Best queen memory foam mattress

This is the 4th update to the guide on the best queen memory foam mattresses:

For those new to my website, here’s how the guide is structured:

  1. The list of top rated queen memory foam mattresses and their user ratings
  2. What the companies are saying – fact sheets
  3. What the users said about these models – both PROS and CONS
  4. Our Final ratings

Without much ado, here is a list of the currently 5 TOP rated memory foam mattresses in QUEEN size:

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
best_queen_memory_foam_mattress_signature_sleepMemory Foam Queen Mattress By Signature Sleep4.9 / 5ratings
Brentwood_Home_13_top_rated_queen_foam_mattressGel Memory Foam Mattress By Brentwood Home4.5 / 5ratings
tuft_needle_mattress_queen_memory_foam10” Queen Mattress By Tuft & Needle4.4 / 5ratings
atlas_cloud_mattress__high_quality_queen_foamAtlas Gel Plus 10” Memory Foam Mattress By Perfect Cloud4.4 / 5ratings
sheets_exceptional_queen_mattressGel Memory Foam Mattress By ExceptionalSheets4.3 / 5ratings

Memory Foam Queen Mattress

best_queen_memory_foam_mattress_signature_sleepBy Signature Sleep

Let’s see the basic fact sheets:

  • Meets the requirements of federal flammability standards
  • Relieves hip and shoulder pressure points while resting
  • ILD 9, four pound memory foam provides the perfect firmness
  • 12, 8 and 6” thicknesses are available
  • Includes a soft cover of knit fabric
  • 9 ILD, 4” memory foam

Pretty impressive specs, but we are moving on to the more important part – what the users had to say in their reviews of this mattress and how it’s rated.


  • I share a bed with my partner, and we can’t feel each other move at all with this mattress. It’s like we’re on two separate beds!
  • It cradles my body perfectly in its softness, but at the same gives all the support I could ever need. It’s without a doubt the best queen memory foam mattress I’ve ever used
  • At around 250lbs, I’m a pretty big guy and would constantly wake up with pain in my back, shoulders and hips with my old spring mattress. I really needed something firm and supportive and this mattress really delivers. I haven’t suffered any pain at all since I purchased it
  • The fact that this has a top layer of 4 inch ILD 9 foam tells me that this mattress will stay firm and dense for years to come. After 7 months, it’s still as firm and supportive as the day it arrived
  • I bought this mattress for my daughter’s bed, and now I really regret forking out $2000 for my ‘big-name’ mattress. This mattress totally blows mine out of the water in terms of comfort, support and quality at just a tenth of the cost!


A few chosen CONs:

  • This mattress really smelt terrible when it arrived. The chemically, plastic smell was overwhelming, I had to leave the windows open for a full day for the smell to go away
  • I was disappointed to discover that this mattress takes a full 48 hours to expand to its full size, as I wanted to sleep on it the night it arrived. It meant two more nights on my old, saggy mattress…

Conclusions and ratings

The customer’s seem to be completely won over!

And for me, it doesn’t come as a surprise since this bed has been dominating this category in most quality aspects for a few updates now. It seems to be, in my honest opinion, by far the best option amongst memory foam mattresses in queen size.

In summary, the only half a star deducted is in the category of price bringing this mattress to an amazing Overall Rating of 4.9/5.

Memory Foam Queen Mattress By Signature Sleep User Rating

If you want comfort and support, this might just be the mattress for you.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Brentwood_Home_13_top_rated_queen_foam_mattressBy Brentwood Home

The fact sheet as provided by the company:

  • 13” thick with a 3” top comfort layer of Gel Infused high-density memory foam, 1” layer for extra comfort, ventilated 2” airflow layer and therapeutic support base. Queen size (60x80x13)
  • High-density memory foam infused with gel particles to ensure the mattress is kept cooler and comfier than ordinary memory foam
  • Molds to your body contours, providing optimal pressure relief and alignment of the spine. Minimizes tossing & turning, stops motion transfer and gives an excellent night’s sleep
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites
  • Arrives rolled and compressed, making it easier to carry and more cost efficient

The positive reviews the users shared:

  • I used to sleep on a $1000 Tempurpedic. I didn’t expect this to be anywhere near the same quality, as it’s less than half the price, but boy was I wrong! The value I got for my money is ridiculous, and I don’t hesitate when I say this is the best queen memory foam mattress I’ve ever slept on
  • I really liked the fact that I could sleep on this mattress the same day it arrived. I know mattresses need time to expand and to get rid of the plastic smell, but this came out of the box and could be used within a few minutes
  • We live in an area with a hot and humid climate, but I’ve never felt too hot while sleeping on this mattress
  • I suffer terribly from allergies and would often be kept up all night because of them. This mattress is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, however, so now I’m sleeping better than I can ever remember
  • When you lay, you sink into the softness of the foam as it conforms to your shape, but your spine is still supported perfectly. This combination of softness and support makes it the best queen memory foam mattress for me


