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If you know what you’re doing and what to look for, there is no doubt that you can find a cheap memory foam mattress even in king size. One that will not be that different from the ones that cost a small fortune.

For this section of the website, I sought help of my friend Ruth from the National Institute of Sleep Research. Remember, the ratings you are about to see are:

  • Objective – we never accept “sample products” to test although we have this kind of offers on monthly basis
  • Statistically accurate – the median rating that you are about to see is a result of Menta statistical modeling that’s a statistical method of rating mattresses we’ve developed and fine-tuned over the last decade, it relies on user reviews, opinion of at least one expert (in this case Ruth) and our featured testers
  • Always up to date – we update the ratings and go through the whole process every two months to ensure the results are accurate

So, let’s move on and present the winners.

In this category, one bed has dominating ever since we started the section of the website (14 months ago) and it was the winner and the no.1 rated cheap (or let’s say budget-friendly, sounds much better) memory foam mattress in every single update.

It’s the Signature Sleep 8 inch model that you can see below. Even the original price is, in my opinion a steal, but if you can find it available at a discount, you simply can’t beat this quality vs. price value.

Anyway, let’s present the winners of the latest update, their respective ratings and then move on to their digest reviews. Here we go:

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
1_best_scheap_memory_foam_mattress_Signature_Sleep_Contour_8_InchContour mattress By Signature Sleep4.9 / 5ratings
2_Sleep_Master_8_Inch_Pressure_low_cost_mattressKing size memory foam pressure relief mattress By Sleep Master4.4 / 5ratings
3_Density_Elastic_Memory_Foam_cheap_mattressDensity Visco memory foam mattress By Memory Foam Solutions4.3 / 5ratings


Contour mattress

1_best_scheap_memory_foam_mattress_Signature_Sleep_Contour_8_InchBy Signature Sleep

We’ll start off with the manufacturer’s basic info sheet:

  • Mattress comes rolled and compressed for easier shipping and it could take it up to 48 hrs for complete expansion; when fully expanded, measurements will be exactly as stated (74 * 39 * 8 “)
  • Motion transfer minimization – patented pocket coils
  • Polyester layers and top quality foam in between the coils and the cover for supreme comfort
  • Any standard bed frame is a good fit
  • Encased coils will contour to your body curves providing an even weight distribution and relieving points of pressure along your shoulders, hips, back and neck

Follow the link below to read more user reviews on Amazon:

Click here to read more >>>

This specification sound almost too good to be true for a relatively cheap memory foam mattress so, naturally we won’t be taking manufacturer’s word for it. Let’s get to the “meat” and see what the customers and users had to share in their reviews:

Here are some good things the users pointed out:

  • I got this mattress after seeing specifically that the materials used do not trap body heat, which was my main issue with my previous foam mattress. It was just terrible waking up in sweat and feeling tired every morning. Bottom line, it is as advertised, none of those sweating problems with this one
  • This is one cheap memory foam mattress (and I mean that in a good way).. I bought it on a whim for my son’s room, and was pleasantly surprised how comfortable and well-made it really is. It was a breeze to unpack and set up, and he was laying on it mere minutes after we rolled it out. High recommendation
  • It’s the best memory foam mattress you can possibly get in this low price, I have no doubts about that. We bought it for my mother when she comes to visit, and she loved it. She said the constant pain in her back was almost gone after just one night due to the mattress’ firmness and proper support.
  • I’ve read that it took it around 48 hours to reach its full length once unpacked, but I opened the bag and puff! It just jumped out and was like: “Hi, I’m your new mattress”! I’m writing this review a month or so after I got it and the experience was nothing short of amazing. I’ve sat on it, slept, played with my kids, and it didn’t move an inch.
  • I don’t know how they got to hand out this kind of quality at a mere fraction of what my previous mattresses were paid for. It’s firm and very supportive, yet soft and bouncy, just like your regular overpriced mattress would be. It’s a real bargain for this kind of memory foam quality mattress…
  • This is the first product I’ve bought online, ever, and I have nothing to complain about. The size is just right, it supports two of us without a problem, the springs are silent, and it gives us an amazing night’s sleep. We’re something of a comfy bed snobs, and if it was good enough for my family, I don’t see it failing anybody else…
  • My husband laughed at me so hard when I told him we could get an excellent quality cheap king size foam mattress for under 200 bucks (shipping included). Once it got here and we tried it he definitely changed his tune.
  • We didn’t know what to expect exactly, but this bad boy is a REAL mattress, and the king sized box spring we have fits like a glove. It’s very comfortable, yet supportive and the best thing about it is that I don’t feel a thing when hubby gets up in the middle of the night for whatever reason…
  • The last mattress I bought had bed bugs in it when I got it! Yeah, BED BUGS! So, I became a research freak when it came to purchasing another one. I went through the entire length of the mattress with a magnifying glass, and it was, to put it concisely, IMMACULATE!

