of 9.5” support foam for optimal therapeutic support
  • Superior relief of pressure points, reduced tossing and turning, added support, motion transfer eliminated, excellent spinal alignment provided via superb body conformation
  • Compact shipping due to vacuum packaging; cotton blend luxurious mattress cover
  • 80 x 60 x 12 inches
  • 20-year warranty

Click “Read More” to visit Amazon and learn more about this mattress.

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Rarely do we see product specifications as generous as this one and yet as simple as to-the point. But let us dig deeper and let’s have some actual real-life users take it away from here with some of their personal experiences.

The PROs from the user reviews of the memory foam mattress:

  • This is a firm mattress but with just the right plush finish to relieve the pressure points, which is exactly what my spine needed! I’ve had back problems for the better part of my life, and this mattress turned out to be much better option for aligning my spine than the spring ones I’ve used in the past
  • The contouring of this mattress is very mild, and it really makes for a refreshing change. My pillow, however, feels like squishing a memory foam Mount Everest once it contours to the shape of my head and I try to move, so if you do get this mattress make sure that having the wrong pillow doesn’t ruin the experience for you
  • This is the proof that buying the best foam mattress doesn’t necessarily have to empty your pockets! I really enjoy the support, my back and neck never felt better and I wake up truly rested
  • The edges are perfectly even and firm enough for me to sit down and take off my slippers, which was an issue with my old mattress
  • It’s really surprising how warm this mattress is during the winter. Air mattress (which I used before this one) generally adjusts to the temperature of the room and, come winter, will leave you shivering. I never had that problem with this bad boy, and the great side effect of it all is that I can even save some money by turning down the heat
  • I’ve read countless of memory foam mattress reviews ‘till I couldn’t tell left from right, and the things that attracted me to this one were the low price and the number of 5-star reviews it has I’ve read online. I got it just over a week ago and it’s just as advertised…
  • I liked how tall it was right off the bat, only to realize its greatest asset was the overall comfort. Good job!
  • My sweating problems during the night are simply gone with this mattress! I wake up fresh and dry every morning and thank the universe I decided to get it. I also got it on a discount from in a local shop, so I got a pretty sweet deal
  • I’m the biggest germ freak out there and this mattress, being antimicrobial and dust mites resistant is exactly what I was looking for! Fire retardant layer is a given, so that’s also one less thing to worry about
  • After years of experience, I’ve learned that the one thing to look for when reading memory foam mattress reviews online is the warranty. 20 years tells me the company really stands behind their product, and that puts my mind at ease

Let’s go over some of the negative customer experiences:

  • This mattress is pretty heavy. The packaging also had a considerable weight to it. It’s not exactly mobile unless you’ve got some help, but I never intended to move it around anyway
  • There was this plastic smell that started spreading when I unboxed it, but it was completely gone after a couple of hours

The final thoughts about the SureTemp

Customer reports left us with an impression that this was the best foam mattress within its price range by far. People are pleased with the comfort level and the firmness, especially the ones with some kind of back or neck problems.

The Overall Rating of 4.9/5 stars says it all, with the one star deducted for design because this mattress is really heavy, which is not really a deal breaker but we’ve seen one to many people “complaining” about this.

SureTemp memory foam mattress review rating

The foam adjusts to the shape of your body perfectly, it’s very warm during winter months, and it prevents excessive sweating.

The warranty is, in lack of a better word, insane (20 years), so we can really tell Sleep Innovations knew what they were doing with this one.

Again, it is heavy, though, but that’s to be expected when we’re talking about this kind of quality.

10-inch Best Price Memory foam mattress review

2_Best_Price_10_Inch_Foam_Charcoal_MattressBy Best Price Mattresses

The fact sheet:

  • Made of memory foam that’s completely body-conforming and ensures optimal comfort
  • Provides deeper sleep and complete absence of pressure points
  • 3 different layers: 3 inch memory foam, super soft 2 inch foam featuring the system for pressure relief, high density 5 inch foam
  • Certified product
  • 10-year warranty

See more reviews by clicking the link below and going to

Click here >>>

Now let’s take the training wheels off and have a look at what the customers had to share with us, both good and the bad experiences.