Some of the things the users didn’t like in their reviews of this mattress:

  • My mattress came with some stains on it, I am still waiting for replacement
  • This mattress is much softer than I expected. I usually prefer firmer mattresses, and I was surprised when I sank into this one…way too soft and not enough support…
  • It developed a nest in the very middle that both my wife and I sink into and its only 4 months in. It’s getting tiresome to sleep in this thing…

Final Ratings

This is an American-made mattress with quality to rival all the big name brands, but at a fraction of the cost. We could end the review right there.

It‘s rated lower than the mattress dominating the category, but the rating of 4.5 is still excellent.

What I didn’t like is that I saw one too many reviews where people reported parts of the bed sinking in. It’s fair to say that it’s pricey, and that’s where the mattress lost a few points in ratings.

Overall Quality Rating 4.5 /5.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress By Brentwood Home User Rating


10” Queen Mattress

tuft_needle_mattress_queen_memory_foamBy Tuft & Needle

How the manufacturer described the mattress:

  • Perfect balance of softness and hardness. Fine-tuned to provide universal comfort and the even distribution of body weight
  • Gives a cooler sleep than latex or memory foam, but provides pressure relief equal to memory foam mattresses
  • Has the bounce required for ease of getting in or out of bed and night activities, as well as localized movement that prevents the disturbance of sleep partners
  • Comes under a reliable, trouble-free ten year warranty

Made with pride in the USA

Let’s continue by looking at some PROs from customer reviews:

  • I still can’t believe the comfort and support this gives me. My wife and I have completely different body shapes, but this suits both of us perfectly. The aches and pains in neck and back that we experienced with our old bed are completely gone by now
  • The 30-day trial was a huge factor for me buying this mattress. I was hesitant to buy a mattress without trying it, but after reading countless queen memory foam mattress reviews decided to. I have absolutely no regrets!
  • This is made in the USA, so we know the quality is top-notch
  • The company said it would take up to three hours to fully inflate, but I swear it took no more than 30 minutes, meaning we could use it right away
  • The mattress came out of the box with absolutely no odor at all. I’ve bought a few different mattresses over the years, and I must say, this was a first
  • This mattress is perfectly balanced. It’s firm, but with the perfect level of give


The CONs:

  • This mattress is a bit too much on the soft side for me. I prefer a really firm mattress, but I would say this is somewhere between firm and plush
  • The description is not very accurate; I expected a mattress with more support…
  • There isn’t a lot of support at all on the edges of the mattress. This is only really a problem while sitting on the edge of the bed.
  • This mattress started giving in and changing shape within 6 months, it’s an understatement to say that I’m not satisfied with the purchase

Overall Ratings

High 4.4 / 5 for this mattress – I feel that a few tweaks in the manufacturing process and materials would make the world of difference. This bed used to be clashing with the very best for the no. 1 position and something seems to have changed in the past year.

10” Queen Mattress By Tuft & Needle User Rating

I can’t quite put my finger on it but if I had to say I have my doubts about Tuft & Needle made a few compromises with the materials used.

Still a very good mattress but it wasn’t ranked no.1 in this guide in the last 6 or 7 updates.

Still, solely the fact that it’s stressed that it’s completely USA-made will be the decision for a lot of people.

Atlas Gel Plus 10” Memory Foam Mattress

atlas_cloud_mattress__high_quality_queen_foamBy Perfect Cloud

The info sheet – what Perfect Cloud is saying:

  • A 3” thick layer of 4 pound density Gel-Plus foam. In the tradition of Goldilocks, this memory foam is ‘just right’ and almost everybody will love this mattress
  • A second layer of 3” Double Air-Flow foam allows the bi-directional flow of cool air through the mattress without sacrificing comfort
  • A third layer of 4” double air-flow high-density base foam offers an additional layer of bi-directional air flow as well as the support necessary for experiencing a weightless sleep
  • Includes a premium stretch knit textile cover. This is fully removable to ensure ease of care and comes with Mocha Ultra-suede sides for a modern look and a soft-touch
  • Designed in the USA, CertiPUR-US certified and protected by a warranty of 25 years, you can purchase this mattress totally risk-fee

Pretty impressive – let’s see if customers feel the same way:

The positive reviews of this queen mattress:

