What is the best sleeping and white noise machine?

Having trouble sleeping? Are your days ruined by the chronic lack of quality overnight rest? This website started out dedicated to mattresses and grew to deal with all things sleep. We include sleep experts in our analysis and pursuit of best products, we test the products ourselves and most importantly the final ratings on the best (in this case sleep sound and white noise machine) is based on the reviews of people using it.

Main things to know about the guides and the reviews:

  • based on user experience and a statistical model perfected over time
  • I DO NOT ACCEPT complimentary products or gifts from companies so that our reviews can remain completely unbiased
  • updated every two months to ensure that the information you get are always fresh and up to date

Here’s what you can expect to get out of this guide on best sleep and white noise machines:

  • We’ll go to the list of “winners” or the currently top rated products
  • We’ll take some time to go into detail and explain why these sleep machines are the best the market can offer
  • Each machine is rated based on the mentioned Menta rating developed years ago and perfected over time of working on this website with sleep experts and customers using the products

Talking about the list of winners:

Here are the five best sound sleep and white noise machines on the market today:

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Ecotones Sound Sleep MachineASM1002 Ecotones Sounds and Sleep Machine4.9 / 5ratings
Marpac DOHM-DSDOHM-DS Sound Machine with Natural White Noise4.4 / 5ratings
Sleep Easy Sound ConditionerWhite Noise Machine, Sound Conditioner4.5 / 5ratings
LectroFanLectroFan4.6 / 5ratings
HoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound MachineSS-2000 Relaxation Sound Spa Machine4 / 5ratings

We’ll get to know more about them in their digest sleep machine reviews. They’re simply the shortened versions of the product reviews I regularly do, made to fit this ultimate guide. We’ll have all the good stuff, product description by the company, PROs and CONs, and my own opinion at the very end of the review.

Digest reviews

Ecotones Sound Sleep MachineASM1002 Ecotones Sounds and Sleep Machine

By Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc.

Product specs as provided by the company:

  • 10 different nature high-quality sound recordings for the most natural and realistic sleep environment
  • Featuring Adaptive Sound Technology that’s listening and adapting to your environment
  • 3 different richness settings will offer a wide variety of added sounds, creating optimal sleep conditions
  • Display controls and sleep timer provide the most comfortable operating environment during the night
  • Manual and adaptive operating modes

This sounds promising, but let us really dig into the real life experiences of the users.

Click here to see what people are saying about it on Amazon >>

The good things the users had to share:

  • My NYC apartment is simply besieged by pretty much every kind of noise out there. Shoes with hard soles clomping around, steam radiators clanking, construction noises, car honks, it’s a jungle. This little gadget literally changed my life for the better. I can finally have some decent sleep during the night, and I highly recommend it to everyone with problems similar to mine
  • This adaptive sound technology is really something. It doesn’t cancel out the sounds around my apartment, but it somehow manages to mask them by leveling its volume with theirs. Don’t know how I used to live without this little guy
  • Waterfall mode is all I’ll ever need for a good night’s sleep. I can’t believe how simple, yet effective this whole “adaptive sound” mambo-jumbo is
  • It’s a very well built and designed unit. The sound provided is just excellent. There’s a separate woofer, with a top-mounted tweeter. I finally realized how crappy the sound of my laptop really is
  • The sounds are called “sound stories” for a reason here. Cheaper models repeat the recording after a couple of minutes, and it gets really tedious once you realize it. The recording here goes for half an hour before replaying, which is really a breath of fresh air
  • I like the richness option a lot. It’s simply there to make falling asleep more pleasant of an experience. For example, it’ll add some birds chirping in brook mode… It really adds a special layer to the whole feel, and it’s what makes this best sleeping machine even better than that in my book
  • The sound selection is perfect. Every sound that pops to mind when you just want to relax is there

It’s time to see some of the things customers didn’t like:

  • The speaker seems a bit too big. The sound is absolutely amazing, but I’d expect it to be able to go higher in volume with that size
  • This little contraption did wonders for my wife, but just doesn’t work for me. I find all these nature noises pretty distracting. The white noise mode isn’t bad though

Conclusions and final ratings of the ASM1002 Ecotones

Customers have said it better than I ever could. It’s an amazing machine that’ll cancel out all the distracting outside noises, leaving you fast asleep with little birdies chirping away.

Currently undisputed champion in the arena of sleeping machines. If you like to really pamper yourself in the bedroom, this  is the thing to treat yourself with.

Final Menta Quality Rating of 4.9/5.

After all, we do spend third of our lives sleeping and the rest of it highly impacted by the quality of sleep we get, so any dollar spent on a thing like this is more of an investment.

