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I have a riddle for you.

Riddle me this, riddle me that (any fans of Jim Carrey in Batman 3 out there?).

Here it is: “In nightly times come rest your mind, and when sun shines leave me behind; what am I? ”.

Ok, you realize it’s not exactly fair don’t you? I mean, you did see the title first. Yes, I’m a pillow. And no, that is NOT how the other kids used to call me in high school.

Kidding aside, we’re here to talk about pillow protectors. And I get that no man spends his day pondering on pillows and bedding in general. It’s a fast life for us today, and all those little things have to take a back seat.

That’s why good old Google brought you to my little dreamland, where I compile all there is to know about pillow protectors. And my reviewing skills came in handy, too.

PictureModelMy Overall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Allersoft 100-Percent Cotton Dust Mite & Allergy Control Standard Pillow EncasementAllersoft standard pillow encasement4.9 / 5ratings
Rest Right Cotton Zippered Pillow ProtectorRest right standard pillow protector4.9 / 5ratings
Certified Hypo-Allergenic 2-Pack Pillow Protectors by SmartSilk KingCertified hypoallergenic pillow protectors4.8 / 5ratings
Standard Washable Wool Pillow Cover Cotton CoveredStandard wool pillow cover4.9 / 5ratings
Dust Mite- and Allergen-Proof Pillow EncasingPremium microfiber pillow encasing5 / 5ratings

The confusion of choosing the best pillow protector

If you look a bit closer there is a jungle of options out there. Once you start searching every opened tab in your browser branches out and in the end it really does look like a jungle. It leaves you puzzled and confused.

Well, not any more. Here, you are treated like an honored guest, so I’ll do all the work for you, give you all the information and all you have to do is just scroll down.


Then by all means, keep on scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Here’s a little content overview. First we’ll go through some basics concerning pillow protectors. Then we’ll talk about some specifics like thread count, sizes, materials, different types and designs, benefits using pillow protectors and so on,

In the end I’ll throw in a list of my personal picks for you to use as a guideline if you ever go on your own shopping quest.

Of course, I can’t pick specific pillow protector for you personally, or tell you this one or that one is absolutely the best of the bunch. It all depends on your own personal needs and wants. What I can do though is equip you with enough knowledge to know exactly what you want and recognize it once you find it.

Now that’s called taking a big bite. Nothing I can’t handle though, let’s dig right into this.

Why do I need pillow protectors in the first place?

First of all because it’s much more hygienic. I mean sure, you can wash your pillow every week (or more often, if you’re prone to acne) but personally I don’t think that’s the way to go around this.

While you sleep your pillow collects all kinds of stuff. I mean there are your natural body and post-shower oils, hair conditioner residue, makeup and all other things your body throws at it. That’s something that can lead to clogging of your skin pores so think about it. So one of pillow protector’s functions is keeping your pillow dirt free.

Pillow protector is called just that because it prolongs the life span of your pillow. Instead of washing your pillow once it gets dirty, you wash the protector instead. It’s a win-win.

Protectors offer a lot of health benefits. But we’ll talk about it later in great detail, so I’ll just mention it here.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, replacing a protector is a lot cheaper than buying a new pillow, so I think we’re done here. A lot of common sense here, but I thought I go the basic out of the way here.

Is using a pillow protector affecting my health???

A big YES, and in more ways than one.

Firstly, hypoallergenic pillow protectors help you out if you’re struggling with allergies or have breathing issues. It’s almost effortless to wash one, put it in the dryer and those dust mites are as good as gone.

  1. If you have dry and soft skin, or some skin condition like eczema, silky protector with low-friction level is a true blessing from the skies for you.
  2. People with Parkinson’s disease, for example, have trouble sleeping due to stiffness and discomfort. Not a problem with an appropriate pillow protector.
  3. Silky protectors slow down the aging process. They contain proteins and amino acids that really put your aging to a halt.
  4. They affect your face skin and your hair. Smooth, low-friction protectors allow your face to glide over your pillow, so those morning face wrinkles will just be a bad memory.
  5. Same protectors stop your hair from being pulled by your pillow, prevent knotting, entangling and thinning of your hair.
  6. Good pillow protectors act as temperature regulators, maintaining the perfect temperature of your body throughout the night. They also don’t conduct static electricity or heat.
  7. Cotton ones are highly absorbent, so if you sweat a lot at night, they soak it up, not your pillow. If your skin is a bit dryer you can go with silk protectors, they absorb less so you will wake up with shiny and moisturized skin.

What a shocker, Right?

Now you see there’s much more to pillow protectors than meets the eye.

