What are the best white coverlet sets and what are the top rated gray coverlets?

I started the series of guides on reviewing bed coverlet sets in cooperation with Ann Nowak, an interior designer from Soldotna, in response to what the visitors of the website wanted to see. In this guide we “drill” even deeper and review and rate only white and gray coverlet sets.

Again, this was a specific request from customers who were probably looking for some neutral bedding and linen for their bedroom since most of the coverlets in our other guides simply do not come in these colors.

Here is what you’ll see in this guide:

  • top rated white coverlet sets by customers, our thoughts on them and their Overall rating
  • digest reviews of each of them with the positives and negatives that the customers had to share, and finally, our interpretation and conclusions we draw from those
  • remember, as all of the guides on the website are updated every two months to ensure that you get relevant and “live” info

So, without much ado – presenting the top three white coverlet sets for different bed sizes

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Pinzon Elizabeth Matelasse CoverletElizabeth Pinzon White Coverlet4.9 / 5ratings
Zaria 3-Piece Lightweight QuiltZaria White coverlet set4.6 / 5ratings
All for You bedspread and coverlet setAll for You bedspread and coverlet set4.3 / 5ratings


… and the top 3 gray coverlet sets

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Chezmoi gray Austin collection coverletChezmoi gray Austin collection coverlet4.8 / 5ratings
Pinzon Matelasse Coverlet - Elizabeth GrayPinzon Matelasse Coverlet - Elizabeth Gray4.7 / 5ratings
Lamont Diamante Gray home coverletLamont Diamante Gray home coverlet4.7 / 5ratings


Elizabeth Pinzon White Coverlet, mattelasse in twin, full, queen and king size

Pinzon Elizabeth Matelasse CoverletLet’s look into the basic fact sheet of the piece as Pinzon described it:

  • highest quality 100 percent cotton
  • a theme of a medallion quilted into the fabric
  • raised matelasse design
  • discounted if bought in a set with sheets
  • 3 sizes
  • easy to care for – wash in a machine

Let us look it through they eyes of the customers and put it under real scrutiny:

Some of the things the customers liked about this Pinzon:

  • this is a bargain, I paid twice this much for what was pretty much the same quality quilt just last November
  • looks way more expensive than it is, it’s just gorgeous
  • it is very soft, I love the fact that’s it’s 100% cotton
  • it looks better in person than what you see in the images, I am pleasantly surprised
  • just the right weight to look and feel luxurious and still be easy to wash and maintain
  • hasn’t changed a bit and I washed it like ten times now, I finally found just the right kind of white coverlet
  • it looks and weighs like a coverlet but feels like a comforter or a duvet, it’s so soft…
  • finally a covering that both looks great and fits perfect, I went through three before I got this (Zaria, Lamont, Chezmoi)
  • I am a very cautious buyer, and I read everything that I could before getting this, every review, every blurb about coverlets. I am completely satisfied, and I can recommend it
  • full five stars from me, looks and feels great, fits great and washes nicely
  • You’ll find it on a big discount here.

Some of the things the customers didn’t like:

  • mine arrived with a stain, I returned it the some day and still waiting for the thing to be replaced
  • it’s a bit too heavy for my taste, and it does shrink if you wash at any temperature higher than 60
  • not as snug as a duvet, a bit to stiff if you ask me

Our review conclusion and thoughts

We had a hard time following the ups and downs of the price of this coverlet, and we agreed that (if we needed one) we would “snatch” this for anything under 80 bucks.

We’ve also seen it go out of stock often, so that’s not so good.

Hence the one pint deducted for the price and an Overall Rating of 49 / 50.


Other than that, this white coverlet is close to perfect. With full cotton and quilted to be matelasse, it will shrink a bit, but it seems that they calculated the factor when they were making the original size.

It is just the right fit and feel of a coverlet, and if you need something for power naps, you might be better of with a comforter or a duvet. In spite of that, we’ve seen people talking about how soft it is and how they use it as a comforter. That’s pretty hard to achieve and still maintain the proper stiffness, which is a must for coverlet. Kudos to Pinzon for that.

Zaria White coverlet set

Zaria 3-Piece Lightweight QuiltThe basic facts about the runner-up:

  • cotton and polyester mixture
  • dimensions of the coverlet – 98 x 102 inches
  • dimensions of the pillow shams – 20 x 26 inches
  • lightweight
  • can be machine washed

The PROs as per the users:

  • very nice and bright white color
  • This was a great buy…I got it as a gift for my mom, and she loves it, she does have a queen bed,  but I got in king size because the height of the bed. Fits perfectly.
  • It’s exquisite. Just the right size, freshened the look of my bedroom because the white is really bright, my old one was kind of dull white and not from washing, it was like that from the get go
  • This is the third coverlet I got in the last 2 years and I am so happy to finally find what I was looking for. The others were just thin and too stiff, basically just like a polyester sheet. This is full and rich.
  • I found the best price here on Amazon.com.

