Best XL (extra long) air mattresses and Extra Long Waterproof Mattress Protectors

This guide was due a long time now because I’ve been emailing with people back and forth about the solution to simple problems like getting the comfort of an air mattress if you are a tall person.

The result – this complete guide on the best rated extra long (XL) air mattresses (most of them made in twin size) and extra mattress protectors, with a special focus on the waterproof ones.

Here’s what you’ll see in this guide:

  1. I’ll present the two air beds that are top rated in the extra long category
  2. we’ll review the xl mattresses, discuss their basic facts, and give them an overall rating
  3. we’ll do the same with the toppers and pads and then waterproof mattress protectors

So, for the sake of simplicity, let’s present the winners and then talk about how they deserved to be there:

The best XL air mattresses


PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Fox_XL_Air_MattressFox XL Air Bed - High rise in Twin, Full, Queen, King extra long4.8 / 5ratings
Pure Comfort Extra Long Queen Flock Top Air BedExtra Long Pure Comfort Queen Air Mattress - Flocked Top4.3 / 5ratings

The best XL toppers and pads


PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Sleep Innovations_mattress_topper_twin_XLSleep Innovations Mattress Topper in Twin XL - memory foam4.9 / 5ratings
Pinzon_extra_long_padPinzon Micro-plush basic XL twin mattress pad - extra soft4.5 / 5ratings

The best XL waterproof mattress protectors


PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Sureguard_waterproof_mattress_protector_voted_bestSureGuard XL waterproof Mattress Protector4.9 / 5ratings
Safe_rest_XL_mattress_protectorSafeRest Twin XL Classic + Hypoallergenic - completely waterproof mattress protector4.6 / 5ratings

OK, now that we know the winners let us review them and take a closer look at each of these products:

Reviews of the best XL air mattresses

Fox XL Air Bed  – High rise in Twin, Full, Queen, King extra long

Fox_XL_Air_MattressThe fact sheet presented by Fox Airbeds:

  • designed for extra comfort – air flow pillow top
  • extra think vinyl for added durability, over + 40%
  • electric pump (built-in), can also be inflated with an external pump
  • premium valve for faster release

The PROs as the customers shared them:

  • my daughter loves it, she’s been using this XL air mattress for a month now and has not added air a single time
  • it’s a bargain for that comfort and quality, my second order for the guest house is on the way
  • I feel like I had to write this review after a year of having this bed and seeing zero problems with it. Holds air great, extremely comfortable, especially for a tall person like me.
  • This is the only bed that’s really 80 inches long, it’s my third one all the previous ones were falsely advertised – if you want an air mattress and you are tall, DON’T think twice
  • More comfortable than I expected, but I would still suggest a topper because of the cold air circulating. I got a protector that’s 2.5 inches thick and 5 in density (our comment: pounds), and this is the perfect bedding set for me
  • This was meant to be used as a solution for the few months of the move but it’s so comfortable that it’s now my permanent bed
  • Full five stars from me, the first airbed I owned to really hold air as advertised
  • you can see out of the box that it’s thicker and better made compared other air mattresses ( I already own one Serta and Aero Bed), very good for that price

User reviews are a great source of information – see what people shared by clicking the link below:

Follow this link to visit the page on Amazon. >>

The negative comments from the customers we talked to:

  • it filled the room with a plasticky smell that lingered for days
  • the gray is just dull, I wish they had other color choices
  • it just arrived, and it’s leaking somewhere and I can’t find the whole, sending it back
  • the packaging seems cheap

Our epilogue and the Menta Overall rating

After years of reviewing sleep stuff and especially air mattresses, in this case reviewing XL airbeds. I know how to tell a real quality flaw from things that are subjective and quality issues of a particular piece leaving the factory flawed.

Let me say right away that I see no critical quality issues with this bed and that it’s by far the top rated extra long air mattress in any size. Be that twin, full, queen or king XL mattresses.

Overall quality rating of 4.8 / 5 depicts that.


The two points deducted are in the category of design and price. The first one because of the absence of color choices and the second one because there’s no real warranty.

I know Fox customer service, and they are efficient and professional but had to deduct that point because I feel they had to back up this kind of quality product with a more substantial warranty.

Extra Long Pure Comfort Queen Air Mattress – Flocked Top

Pure Comfort Extra Long Queen Flock Top Air BedSignificantly lower ratings than the above FOX but that doesn’t come as surprise having in mind two things:

  1. the manufacturing standard of FOX airbeds
  2. the fact that this market segment is pretty narrow and not many companies make extra long air mattresses in the first place.

Let’s get to the review of this XL, starting with the fact sheet:

  • luxurious flocked top and raised for more comfort
  • true 80 inches in length
  • waterproof
  • quick to inflate, deflate and pack

But let’s see what the customers say – the people who actually have this bed:

The PROs:

  • so comfortable that this is the best sleep I got in months, I am snoozing my clock even more know because I don’t want to get up
  • a negative experience turned positive – the first one that arrived leaked within a day and the company replaced it IN TWO DAYS
  • that little extra height makes all the difference when getting up in the morning
  • I’ll never understand why people would pay 3 or 4 hundred bucks for an air bed when there are beds like this one the market, the same quality at a much lower price
  • I was hesitant because I saw a few reports of this bed leaking but finally decided to get it. It’s been three months now, and I only add air once a week.

