Best full memory foam mattress – TOP 5

Another two months went by and here we are with another update to this guide, but at this point (to be blunt) we are slowly getting bored because it has been so long since anything changed in the order of TOP 5 best rated memory foam mattresses, just shy from a year.

That especially goes for the TWO WINNERS of the category and by far the best rated full size memory foam mattresses in user reviews, The Brentwood Gel 9 inch and the Sleep Signature.

The first kind of specific (shorter and adjusted for an RV use) and the second one great overall.

Here’s what to expect from this guide:

  1. List of the top 5 mattresses and their respective ratings
  2. Their reviews (PROs and CONs) and the ratings explained
  3. Conclusions of the reviews of the full-sized memory foam mattresses (in full size)

Before we get to individual reviews, here is the list of our CATEGORY WINNERS:

PictureModelQualityAmazon Offer
best_rated_full_size_memory_foam_mattress_RV9″ Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Special RV Replacement Mattress By Brentwood Home4.9 / 5ratings
Signature_Sleep_Contour_8_runner_upSignature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress By Signature Sleep4.8 / 5ratings
Tuft_Needle_10_Inch_full_size_foam_mattress_review10-Inch Mattress, Full size By Tuft & Needle4.4 / 5ratings
Perfect_Cloud_Gel_Plus_foam_mattress_reviewsAtlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress By Perfect Cloud4.4 / 5ratings
signature_sleep_hybrid_coils_and_memory_foam_review13″ Independently Encased Coil Mattress By Signature Sleep4.4 / 5ratings

9″ Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Special RV Replacement Mattress review

best_rated_full_size_memory_foam_mattress_RVBy Brentwood Home

Specs of this mattress as Brentwood shared them:

  • Mattress size is 48x75x9 (in), being a special, antique three-quarter Short Full RV size
  • It is 9 (in) thick; Composed of 3 layers – Layer allowing flow of cool, ventilated air (2”), Gel Infused Memory
    Foam (HD) for comfort (2”) and a therapeutic layer enabling base support (5”)
  • Base of 6.5 (in) thickness, comfort layer made of high-density memory foam that is gel infused of 2.5 (in) thickness and, last but not least, the layer that allows ventilation and keeps cool air flowing of 2 (in) thickness
  • Heat is regulated through countless gel particles that are incorporated into the memory foam of high density
  • Natural materials make it anti-microbial; This mattress is hypoallergenic, resists dust mite and is anti-microbial; Zipper cover can be removed and washed and is also from a natural, bamboo material
  • Leave tossing and turning in your nightmares, no transfer of motion; Supports your body contour in all the right places, making sure your spine is aligned properly and you are relieved of pressure
  • Ships rolled and compressed for ease of transportation and delivery
  • 100% US product, comes with 25-year CertiPUR Foam warranty

Visit Amazon to read more reviews

One of the longest specs I’ve ever saw, and generally I would say that this means that the company is trying too hard and when you have a product that speaks for itself you just put it out there and let the marketplace do it’s work.

This time, it’s different. With this mattress, I’m not going to nag about the lengthy bells and whistles in the specs, because I know what’s behind it – REAL quality and REAL substance.

Let’s see some of the positive user reviews:

  • This mattress is a must have for every RV’er! A great RV night’s rest at a reasonable price.
  • Don’t know why I waited so long to get this mattress. I sleep better in my RV than at home!
  • This mattress is getting a big like from me. After a couple of nights on this mattress, I am very pleased. Great buy.
  • Perfect balance between support and plush, and a very reasonable price…
  • This product turned out to be so much more than it claimed to be. Not missing home anymore when I’m on the road. The quality of sleep I get in my RV can easily compare to my bed at home.
  • Best full size memory foam mattress I have come across. Big thumbs up for the comfort, size and style. It has raised my RV experience by a notch.
  • As I’m on the road a lot, a good replacement RV mattress is what I have been longing for forever. Finally, a mattress worth attention for the restful sleep it enables.

Read on to see some of the disliking of this particular mattress – the CONs:

  • It’s a bit firmer than I expected, but I can live with it.
  • It’s a bit short of the size stated…good enough for the RV.
  • I’ve had it for a couple of months and it seems the fabric is starting to tear between a few holes. Hope it lasts, because otherwise it’s a great mattress.
  • After reading like zillion of RV mattress reviews, I settled for this one. And it’s a good mattress, but after having it for a few weeks I feel like it could be at least 10-20% less expensive…

Final thoughts on the Brentwood Gel

It is kind of strange that a short mattress made for an RV to be in the TOP 2 of the general category of full-sized mattresses about 40-60% of the time since we first compiled this guide.

