What is the best organic crib cover pad? Comprehensive updated analysis.

Becoming a parent is the greatest joy a man can experience. It is only natural that you’ll want to protect your baby from any harm. Choosing among the best organic crib mattress pads falls under that category.

Mattress pads seem to be the most often overlooked essentials for your baby. It somehow gets lost between clothes shopping and picking the right car seat. This guide is here to remind you that a right pad over your baby’s mattress can make a tremendous difference when it comes to comfort, safety, and convenience.

But what’s exactly that prevailing factor/s that makes you go yeah, those are the best organic crib mattress pads? That’s what we’re about to find out. So, don’t go anywhere, some essential knowledge coming right up.

A little something about me

It’s normal that you would want to know who this advice-offering guy is, and why should I even give him the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve spent years writing articles and reviewing everything remotely connected to bedding and sleep quality. No small part of my writing portfolio consists of ultra informative and definitive guides such as this. I’m constantly sharing my knowledge and experience, and after years in the industry there’s a lot to go around.

My number one recommendation is how much attention I give to the customer feedback. I read every user review I can find, and base my conclusions in no small part on what they said. Using the product in real-life situations is the best way of seeing if it’s any good or not.

So, if you’d like to increase your baby’s comfort level, and know how to appreciate the professional, informative, and unbiased guide, feel free to stick around with me ‘till the end.

My own grading method (bread and butter of this guide)

During my time around the industry, I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge that allows me to know a high-quality product right when I see one.

I’ve decided to turn that knowledge into something tangible, and that’s how my classification method came to be. I basically read all the user reviews of every notable product out the currently. I filter all that info through my own experience and give the products grades for certain aspects. Then it’s just a matter of finding a couple of them with the highest average grade overall, and put them on the winners list. That’s how we have the best of the best at any given moment.

I update those lists bi-monthly, so you don’t have to fear any of them being outdated.

The List of best rated organic crib covers

Time to see the actual best organic crib mattress pads that will be in charged for you baby’s ultimate comfort and protection.

So, here they are winners – best rated organic crib cover pads:

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Pack n Play Size Fitted Mattress Pad CoverNatural quilted crib mattress cover4.9 / 5ratings
American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Natural Quilted Fitted Crib Pad CoverFitted Quilted Crib Pad Cover4.4 / 5ratings
Healthy Baby Ideas Viscose From Bamboo Waterproof Fitted Crib and Toddler Mattress Pad Cover ProtectorToddler mattress protector4.3 / 5ratings
Organic quilted mini padOrganic quilted mini pad4.3 / 5ratings

Now that we unveiled the top of what market has to offer momentarily, we can get to know them a bit more. We’ll achieve that through their digest reviews.

The structure of the digest reviews of the cover pads:

  • First, we get some product specs by reading the manufacturer’s specification
  • Then we get to the punch line. We’ll see some pros and cons that users shared with us
  • Finally, I button it all up with a few words of my own

Sounds simple enough? That’s because it is. Effective too. So, let’s get cracking.

Natural quilted crib mattress cover

American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Pack n Play Size Fitted Mattress Pad CoverBy American Baby Company

We know what’s about to come by now, so let’s hear it from the company:

  • Top layer is 100% cotton, middle 100% highly breathable polyester, breathable/waterproof polyester on the back
  • 27” x 39”
  • Secure and snug fit ensured by the 4” deep elastic pockets
  • No dyes, no harmful chemicals
  • Machine washable in cold water, low tumble dry

Very nice indeed. But no passing of any judgments before we consult our fellow customers.


Time for the good side:

  • It’s one of the best organic crib mattress pads out the if not the best one. It’s a perfect fit for our Dream On Me 3, and it’s just so soft and comfortable. It doesn’t wrinkle or bunch, and our little man is more than welcoming the change in comfort. It’s a great mattress cover, and the price is one more of the alluring factors too
  • Organic and soft cotton. It’s every baby’s dream come true. It fits perfectly on our mattress, and I’m sleeping better at night knowing that my baby is in an environment that’s toxin and bacteria free. It offers a lot of comfort, protection, and lastly my piece of mind for very little money. I think we have a winner!
  • I’ve started reading the organic crib mattress reviews once we had our little girl and stumbled upon an article about mattress pads. Didn’t even give it a thought before, and now I know I should have. This one doesn’t cost a lot, and it’s pretty essential complementary accessory to your baby’s mattress. It gives it additional padding without making the mattress unsafe. It also increases its comfort and protection. Also, any liquid on it will NOT get through to the mattress I can guarantee it. I don’t know what I would’ve done without it, and I’m just super glad and relieved I found that article. It also gives a great padding to the floor of our playpen
  • Organic cotton only for my only grandson. It adds a good layer of comfort, and you can just see he’s enjoying it very much. It’s a great gift too