You can learn a lot about a product by reading user reviews on Amazon – just follow the link:

Learn more >>

The CONs:

  • mine started loosing air on arrival
  • I took a risk with this one and it was  not worth it, it lasted just a few hours before I was practically on the floor
  • it’s not a true 80 inches, I measured it and it’s around 77 inches long
  • I would give this a positive review but it doesn’t really meet my need for a long mattress, it’s not as they advertise it

My verdict based on the review

Priced lower than the fox but with a reason. It is a good product, but we have to be straight and say that it doesn’t come close to the XL from Fox, especially in the categories of holding air and durability.

The way I rate this is purely statistical – if I see one report of a leak on 20 reports of the bed holding air well the one that’s leaking might be a factory defect. But when you see and air mattress model leaking in he ration of 1:5 then it’s a quality issue.


Overall Rating of 4.3/5 – not bad, but not the best.

Top rated bed toppers in XL size and their reviews

Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper in Twin XL – memory foam

Sleep Innovations_mattress_topper_twin_XLLet us see if the company lives up to its name and let us start by taking a look at what they say about their product:

  • made exclusively in the USA
  • true 80 inches length
  • highest quality memory foam – high-density polyurethane
  • releases pressure points for back pain relief and improved circulation
  • natural anti-allergy and anti-microbe finish
  • cells of the foam designed for free air flow

The PROs as the customers reported:

  • total relaxation and simply a must have if you don’t have an expensive mattress. The only downside is that I can’t wait to go to bed, and I sleep more.
  • just perfect to give you that balance between support and firmness so that you don’t have to arch your spine and wake up to painful shoulders, especially if you are a side sleeper
  • All-round a great product and a bargain. The fit is just right, and it’s so comfortable I don’t want to get up in the mornings
  • my mattress is very cheap, and I was an insomniac for, who knows, years – but since I ordered this topper in XL, I sleep like a baby
  • I am a college student, and this changed everything for me. I always felt I wasn’t getting enough quality sleep because I am very tall, and the dorm beds are obviously not designed for someone like me. This topper gave me that little extra support that I needed for my feet.
  • this is the 4th year I’m using this XL topper for my dorm bed

Read what people had to share about this product on Amazon:

Visit the dedicated page. >>

Some of the users that were critical about the product:

  • It feels thicker than they advertise it, my sheets slip when I’m using it. I had to get an extra set of sheets just to use with this topper.
  • Too soft for my taste…
  • It spreads a weird smell for days after unpacking it. I had to leave it outside for two days so that I can use it, I’m very sensitive to smells.

Overall ratings of this XL twin topper

Our verdict based on the reviews of the topper?

This is by far the best topper in XL size on the market – it has been that way since I first compiled this guide on mattresses and protectors or pads for tall people.

But you should know what to expect when you get a topper and why you are getting it in the first place.

It is soft and I can’t hold that against it, it is designed for people that are not fortunate enough to have firm mattresses – the ones that have that extra layer on top to allow your shoulders and hips to sink so that your spine is aligned.

air mattress and back pain

With that in mind, the only two points deducted from this topper are for durability and longevity and being true to size. It was right on the edge in the review ratings in those two categories but there was few too many people complaining about it changing after a year or two of use and it being an inch or two shorter.

Overall Quality Rating 4.8 / 5.


To be frank, I feel like the “true to size” is more of an issue of individual pieces and if one gets a topper that’s shorter it should be replaced. I am saying this because there is no logic in seeing so many people reporting it being true to the Twin Xl size and a few people saying it’s not.

Still, these cases shouldn’t happen, and it is a quality assurance issue – so no 10 points for this product in that quality aspect.

Pinzon Micro-plush basic XL twin mattress pad – extra soft

Pinzon_extra_long_padThe basic fact sheet:

  • true to size – full 80 ” long
  • ultra softness assured by the unique micro-plush materials used
  • double stitched all the way to prevent cells contents moving
  • luxurious 100 percent bottom (olefin) assures no slippage
  • five different sizes to meet all needs

What the customers liked about it:

  • fluffy and gentle, completely changed my sleep quality
  • I’m confused by how low priced this pad is, it exceeded my expectations when it comes to quality
  • it’s just the right thickness and sized as advertised
  • arrived on time and in a nice package
  • the first night sleeping with this XL pad on my brick-hard mattress was the first night of a good night’s sleep in a long, long time
  • After reading a bunch of reviews, I decided to go with this and never looked back. It looks and feels much more expensive than what I paid for it, I’m a pleased customer.
  • I received this as a gift since everybody around me know that I have back and sleeping problems. It’s a blessing and the best gift ever.