DOHM-DS Sound Machine with Natural White Noise

By Marpac

Marpac DOHM-DSLet’s see what the manufacturer has to say:

  • Natural Sleeps Foundation sleep conditioner
  • 120V, only usable in North America
  • Provides soft, comfortable background sound and excellent capabilities for noise masking
  • Great for apartments, nurseries, college dorms, day care centers, and any environment where intrusive noise and unwanted disturbing poses a problem
  • Suitable for travel, office, and home use
  • Ships in a packaging that’s frustration-free
  • Durable plastic, USA assembled
  • 1-year warranty

This description alone (if it lives up to it’s promises) tells us why this product made it’s way to the list of top my sleep machine reviews. Let’s see if the customers agree with this assessment.

Let’s go over some of the PROs:

  • Excellent product! It sounds like a fan working in the background, and it really does an amazing job at masking all the sounds my noisy and erratic neighbors are making, sometimes even at 3:00 AM
  • It just makes that fan sound I enjoy so much, but without all the rattling, cycling, and mechanical sounds. It just provides me a constant whoosh and makes sure I don’t have another sleepless night ever
  • I like how I can change the sound by simply altering went holes positions. It has two different speeds, and the switch is on the right side of the device, not somewhere on the cord, which makes it much easier to use
  • They thought about everything! It even has some padding on the bottom of the device as to not vibrate while working. It’s absolutely the best sleep machine ever!
  • It’s like the apartment downstairs is inhabited by animals! I didn’t get a good night’s sleep since they moved in, and I can’t believe this machine totally shuts them down, even on low setting. This little guy is a lifesaver
  • It gives me a sound that’s fuller than your regular ventilator, and it doesn’t make me freeze along the way
  • My work makes me travel all the time, and this sleep machine became a full member of my traveling inventory since the moment I tried it. It cancels out the sound of TVs, cars, loud neighbors…

Read the latest reviews of this machine on Amazon:

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Time to see some of the not so pleasant experiences the users had to share:

  • It’s the best sleep machine if you’re into fan sounds. Too bad it can only be used in North America
  • Good sound, and it actually blocks the outside noise for a change, I only wish it was a bit louder

Conclusion of the review of DOHM-DS

Excellent product, offering you some excellent sleep time by turning your own apartment into an oasis of complete peace and relaxation.

Menta Statistical rating as a conclusion of the review – 4.4/5. It might seem low, but that’s just in comparison with the ASM1002 but in fact, the score is pretty high. Yes, it’s the lowest on the list but, generally speaking, any score over 4 in the statistical model means you have a winner on your hands.

White Noise Machine, Sound Conditioner

By Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy Sound ConditionerManufacturer’s product specification:

  • Sound machine for white natural noise creation
  • Moving air soothing sound will block background disturbing noises
  • Creates optimal environment for god night’s sleep
  • Fully adjustable volume and tone
  • Great for confidential conversations, concentration, or babies’ rooms

We have another great product description, but let’s see if it still stands tall after the scrutiny of the user reviews of the sleep machine.

PROs as the users share them:

  • I had my doubt about this machine, let me tell you. I use fans all the time; one might even say I’m dependant on them. Machines of this type in the past usually offered a sound that was too flat for me to fall asleep. After reading a bunch of sleep machine reviews, I bought it, and I never looked back. It’s an amazing little gadget, and If you too can’t fall asleep without a fan sound in the background, this is the machine for you
  • I like how compact it is. I can put it pretty much anywhere in my room, and it fits some pretty tight spaces too
  • It’s a very simple, but effective machine. It’s pretty much the same concept as those white noise machines I used to use in my mental care practice
  • I’m simply impressed with this device! It’s the best sleeping machine that silenced that pesky neighbor’s dog once and for all
  • We’ve placed it in our hallway, just outside our three bedrooms. Our kids can’t hear us moving around no more, and we can’t hear them either. Perfect!
  • I love it! It offers everything those ultra expensive white noise machines do, and at almost half the price. I’ve never slept so well, and I have this device to thank for it

Click the link below to see how people rated this machine on Amazon:

Click here >>

What some users complain about with this machine:

  • I think the bottom foam layer could’ve been a bit better, but as the sound canceling function goes, it’s right on the money
  • It’s pretty great, but I wished it was a little louder

Review conclusion and final ratings

Sleep Easy hit a home run with this machine, it’s the best in their line and scored a high 4.5/5 in our overall rating.


By LectroSound

LectroFanThe specs as provided by the company:

  • 10 unique non-repeating white noise and fan sounds
  • Adjustable multilevel volume and 1-hour sleep timer
  • USB powered. You can plug it into an included AC adapter or your computer. AC adapter is running on 100-240 VAC
  • Parametric multi-band EQ speakers compensations
  • Transportable compact size, excellent for travel

Like we did with the previous products, let’s now take a look at customer reviews of this sleep machine.