You are probably beginning to understand why this mattress has been taking the spoils in this category for 14 months now. Let’s see some of the less pleasant experiences the users had to share:

  • That fresh paint smell was there when we did the unpacking part and it filled the room for at least a couple of days
  • Mine arrived with a stain, I returned it 5 days ago and still waiting for a replacement…
  • I had to come back after just over a year of using this mattress and edit my initial review. All the good things I said still stand, but it’s starting to give in and loose some of the sturdiness of the edges…
  • It wasn’t really what I was expecting, the finish color is darker beige than the one in the pictures, but I have nothing but good things to say about the return policy, very fast and efficient…
  • It somehow feels that the queen size I got is somewhat shorter than my old mattress…

The verdict and the overall rating

This is one surprisingly cheap foam mattress, but there’s so much more under the hood that what meets the eye. For this price, it is a steal.

Ruth shared that she knows the materials and that most of these are very similar to the ones used in superior but much more expensive models. The foam used is tested for any side effects and fumes, and it’s very safe, which is a major concern for most people getting a memory foam mattress on a shoe string budget.

The Overall Rating of the Signature Sleep contour is 4.8 stars out of 5, with one star deducted for durability because we’ve seen a few reports of the mattress loosing some of it’s firmness after being used for year or two.

Contour mattress review rating


We do not believe that this is a major issue and not even the mattresses that cost 3 or 4 times as much will remain the same, but the rating model is statistical and it was close, but the one point had to go.

Customer reviews mirror predominately positive experiences in terms of comfort, support, ease of setting up, silence of the springs, but most importantly, the price. It’s pretty much an equivalent of a mountain above everything you would expect from your average cheap foam mattress, and that’s what makes it a can’t miss opportunity. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

King size memory foam pressure relief mattress

2_Sleep_Master_8_Inch_Pressure_low_cost_mattressBy Sleep Master

Let’s have a little rundown of basic selling points as per the manufacturer:

  • Comfort memory foam layer plus support layer made of high density foam
  • Extraordinary night’s sleep ensured by pressure relieving memory foam
  • Patented technology for compression allows for rolling, compressing and shipping this mattress in a box through Fedex
  • It might take up to 48 hrs for full expansion
  • Performance, content and durability are CertiPUR-US certified
  • 10-year warranty

See what people are saying about it on Amazon >>>

Another mighty cheap memory foam mattress that defies the odds of it’s price, as far as this specifications go, at least. Let’s poke the brains of our fellow customers and see if they have to add a thing or two.

We’ll start off with what they liked about it – the PROs:

  • This was recommended to me by a couple of friends as the best foam mattress in my low price range. I was a skeptic at the beginning, won’t try to deny it, but took the chance and I can share that it’s just as advertised…
  • It’s the real deal, very comfortable and cushy, but not too cushy Easy for setting up and it’s excellent for my back problems. Had to write this review so I can spread my highest recommendation to everyone out there with similar issues…
  • It’s so comfortable I slept like a baby even on the floor. It’s just firm enough, but not too much as to stops the circulation in my shoulders since I’m a side sleeper
  • I bought this cheap king size foam mattress for my spare bedroom, which is rarely used but we need something there just in case. It came to me in this tiny box and I thought to myself that it must be some sort of a mistake… but after two days I could not believe that it was packed in that tiny box…
  • My cranky joints really enjoy this one! It gives me great comfort with just enough firmness not to turn and toss all night long just to avoid painful positions. I wake up every morning completely rested, without any discomfort or pain
  • The measurements are exactly as advertised, and it’s a very soft mattress. I thought it would take me months to break it in like it did with my previous mattresses but nope, this one was super comfortable from day one
  • Fantastic yet very cheap memory foam mattress! I bought it for our camping trips and cut it just so I can fit it properly in our camper. It’s almost as comfy as our main bed, and that’s a true wonder since it has none of that spring shebang or whatever…
  • After a bit of online research I found out just how fierce the competition in this price range really is. There are a lot of cheap foam mattresses out there, so you really have to do your homework. But this one is a winner, it holds me and my wife perfectly; we’ve been using it for months now and have only positive things to write about it. Great purchase and one hell of a mattress!
  • I was looking for a low-cost king size foam mattress to put in my new apartment. I just moved out from my parent’s house, and the budget is tight. I was worried reading how people mostly use it as a spare or guest bed; turns out I had nothing to be worried about. It feels just as good as my old Tempurpedic, I’ll wait and see how it stands the test of time…

Moving on to some of the CONs as per the customers:

  • The plastic smell was definitely there after we initially unpacked it and we thought it’ll go away. It’s the 4th month, and the sickening smell of chemicals is still there. Makes me raise health concerns about this mattress…
  • It feels a bit too “squishy” to me. The main thing I want in a mattress is firmness at any cost, and this one was just too soft for me to really enjoy it. Sent it back after a week…
  • When it arrived I immediately noticed what looked like a dead bed bug and mold in one of the corners. I didn’t even unpack it, I was so grossed out I sent it back the same day…
  • After just 3 months of use it gave in at the very middle, now it feels like I’m sleeping in a whole, and the materials are loose in that area as well…
  • I guess you get what you paid for, it’s only been 6 months and the mattress looks like it’s 10 years old. I guess what I read in the reviews about it only being good for guest rooms are true after all…

The conclusions and the ratings

OK, reading the negative reviews leaves somewhat of a sour taste in our mouths but do bear in mind that the negative experiences we choose to share here are possibly the most extreme ones. I do have to remind you that this is the second best rated mattress in the category and still a very good choice.

