Best Air Mattress with Frame

You’re looking for the best air mattress with frame?

In this guide (that frankly, seems overdue) we will be dealing with air mattresses with frame, If you are interest in the subject, you’re certainly welcomed to join me on this short journey.

How my guides work?

  • I will read all the possible reviews I can find, contact the customers for their side of the story, and grade different aspects of all of the products accordingly. The ones with the highest average grade get onto my list of winners and get presented to you.
  • I repeat the process every 2 months, so my lists are always up to date.

First I’ll give you my “Best air mattress with frame” list, and then get specific with some digest reviews of all the top contenders.

My list of best rated air mattresses

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Insta-Bed Insta-Bed EZ Bed - Queen 1Insta EZ mattress – queen49 / 50ratings
Coleman QueenCot With Airbed 2QueenCot with air mattress47 / 50ratings
SimplySleeper Hideaway Guest Air Bed with Integrated Travel Case 3Hide away guest air bed47 / 50ratings
LCM Direct Low Profile Queen Size Anywhere Bed Frame 4Low profile anywhere bed frame47 / 50ratings
Intex Comfort Frame Airbed Kit, Queen 5Comfort frame air bed kit47 / 50ratings
Intex Comfort Frame Airbed Kit with Removable Inner Mattress, Queen 6Comfort frame airbed kit46 / 50ratings

Those are the best of the best market has to offer at this point. I’ll put my reputation behind each and every one of these products. That’s how much I believe in my statistical method for grading them.

Now let’s get more in depth with these air mattresses I’ve picked for you. Digest reviews section is next on our agenda.

Digest reviews of my top picks

The way this works is, I’ll give you the info manufacturer has provided to introduce us to its product first. Then I’ll follow it up with some good and not so pleasant user experiences in our PROs/CONs section. It helps us get the full story, and filter marketing strategies from the real deal.

Now that you’re familiar with the protocol, we can get started.

Insta EZ mattress – queen

By Insta-Bed Insta-Bed Insta-Bed EZ Bed - Queen 1

As I just said, first we’ll listen to what the company has to say about this product:

  • Dimensions while inflated: 78 x 60 x 22”, frame dimensions: 64 x 54 x 11.5”
  • Quick inflation/deflation with our patented AC pump. NeverFlat, internal and very powerful
  • Firmness selection fully customizable
  • Designed to utilize a “self-deploying” technology. Easy setup, just plug it in, and turn it on
  • Includes a rolling storage case
  • Material will relax over some time, due to the factors such as humidity, temperature and location. It will require an occasional re-inflation, for maintaining the desired level of firmness

I like how they flat-out warn you about the need for an occasional need of re-inflation. They really put it out there, so no factor about this mattress comes as a surprise.

Let’s see some of the good experiences users shared with us about this mattress:

  • This is one very comfortable and soft air bed. We’ve used the “firm” option in the settings, and the bed actually stayed that way throughout the night. We didn’t need to inflate it again, or fill it up with air since the first time we’ve inflated it. It’s a great product, and we’re enjoying it every night
  • It’s a great option when the guests arrive. I have a very comfortable sleeping solution for them, and I don’t have to lose any square footage of the room, by keeping a regular bed in it. It’s also very cool looking
  • I first the advertisement in Sky Mall. I was also really surprised that I’ve got a better price for it online. It’s a great bed overall. 3 different inflation levels really let me personalize it to the max. The frame makes it much more easier to get in or out, compared to frame-less, low to the ground mattresses
  • I just inflate this air bed before my guests arrive. It’s a very quick process by the way. Then I throw some bed sheets ad skirt on it, and my guests rarely notice it’s not a regular bed, even after they’ve slept on it. After they leave, I deflate it in a matter of minutes, with a push of a button, and zip it right back into its bag
  • I have some considerable disabilities. And I really appreciate how the pump does all the work for me. The entire set up is light just enough, so even I can move it freely in and out of the closet. It was never the case with other mattresses. It’s also very comfortable and supports my back perfectly

And some, not so good experiences:

  • I’m familiar with the smell the air mattress will have once you’ve just unpacked it. This one had it too. It was a familiar vinyl-y odor. It just wasn’t as sharp as on my previous air beds. I just went through the regular protocol and aired it out for a day. The smell was almost completely gone. It’s a nice air bed, very comfortable and made of high quality materials
  • It’s comfortable all right, but that price wasn’t something my budget took lightly

Review resume:


Review resume of 49 / 50 says a lot about the product. It’s the best rating on the list of “winners”, so there’s not much more to say.