  • This mattress conforms perfectly to all of my edges and curves. I sleep on my side but no longer experience any of the hip pain I got from my old spring mattress
  • Even though I share this bed with my husband, it’s like sleeping on my own individual bed. I don’t feel ANY of his movements at all
  • The mattress manages to maintain the perfect temperature, never too hot or too cold. The gel-foam seems to distribute heat perfectly, which for me, makes this the best queen memory foam mattress in my experience
  • I really like that the cover is removable so it can be easily washed to keep things clean and hygienic. The quality of the cover is fantastic too
  • The support this thing gives is amazing! I’ve suffered from back problems for years, and the way this conforms to my spine and supports me through the night has left me feeling 10 years younger

Click here to visit Amazon and learn more about this mattress >>>

What some people complained about:

  • Like a lot of brand new mattresses, this smelt awful when it came out of the packaging. I thought the plastic smell would be impossible to get rid of…it was months before it completely went away
  • Honestly, this is a little on the firm side for me. I usually like to sink a bit more, but I’m slowly adjusting and I guess I can’t argue with the absence of aches when I wake up now
  • It looks much nicer in the picture. Live, it looks and feels cheap and overpriced…

Ratings and summary

The overall quality rating of this Atlas memory foam mattress in queen size is 4.4 /5 – very good but, again, nowhere near the rating of the Signature.

Atlas Gel Plus 10” Memory Foam Mattress By Perfect Cloud User Rating

In my eyes, its strong side is its consistency – it was among the top 5 best-rated queen memory foam beds in pretty much every update to this guide we did so far. It’s US-made and it receives a steady flow of 5 star ratings on Amazon.

The price could go lower, no doubt about that and we’ve seen too many reports of materials giving in or wear and tear on the surface to give it full 5 stars in the category.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress

sheets_exceptional_queen_mattressBy ExceptionalSheets

The basic specs of the mattress:

  • Available at a lower introductory price
  • Top quality gel foam memorizes the contours of your body and reduces hot spots and pressure points
  • Infused with gel beads and utilizing open cell technologies, this mattress boasts increased air flow to ensure a cool, comfortable sleep
  • This mattress arrives vacuumed packed to provide compact shipping and convenient movement to your bedroom
  • USA made and protected by a limited warranty of 10 years. Queen dimensions (60x80x10)

What the users shared in their positive reviews – the PROs:

  • I’m still in awe that an American made product of this quality and comfort is available for such a ridiculously low price. I wasn’t expecting the best queen memory foam mattress on the market, but that’s exactly what I got
  • I can’t sense any heat build-up at all in this mattress, which is perfect as I sleep very hot. This stays cool even in the hottest months, which is more than can be said for most memory foam mattresses
  • The support provided by this mattress is second to none. In the past, I suffered from severe back pains every morning, but the pain has disappeared completely since sleeping on this mattress
  • The memory foam shapes to your body and cradles you so well that you can’t even feel the person moving next to you. I’ve never slept so well as this, really the best queen memory foam mattress out there!
  • It came out of the box without any smell and inflated to full size in a matter of moments. I was sleeping on it within 30 minutes of unpacking

See other people reviews on >>>

Some of the things users didn’t like – the CONs:

  • This mattress is too soft for me….I prefer much more supportive mattresses and I expected that based on what I read…
  • When the package arrived, it was heavy and unbalanced, so I needed help to get it into the bedroom. Other than that, I can’t fault this amazing mattress at all
  • It’s not worth that price. My old mattress is half the price of this thing even today and it gave me better support for a long time…
  • Overpriced for the quality. The padding is not that good, and it wrinkles and shows signs of material fatigue only after a few months. I’m disappointed.

Final ratings of this mattress

We have a new arrival to the top five here and having that in mind, I like what I’m seeing and reading about it.

Still way behind in ratings compared to the best mattresses on the list, but overall, a solid 4.3/5 Overall Quality Rating.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress By ExceptionalSheets User Rating

For an US-made mattress backed by a decade-long guarantee I’ve seen few too many grievances of people about the level of support and the quality of the materials. Still, our standards here are strict, and I am only looking in the crème de la crème of foam mattresses, in this case in queen size.

That puts a new perspective to the things I say about a product.


So, this time, we’ve had the predictable Signature 12” at the very top like in most of the recent updates, 3 mattresses that were there in the last update as well and just shifted spots a bit, and one new arrival, which is always welcome.

Let me leave you with these two thoughts:

  • I update this guide with new statistics every two months, so it’s always fresh
  • The info here is completely objective since I never receive testing samples

Those are the two paramount values I’m especially proud of.

See you in the next update.

Choose wisely,


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