The negative reviews – the CONs:

  • I hate it when they don’t describe a product accurately, and you are unpleasantly surprised when you get it. It says, “cotton and polyester mix” when, in fact, the filling is cotton, and the finish is plain polyester. Two completely different things. This is going back.
  • much heavier than a coverlet should be
  • this white coverlet is so bright it hurts my eyes
  • a lot of threads coming loose within the first three months of use, I guess you get what you pay for

The Ratings and epilog

This white coverlet looks great. The comments about how bright the white is are subjective and you can see people saying that they loved they shade and you can see people saying that it’s too bright. That’s up to you and your preferences.

But seeing reports of the seams coming loose after few months and the finish not really being a mix of cotton and polyester, that is not subjective but a true quality issue, hence the points deducted.

Luckily, these not often reported and the ratings in the respective categories are nines.


Overall, this is very well crafted product, especially at that price and it deserves to be the second best rated.

All for You bedspread and coverlet set

All for You bedspread and coverlet setHow the company described the product:

  • microfiber surface with cotton filling
  • reversible
  • two shams included in the set (standard size)
  • machine washable (cold)

Let’s take a look at some of the things the people who own the bedding praised:

  • I’m a very buyer right now, the coverlet just arrived, much sooner than I was expecting it
  • Great for that price, even better than what I expected. It’s not exactly white, more towards cream, but it turns out it suits my room even better
  • great summer bedding, light and breathable
  • it is low priced, and it was supposed to be just temporary, but six months in I see no defects, and it’s very well made – four stars from me
  • this cleans very nice, so I got a dozen for my B & B
  • I went to 5 different stores and couldn’t find a quilt that would be just the right color and fit, so I ended up ordering this. It’s exactly what I was looking for
  • Get the best price and free shipping here.

The not so positive experiences from customers:

  • too thin and feels cheap
  • it’s just OK and nothing more than that, it won’t make you happy or proud to have it on your bed
  • the box was already opened and had a feeling that it was used
  • my “white” coverlet arrived with blueish and black stains on it, enough said
  • this is a first, I couldn’t wait to get this and when it came it was just an empty box
  • the seams are opening, it’s loosing shape and the color is becoming dull after just a few months…

The final appraisal

We are not fans of this coverlet, we’ll tell you that right away and the fact that it’s in top 3 best-rated speaks about one fact. That fact is that there are not many white coverlets that meet our specific quality and rating criteria.

Too much complaints on the quality of the seams, the dye, the ability to hold shape.

To sum up, a decent 4.3/5 rating for this piece of bedding, the reasons for the points “taken” from it are obvious if you go through of the negative reviews.


Not bad, but not great either.

OK, now that we’ve taken a nice in-depth look at our three winners in the category of white coverlets, we’re moving on to do the same for the gray ones.

Chezmoi gray Austin collection coverlet

Chezmoi gray Austin collection coverletWhat Chezmoi promises:

  • oversized for a luxurious look
  • size 100 x 106 inches
  • two shams included sized at 20 x 26 inches
  • microfiber
  • easy to wash and maintain (machine)

Customers shared these positive experiences about the Chezmoi gray collection:

  • unbelievable bargain and a pleasant surprise – looks like it costs three times as much
  • It’s better than described…
  • after reading some of the reviews I wasn’t sure about this product, but I’m so glad I got it.
  • You don’t need bed skirt if you have this matelasse cover. Makes my life easier…
  • It’s just heavy enough to be used as an additional cover over a duvet in the colder nights…
  • making the bed is no longer a chore, the size of this thing simplifies everything
  • it’s been months now that I’ve been looking for a coverlet that’s not bulky and not crazy expensive but still looks good. This is it.
  • our mattress is very thick, and this is just what I was looking for, it really is oversized and covers the whole bed elegantly without the need for a skirt
  • You will not be disappointed by this coverlet, wonderful gray piece gave my bedroom that extra touch of classy
  • This is just the gray I was looking for, looks great
  • Perfect for the Florida heat, nice and light
  • Best price and free shipping here on Amazon.com.

Some of the negative experiences of the users with this Austin gray quilt piece:

  • just not the right shade of gray for my room, not really true to color
  • too big for my taste, this piece is for those extra thick mattresses
  • two weeks in and the wrinkles are still there

The overalls and our thoughts

What the years of reviewing products have taught me is that there are cons, and there are CONS. You probably get my drift here – when somebody says they don’t like the shade you can’t really take that into account when you are rating a coverlet in quality.