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QueenCot with air mattress

By Coleman Coleman QueenCot With Airbed 2

The basic fact sheet of the air mattress:

  • Versatile design, for indoors or outdoors use
  • Cot and air bed, providing elevated support for sleeping
  • Separate air bed and cot, doubling the space for sleeping
  • Steel frame is very durable, and will support 600lbs
  • Tables for both sides featuring cup holders, so you can always keep you personal items and drinks nearby
  • Material will relax over some time, due to the factors such as humidity, temperature and location. It will require an occasional re-inflation, for maintaining the desired level of firmness

Now let’s check if the users agree with all of the above.


  • And we thought we were too old to go tent camping. The ground was causing some less than comfortable nights. The air mattresses were better, but still too close to the ground. This air mattress is a dream. It’s elevated, comfortable, and fits our tent perfectly. We also like the cute little tables on both sides. This mattress is why we kept on camping. Thank you Coleman
  • The setup is very easy and quick, and my queen fitted sheets fit perfectly. It holds me and my husband without any trouble, and seems very durable overall. We like the feel of the mattress, it’s firm enough, yet still very comfortable
  • Both I and my husband have severe back problems. This is the best air mattress with frame we have ever had. I can just feel my spine aligning properly when I’m on this bed. It’s very supportive, and we just love it. Great buy for us
  • I like the elevation and being of the floor. It’s surprisingly warmer when you’re a few feet of the ground. And I’m not even going to tell you about the ease with which I get in and out of the bed, it’s a blessing. I use it every night, and it’s worth the money spent


  • It just feels a bit too heavy when I pack it in its case. But that’s my only complaint, other than that it’s a great air mattress with frame
  • mine started leaking after just a few months

Review resume

Menta_rating_2_Coleman_queen_cot_air_mattress_with frame

Overall Quality Score of 47 / 50 – it seems that Coleman hit the target once more with this one.

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Hide away guest air bed

By SimplyClever SimplySleeper Hideaway Guest Air Bed with Integrated Travel Case 3

Info from the manufacturer:

  • Automatic opening and closing, simply by turning on a switch
  • Strong and durable steel frame, powder coated, withstands 300lbs
  • Sturdy storage case included. Wheeled roll away, 600-deiner polyester
  • Built in pump, AC electric operated and patented
  • No touch inflation/deflation
  • Includes a free repair kit


  • Just what the doctor ordered for any guest that’s coming over. It’s very easy for setting up/taking down, and it’s very comfortable to match
  • I just love this frame with self-erecting thing going on as the bed fills up with air. I just turn it on, and it fully inflates in just over a minute. My sheets fit perfectly, and it feels like a regular bed
  • I have a bad back, and I really had some trouble getting in and out of the floor air mattress. This air mattress with frame is somewhere around 20 inches high, and it a piece of cake to just slide in. It’s pretty comfortable and supports my back well. I can also choose the level of firmness, which is an added bonus
  • It’s made out of some plastic material that feels pretty thick to the touch, I’ve had it for some time now, and I can say it’s very durable. I’ve had some situations that would surely pierce any of my old mattresses, but this one held like a champ
  • It doesn’t feel at al like your average air mattress. Super comfortable and I really like how the pump does all the work for you. After were done using it, it’s so easy to put it away. The roller bag with the handles is great for traveling also


  • It gets a little cold on this mattress, if the room you’re sleeping is cooler. Nothing an extra blanket, or a cheap topper can’t solve
  • It’s somewhat heavy, when stored inside the bag. The rolling option and the handle help out a lot here

Review resume


Overall Quality Score of 47 / 50 – a solid high quality and well deserved place on the list.

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Low profile anywhere bed frame

By LCM DIRECT LCM Direct Low Profile Queen Size Anywhere Bed Frame 4

Let’s dig in into he manufacturer’s info:

  • Heavy duty frame made of steel
  • Sturdy nylon webbing and enclosure for the mattress will keep an air mattress in place securely
  • Compact folding, for facilitated portability and storage
  • Includes a storage bag for the frame

Let’s continue with the PROs:

  • Great frame for lifting air bed off the floor. The height is suitable, and not back breaking. It’s very easy for setting up, and folding up when I’m done
  • It’s very inexpensive, and it fits my full size Aerobed perfectly. It’s was a very easy setup, and I did it all by myself
  • Very lightweight frame. I had no problem putting it back into its bag, once I’ve used it for a while, and it was already stretched out. It doesn’t take up much room, and it’s a blessing for senior citizens like me. Lifting my air mattress of the ground is the name of the game
  • This frame feels very steady, and it doesn’t tip over when I sit on the edge, with no one on the other side. The seller provided me with a great service, and it arrived just in time
  • Very user friendly and sturdy bed frame. It lifts my air mattress to a height of a regular bed, and gives it structure and support


  • I couldn’t make out from the advertisement if the offer were for the frame only, or the mattress was included

Review resume

I like to see some of the lesser known brands score so well in these guides where we choose best air mattresses in a category, and that’s the case here. Menta_rating_4_LCM_Direct_Profile_Queen_with_frame

A high quality product and a solid quality score of 47 / 50.