Here are some things users liked and shared in their reviews of this foam mattress:

  • It’s a very comfortable mattress, balancing just right between softness and support. It really shapes around me nicely, but not aggressively so as to prevent me from moving and turning around
  • This is the best foam mattress I’ve ever had, and I already owned 3! The memory foam is much thicker than in previous ones, which makes it feel like a cushy cloud.
  • It feels soft and I do sink a bit more into it during the night, but that’s exactly what I was looking for! The support of the inner coils makes up for the plush finish so that my spines stays aligned…
  • Best Price looked kind of fishy as a company name but I took the shoot at it after seeing the hundreds of positive reviews. I didn’t regret decision for a single moment. I’m a heavier person, and the extra memory foam in the top layer really goes a long way for me
  • The velvety mattress cover is simply a dream. We’ve bought this one for my daughter, and it feels the same as our 1800 bucks Tempurpedic Deluxe. It’s an understatement to say that it’s excellent quality for the money invested, and I only wish my hubby and I knew about it before we got the Tempurpedic
  • The best way I can describe this mattress is calling it an over-sized body pillow. It’s so comfortable, and the only real “downside” is that I have a hard time deciding to get up in the morning J
  • The edges are perfect and firm enough to sit on while the overall construction seems very durable and well-made
  • This is my favorite brand of foam mattresses, they offer the greatest prices, plus there’s often a discount on top of that.
  • Foam is a superb choice in any respect, and I could never go back to sleeping on just springs and sponge, not in a million years!
  • The mattress feels very luxurious and comfortable, but firm and supportive at the same time… The free mattress cover is a nice touch, it’s soft and plushy and compliments the mattress
  • This is probably the best investment I’ve made this year! It came rolled up, and it expanded in no time to its full size, which is exactly what they said would happen. It’s extremely comfortable, and you can compare it to some of the top models going for A LOT more cash. Amazing quality to price ratio!
  • It’s the first foam mattress (I’ve had 2 so far) that doesn’t leave me with the feeling I’m about to fall out of bed at any moment
  • The shipping was very quick, and it came to me nicely and compactly packaged. Kudos to the company!
  • Since I got this mattress I always feel like I just went through a massage session when I wake up, and there are no words to recommend it enough

Let’s go over some of the CONs:

  • Yeah, the smell was definitely there and it took months to get rid of it, it had my worrying about health risks, even though they say it’s organic and whatnot…
  • The one that I received looked like it’s been used. I am returning this the first thing tomorrow…
  • I’ve had this mattress for just over a year and it looks like I took it out from a dumpster in an ally, the middle part looks like a nest and the cover lost all of its volume…
  • It has kind of “dead” feeling to it. It’s like you’re stuck and when I wake up and want to move I have to make a conscious effort to do it…
  • You’ll definitely want to unpack close to your bed because it’s a bitch to move it in place if you are alone

Overall Ratings and reviews conclusions

The popularity of this brand definitely has a lot to do with the great “value vs. money” ratio of their products. Customers also report that this particular mattress thick and well made.

The thickness itself is not necessarily a good thing because we’ve seen people complaining that they find it hard to move or feel “trapped”.

We’ve seen this issue with memory foam many times and it’s very easy to go overboard thinking that a thick mattress will automatically be more comfortable. If you get the firmness wrong, you’ll end up with a product that’s a nightmare for a restless sleeper.

This mattress is kind of on the edge when it comes to this issue and we wouldn’t recommend it to a restless sleeper.

Anyway, a solid 4.5/5 rating for the runner up in this category.

10-inch Best Price Memory foam mattress review rating

Overall, it’s a great product, especially for the price but perhaps best suited for people that sleep tight and calm.

