Best Kids/Toddler Air Mattress – 5 Best Rated

Welcome to my guide dealing with the subject of the best kids air mattress.

There is a lot more to choosing an air mattress for you young ones than just few different mattress types, and comfort levels. That’s why I’ll do my best to give you all the necessary information, plus show you some of the best rated air mattresses currently on the market.

My rating method and the outlook of this guide

I’ll usually research the market completely, read all the reviews of products that interest me, contact the customers, and gather as much information as possible.

Then, I’ll grade different aspects of those products, get an overall grade for each of them, and show you only the winners. I upgrade my lists every two months, so I could always keep you up to date.

Here’s the structure of this guide:

  • First, we’ll see the best rated air mattresses (aka, the winners)
  • Then, we’ll go for an in depth view through some digest reviews of our winners

TOP 5 Best Rated Kids/Toddler air mattress

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
The Shrunks Indoor Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed 1Indoor inflatable kids travel bed4.8 / 5ratings
AeroBed Mattress for Kids 2Bed mattress for kids4.8 / 5ratings
Smart Air Beds Inflata Snuggle Air Bed for Kids 3Inflata snuggle kids air bed4.7 / 5ratings
Cozy Kidz Airbeds 4Cozy kidz airbed4.8 / 5ratings
AirCloud CAB-020 Magestic 14-Inch High Inflatable Blue Air Bed with AC Motor Pump 5CAB-020 Magestic blue twin air bed4.8 / 5ratings

Any one of these could be the best kids air mattress for you. It’s just a matter of your personal preferences and needs of your toddlers now.

Our top 5 digest reviews

Let me show you the outlines of these mini reviews first.

We’ll begin by reading some basic specs about the mattress we’re reviewing. It introduces the product to us and sets the scales of expectation for later. We’ll do this by reading the manufacturers specification for the product in question. Then we’ll filter what we’ve just heard through the opinions and experiences of the customers, by listing out some PROs and CONs.

Indoor inflatable kids travel bed

By The Shrunks

The Shrunks Indoor Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed 1

Following the procedure we’ve just announced, let’s start by hearing out the manufacturer, and see what exactly they are offering us with this product:

  • Special sheet-tuck feature, it will fit all standard sheets that are crib-sized
  • Safety rails, for preventing the falling off of your child
  • Quick inflation (just 30 seconds)
  • Carry bag included for added portability
  • Repair kit included, comes with Jetaire electric pump, that’s compact, but very powerful
  • Lead safe, BpA safe, phthalate safe

Ok, now we know what it is that we’re supposed to expect here. We can confirm or debunk these claims by filtering them through the experiences of our trusted users.

Let’s start with some of the PROs:

  • Very comfortable bed, quick and simple to set up or put away, and it’s just the perfect size. The bed and the pump that came with it fit together nicely inn the storage bag, and it’s crib sheets friendly. The most important thing for me though is that our toddler enjoys it so much. He’s a bit of a mover, while he sleeps, but we’ve solved that problem by moving the bed inside one of the corners, and he stays put all night long
  • My granddaughter just loves it, when she comes to visit me. It’s very comfortable for her, and well made. It does exactly what they claimed it would
  • This is the best toddler air mattress, no question about it. Our daughter is almost 3, and she outgrew her pack & play, so this was just a perfect solution for her. She loves it! It’s very comfortable, and it doesn’t leak air whatsoever
  • It’s quite handy and compact. Seems very durable, and it’s so easy to set up. It inflates in a matter of second, and it’s good to go. We had no issues returning it to its box, which comes very handy for transporting purposes
  • We’ve bought this airbed for our toddler to use it while on vacation. She just loved it, and didn’t complain at all, which is a miracle. I like the fact that my kid is a good few inches of the floor, but not high enough to hurt herself if she fell out by some chance. The bed is so lightweight it’s a dream for traveling. It’s also very well designed and feels just like a bed, not like a pool floaty

And complete the story with some of the CONs users had to share with us:

  • This air bed had a distinct plastic smell, when we unpacked it. It was somewhat sharp, and my baby couldn’t sleep on it. She really liked it though, but the odor was too much. I had to air it out, and after some 24 hours the smell was gone and didn’t come back…
  • this thing started leaking in a few days…sending it back

Review resume


Probably the smartest design in the category and an Overall Quality Rating of 48 / 50, seems like we have a real winner here.

