Best twin XL memory foam mattress

Over the past 6 months I’ve had special requests to do this comparison, guide on the best twin XL memory foam mattresses for all those hanging feet out there.

The winner in this category is one of the few mattresses that we’ve seen maintain steady 5-star reviews with that kind of review volume and verified purchases on Amazon. It’s almost too hard to believe because even the best of products will always have a few people that will not really like what they get. Not with this mattress – the 10 inch foam mattress from ExceptionalSheets.

The only real downside of our winner is the fact that we’ve seen it unavailable much more often than we cared for.

I’ve been postponing in for a while but I finally got around to doing it. Let’s see if we can help all of you giants out there 🙂

As with all the guides about the foam mattresses, special thanks go to my friend Ruth from the NSRI.

OK, without ado, these are the results of the second update to this guide.

According to the Menta Ratings, these are the best foam mattresses in twin size:

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
ExceptionalSheets_10-inch_best_twin_xl_memory_foamGel Memory Foam 10 inch Mattress twin XL memory foam mattress By ExceptionalSheets4.8 / 5ratings
Top_rated_Brentwood_Home_Foam_Mattress11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress By Brentwood Home4.3 / 5ratings
Gel_Plus_Perfect_Cloud_memory_foam_mattress_reviewAtlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress By Perfect Cloud4.3 / 5ratings
Sleep_Master_8_Inch_Pressure_low_cost_mattress8-Inch Pressure Relief Twin X-Large Memory Foam Mattress By Sleep Master4.4 / 5ratings
Tuft-Needle-10-Inch_foam_mattress_review10-Inch Mattress By Tuft & Needle4.1 / 5ratings

The mattress that’s on the top of the list of the best-rated mattresses in twin XL size has been at the top in both updates and both times it’s been the best rated by far.

Let’s now take it step by step and look at what is it exactly that makes these mattresses so good and what justifies their high ratings in user reviews and what experts (Ruth from the NSRI) has to say about them.

Gel Memory Foam 10 inch Mattress twin XL memory foam mattress review

ExceptionalSheets_10-inch_best_twin_xl_memory_foamBy ExceptionalSheets

We’ll start off with some quick facts about this twin XL memory foam mattress (as provided by the company):

  • Low promotional prices – frequent twin xl foam mattress sale and discounts
  • Mattress dimensions are 39x80x10 (in)
  • Product of the US and has a 10-year warranty (limited)
  • Memory foam gels support the body contour giving relief to points of pressure
  • New technology and gel beads in the foam enable the flow of air which means a more comfortable and cooler sleep
  • It is shipped and delivered compressed (vacuum) in a box, for easy handling

See more reviews here (amazon link)


Judging by the reviews for this product, here are the PROs that stood out:

  • New gel memory foam technology is unbeatable. I had many issues with my back, but I’m happy to say this is my best memory foam mattress yet…
  • This twin XL memory foam mattress is beautiful, below my budget, above my expectations, just what I was looking for.
  • One of the perks of this baby is the zipper cover, which is removable and washable. Along with the fact that it regulates temperature well, it’s sturdy and gives good support, it expands quickly once it is unboxed; this is the best twin XL foam mattress out there.
  • As I am a picky sleeper, when it comes to mattresses I have a couple of concerns – would I be able to sleep on my stomach and still breathe and would the mattress regain form quickly if I rolled over during the night? Yes and yes! Those were my selling points.
  • As far as I’m concerned, this is the best twin XL memory foam mattress available and this is my 3rd I might have had some unrealistic expectations, but this mattress proved me right and gave me the best sleep I’ve ever had.
  • I would highly recommend this mattress, as it is the deal. Comfortable, firm enough, ships quickly and setup is a breeze. I’m very satisfied…

Let’s take a look at what customers found to be a downside to this particular mattress:

  • I was surprised that the edge of the mattress wasn’t as sturdy as with more traditional mattresses. Not a big issue, but not one to be ignored either…
  • The first few nights that I spent on this mattress were amazing. However, with time the mattress got softer and it just wasn’t good enough any more…
  • It’s very hard for me to want to get out of bed, it’s just unbelievably comfortable!

Conclusions of the foam mattress review

We’ve tried to make the review of this mattress as concise as possible and only stress the user opinions that are laser focused and relevant.