Read more reviews of this Pinzon – click below:

Click here to read more user reviews on Amazon >>

The Cons the users had to share:

  • It’s too thin to make any difference
  • It shifts and moves underneath me, and it’s impossible to relax on it. Only used it for one night and returned it.
  • not sure how to explain this but, between the seams it makes bulks of filling and that’s making it uncomfortable
  • it’s lumpy and cheaply made

Our thoughts and conclusions of the review

This Pinzon is a different kind of product compared to the topper from Innovative Sleep I reviewed above. It’s meant to give you extra comfort but the plush kind. It is meant to feel cozy when you move in your bed. In that way, this is different to a topper that’s aimed and both comfort and support.

To simplify – this is more of a very thick plush sheet than a topper, so buyer beware.

With that in mind, I can say that (for what it’s meant to do) it does a pretty good job and has a nice Overall Rating of 4.5/5.


Bottom line – think about what you need before you go for this Pinzon XL mattress pad. It might not be what you expect.

Reviews of the top rated Waterproof mattress protectors in XL size

SureGuard XL waterproof Mattress Protector – twin

Safeguard_waterproof_mattress_protector_voted_bestWhat the company promises:

  • completely waterproof
  • hypoallergenic cotton specially made to eliminate dust-mites, allergens of all sorts, mold
  • Return guaranteed of 30 days – try it and return if you don’t like it
  • Ten-year full warranty

Sounds like SureGuard stands behind the quality of their product. Ten-year full warranty – you don’t see that every day.


But let us go about our business and scrutinize the product further by looking what the people who use this XL waterproof protector had to say about it:

The PROs:

  • the previous covers I used were keeping my child restless at night and waking up in sweats
  • My son is a bed-wetter, and this made my life so much easier
  • this protector is a great product, just as advertised, just don’t wash it on hot, it will ruin it
  • I am blown away by the customer service of these guys. After receiving a defective one and sending them a picture they immediately contacted me and sent me a new one (allowing me to keep the old one)…I mean wow!
  • This protector is exactly as advertised, it really is completely waterproof

See what other people who own it had to say in their reviews on Amazon:

Click here to see the reviews. >>

The CONs:

  • you better make sure your sheets have deep pockets, or you might have a problem…
  • Either I got a defective product, or it’s not waterproof. After my daughter’s “accident” last night the urine went right through to the mattress

Summing up the review of the XL waterproof protector

Numbers never lie and that’s why I think that the few reports I saw about this protector not being waterproof are cases of receiving a defective product that should be replaced with a new one – in accordance with the guarantee.

Let me explain – my methods of reviewing are statistical and after years of doing this I can tell what’s a true issue and what’s an isolated case.

For example – if I see reports one report of the protector not being waterproof for every five that say the opposite I deem that to be a real quality issue. But, if I see one of those complaints per every 100 customers reviews that say it’s waterproof then I have no doubt that the people who complained received a defective product.

And after all, why would a company back up a product with guarantees I’ve personally never seen (30 day return, and a 10 year full warranty) if the product is not as advertised.


Having said that, this waterproof protector in XL size is rated at  4.9 / 5 – with the one point deducted for the price, because it’s a tad more expensive than most of the other lower quality protectors.

SafeRest Twin XL Classic + Hypoallergenic – completely waterproof mattress protector

Safe_rest_XL_mattress_protectorThe fact sheet:

  • free of vinyl
  • a wide range of protection – from mites, allergen and bacteria to fluids, urine and perspiration
  • specially knitted polyester (extra thin) and  a smooth surface for better stretching and adapting to pressure points and body shapes
  • You mattress will feel the same
  • FDA registered as a medical (class 1) device
  • fitted sheets
  • five sizes of the waterproof protector: twin, twin xl, queen, king, California king and twin XL

The PROs:

  • just as advertised, completely waterproof, the “accidents” in our home are no longer a big deal
  • My boy is allergic to all sorts of stuff – mites, dust, you name it. His condition is much, much calmer since we got this protector, he sleeps much better
  • you really can’t feel that there’s anything added, my boy didn’t want to sleep on those other bulky protectors. He doesn’t even know this is there.
  • I got one more just in case – a week after the first one, it has made my life so much easier

Read why so many customers liked it by checking out the page linked below:

Click here to see the Amazon user reviews >>

The CONs:

  • we are in the process of potty training, and we got this protector but urine still managed to get to the sheets. It does say completely waterproof but I’m not so sure.
  • I already bought the same product last year and this time around, it feels different – like they changed something…waiting to see if it still “works” the same

Overall ratings and a sum up of the protector review

Slightly lower ratings compared to the previous product. This one was tricky, they made it thin so that it’s not as noticeable, but that affected the durability of the product.

You might say that that fact alone “ruined” it’s rating but the numbers are what they are and the reviewing method is tested over time and universal, so I have to abide by it.


Overall rating – 4.7 / 5 – great product but still a runner-up in the ratings.

Final thoughts

So, there we go, tall people and parents – these products are the best of the best on the market today.

One thing to remember is that we update all the guides regularly, and they might change. We do this to keep the info relevant and up-do date.

Sleep tight and dry

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