See the complete reviews on Amazon.com by clicking the link below:

See why this mattress has such high ratings >>


Let’s see the downsides:

  • I suppose it could be somewhat thicker

As if there was any need for me to say anything. Hit the stores and make your babies smile while they sleep.

My thoughts

Overall Quality Rating of 4.9 out of 5. Let me tell you, this is I believe the third product to ever get an 4.9 in my statistical rating model. That says it all.

These are all good products – but this one is the supreme.

Moving on…

Fitted Quilted Crib Pad Cover

American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Natural Quilted Fitted Crib Pad CoverBy American Baby Company

Let’s putting what we just said into words. We’ll start with the manufacturer’s product specification:

  • Measurements are 28” x 52” x 9”
  • Made for crib mattresses up to 5” in thickness
  • Secure and snug fit ensured by an all around elastic
  • Machine washable

Short and sweet. By let’s see what the customers have to say about it.

Positive reviews of the covers – by the users:

  • I just love this organic quilted pad. I’ve read a ton of organic crib mattresses reviews and of different pads that match them perfectly, and this is what I went with in the end. I wasn’t wrong. I figured out that my daughter liked sleeping in my bed for some reason. After a quick check, I saw that her crib mattress wasn’t nearly as comfortable. This pad solved that problem and got her mattress as close to my bed as possible
  • It has just the perfect padding amount, so I don’t have to worry about my daughter turning in her sleep and ending up on her tummy. It’s the best organic crib mattress pad I’ve bought in the last year, and I bought 4 of them. My sincere recommendation
  • Our little man had his first huge vomit accident last night, and I was really curious to see if this pad will do what it’s supposed to. And it did. Not a single speck went through it and onto the mattress. I must admit I was pretty surprised at the quality. Not to mention how comfortable it is and how he sleeps more peaceful than ever before. You can really tell the difference. I’m more than satisfied with this buy and would definitely buy it again
  • More than reasonable price for the quality it offers. It’s organic, which is a huge deal for us, but it’s also very durable and well designed. The comfort is off the charts, and it really makes for one cushy cloud for our little girl to sleep on. This is our regular pad now, and we wouldn’t want any other. It’s certainly worth the money we spent on it, and I recommend it to every parent out there
  • We bought the organic serta pad a while ago, but this one has a lot more padding to it, and it feels a lot softer to the touch. The material breathes pretty well and in spite of all that padding, it manages to stay flat enough so I know it’ll keep our baby safe and sound. It’s super comfy adds the needed cushion to the mattress and our girl loves it. She even stopped crying to sleep in our bed

Users shared so much more Amazon – use the link below to see the full reviews:

Read the in-depth reviews of actual users >>

CONs – those who were not so pleased:

  • The price is a bit high. Sure, you get what you paid for, and the quality is super good, but it was a pretty substantial impact on our budget. Totally worth it though

Couldn’t agree more, you get what you paid for. Or in this case, even more than that. It’s a great mattress pad, and it offers all your toddler will ever need. We can’t really put a price on that.

Toddler mattress protector

Healthy Baby Ideas Viscose From Bamboo Waterproof Fitted Crib and Toddler Mattress Pad Cover ProtectorBy Healthy Baby Ideas

Ok, let’s repeat the process and start with some basic product specs as listed by the manufacturer:

  • Imported
  • Bamboo viscose
  • 52 inch x 28 inch x 9 inch. Strong elastic skirt will keep it tightly on pretty much any of the crib mattresses even with added topper up to 3 inches
  • It protects the mattress, it’s odor-free, waterproof, and breathable. PVC and phthalate free
  • The cloth is silky smooth, luxurious, easy to clean, cozy, and perfect for babies with sensitive skin
  • Yellow color
  • Lifetime warranty

Now that’s quite a lot of idealness in one product. We better check if the parents that bought it actually agree with all of that.