OK, we’ve been through some basics, now it’s time for our main attraction. We dive into the specifics when it comes to pillow protectors.

Follow the thread (let’s talk about thread count real quick)

What is a thread count anyway?

It’s just a number of woven threads per 1 square inch of fabric. As you may imagine, we have horizontal threads called weft, and vertical ones called warp. We also have additional threads that are woven into the horizontal ones by the manufacturers. We call them picks, they do increase the thread count but don’t do a thing for durability.

It’s a well known myth that higher thread count means better fabric. After introducing the picks we saw that’s not exactly true. Some manufacturers also like twisting the 2 threads together in a manner that also increases the thread count. You’ve guessed it, durability still stays the same.

So I declare this one officially busted. Who needs mythbusters, we bust our own myths with style.

The one thing that is true though is that higher thread count makes the fabric softer. According to some user reviews though, excessive thread count makes the fabric stiffer and harder to properly maintain. They say that everything above 400tc fits that category.

Thread count increases the softness but also the price, so be mindful of that when shopping.

We are living in a material woooorld…. (Pillow protectors materials, duh)

Now we’re really in a pickle here . No fear, I know what I’m doing and talking about it here.

This is probably the area with the most options for you to choose from. As you probably know there’s a lot of different fabric out there and if we add some blends to spice things up we really can tell our heads from our tails anymore.

I won’t list all there is, but I’ll give you quite enough that you can handle this problem without any trouble.

His majesty cotton

This is by far the most used material in our households. And with good reason, it’s comfortable, cheap if you don’t go crazy and, all in all, just a solid balance between different quality criteria.

Let’s see some of the different kinds of cotton shall we?

Firstly we have regular cotton, you’ll recognize it by the 100% cotton mark on the tag. Then we have pima cotton, grown in Arizona in a bit harsher conditions it offers greater comfort and softness than regular one.

On top of the hill sits Egyptian cotton. The best of the best. It’s the softest, most comfortable and overall most luxurious option.

Cotton is known for its softness, cool feeling and comfort. It’s also highly breathable material, which means air can freely pass through the spaces in-between its fibers.

It’s highly absorbent. It can absorb up to 27 times its own weight. On top of that it’s hypoallergenic, so it puts those pesky allergies to rest.

Silk, as in silky the way – No particular introduction needed here. So I’ll go straight to the point.

Silk pillow protectors offer multiple benefits to you. They’re smooth, soft and have low-friction level. Also they are hypoallergenic, absorbent (not as much as cotton though) and have anti-aging effect.

They act as the temperature regulators and help keeping your hair in perfect condition.

Well, those are the two big players on the field. But we’ll also mention a bunch of others. Besides cotton and silk we also have a lot of different natural and man-made fabrics.

So here they are: wool, microfiber, jersey, tencel, satin, flannel, fleece and much, much more.

I don’t want to overburden you with info here, so I’ve given you just what you need to make the right decision based on you own needs.

Size does matter (when it comes to pillow protectors)

It’s very important to get a protector that fits your pillow. Put that measuring tape away please, we have a better way to handle this.

  • Standard size protectors usually measure 20 x 26 inches.
  • Queen size is 20 x 30 inches.
  • King size measures 20 x 36 inches.
  • Euro measures 26 x 26 inches.
  • Travel is a size of 12 x 16 inches.

Now you’ll never make a mistake like buying a pillow protector that’s too big or even worse, too small.

What type of the pillow protector are you?

Now let’s go over some of the basic protector types real quick.

Housewife – Most common type of protectors found in almost every house. They envelop the pillow very nicely, preventing sagging, creasing and pillow escape attempts. Being the most commonly used means, they are also the most budget-friendly option.

Bag style – Extremely loved by the hospitality industry, as they are very easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t incorporate zippers or buttons. It just has a flap that can be tucked in after you insert the pillow giving it that important finesse and neatness.

Mock Oxford – The most luxurious and elegant of all the other types. They incorporate a decorative frill following their edges, making them a perfect choice for people who want to add that extra impact to the bedrooms of their establishment.

Normal Oxford protectors are a different thing I’ll say, to avoid the confusion. Normal Oxfords have mitered corners, and mock protectors don’t.

As far as design is concerned I don’t think I can really help you there. Options there are many when it comes to pillow protectors, but colors, patterns and prints are just never-ending. So, I’m afraid you’re on your own as far as this story goes because it comes down to personal preference.

Now we’ve finally arrived at the part where I show you the list of my personal favorites, just to give you a little nudge in the right direction. It should put a face on everything I just told you and make it all tangible. I don’t like speaking in too many generalities anyway.

