Inflatable lounge chairs – TOP 5 CHOICES of the year (Menta statistical model)

This guide on the best inflatable lounge chairs is based on Menta statistical model that relies on customer reviews, so all bias is excluded.

It’s also updated every two months, so that you can rest assured that the info you get here is relevant at any given moment. And just to avoid the confusion, what we are looking here are not inflatable pool chairs, we are looking into inflatable lounge chairs for adults – most of them Intex Inflatable Chairs.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the guide:

  • Tabular overview of the best choices and their OQR (Overall Quality Rating)
  • In depth reviews of each of the models with the specs as listed by the company and the main PROS and CONS as reported by the customers
  • Some reference information about inflatable chairs
PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Intex Inflatable lounge chairIntex Inflatable lounge chair4.6 / 5ratings
Intex Ultra lounge inflatable chair with ottomanIntex Ultra lounge inflatable chair with ottoman4.6 / 5ratings
Intex Cafe inflatable lounge chairIntex Café inflatable lounge chair4.0 / 5ratings
Bestway Perdura inflatable lounge chairBestway Perdura inflatable lounge chair3.9 / 5ratings
Bestway Moda inflatable chairBestway Moda inflatable chair4.4 / 5ratings

Intex Inflatable lounge chair review

Intex Inflatable lounge chairThe fact sheet:

  • Colorful chair for added functionality and style to your room
  • Ottoman, angled backrest and the soft material designed for extraordinary comfort
  • Waterproof flocking, ideal for indoors or outdoors
  • Compact folding for travel/storage
  • Quick inflation/deflation

PROs – from the customer reviews of the inflatable lounge chair:

  • Phenomenal chair, super comfy and just the right size. I just love flopping down on it. It’s a great product
  • Great durability and quality in this inflatable lounge chair. I actually bought this one for my kid of 9, it was much larger than we expected, so all of us are using it…
  • Bought this for my daughter. It’s made well and very durable, she loves it ad I’m very satisfied I got it right…
  • Easy to inflate, comfortable and my kids love the look…
  • Great chair for relaxing and the ottoman is handy as well…

See what people who own the chair shared about it on Amazon:

See the user reviews >>

CONs – again, as per the reviews of the inflatable chair:

  • Not so great if you have cats like I do. It has more holes than Swiss cheese by now, so it was a chair or the cats and I love my cats too much…
  • It’s much bigger than expected. I thought of putting it into my bedroom but turns out it just doesn’t fit…

It’s a great little inflatable chair. Good deal and amazing value for money here.

Intex Ultra lounge inflatable chair with ottoman

Intex Ultra lounge inflatable chair with ottomanCompany specification:

  • Versatile and portable. Good for house relaxing, tailgating, camping and more
  • Just a minute for inflation
  • Made of 20.08 gauge vinyl, tested, soft, durable, waterproof flocked tops, bottom and sides
  • Cup holders built-in
  • Extra wide valves for quick inflation/deflation
  • Compact folding for travel and storage
  • 30-day warranty

That certainly sound nice, but let’s see do the users agree.


  • I’m a very picky person, and I always had difficulties finding the right chair for relaxing, watching movies or playing video games. So far for me this chair has many more pros than cons. It’s very comfortable, durable and it seems well built. My son enjoys the ottoman a lot playing video games. Very nice chair and I think I finally found one that’ll stick around.
  • It’s very big, much bigger than I expected so make sure you have plenty of room for it. It’s the most comfortable inflatable chair ever!
  • It’s a great buy, and the material is so comfortable and it has a velvety feel to it. Good value for my money so I would recommend it to everyone.
  • Very effective and cheap. My family and I are sick of taking turns on the chair, so we’re finally getting another one.
  • Great for my man cave, it seems sturdy, and it’s comfortable…I’m happy with it…

Go to to read more about this cozy lounge >>


  • I really wish the cup holder was bigger
  • I have two cats, and it’s been a constant struggle to keep it alive since I got it.

Really fine product I must say. Comfortable, durable and luxurious looking. Customers love it, so I love it.