Generally, this means two things:

  1. If you are looking for an RV mattress, your search is over, and it doesn’t get any getter than this
  2. If you are looking for a mattress for general home use, its’ best that you move on and take a closer look at the
    mattress placed at number two

There are a few flaws in our rating system that I always warn people about. Flaws that we can’t really iron out no matter how hard we try because they include a human element.

Take this guide for example – you might take a look at the Brentwood and see it’s close-to-perfect ratings and then move on to see the Signature Sleep rated with 4 stars in the category of comfort.

So, what’s the issue here?

The issue is the subjectivity of how people judge the comfort of a mattress made for an RV and a regular home mattress. They expect much less from an RV mattress and when they get something like this Brentwood they can’t hide their enthusiasm.

I’ve had the chance to personally try both mattresses, and I can say that, if you forget the RV and home use thing, there is no significant difference in comfort.

9 Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Special RV Replacement Mattress review rating

Bottom line – this is one of that 3-5% of cases that we often mention when our ratings do not paint a completely accurate picture. This Brentwood is a great mattress and probably the best RV mattress ever made but not the best choice for a home mattress.

Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress review

Signature_Sleep_Contour_8_runner_upBy Signature Sleep

The fact sheet of our runner-up:

  • Any standard bed frame for full size can accommodate this mattress
  • Mattress dimensions are 74x53x8 (in), weighing 59.4 lbs
  • Transfer of motion is minimized due to pocket coils
  • Coils that are each separately enclosed enable equal distribution of weight and support the body contour,
    offering relief to pressure points throughout your body
  • Comfort is guaranteed through layering of polyester and high-quality foam located in between the coils and covers
  • Ships and delivers compressed, for easy handling; expands to its true full size within 48h

See how people rate it on Amazon >>>

Let’s read through what the selling points were for customers – the PROs:

  • It’s just right, not too firm and not to soft. My hip bone and my shoulder sink in but just enough to that my spine doesn’t arch. I’m waking up rested and refreshed since I got this baby…
  • It is low cost, but doesn’t feel that way! Great size – long and thick, no body pain, sleeps comfortable. Not your overpriced, fancy product, selling mainly its name but a real bang for my buck…
  • As they say – you will know when you find the right one! That definitely goes for this baby. Never slept better…
  • Clever packaging and easy to set up, as far as comfort goes, so far so good…
  • For someone who was talked into buying this mattress, initially for the guest room, I can’t hide my happiness. It’s moving to my bedroom as soon as tonight…
  • SI think that I read something like a thousand of online reviews of foam mattress in full size and I finally decided to give this one a go. It’s now 4 months in and I haven’t looked back, great value and some of the best money I spent this year
  • Comfy, soft, met all of my expectations – it’s exactly as advertised. I got it for my son and suddenly the mattress that my husband and I were sleeping on seemed like a rug, so we just ordered one for our room…

Relevant negative feedback from the user reviews:

  • I’m just not sure about this mattress…I just expected a more luxurious feeling after reading a whole bunch of full memory foam mattress reviews that report just that…
  • It’s not the greatest mattress out there, just too firm for my taste…
  • Something about it just doesn’t feel right; I can’t seem to get into the right position. I snore when I sleep on my back so I try to sleep on my sides as much as I can and I’m waking with sore shoulders…

Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress review rating

10-Inch Mattress, Full size

Tuft_Needle_10_Inch_full_size_foam_mattress_reviewBy Tuft & Needle

Here’s a fact-to-fact overview of this product:

  • Mattress size of 54x75x10 (in), weighing 59.7 lbs
  • Better balance between pressure relief than that of a full-blown memory foam mattress and cooler sleep than a latex mattress, a hybrid that’s best of both worlds
  • Transfer of movement is minimal, so no disturbance to your partner
  • Bouncy, allowing easy getting into and getting out of bed
  • 10-year no-hassle warranty
  • American made product

Click here to see what people are saying about it on Amazon >>>

Why this product earned such a high ranking – the PROs:

  • The 30-day trial they offer for this mattress just grabbed my attention. Must say, best 30 nights of my life! There is no way I’m returning this baby.
  • The price is very reasonable for the luxurious quality. You buy the product directly from the company, no people in between. Policy and pricing are straightforward.
  • Considering that my wife and I have different body types, I was surprised how this mattress fulfilled both of our needs. The firmness is just right and there’s no transfer of movement so we are finally not waking each other up…
  • After seven months, I’m happy to say that this mattress is one of the best full memory foam mattresses I have laid my head on and I owned my fair share over the years of back problems. It’s likeable from day 1 –great customer service, excellent quality, great deal, overall one of my best purchases.
  • I’m these guys’ customer for life! I’m not hot or cold or stiff or sore. It’s like a hotel mattress experience every night.
  • This mattress is a life changer. It provides outstanding comfort for an outstanding price.
  • Although it’s not in the product’s description, this mattress is a marriage saver. No more waking up my wife with tossing and turning.