PROs as per the users:

  • I’ve read so many organic crib mattress reviews that I just didn’t have the strength to do it all over again for the pad too. So, I just took my girlfriend’s advice and bought the same she has. She was super happy with it, and that I have it, I can tell why. I wanted a mattress cover that was comfortable enough and safe for my baby. Plus, when I saw it was PVC and phthalates free I was sure I found an insta winner
  • It’s very well made and extremely comfortable. I was a bit worried about how it will look after washing, but I it was for nothing. It looked even better. It fits the mattress perfectly, and it’s so easy to set up even my father could do it. It’s also very important to me that I know my baby’s crib is germ-free and without any harmful toxins. Even though our mattress is waterproof putting a waterproof pad over it is always a good idea. I recommend buying two of them, so you always have one ready while you wash the other
  • We live in Florida, and the bill can pile on quite a bit if you leave your AC running all summer long. That’s why the temperature regulating function of this pad was so important to us. I’ve read a lot about the dangers of baby being overheated during the night that I knew something must be done to prevent it. It also does one hell of a job at protecting the mattress. We had a little bad diaper incident the other night, and all it did was leave a little stain on the pad, nothing on the mattress. Super happy with this pad wouldn’t trade it for the world
  • It fits perfectly around our crib mattress, and there’s absolutely no chance of one side popping up. Its construction material is bamboo, which spells toxin-free, natural, antibacterial, and a safe heaven for our little one
  • Luxurious and silky smooth are just the words to describe this pad. It somehow manages to be both very soft and extremely durable. The packaging was great, and the customer service was up to the task. Would give 10-star grade if given the option, but we’ll settle for 5


Click here to visit Amazon.com and read more reviews >>


The pros made quite an impression. Let’s see if the cons can match it:

  • I don’t like the overall design
  • I wished it was a bit thicker. It’s very good as it stands, but could be better

Couldn’t find any substantial con that would indicate any major or, at leas medium flaws. So, as it stands, it’s a perfect cover for the mattress of your little ones.

Go for it, you won’t make a mistake.

Organic quilted mini pad

Organic quilted mini padBy American Baby Company

One more time, the company has the honor:

  • Top layer is 100% cotton, middle 100% polyester, waterproof polyester on the back
  • No dyes, natural organic color
  • 24” x 38” x 5”
  • Harmful chemicals free
  • Secure fit ensured by elastic and 5” deep pockets

This mattress pad won’t be given any slack because it’s mentioned last. Parents will have the last word, as usual.


  • I’m very impressed by this pad! I bought it for our mini crib which has a 4” mattress in it, and it covers it without any problems. Very deep pocket is a handy thing to have in a crib mattress pad indeed
  • I just love the fabric and the overall thickness of this pad. It washes amazingly, doesn’t wrinkle, and all of the stains just disappear. It’s like magic. I’m very satisfied with this purchase, and my baby is more than happy too. Happy, comfortable, and safe
  • We have it for 7 months now, and it has been more than great. It’s the best organic crib mattress pad out of 5 different ones that we bought. And two of those cost considerably more money. I guess it’s true that you don’t have to pay gazillions of dollars for a good quality product every single time. Our sincere recommendation
  • It adds a lot of comfort and cushion to our little mattress, and it’s not too thick to make the sleeping unsafe. I especially like that it’s organic and natural, so I know there are no countless microbes crawling around my baby. Great buy and one happy mom

High ratings for this mini pad – visit Amazon to see what other users are saying:

Read the full crib pad reviews >>


Last cons section for the day:

  • We underestimated the size of our foam mattress. It’s just too big for this pad, and we’ll have to return it. It definitely looks good, just too small

Well, that’s not really a con is it? But it’s the closest thing I could find. It’s an amazing product, and it’s on my list for a good reason. Enough said.


Let the crib mattress pads enter your daily life, and more importantly, the nightly lives of your babies. They don’t cost all that much but offer a ton of benefits in return. Antimicrobial environment for your baby being number one.

Hope I taught you something today. Until next time, take care of your little people.

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