Sleep Master memory foam mattress + full mattress foundation (digest review)

3_Sleep_Master_Pressure_reviewLet’s start with some basic information:

  • Three layers included: 3 inches memory foam with 3lbs of density; super soft 3 inch foam with optimal system for pressure relief; high density 6 inch foam base
  • Box spring need is eliminated due to the steel mattress frame
  • Small box shipping package, so the mattress might take up to 48 hours before reaching its full size
  • Certified quality
  • 5-year warranty

See what other people had to share on >>>

The PROs we choose from the user reviews:

  • It’s a very comfortable mattress, and surprisingly easy to set up. I bought it without prior testing, after reading gazillions of foam mattress reviews online and I wasn’t disappointed. I especially like the metal frame; it’s very well built and looks modern and stylish
  • The frame doesn’t squeak at all when I move around the bed, and the feet are made of plastic, so the whole thing is very forgiving to my wooden floor
  • The mattress comes with a free cover, which is a really nice addition. It’s pretty soft and comfortable, but somehow, I don’t sink too deep into it during the night. Overall, I am a satisfied customer
  • It supports my body properly regardless of the position I’m sleeping in. There’s no shoulder pain that used to be so intense at times with my old mattress that it would wake me up
  • It’s very warm during the winter, and it doesn’t trap my body heat during the summer
  • I’ve been struggling with arthritis for years, and the morning after the first time I slept on this mattress was the first time I’ve woke up feeling fresh and rested in years. It’s a deluxe product.
  • I assembled the frame with no problems; it was all done in less than 20 minutes. The mattress is very comfortable, and bed-skirt and headboards are included in the price. A great deal…
  • Very pleased with this purchase. Just what I was looking for, a perfect balance between firmness and comfort…
  • We got this bed mostly for my wife. She’s with our second child, and our previous bed wasn’t gonna cut it. She kept turning and tossing all night long…this mattress made life easier for the both of us…
  • I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis about 5 years ago and the problem pretty much determines my bed and mattress choices. I went from mattress to mattress spending thousands before I got this one…I’m so relieved, I thought I’d never sleep well again…

Here are some of the known CONs:

  • I think I might have gotten the wrong product. The customer support was very pleasant and professional when I called to report the mistake. I returned the mattress and now am waiting for the right one to arrive
  • This foam mattress is just too soft for me. It feels pretty comfortable and it might be good for a nap but not for the whole night…
  • The finish feels cheap and just doesn’t look like it’s built to last…
  • It looked and felt great when it arrived but now, 6 months in, it feels like I’m sleeping on a rock…
  • I was excited to get this mattress but once I received it and unpacked it I noticed small spots of mold all over it…very disappointed…
  • It’s been 6 weeks and the weird smell of chemicals still fills the room, I think I’m gonna just leave it outside for a while…

Sum-up of the review

This offer features an entire sleeping set, rather than just the mattress. You get the mattress, the sturdy steel frame, bed-skirts and the headboards. For some people this alone might be enough to go with this mattress. Naturally, it’s easier to just get the whole bundle instead of worrying about bed frames, sheets, covers.

But we wouldn’t recommend getting this set just because you feels it simplifies the process. It can be pesky to design your sleeping environment but think about the fact that we spend third our lives sleeping.

This is no place to cut corners. Take your time and make sure that a mattress really suits your needs.

Back to the point, this mattress scored a solid 4.4/5 in the Overall Rating.

Sleep Master memory foam mattress review rating

It’s a complete package and, according to user feedback it really offers a big bang for your buck.

Having said that, the mattress is reported to be very comfortable, supportive and well made, albeit too soft for some people.

We didn’t appreciate, however, seeing that many reports of wrong or flawed products being sent to people.

On top of that, that were some things that confused us about this mattress, like seeing so many completely opposite opinions of the quality of the finish materials. People do have different tastes and standards but something feels off here, it’s just too extreme.

So, we’ve already taken steps to look into the manufacturing (and outsourcing) practices of the company. We’ll report back on the issue in the next update to this guide.

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