The main issues with these mattresses are the manufacturing practices, like outsourcing. Although we published the first guide on twin XL memory foam mattresses just 4 months ago, we started gathering information 6 months ago.

What we want to stress about this mattress is its reliability. When we say “reliability” we primarily have in mind the fact that during these 6 months the steady “flow” of 5-star reviews.

Overall Quality Rating is 4.8/5 stars with half a star deducted for price and design.

Gel Memory Foam 10 inch Mattress twin XL review rating

Both of these categories are subjective and that’s the most impressive part. The deduction in ratings was due to the few user reviews we’ve seen that said that they would like to see the mattress on sale or with a different material finish.

Our conclusion (and we are seldom this direct about these things) is that if you are out there looking for a twin XL memory foam, and you do manage to catch this mattress on a discount or sale, there isn’t much to think about.

Review of 11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress twin XL

Top_rated_Brentwood_Home_Foam_MattressBy Brentwood Home

Basic technical specs that the company provided:

  • Mattress size is 38x80x11 (in), weighing 34 (lb)
  • It is 11 (in) thick; Composed of 3 layers and a base offering therapeutic support.
  • Base of 6.5 (in) thickness, comfort layer made of high-density memory foam that is gel infused of 2.5 (in) thickness and, last but not least, the layer that allows ventilation and keeps cool air flowing of 2 (in) thickness
  • Heat regulation through high-density memory foam containing countless particles of gel that makes this mattress stand out in the memory foam market
  • Natural materials, such as bamboo fibers, and new technology, like open cell, allow air flow; This mattress is hypoallergenic, resist dust and is anti-microbial
  • Gives you a good night’s sleep by supporting the contour of your body, relieving pressure points and helping your spine align; Say good-bye to tossing and turning
  • Ships rolled and compressed for ease of transportation and delivery
  • Comes with 25-year warranty

See Amazon offer here >>>

Let’s see why this mattress will sweep you off your feet – the PROs:

  • I was sure in for a surprise when I woke up after the first night sleeping on this mattress. No pain, no sunken mattress, no problems. This is the best twin XL memory foam mattress ever!
  • Since I am very sensitive to heat retention in my sleep and regularly kick off my covers, it was a relief to discover that the gel inside this mattress regulates the temperature and now I do not wake during the night anymore.
  • Even now, after a couple of months of use, my mattress still holding up just like on day 1. From firmness to shape. It is a life changer, wouldn’t give it up for anything.
  • Apparently great things come in small sizes! When this baby rolled in, I was very sceptical about the size of the package. However, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and popped it open. Poof! Here behold your mattress…impressive, to say the least.
  • Fast delivery, no smell, budget friendly, relieves pain, regulates heat, what more could I ask for?
  • I admit, I wasn’t crazy about ordering a mattress (of all things) online, but I read through numerous twin XL memory foam mattress reviews and decided to make or break. It turned out that his mattress is my most valued possession!

Now let’s review some potential deal breakers – the CONs:

  • Although it says that this is an all-US product, I found out that the foam is from China. This was a disappointment for me.
  • It looks like my mattress wasn’t properly packaged for delivery, as it arrived damaged. I did get good customer service and a replacement, but really didn’t need all that hassle.
  • I guess ‘twin size’ means different things in different languages, because what I got was surely not a standard twin size mattress. Maybe it was just a shipping mistake, but it was too small for my bed frame and I ended up returning it.

Our final thoughts about this twin XL memory foam mattress

The choice of twin XL mattresses is not as broad as other categories. The result of this is the fact that you might see lower ratings in the TOP 5 rated mattresses compared to the other categories.

The rating of this mattress is 4.3 / 5, which is solid but still a whole level below our winner that scored 4.8.

11-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress twin XL review rating

The main thing that we didn’t really care for about this mattress is the fact that it’s ambiguous about the “US-made” part. The company does promise it but we are not convinced because we’ve seen few to many people saying that the mattress is made in China.

The made in China is not bad per se, but we do have a problem about it being falsely advertised as an US-made product.

We are keeping a close eye on this mattress so that we can report more in the next update.

Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress (TwinXL Size)

Gel_Plus_Perfect_Cloud_memory_foam_mattress_reviewBy Perfect Cloud

Let’s start with the basic facts the company had to share:

  • It’s our bestselling mattress; sleepers say it’s like one of those comfy hotel mattresses
  • Mattress dimensions of 80x39x10 (in), weighing 44.1 (lbs)
  • Holds a contemporary look with suede sides, soft touch and a removable cover that is stretch knit, matching with almost any bed frame
  • Consists of top-notch gel memory foam (thickness of 3 inches) and a second layer of comfort foam allowing double air flow (thickness of 3 inches) which regulate temperature and contribute to sleepers’ support and comfort
  • 25 years of warranty with 100% guarantee and CertiPUR-US certification

See more pictures and customer opinion on Amazon >>>

What where the selling points for owners of this mattress – the PROs from user reviews:

  • The size of this mattress is bang on! All of our existing bed sheets fit perfectly, so no need to invest in new ones.
  • This world’s best twin XL memory foam mattress made my day, but more importantly it made my night.
  • To say the least, this great product saved my marriage! No more waking up when my husband rolls over – thanks to the gel memory foam, my side of the mattress stays in place.
  • Felt like Goldilocks spending my first night on this mattress. Not too hot, not too cold, not too hard, not too soft – everything is just right!
  • If you go with this mattress you will definitely be getting value for your money. My first condition when buying a new mattress was not to spend a small fortune. It turned out that with this guy we got a couple of bonuses on the side – comfort & style.
  • The only thing you will be missing with this mattress is counting sheep to fall asleep. It lulls me to sleep like a baby.
  • Whether you have problems with your legs, back or any other part of your body, this mattress will support your body contour, not your pain.

Customer criticism is never good news, but people buying products in question need to hear it and decide for themselves – the CONs:

  • Well, looking at the name of this company I figured I’d be sleeping on a cloud, but it turns out it was more of an asteroid. Way too hard mattress!
  • The thickness of this mattress was nowhere near the feeling of 10 inches. I could feel the base of it. It’s definitely going back.
  • My dreams turned into nightmares when I realized that the strong odour resembling new plastic made me nauseous.

The verdict and ratings about this air mattress

Just the right balance between support and the lush finish, eco-friendly manufacturing process, it comes as no surprise that we really like this mattress.

But the final ratings are not about just what we like or don’t, the user opinions are a crucial factor in the final ratings and in this case, there was a substantial gap between the two.

Anyway, a solid overall quality rating of 4.3 / 5, far below the ratings of our category winner but still a well-deserved place in the TOP 5 foam mattresses in twin XL size.

Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress review rating

The two main factors that lowered the ratings are facts that too many people didn’t find it as advertised. They found it to be either too firm or not true to size.

8-Inch Pressure Relief Twin X-Large Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep_Master_8_Inch_Pressure_low_cost_mattressBy Sleep Master

Summarizing the specs of this mattress:

  • Mattress dimensions of 80x38x8 (in), weighing 36.9 (lbs)
  • Consist of several layers: foam base of high density (4 inches), memory foam (2 inches), and extra-soft foam that relieves pressure to the body (2 inches)
  • Compact packaging for easy shipping & handling
  • 5-year warranty guaranteed (limited) along with CertiPUR certification

More info here, on

Some PROs and CONs pointed out by owners of this mattress.


  • A firm, comfortable mattress without springs for a fraction of a spring mattress price?! Impossible. Boy was I ever wrong. This is precisely what I got.
  • Let’s face it, no one likes going through tons of twin XL memory foam mattress reviews, but if you’re buying something online, it is the best way to go. The comments I read that persuaded me to buy this product were absolutely true – firmness is just right, great for bad backs, easy to setup, phenomenal price.
  • Once I fall asleep, I actually stay asleep. Might sound funny, but it’s a first for me!
  • I’m just amazed from start to finish. Fast delivery, great service, even better product. This manufacturer has definitely got my attention in the future.
  • My kid had a sleepover party last weekend. Turns out his friend’s parents called me today to say that their son has been talking about this amazing mattress he slept on that they are just going to have to buy one for him! After all of his praises, they even might consider one for themselves.
  • In a nutshell – low maintenance, high quality.
  • One word – perfect! Contours EXACTLY the right pressure points.