Intex Café inflatable lounge chair

Intex Cafe inflatable lounge chairCompany first – the specs:

  • Beanbag comfort, your favorite chair’s support
  • Waterproof flocked sides and top
  • Detachable backrest cushion
  • Perfect for relaxing
  • Compact folding for storage


  • Very comfortable and soft to the touch. I really feel like I’m flopped down in my favorite chair
  • I bought it for my daughter and she’s in love with it. I’ve tried it out, and I completely understand her. It’s so comfy and smooth… I’m so glad I bought it, my recommendation
  • Didn’t expect much to be fair. It doesn’t cost much, and I thought I’ll get what I paid for. Imagine my surprise when I sat on it for the first time and felt how comfortable it is. I love it and thinking about buying another one

Find more customer experiences on Amazon (below):

Read more>>


  • mine was leaking on arrival, it’s been 10 days since I returned it, still waiting for a new one…

Bestway Perdura inflatable lounge chair

Bestway Perdura inflatable lounge chairPenultimate (company that’s making this looker) lists the following specs:

  • Comfortable flocked surface
  • Three air chamber construction
  • Sturdy I-beam construction
  • Great for indoors/outdoors
  • Cup holder

Click here to see the prices and ratings on Amazon >>.

I didn’t find any official customer reviews for this one so I’ll have to give you what I’ve gathered through personal correspondence (forums, ebay, etc…)

People were in shock when they looked at the price and thought naturally it will come with matching quality (poor – that is) . Needless to say it didn’t, since it’s on my list.

This chair is where the affordable materials truly shine, teaching us that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good when it comes to inflatable chairs.

According to the reviews, this chair is a dream, very comfortable for relaxing and you can even take it camping or wherever. It’s very portable and sturdy, which is rarely the case with these models, so you do the math, possibilities are endless.

In the negative reviews usual complaints about the depth of the cup holder and the fact that they must tread lightly around it with sharp objects ad such. But when you do this as much as I did you don’t consider that a flaw, it is what it is, and you just live with it.

Consider this one a tip, I know for sure how god it is so go right ahead and don’t look back.

Bestway Moda inflatable chair

Bestway Moda inflatable chairThe basic facts from the mouth of the company making it:

  • Super comfortable
  • Easy inflation
  • Flocked surface
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Very sturdy, easy to inflate and with an air pump
  • It’s so cute and comfy, I just love it
  • Great price! I can’t believe how soft and comfortable it is for that kind of money
  • Bought this lounging chair to compliment the den, and it works splendidly with the room. It’s also very well made

See how owners rated the chair on Amazon:

See the ratings of this inflatable >>


  • Doesn’t have much of a head support, but I just use a pillow

My final verdict – Great deal!

Some reference general talk about inflatable lounge chairs

The term “lounge” just call to mind a picture of utter laziness, hedonism and luxury, doesn’t it?

We all deserve to give ourselves moments like that once in a while, and who would’ve thought that the technology of inflatable chairs will make that possible without spending absurd amounts of money.

If you’re still waiting on for your hedonistic, “just for you” moment you’re at the right place.

Google works in mysterious ways but if you’re here looking for all possible information on air furniture and inflatable lounge chairs specifically it brought you where you need to be, I’ll give them that. I’m about to give you all there is to know about your new lounging companion in this guide ad you need to do is relax and scroll down.

There’s a lot to know about this subject, but I’ll limit myself to relevant stuff that you’ll really be able to use once you decide to hit the stores online or real-life. I’m here to help you find out do you even want an inflatable chair or not first and what to keep your eyes open for if you do. I think that’s all one could possibly ask from a guide that tends to be helpful.

So let’s stop wasting time and dive straight into this conundrum hoping to resolve it.

Who am I and how can I help?

I would ask the same thing if I were you so I’ll answer this one first.

I’m just a guy like you searching for some answers. Unlike you though, I’ve spent many years of my life actually finding those answers. I’ve written blogs and reviews of inflatable furniture pieces for as log as I care to remember, picking a lot of knowledge along the way.

I communicate regularly with owners and users of these products and value their experiences over everything else when I form my opinion. I do NOT accept samples for reviewing, just to be able to remain completely unbiased.

So if you’re down with my attitude and the way I work feel free to continue reading as a great plot twist is yet to be uncovered.

What can you expect to see here?

I like to give a little heads up on what I intend to put in my articles, it makes it easier to follow later and it gives you the option of simply skipping some parts you might not care about. Time is money, and we want to waste it in the least possible amount.