Because it’s too subjective and personal. Other people might love that same shade of gray in a coverlet.

Our final overall rating of this Chezmoi Austin is 4.8 / 5, which makes it a top rated product in gray coverlets. It was that way since we first started compiling the guide, and it stayed no.1 ever since.


Feels and looks much better than it’s price point would suggest and we like the oversized looks, it’s elegant and classy, especially if you have a thick mattress. It also makes mornings much easier and, as some of the customers said it, much less of a chore.

Pinzon Matelasse Coverlet – Elizabeth Gray

Pinzon Matelasse Coverlet - Elizabeth GrayWhat Pinzon is saying about their product:

  • full cotton – light and breathable
  • two sizes: full and queen
  • shams in matching colors
  • easy to care for – can be washed in a machine

The good things the customers shared – the PROs:

  • its’ not often that you see something that’s 100% cotton not to wrinkle, I guess it’s the fact that’s it’s quilted.
  • a pleasant surprise – it looks even better in person
  • excellent quality and it washes very well
  • it arrived a day sooner, and I’m very pleased with the quality
  • great for the summers, just light enough not to make me sweat when I use it for my afternoon naps
  • I’ve been changing covers on my bedroom queen bed like pillowcases, couldn’t seem to find the right one. They would all seem OK if you look at the pictures but what I received was that nylon synthetic stuff so I made the decision to only go with cotton and got this coverlet. It’s everything I needed.
  • Best price here.

The CONs:

  • this thing shrinks, if you go with it just know to wash it cold
  • this coverlet bled in washing for like, a month
  • mine came in an open box, returned it and waiting for a replacement
  • open seams on arrival, what kind of business is that?

Finally, the digest review

The Pinzon Elizabeth matelasse in gray just oozes luxury, and it’s not priced like a luxury item. Who wouldn’t like that?

Our rating method is precise in it’s statistics and we didn’t see enough of negative reviews to take away anything more than 3 points away. All of them for the dye (one too many reports that the coverlet is bleeding for multiple washes).


To be fair, the people reporting this did not say that it lost that lush gray color, but that much bleeding at washing is not something anybody likes to see. Especially from a company that makes high-quality products like Pinzon.

Lamont Diamante Gray home coverlet

Lamont Diamante Gray home coverletThe fact sheet as Lamont provides it:

  • a luxurious look of the diamond quilted shapes
  • all natural cotton
  • other accessories available within the theme and color (sold separately)
  • dry-cleaning recommended

The things the users liked about the coverlet:

  • it makes things so much simpler, just throw it on there and your bed is made, no wrinkles or anything
  • just the right balance between soft and durable
  • after a year of use I can say that it holds color great, a bit on the pricey side but worth every penny
  • extremely well made and just gorgeous to look at and still soft enough for naps or as a second cover when it gets colder
  • it’s just as described, luxury at it’s best
  • completely true to color
  • Big discount and free shipping here.

What the people who got it didn’t like:

  • I wanted to treat myself with a luxury item, but when you count in the expenses of dry cleaning it just gets too much
  • I feel like it’s overpriced

Overall ratings and our conclusions

If there luxury on this list, this Lamont but it certainly comes at a steep price. A bit too steep if you ask us, so the only way we would get this if we “caught” it on discount and under $110.

Overall quality rating of 4.7 / 5 with all the points deducted in the price category.


Other than that we couldn’t really find anything wrong with this coverlet. It might be superior in quality, but it comes with a superior price.

Final thoughts on white and gray covers

The trend in interior design in recent years is to move away from pairing gray with only neutral and earthly tones but revive with contrasts. Most of the time this means that you’ll often see color schemes with gray colors and contrasting bright red or yellow covers.

But this can go both ways, a gray bedding or a coverlet in a brightly painted room.

This makes gray the new white and we don’t need to especially stress how universal white is in decorating.

We set out to make this guide for a very narrow and focused group of people, those looking for very specific colors of coverlets. We couldn’t do this well enough in other guides because some of the other well made coverlets, as we said in the beginning, simply don’t come in gray and some of them not even in white.

Pairing up a simple brick wall with the clean look of gray bedding and elements of white accessories around the bed can give you that amazing urban look for the younger.  In contrast, pairing it with earthly tones will satisfy the need for a calmer more relaxed space that often comes in the autumn of our lives.

Anyway, whichever way you go, you now have a reference list on what’s good and what might be a waste of your hard earned income.

If you have any other thoughts on these specific products or on gray and white bedding as an element of interior decoration, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below or connect with us using the social buttons at the top.

If this guide helps one person out there, that’s good enough for us.

Dream of whites and grays!

Ann & James

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