  • I was monitoring this specific mattress online for a while and noticed frequent price changes. I was lucky to grab a good bargain, so make sure you also catch a good deal.
  • Outstanding comfort, but unbearable smell. I just can’t get used to the new mattress smell, can’t help it. My wife, on the other hand, is ok with it. I guess it’s a personal thing.
  • Was hoping to get a twin mattress for my twins. Turns out the mattress are no twin at all, because my twins can’t fit together. Luckily I have another child (no twin) who loves it!
  • The mattress was a disappointment in many areas – it wasn’t true to size, the smell of chemicals didn’t go away for weeks and on top of it all it develop kind of a nest in the middle within a few months of use. Not worth the money…

Final review thoughts and the verdict for this twin XL mattress

This mattress made it to the TOP 5 in the second update to the guide and the jury is still out on this one.

Overall quality rating 4.4 / 5.

Sleep Master memory foam mattress review rating

It’s true that the very fact that this mattress is in the top rated twin XLs speaks for itself, but there are too many things that we’ve seen people complaining about.

And it’s not the kind of subjective things that might go either way for different people, its essential features – like the mattress being true to size, maintaining its shape and form or “breaking” and forming a hole in the middle.

Not our favorite and the ratings reflect that. Sorry, Sleep Master.

10-Inch Mattress, Twin X-Large

Tuft-Needle-10-Inch_foam_mattress_reviewBy Tuft & Needle

Before we move on to user reviews let’s take a look at the fact sheet:

  • Mattress dimension of 39x80x10 (in), weighing 51 (lbs)
  • Easy on your body by relieving pressure points providing standard comfort and evenly distributing the body weight
  • Bouncy, no disruption of sleeping partners due to movement localization
  • Compares well to memory foam when it comes to pressure relief, but it provides a cooler sleep compared to latex or memory foam
  • An American product, offering a warranty of 10 years that actually works

See more customer reviews here – on

This mattress seems to have brought about a lot of happy faces – the PROs:

  • This might as well be the best purchase of all times for me.
  • They do it, and they surely do it right. It’s as they asked me when they were making this mattress. No complaints whatsoever.
  • I’m recommending this product to anyone who is reading this! If you are here, you are probably looking for a nice, cozy, bouncy, cheap bed mattress. You just found the right one, take my word for it.
  • No night will be the same again! This one just blew my mind. Everything from customer service, through quick and smooth delivery & installation, to the first night I spent on it. Just priceless.
  • So far so good. I’m counting my 5th month with this mattress and hope to count many more, as it has become a dream come true. I thank the day I stumbled upon this product online.
  • I finally said ‘good-bye’ to my sleepless nights and ‘hello’ to waking up rested, in a good move and ready to take on the rest of my day. Funny enough, this product has given me a new perspective on life, given that I was only looking for a new mattress.

However, a few concerned eyebrows were raised – the CONs:

  • I found this mattress to thin. Really not what I was looking for…
  • Not much I can particularly complain about, but I just wasn’t happy from day 1. It’s too soft for my taste.
  • It’s my second try with this mattress. First time round it sagged after a month, so I had to get a replacement. Apart from the hassle of sleeping on a bad mattress while waiting for a new one…

Final ratings based on the reviews

Another new arrival to the list of TOP 5 and the first one ever in this category to come from Tuft & Needle.

If we are being honest, when we started compiling these reviews we expected more from this company but it’s only after 4 months that we are seeing one of their products in the group of top rated.

On top of that, it’s the lowest rated one in the group. Personally, we like the company, but it seems that something has changed in their manufacturing practices. If you are looking at this mattress for example, you’ll see too many reports of sagging, the inner coils giving in and the mattress being softer than described.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.1 / 5 allows us to say that, at this point, Tuft & Needle doesn’t really have a serious “horse” in this race for best twin XL foam mattresses.

10-Inch Mattress review rating

To us, this did come as a surprise but the statistics are what they are, regardless of how we feel about it.


Hope you found this information useful and that it might be helpful in pursuit of the best twin XL memory foam mattress.

Remember, the information presented is “fresh” and updated every two months just to keep it relevant and not miss any shifts in quality or any new arrivals.

If you did find it helpful, feel free to share your experience or ask us for opinion either in the comments section or the by contacting us.

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