It did come out of the reviewing process as inferior in almost every category but that’s not because this is bad mattress, it’s just the Signature Sleep unit was vastly superior to any other model in this price range for 14 months now.

So, in conclusion, this is a decent mattress with a decent Overall Rating of 4.4/5 but not a real competitor to our winner.

King size memory foam pressure relief mattress review rating

Comfort, overall design and manufacturing quality, body support and foam quality, size, pressure points relief, dealing with all sorts of back, neck and joints problems, the company promises it all.

And the product does deliver on those promises but the question is – for how long.

Density Visco memory foam mattress


By Memory Foam Solutions

The specs:

  • Instant more comfortable sleep, patented support mimics the feeling of zero gravity
  • 73 x 36 x 10 inches with 4lbs 3 inches memory foam for perfect body conformation; highly resilient 7 inch base
  • PURGreen certified. Manufactured via environmentally safe processes in the USA
  • Better sleep due to pressure points reduction
  • 3 inches of 4lbs density foam with renown gel-like properties

The link below will take you to Amazon to read more reviews:

Visit the page >>>

I love it when they get creative with words like this – “feeling of zero gravity”, but doing this for such a long time I’ve learned to be extra vigilant when I see descriptions like this. More often then not, it’s marketing talk that sounds good but doesn’t really say anything specific.

But that’s just me, let us put under the scrutiny of people using and share the good and the bad things they had to share about it.

The PROs:

  • It arrived earlier than predicted. Excellent packaging and the quality is better than I could’ve ever imagined. It’s pretty firm, and the memory foam can definitely be felt, so there was no skimping on the materials like they tend to do in these low cost items
  • One of the better cheap memory foam mattresses according to the reviews I’ve read online. I am a very careful shopper but I never regretted getting this mattress
  • I’ve had two different foam mattresses before getting this one, and it beats them by a mile. It did sound too good to be true, but I could feel the changes in the intensity of my back
  • It supports me like a champ, making every possible sleep position more comfortable than my previous mattress, which is crucial for me because I am a very restless sleeper
  • Amazing mattress for the money invested…even if it last for just a year, it’s still worth it…
  • It’s basically one tenth of the money necessary for that glorified Tempurpedic, and I feel it’s every bit as good. I had a shoulder injury earlier this year and this mattress allowed me to sleep like a human being again, great relief for my shoulder pains
  • Less than 200 bucks for this kind of quality, I’m sincerely blown away. I would dare anybody to try and tell the difference between this mattress and one of those that cost a small fortune…
  • This is the only mattress I know of that had no odor whatsoever when we first unpacked it! We run a B&B and have like ten different memory foam mattresses, and this is the first one that didn’t smell like cheap plastic when we first got it
  • I was taken aback when I saw the discount on this model. It’s presented as this cheap foam mattress and it’s anything but!
  • It’s certified and made in the USA?! I find it more and more difficult finding a good American product that’s actually made in USA rather than China…

Some of the things the users didn’t like – the CONs:

  • Not the best choice for anybody with back problems, the core is way to firm and the foam is not thick enough to make up for it. I tried it hoping it would give in a little but it just didn’t happen, it just sits in my basement now…
  • I only wished the manufacturer tried to develop some sort of firmness scale, so I can know exactly how firm/soft the mattress is before I actually buy it…it’s way to firm for me and shows no signs of breaking in after 2 and half months of use…
  • I actually couldn’t differentiate which side was up when I was unpacking this mattress, which was somewhat of a problem since once it fully expands it’s very difficult to move it around. Not a big deal, but still a bit of a hassle…
  • I couldn’t tell if the cover that came with it was waterproof, so I bought another one just to make sure, I hate to spend money on additional products…
  • I had high hopes for this mattress but it’s just uncomfortable, sometimes I can feel the springs poking me when I turn…

Overall Ratings

Overall ratings of 4.3 / 5 do not tell the whole story about this mattress. The ratings for comfort are what brought the ratings much lower than we expected when we took a look at the specs.

Density Visco memory foam mattress review rating

To put things into perspective, we have to say that this mattress is good choice for those who prefer firm sleeping surfaces.

I guess you could say that this defeats the purpose of getting a memory foam mattress and you might be right, but we did see a lot of people saying that it’s just firm enough. So, it is a matter of taste but statistics don’t are objective and based on what people are saying.

We feel, however that this mattress would score 0.2 to 0.3 higher if only the company did a better job at describing their product and sharing that it’s a firm mattress. People would expect it and those who prefer plush mattresses would be far less inclined to getting it just to end up sharing their dissatisfaction about it being too firm.

As long as you are aware of this, this mattress is still a solid choice and true bargain.

Final thoughts

There we go, another update to this guide and another clear-cut victory for the Signature Sleep model. That now makes it 7 updates in a row.

From where we are standing, we can’t see any real competitors at this time.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments. If you prefer to “speak” in private, just email us and we’ll do our best to help.

Choose wisely,

James and Ruth

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