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If you are reading this guide on luxury air mattresses, I envy you, because if you are here that probably means that you can afford to pamper yourself and that’s great.

Let me tell you, if there’s one thing that can make the biggest impact on the quality of your life, it’s improving the quality of your sleep, the kind of sleep you are practically guaranteed with any of the mattresses listed below:

Thing you should know about this guide:

  • The method used to rate the mattresses and choose the best is statically reliable and precise (Menta statistical rating)
  • The ratings are completely objective – I take pride in the fact that I never received gifts and samples for companies
  • When I started this section I made sure I had the help of a proper expert – so I asked  Ruth Mulley from the NSRI (National Sleep research Institute) to be that expert and we’ve working together ever since
  • The information presented are always fresh – the guides are updated on bimonthly basis to make sure you only get relevant info

Anyway, without much ado, let me present the winners of the last update and top rated luxury memory foam mattresses. No real surprises in this update, only a switch between the 2nd and 3rd place, while the reigning “KING” – The Perfect Cloud Ultra Plush is still on the top (as it has been in the last 10 months and 5 guide updates).

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
1_Perfect_Cloud_UltraPlush_Gel_Max_luxury_memory_foam_mattressUltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress4.9 / 5ratings
2_Dynasty_Breeze_luxury_mattress_foram_reviewCool Breeze Memory Foam King Mattress4.6 / 5ratings
3_Ultimate_Dream_Supreme_memory_foam_mattress_luxuryUltimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress4.5 / 5ratings

UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress

1_Perfect_Cloud_UltraPlush_Gel_Max_luxury_memory_foam_mattressBy Perfect Cloud

Let’s kick things off by checking out what the manufacturer has to say about this product:

  • Topped with a thick 1.5” layer of memory foam infused with air for optimal comfort
  • A second 2” layer made of Gel-Max foam that memorizes the contours of your body and provides an extra level of comfort, while at the same time regulating your sleeping temperature
  • A third layer of 6.5” supportive HD Base foam ensures that the vital support needed to experience a weightless sleep is provided.
  • Includes a premium best-in-class Stretch Knit textile covering, which can be fully removed for ease of care. This cover features newly created Air-Transfer Technology, which implements special mesh gusset fabric. This mesh lets air flow to and from the mattress freely, keeping it cool and fresh. The elegance of this cover means it will match all bed frames.
  • This US designed mattress is 100% guaranteed with a warranty of 25 years. It is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning you can buy this mattress in confidence, totally risk-free.

Read more reviews of the UltraPlus on >>>

So, the manufacturers boast a comfortable mattress crafted with leading technologies and high-quality materials, all with a warranty of 25 years.

But let’s get past the glitter and improvable marketing talk and let’s get to what’s really important, the user reviews, both the positives and the negative, the PROs and CONs:

The PROs we choose:

  • I’ve been searching for the a memory foam mattress that would be just right for years and this is the first I’ve found that didn’t need any extra toppings to make it more comfortable, didn’t break the bank and didn’t leave me with aches in my neck and back every morning. This mattress is the real deal…
  • I’ve tried a lot of high-end foam mattresses over the years, but nothing matches the comfort and support of the Perfect Cloud. I decided to go for the purchase after reading dozens of memory foam mattress reviews and seeing all the high-scores it gets. I never looked back, it is exactly as advertised…
  • I have a curved spine, and it has been impossible for me to find a mattress that’s capable of supporting my whole back, at least until now! The top two layers of memory foam on this mattress contour perfectly to my spine, and the base gives the perfect support. It really is the best foam mattress I’ve ever used…
  • The quality of this mattress astounds me. I really wasn’t expecting a luxurious foam mattress based on the price tag, but the quality and design matches anything you could buy for triple the cost. You will not find a better mattress for this price (or even twice or trice the price, for that matter!)
  • I love the removable cover on this mattress. It adds another dimension to the comfort and softness of the product, and because it’s removable and washable, it’s perfect for a clean freak like me!
  • If you share a bed, this is the perfect mattress for you. Because of the top layers of memory foam, you sink into your own little cloud and can’t feel any movement anywhere else on the bed. I can’t remember ever sleeping so soundly!