Here’s how this works, first we read the manufacturers specification and then we hear some good and bad sides of the product directly from the owners and users of the product. In the end, I give a little verdict, and we go on.

Sounds Simple enough, doesn’t it?

Allersoft standard pillow encasement

Allersoft 100-Percent Cotton Dust Mite & Allergy Control Standard Pillow EncasementBy Allersoft

Company says:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • 280tc, 100% cotton
  • Double safety stitches, rust-proof heavy nylon zipper
  • Lifetime warranty

What the users liked:

  • Excellent covers! They really help with the symptoms of my allergies
  • So soft and not noise-producing
  • This covers are very well made, and the zipper is not at all intrusive
  • Made in USA! The reviews were all true

See what the owners are saying in their reviews on Amazon >>.

And what didn’t they like:

  • Too expensive
  • I thought I were ordering pillows, not the cases
  • It’s well made and soft, but it’s not for me

And my final verdict is: I didn’t put this protector on my list for nothing. Feel free…

Rest right standard pillow protector

Rest Right Cotton Zippered Pillow ProtectorBy American textile

Let’s hear out the company first:

  • 100% comfortable and soft cotton fabric
  • Protective covering with zipper encasing the entire pillow
  • Extending your pillow’s life
  • 2pack

Pleasant experiences of the users:

  • Correctly sewn seams, no threads sticking out or loose corners
  • The size is perfect, even my thicker pillows fit right in
  • They keep all the loose feathers from poking out
  • Very comfortable
  • Surprising quality, very smooth and shiny cotton

Read more reviews and see the prices and ratings of the pillow on Amazon >>

Now a little less pleasant experiences:

  • It was a little stiff when I got it. It became softer after the first washing
  • It said it was 2 pillows on my app. I didn’t want protectors. They look fine and well made though

As for my verdict, I think this is a great protector for that kind of money. I put it on my list, and I stand proudly behind my decision. This is a well made item indeed.

Certified hypoallergenic pillow protectors

Certified Hypo-Allergenic 2-Pack Pillow Protectors by SmartSilk KingBy Smartsilk

What did the company say:

  • Fill liner made of all natural silk
  • Special technology for reducing night sweats
  • Keeps your skin well moisturized
  • Breathable materials

Good impressions, directly from the users:

  • I’m very hard to please, but I’m pleased with these
  • They are very cool
  • Mt bouncy latex pillow fits in like a charm
  • Very easy to wash and extremely comfortable
  • We love these! So much in fact we bought 2 more pairs

Visit Amazon to read more user ratings and experiences:

Click here to visit the page >>

I wasn’t able to find anything to put in the cons category for these protectors. I can tell you my final verdict right here, based solely on that, but I’ll also say, this product makes your pillow truly shine. Dig in.

Standard wool pillow cover

Standard Washable Wool Pillow Cover Cotton CoveredBy 45th Street Bedding

Ok, specification from the company penultimate time:

  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Belgian lambs wool fill
  • 100% cotton cover
  • After 2 wash cycles shrink to fit

Below is a link to the amazon page of this pillow with more reviews and ratings:

Click here to visit it >>

This item still has no customer reviews so I’ll tell you few things from my own sources.

First of all, it’s wool and cotton combined, can’t go wrong with that. It will be very cool during the summer for sure. It’s very comfortable and has a nice, gentle and soft feel to it.

It’s quite durable and well made. And the price is more than tempting.

So the verdict is as follows. It’s a good pillow protector, definitely a fine addition to your household. I’m sure no one will regret buying this one, and for that kind of money…

Premium microfiber pillow encasing

Dust Mite- and Allergen-Proof Pillow EncasingBy Mission Allergy

The company has the stage:

  • Recommended by university allergy departments and leading allergy specialists
  • 100% allergens blocking
  • Tightly woven microfiber, silky soft
  • Sewing construction of the highest quality

Now the goods:

  • Wonderfully smooth, almost like satin
  • These help with my allergies and are really well made
  • This product is highly effective
  • It’s very attractive and durable
  • Very comfortable and it really work against my allergies

Read more about this pillow on its Amazon page >>

And the bad:

  • I couldn’t find any actually

Saved the best for last, this is the one I’m putting my money on. Great product!

So here we are at the end of our little journey. But before we go….

Riddle me this… Who can now go out there and find exactly the pillow protectors they’re looking for? Who will know what’s important and what should he pay attention to? Ad who will get the best dash for his hard earned cash?

That’s right, it’s you.

Thanks for reading and I hope a made some things a bit easier and made some sense of the jungle that the market is today.

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