So, here we go with the actual content, first I’ll talk mention some generalities concerning inflatable furniture. We need to build a foundation of knowledge for you so we can build further later. So you can expect some basic pointers here, some quick tips and list of advantages over regular furniture.

Things to keep an eye out with inflatable furniture

Here we’ll discuss some of the general things considering air furniture and you’ll be already able to see if this is your cup of tea or not. If you decide for it, you’ll have all the knowledge needed to know exactly what to look for. If you decide against it, however, at least you’ve learned something new today that might come in handy in the future.

Things about inflatable furniture that interest us right now are, in no particular order: material, purpose, features, size, color and of course the price. So let’s get over them, one by one.


One would say there’s a lot to talk about here but not really. Most of today’s inflatable furniture is constructed out of hardened polyvinyl-chloride. That’s why it has extreme elasticity, strength and the ability to withstand high pressure. It also makes it waterproof and easy to clean, unless it’s flocked with some material that’s not stain resistant.

Variety of Purposes – lounging, inflatable chair bed, inflatable pool chair

You ought to figure out from the beginning, what you’re buying a piece of inflatable furniture for. They have some distinct advantages over the regular furniture but also some shortcomings. It’s up to you to see what you really need and if those needs are met with an inflatable variety of furniture.


Many pieces of inflatable furniture can come with a bunch of special option included. It’s up to you again to figure out which one rock your boat but here are some that are among the most common I’ve seen.

Air pump – Fast inflation of your new inflatable chair will be a blessing in the skies if you try to inflate it manually just one time. It’s not easy nor pretty so make sure you always have one handy.

Functionality – This doesn’t stand for inflatable chairs, more for sofas and alike, since they can be transformed into beds, chairs or recliners. Good to know if you ever get yourself one of these.

Travel bag – For storing it compactly and travel with it, enough said.

Repair kit – Oh, you’ll want one of those. Lounging often involves smoking if I’m correct, and cigarettes and anything filled with air don’t match really well. Joking aside, if you happen to pierce the membrane of the chair in some manner just patch it up and you’re good to go. Only takes a minute to patch things up and it holds great.


I’ll just point out here that mono-color is the usual choice of people, and mostly black at that. It’s a safe choice I give them that, can’t go wrong with black I guess. But I like to mix it up a bit so I’ll just divert your attention to some of the pieces with different patterns and prints on them.


Size matters right? Well, if you’re Godzilla I guess. The truth is you should measure the place where your inflatable chair will go just to make sure it’s a perfect fit. The come in all kinds of sizes so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one that’s just for you.

Press the advantage of inflatable furniture! (Advantages over “old-school” furniture)

Now we’re coming to the part where we look at purpose. Here you can get a definitive answer if you cross-reference advantages of the inflatable chairs with the role it should play in your home.

They’re a lot cheaper for one. They are made of cheaper materials than regular furniture and thus cost a lot less. So we can say they’re extremely budget-friendly without loosing in the comfort department.

They can go without special maintenance and are very easy to take care of. They are waterproof and stain resistant for the most part so you can spill your favorite beverages without it costing an outrageous amount of money. Just a little soap and it’s good as new.

They are very portable, making them ideal for camping, traveling or just constant repositioning all over your home. And if they go through the door simple deflation (I hope you have your air pump handy) will do the trick.

Kids love them. The general bounciness of this furniture is every child’s dream. They enjoy it to no end but if you let them play with it regularly, you might want an additional repair kit. I’m just saying.

How about some disadvantages of inflatable furniture?

Well, inflatable furniture is, by nature of things more delicate than a regular one. I mean a pin or a cigarette won’t cause a structural meltdown (no pun intended) there. Here, however, you’ll need that repair kit right away. This is somewhat mitigated by how easy is to repair a hole now and by general trend of making inflatable furniture more resilient to those kinds of threats.

They might sway a bit since they’re not as heavy as regular furniture, but with low inflatable lounge chairs you have nothing to worry about.

That’s about it. Now you can match your purpose with the right piece of furniture.

Final thoughts

Finally, we’re here! We’ve run through my modus operandi with this list.

I think you’ve had enough for the first time. Now you know much more than just few minutes ago. More importantly you’re ready to make that decision from the beginning, and I’m glad if I helped.

See you all in the lounge area.


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