Well, we’ve seen what’s hot about this mattress, now let’s see what’s not– the CONs:

  • I really wanted to like this mattress, had high hopes, but I ended up sleeping on my couch – it’s just too soft, I sort of sink in towards the middle of the mattress.
  • I was somewhat disappointed to realise that a couple of the standard fitted sheets I tried on this mattress are a tad too big.
  • It seems like the mattress is a bit slanted on the sides which gives the feeling that you will slide off. I haven’t actually had this experience yet, but looking at it doesn’t give me confidence.
  • I’ve had it for almost half a year now and I can tell you that it’s nothing special, certainly not worth the ridiculous price I paid for it…
  • I feel like it’s breaking in into the middle only after a month…

Conclusions of the review of this T&N in full size

It’s often that you see that many opposed opinions about a certain quality aspect of a mattress as about the comfort of this mattress, so let us clarify what’s going on:

  • People who love soft and plush mattresses will love it, those who don’t will not – it is as simple as that

Still, our model is statistical and we counted just enough complaints about this mattress to bring its comfort ratings down to a 4. It was also rated with a 4 in the price category and with a 4.5 in durability and materials bringing the Overall Rating of this Tuft & Needle down to 4.4 / 5.

10-Inch Mattress, Full size Rating

Again, for those who love soft mattresses, this will probably be the best mattress on this list.

Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Full Size

Perfect_Cloud_Gel_Plus_foam_mattress_reviewsBy Perfect Cloud

This mattress, in a nut-shell:

  • Perfect Cloud’s bestselling mattress, exclusive to Amazon
  • Mattress dimensions of 75x54x10 (in)
  • Consist of several layers: foam support base of high density allowing more air flow for and body pressure relief
    (4 in), bi-directional Air flow Foam that regulates temperature (3 in), and unique memory foam Gel-Plus, 4 lbs in density, that pampers you (3 in)
  • The cover, which is Stretch Knit of premium class, can be easily removed for cleaning; The Ultra-suede Mocha sides contribute to the modern look and soft feel of this mattress
  • 25-year warranty guaranteed along with CertiPUR-US certification, USA designed

Read the latest reviews on this memory foam mattress on Amazon.

Chosen PROs from the user reviews of this full-sized memory foam mattress:

  • This Perfect Cloud is what I was looking for; it’s the perfect solution to my back problem…just plush enough so that I don’t feel any pressure points and just firm enough not to bend my spine…
  • One look at this eye-candy and you’ll know what’s in front of you. Only time will tell about the true quality but judging by the looks and feel, this mattress is build to last…
  • Comfy, Cool and Cheap…the 3Cs if you will of what I’m looking for in a good mattress…
  • My husband and I were looking for the right mattress for a while. We were patient, read through a huge number of full memory foam mattress reviews before our best friend invited us to his house and bragged about his new mattress. From the first time we laid eyes on it, we knew it was the one…its’ 6 months in and it’s everything we wanted…
  • Having three kids is fun, but is also a lot of work! Especially when you have a bedtime schedule which implies one of the three sleeping between me and my wife every night. I am more than happy to say that with this mattress I can’t feel any movement of my wife or kids, which gives me a great rest before my next working day.
  • Just buy this mattress. No explanations needed, you will give me a big ‘thank-you’ in the morning!
  • I’m sleeping like a baby again. Perfect body support, good level of firmness, easy getting up in the morning, without any pain. This is a jack pot for me!

You should also read through the critical reviews before making a decision – the CONs:

  • Just too thin, period. I could feel the base of this mattress through the foam layer.
  • The odor from this mattress, the smell of a new product, I just cannot accept. It’s too much for me. I’m sorry, but I’ll be returning this mattress.
  • My opinions and emotions are mixed. It is stylish and cool, but otherwise it just isn’t living up to my expectations, primarily in terms of comfort…
  • I’m a guy that just loves classic stuff and when this thing arrived it just looked too modern and flashy for my taste. I know it’s under a sheet, but why they had to make it to look like its going to a space shuttle is beyond me…

Conclusions of the review of this full-sized mattress

One of best sellers on Amazon and still placed 4th on our list of best in the category of full sized.

For a long time, it was at the very top but some new arrivals complicated things for this mattress and from what I remember, the ratings dropped full 0.3 points overall from this time last year, which is a lot.

This tells you a lot of how new arrivals actually influence the ratings of older models, it’s real and it’s there. There are just enough people with either enough money or time on their hands to replace mattresses on a yearly basis of people with real problems, like back pain who are always on the lookout for that new mattress that will take the pain away.