Read more about it on Amazon.com >>

The most relevant praises users shared with us:

  • It really brought a modicum of peace into our lives, and my urges to go on a killing spree with my neighbors as potential victims simply disappeared J
  • It’s the best sleeping machine to cancel out the barking hysteria my neighbors’ dogs kindly provide every morning. This machine has so many things going for it. It features various fan sounds, and it has a good volume control. Most important thing, though is that it simply works
  • Various sound levels will make sure the noises are completely canceled wherever you decide to put this machine
  • The price is great, the unit is well built and designed, plus it has a huge number of different white noise and fan sounds. Perfect choice!
  • I wished I got this unit years ago. It’s loud enough to mask even the worst of outdoor sounds, and it has an actual volume control
  • Hundreds of sleep machine reviews later, I’m simply overjoyed with my choice. It’s everything I needed to make sure I don’t waste a single night again
  • I tried blocking out the outdoor sounds in my new apartment with my AC, but it simply wasn’t enough, and the electricity bill went through the roof. This little gadget is what kept me from going nuts with all those construction sounds, dogs, sirens… Thank you LectroSound!

Now for the CONs:

  • It’s good, but I’m too accustomed to the sound of my fan I guess, so I didn’t quite enjoy it as my friends did. As for the noise blocking part, it totally works. So, if you don’t have a “pet fan” you can’t replace, this is the best sleeping machine for you

Conclusions of Lectrofan

Not even the one CON is a real CON with this one. It’s an amazing piece of noise-blocking technology and a great buy overall.

Overall quality rating 4.6/5.

SS-2000 Relaxation Sound Spa Machine

By Homedics

HoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound MachineLast product description for today:

  • 6 different nature sounds: summer night, ocean, rain forest, rain, heart beat, and waterfall
  • 15/30/60 minutes timer
  • Adapter (included) or battery operated
  • Natural aid for better sleep
  • Great for your baby’s room

This specification is on the shorter side, but that’s in no way a bad thing by itself. It leaves much more space for customers to be creative with their feedback.

So, let’s see some of the PROs:

  • It really offers a high-quality sound. I’m talking both the content and the volume. It’s a great addition to my bedroom, and a big life-quality improver overall
  • I like that it has a different timer settings, so I can completely control what I want it to do. It can also play indefinitely, which is my most preferred option I guess
  • It is very compact, and I can squeeze it wherever I want. I’m surprised at how loud it can be considering its size, but that’s just one more thing that makes this the best sleep machine I’ve ever owned
  • I’ve read all the sleep machine reviews I could find, and I really wasn’t sure what to do with all that “knowledge”. The more I read, the more confused I got, so I decided to listen to a friend of mine and get the sleep machine she got. All the reviews of this little guy were true, and I finally see why my friend liked it so much. Super happy with this buy, and would recommend to others as well
  • It has a very calming effect on my, and it somehow manages to perform perfectly where all my other sleep machines failed. My apartment is very noisy, and I never managed to block those sounds, no matter what I did. This machine does the job perfectly, and it has a full 5-star grade from me
  • When it comes to value, this device is simply unbeatable! You’d need to spend a pretty penny to get somewhere else what this machine is offering. It’s well made, and it looks nice. I can put it anywhere in my bedroom, and it still does what it’s supposed to. Great purchase, and a great product

 Click Here for More customer reviews on Amazon.com.

The relevant CONs from the mouth of the users:

  • It really is a great product, and it does exactly what the company said it would. The only thing I can “complain” about is that the heart beat option does sound a little creepy to me. Makes me feel like I’m in a horror movie or something J
  • Sounds can get a little repetitive if it takes you a while to fall asleep, but they’re never distracting like on my other machines
  • I guess you get what you pay for, this things was working just fine for a month or two and then just started shutting of on its own…

Overall ratings

It’s safe to say that this last candidate on the list makes a few compromises in quality so that it’s priced so low. Overall quality rating 4.0/5.


Finding the best sleeping machine (with special focus on white noise machines) is the name of the game in this guide. It’s more than a safe investment than an expenditure.

But if you are going to be spending your money, you need to find your way through the obscurity of today’s market.

That’s what my website is all about, helping you do just that.

Let me leave you with two thoughts:

  • I do not take “gifts” to provide positive reviews although I am proposed to at least once or twice a months since the site grew popular. This ensures totally unbiased reviews
  • I update this guide every two months so the information presented is always relevant and up to date

When it comes to sleep machines this basically means that you can’t go wrong with any of the machines on this list.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams


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