Ok, still sounding pretty good, but let’s look at some CONs:

  • This mattress comes vacuum wrapped and had a strong, plastic, new-mattress kind of smell when I opened the packaging. The mattress needs 8 hours to expand but the smell is still lingering, two days after…
  • One minor thing is that there is no increased support on the edge of the mattress. When sitting on the edge to put on socks, for example, you’ll sink right down in the mattress. Maybe it sounds like it’s not a big deal, but if you have aches and arthritis all over your body it is…

Conclusions and ratings

As I said, the Perfect Cloud Plush has been reigning this category in the last 5 updates (10 months) and in the last 3 updates no product came even close in the ratings:

The safety and quality of the materials used, the fact that they managed to hit that sweet spot between firmness and soft upper layers, the modern but still universal design, the 25 year warranty that speaks about how much they believe in their product. All of that and like a cherry on top, users actually sharing that the price is low for the kind of quality this foam mattress offers makes this mattress a clear-cut winner.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.9/5 and close to perfect score.

UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress review rating

The Perfect Cloud is one of the best mattresses ever to hit the market, a product that oozes luxury but is still reasonably priced- an overall winner and one of our favorites of all time.

Cool Breeze Memory Foam King Mattress

2_Dynasty_Breeze_luxury_mattress_foram_reviewBy DynastyMattress

The basic fact sheet:

  • High –quality four layer construction
  • Top layer of 3 inch Gel Foam that moulds to your body
  • 4 inch airflow foam layer to ensure a cool night’s sleep
  • A high-density 5 inch foam base layer to provide optimal support
  • CertiPUR-US certified so you know this mattress is healthy and green
  • Includes a washable, flame-retardant cover in luxurious white and brown suede
  • Includes two gel pillows which match with the cover, absolutely free

Click the link below to read more reviews on Amazon:

See More User Reviews >>>

The PROs as shared in customer reviews:

  • This mattress has the perfect balance between firmness and comfort, which makes it the best foam mattress I’ve had the pleasure to sleep on.
  • I suffer from back pain in my mid and lower back and since sleeping on this mattress, it has been significantly reduced. The top memory foam layer is unbelievably comfortable, and the base part gives me much needed support
  • The Cool Air layer and the gel foam make sure this mattress stays cool during the summer months, which is a huge bonus, as sleeping in high temperatures has always been a problem for me.
  • The free gel pillows are an excellent addition to this mattress and provide another dimension of support. These pillows combined with the mattress have eliminated the pain I woke up to for the past 7 or so years…
  • I was reluctant to buy this mattress as I wasn’t familiar with the brand name but decided to go for it based on the reviews I read. Let me tell you, this blows any high-end foam mattress manufacturers out of the water! No other way to put it…
  • The cover is thick and extremely well-made and means that there is no need for a mattress topper of any kind. Because it’s removable, it can be washed, which ensures that it remains hygienic.
  • One of the greatest things about this mattress is its ‘do not disturb’ quality. If you are sharing the bed, you can’t sense any of your partner’s movements, even if they get up in the middle of the night.

The CONs:

  • This mattress is very firm, too firm is you ask me…
  • I’ve had back problems ever since my accident about 15 years ago and I’ve tried a number of air mattress, this one is just another in the series of disappointment and is overpriced if you ask me…
  • I’m really not a fan of the brown suede on the corners of this mattress. I personally prefer brighter, more modern color schemes than the retro brown used on this…

Summing the review up

This mattress receives consistently high ratings, and it’s not hard to see why.

Perhaps it’s not the most well-known of brand names, but its CertiPUR-US certification guarantees a high-quality, environmentally friendly product and the user reviews speak for themselves.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.6/5 and the fact that it has been the runner up in the category of high-end mattresses says a lot

Cool Breeze Memory Foam King Mattress review rating

If you’re after a comfortable, supportive mattress that remains cool even in the hottest months, you should seriously consider this model.

Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress

3_Ultimate_Dream_Supreme_memory_foam_mattress_luxuryBy Dreamfoam Bedding

The basic specs:

  • 12 inch thick memory gel foam mattress with three-layer construction
  • A top layer of 4 pound gel foam, 1.5 inches thick.
  • A second layer of 4 pound memory foam, 2.5 inches thick.
  • A supportive base layer of premium foam, 8 inches thick.
  • 100% crafted in the USA, using 100% USA made components
  • Comparable with Cloud Supreme, but much more affordable
  • Neither too firm, nor too soft feeling. This mattress has the perfect balance between support and comfort

Click here to see this mattress on Amazon >>>

The PROs we’ve chosen to share from the hundreds of user reviews:

  • I usually believe in the timeless you-get-what-you-pay-for theory, but this definitely is not the case here. The price vs. quality ratio with this mattress is astounding. I’ve used other luxurious foam mattresses, and at half, or even a third of the cost, this is the best foam mattress I’ve slept on…
  • Although this mattress came rolled up and vacuum packed, it expanded to its full size almost immediately and had no trace of the chemical, new-mattress smell that accompanies most newly bought mattresses…
  • The gel memory foam of the top layer means that the mattress doesn’t get hot and cause me to sweat like other tempurpedic mattresses do. This bed gives me a cooler night’s sleep than any other mattress I’ve slept on in the past…
  • I used to wake up regularly throughout the night, but with this mattress, I sleep like a baby…
  • I injured my back years ago with bad form at the gym and have suffered chronic back pain since then. Since I started sleeping on this mattress, the pain is almost completely gone
  • The top of this mattress is soft and comfortable, and the firm base gives me all the support my back needs. It molds to my spine perfectly and keeps it supported all night. Just the right combination of comfort and support
  • If you lay on this mattress without moving, it’s almost like there’s no mattress beneath you at all. It’s like lying on a cloud, and I understand why people often compare it with the MUCH more expensive Cloud Supreme…

It appears we have some pretty satisfied customers. But now let’s take a look at some potential drawbacks:

  • It’s been just overa4 months since I received this mattress and it looks like its 4 years old, not 4 months. A hole formed that looks like a nest formed in the middle and I can’t get comfortable no matter what position I try…disappointed…
  • I wanted this mattress to be true to the promise so bad but it’s not, you can feel that’s not very well built, that the support layers inside is giving in only just a few weeks. Overall, I expected much more from this product…
  • When the mattress arrived, the cardboard box was almost ripped to shreds. Needless to say, I was concerned about the state the mattress and rightfully so, it was damaged in transport and had cuts all over. Sorry, but this one is going back…
  • After just a few nights I started sinking in so much that I felt like I couldn’t move. Lack of firmness and support in this mattress is a deal-breaker…
  • This mattress started out very firm. In fact, I hadn’t ever experienced such firmness in a mattress, and it was disappointing to say the least. However, I didn’t give up and after 10 or so days, it softened a little but then it continued to soften down until it was impossible to sleep on it…I just sink in and can’t move…

Overall Ratings and review conclusions

A quick look at  Amazon reviews for this mattress says a lot.

However, we do feel like we need to warn about the kind of mattress this is. It’s best suited for calm sleepers because it’s soft and plush and you do sink in. Those who understood this are the people that love the mattress and those who expected something else, well, not so much.

Overall quality rating 4.5/5 and  solid 3rd place from hundreds of mattresses we rated.

Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress review rating

An American made mattress from a small, down-to-earth manufacturer that tops all the big name brands for just a fraction of the price. If you are aware of the kind of mattress this is, it will not disappoint.

Final thoughts

After reading these reviews you might be confused, we shared a lot of negative stuff about mattresses we call best in the class.

But that’s what we do, we dissect the products and demand perfection, especially at this price range. Any minor concerns raise red flags that we look into and investigate. We research if these issues are deal-breakers and if not, what are the things to be aware of.

A good example of this is the last mattress on the list which is a great product but not really suited for restless sleepers.

We try to dig as deep as we can and research every detail so you don’t have to.

Ok, not that we gout that out the way, let’s make short stock take of this last update to the guide on luxury foam mattresses – not much has changed since the last update, the Perfect Cloud is still the standard and the product to beat.

It’s also your safest bet.

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      I can tell you my opinion, I think that the Perfect Cloud is (at least) as good as Tempurpedic. So, no, the ratings here do not include Tempurpedic but I can tell you this – the sample the I gathered for Tempurpedic does not make it superior to Perfect Cloud.


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