The bottom line is – we looked into everything about this mattress since its ratings dropped and nothing has changed so I guess you can still call it a statistical fluke.

Still, in the defense of this mattress (subjectively, because it’s one of our favorites) some of the CONs that went into the final rating are not really CONs (like it looking too modern).

Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Full Size Rating


In a word, Overall Quality Rating of 4.4 / 5 with a note from us that we feel like it deserves more.

13″ Independently Encased Coil Mattress (flocked memory foam top), Full Size

signature_sleep_hybrid_coils_and_memory_foam_reviewBy Signature Sleep

Let’s take an objective look at this hybrid (coils + foam mattresses) – the bare facts:

  • Mattress dimensions of 74x53x13 (in), weighing 74.4 (lbs)
  • Available sizes for this mattress are Queen and Full
  • Added comfort is achieved through a Pillowtop
  • Strong back support is guaranteed through 15-gauge pocket coils
  • 609 separately encased pocket coils promise comfort of the highest level for the Full size
  • Separately wrapped coils enable an equal distribution of weight by supporting your body contour and giving relief
    to all the right pressure points in your body
  • Shipping and delivery have never been easier than with this mattress, which comes rolled and compressed

Click here to see more pictures on >>>

The thumbs up – PROs:

  • After 8 months, 2 kids and a lot of rolling around, I must say that this mattress is definitely keeping up with my pace!
  • I’m 65 years old and I’ve probably slept on close to 100 mattresses in my time (at home and as a guest) and this supersedes anything I’ve ever laid my head on, just amazing comfort vs. support equilibrium…
  • It’s been fun having this mattress from the first moment we unpacked and watched it expand. Instant decompression and was ready to use in the next couple of hours. I was impressed!
  • It just doesn’t get better than this – comfy, firm, cuddly, large, conveniently packed, practical and affordable.
  • The inventor of this mattress should be getting a prize. Love everything about it…what they talk about, the design of the coils and everything…it’s not just advertising, you can REALLY feel the difference…
  • After a ton of research, took the risk of buying a mattress online. Now I’m asking myself what have I been waiting for all these years?! Great customer service, fast delivery, easy setup and the best night’s sleep I’ve had since I can remember.
  • With this guy all I can say is – expect the unexpected and in a positive way! Everything you would fear from buying a mattress online has absolutely nothing to do with this product….

What people didn’t like – the CONs:

  • I know I’m a big guy, but the size of this mattress was just not as advertised. My feet are hanging off of the edge and that is one thing I can’t compromise about. Sorry to have to return it, as it is quite a comfy mattress.
  • I was excited from the first moment. It was a hoot unpacking this mattress. Disappointed to find out that it was too soft for my back issues. I passed it on to my sister who is enjoying it.
  • If you don’t move around enough and turn it regularly it will swallow you! This mattress is prone to creating dents where you sleep and sort of wraps your body. Some people like this, just not for me.

Final words about this thick and plus Signature

When I talked to Ruth from Sleep Research Institute about the coil design of this mattress and if it can really make a difference she didn’t hesitate a second to say, “Of course.” She went to explain that it’s all about the weight distribution and how material fatigue would influence how this mattress “behaves” over time much less compared to the other ones.

13 Independently Encased Coil Mattress (flocked memory foam top), Full Size Rating

We feel like the only real CON is the price. Other than that, solid ratings in each category and an Overall Quality Rating of 4.4 / 5 for this Signature hybrid.

Summing it up

No big changes in this update to the list of the best memory foam mattresses in full size.

You can see that one of the mattresses that’s actually a coil mattress (the 13 inch Signature) has been standing its ground in this competitive category for 3 updates now, and that says a lot about it.

For those of you confused about seeing a coil mattress in a guide about foam mattresses, let us remind you that we have explicitly said in the “How we test” section of the website that these hybrids (memory foam top) will be included in the competition. We feel we provide, you, the reader with a much clearer picture of what’s what in a particular category (this especially goes for categories like SIZES).

To sum up the guide – the two mattresses at the top have been there for a few updates now but one of them (the best-rated one) is an RV mattress. And one more thing we feel the need to say – ratings aside, we feel that this is one of the closest “category races” on the website when it comes to quality.

It also means that this guide is one of the guides that reveal some of the flaws of our rating system (at least that’s how we feel) and causes us to rethink things. We feel it’s important to be honest about it.

How is this important for you?

In this particular case, we would say that the difference in ratings is bigger than the actual difference in quality.

We are working on the ranges, numbers and ratings so that we can paint a more precise picture in the next guide.

Thank you for your patience,

James and Ruth

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