More info on Amazon>>

Comfort frame air bed kit

By IntexIntex Comfort Frame Airbed Kit, Queen 5

We have something different here – here are not talking about the steel frame, we are actually looking to cover different angles – looking into an air mattress that features a frame on the sides of the bed.

Our dissecting material goes first, here’s some basic product info:

  • Material will relax over some time, due to the factors such as humidity, temperature and location. It will require an occasional re-inflation, for maintaining the desired level of firmness
  • Measurements will depend on the customer’s level of inflation
  • Exterior frame and inner mattress
  • 2 air beds in 1, or combined, for an extra comfortable bed
  • Unique pillowed headboard, both sides feature supporting tubular chambers
  • Flocked top, waterproof, 20.08-gauge; I-beams made of 15-gauge vinyl
  • Withstanding up to 600lbs
  • Handheld high powered electric pump included


  • Very comfortable and spacious bed. Very versatile also, with it’s separate or combined combo going on. It’s a good looking piece too. Rugged enough to carry on a camping trip, and stylish enough we can use it indoors and work with the room
  • My wife and I both sleep on it in our sleeping bags when camping, and it doesn’t feel crowded or cramped at all. And it’s a perfect fit for our tent. Heavy duty construction and it’s a rugged piece, so it handles our regular wear and tear pretty nicely
  • The distribution of air throughout the mattress is very even, and the whole sleeping surface feels very uniform and solid. If you stumble close to the sides in the middle of the night, there’s no danger of falling off due to the frame. Also, there’s a raised piece at the head side of the frame, acting almost like a pillow, or preventing your pillow from falling off the bed
  • We are very impressed with air retention here. We inflated/deflated it a couple of times, so it could stretch and break in, and after that it held air for a week with a minimum of air loss. At the end of the week it had a little less air, but was still very supportive and comfortable for sleeping


  • It radiated some intense vinyl fumes when we first got it. We handled it with a 1-day airing out though. No other complaints
  • After you inflate it once, you’ll have some trouble getting it back into its original bag. I’ve managed to do it, but had to put some effort into it

Review resume

Intex was kind of the margins when it comes to high quality air mattresses lately and it’s refreshing seeing one of their products on these list of “best”. Menta_rating_5_Intex-Comfort_Frame_Airbed

A high quality product and a solid quality score of 47 / 50.

See how users are rating this Intex on Amazon:

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Comfort frame airbed kit

By Intex Intex Comfort Frame Airbed Kit with Removable Inner Mattress, Queen 6

For the last time in this guide, let’s hear out the company:

  • Ideal for guests
  • Queen fitted sheets will securely and easily tuck around its inner mattress before you slip it into the frame
  • Enhanced comfort and stability, provided by enhanced bed construction and I-beam frame
  • Headboard that’s built in will keep your pillows in place, and provide added support


  • It’s so comfortable, and I’m able to set it up in just minutes. The inner mattress inflates separately from the frame one, so I can control its firmness without any loss of air in the supportive frame. The headboard is very effective an keeping my pillow from falling off the bed
  • My wife and I are camping regularly for almost 2 decades. Mountain, beaches, woods, you name it. This air mattress with frame is by far the most comfortable one we’ve ever used for camping. It rivals closely our much more expensive memory foam mattress, we have at home. It’s very sturdy and simply huge. Enough space for both of us. It didn’t show any damage, no matter the abuse we’ve put it through. With some sheets tucked in between layers of mattresses, it feels just like regular bed
  • It looks so damn cool and futuristic! It’s a high quality product, and I’ve never woken up sore while camping since I started taking it with me. I like to keep it extra firm, for maximum support. I like to add a memory foam topper, to give it an extra couple of inches, it’s just heaven I tell you
  • Absolutely great function in this air mattress. I’ve discovered that if you remove the inner mattress, the frame walls will create a barrier of air, allowing you to stay even warmer. It’s a great buy, and I can see why people start using this air mattress as their primary bed


  • The only flaw with this mattress is that, as any other inflatable product has a finite life span. My frame lasted longer than the mattress, but any queen size mattress will fit right inside, so no problem there. It lasted longer than any other mattress I’ve owned

My review digest of this Intex and the Overall Quality Rating


Overall Quality Score of 46 / 50 – seems like we have one more winner from Intex.

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Final thoughts

I hope I provided some additional insight, when it some to the best rated air mattress with frame currently out there.

Well, 6 of them to be more precise.

Sleep tight,


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