>> More info and in depth reviews on Amazon >>

Bed mattress for kids

By Aero

AeroBed Mattress for Kids 2

Let’s begin with the manufacturer’s specification again:

  • Inflatable bed, specially made for kids
  • 50” by 25” of sleeping surface
  • Heavy duty PVC construction, seams are electronically welded
  • 4” high safety cushion surrounding the bed, helping kids stay on it
  • AC pump included. Inflation in under 1 minute, 15 seconds to deflate
  • Includes fitted, thick mattress pad that’s machine washable. It features star and moon design

Time for some pleasant experiences of the customers:

  • This bumper really works, for a change. My boy is an extremely restless sleeper, and it didn’t manage to fall off of this bed yet. We’ve had 3 beds before this one, and I can honestly say, this is the best kids air mattress among them
  • Excellent product! I like how it just inflates before you know it, and it’s ready to be used. It deflates even faster. Fleece sheet that came with it is just so soft and perfect for kids. My girl loves it. And it has some cute stars and moons all over it
  • This bed is very comfortable and sturdy. I was impressed while I watched the simple peace of plastic turn into a small air bed in just a couple of seconds. I can easily adjust the air pressure in it, so I can customize it to fit my kid without a problem
  • It’s the perfect size, and it comes with this cute little bed sheet. The sheet really gives a feeling of warmth to the bed. We got a nice little bag with it, perfect for storing the bed, sheet and pump all together. It’s still so light when packed, even my toddler can haul it around
  • We bought this air bed after we just had it with child’s bed in hotels turning out to be a simple pack & play. It’s shaped like a “well”, and our little active sleeper stayed in place the whole night. It comes with a pump, which fills it really fast with air, and a cute little sheet, that fits like a glove. It deflates quickly also, and it packs very nicely into the bag we got with it. It’s very lightweight, and comfortable, as far as I can tell. Our little girl loves it, and she continues sleeping in it, even after we get home

And some less than pleasant:

  • This air mattress started making noises the first time our toddler started with his turning throughout the night. They were these sounds, like moving over some rubberized surface, squeaky and annoying. Luckily, they were gone after a while, and now we can all finally get some sleep

Review resume


One of the industry classics that’s been around for so long now, wasn’t surprised to see it on the list of the best in the category of toddler and kid air mattresses.

Overall Quality Rating of 48/50.

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Inflata snuggle kids air bed

By Smart Air Beds

Smart Air Beds Inflata Snuggle Air Bed for Kids 3

You know the procedure by now, manufacturer gets to go first:

  • Heavy duty PVC construction, seams are electronically welded for a tougher and stronger bed
  • Includes a thick mattress cover that’s very soft and snuggly, with a polar fleece feeling to it
  • External AC pump included. Inflation in under 1 minute
  • Inflatable bed, specifically made for kids
  • 60 x 36 x 8, sleep surface 42 x 20

What customers liked about this air mattress:

  • This air bed is absolutely perfect! Out daughter is a bit taller, and this mattress is still super comfy for her, and with plenty of room. And better yet, she’s in no danger of rolling over, in spite of her being a super active sleeper. Elevations on the sides are high and sturdy enough to keep her in all night long
  • This bed arrived a day sooner than expected so kudos for that. We bought it for our 14 day camping trip, for our toddler to sleep on. It held air for the entire trip, without a refill, and I can’t tell you enough how happy we were with this purchase
  • My 2 year old granddaughter loved it. It is very easy to set up, inflates quickly, and as easy to put away after use. She says it’s super comfortable, and she particularly liked the little bed sheet that came with it
  • It’s a great bed for our son. Easy to inflate and to store it away. It all fits nicely in the bag. Our son loves the comfort and the soft feeling of the sheet we got with it. He thinks it’s a pirate ship though
  • My grandson enjoys it very much. And when he’s not sleeping in it, he uses it as a trampoline. It still holds air for weeks. It’s a great quality product, and the sheet is a nice addition. It feels very soft, and fits well, but we had to buy Sponge Bob sheets, of course

And what they didn’t like:

  • My little guy complained about being a bit cold while sleeping on this air bed. Truth be told, it was a bit cold in the room too, but I thought that wouldn’t matter. Later I’ve read how if the room is a bit cooler, the mattress will be too. I’ve put an extra blanket under him, ad that seems to have done the trick
  • Those damn plastic noises again. I was so disappointed when we heard them, cause we liked the bed so much. Thank god they were gone after a while, and now she can enjoy the bed, and we the silence during the night

Review digest and Overall Quality rating


Overall Quality Rating of 47/50 and a good value for money product.

For more customer reviews visit Amazon through the link below:

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Cozy kidz airbed

By Intex

Cozy Kidz Airbeds 4

Let’s get some basic product information:

  • Intex’s line new item
  • Extra comfort provided by soft flocking
  • Inflatable flocked pillow included
  • Includes repair patch
  • Air bed for your kids


  • This is a great product, and I’m very happy with it. It held air for 3 weeks straight without a refill. My boy and his friends have dragged it for room to room, they jumped on it, and it still looks amazing
  • It’s a great quality air bed, and it blows up so quickly. Plus, my girl just loves the color. We got it the next day that we ordered it, so thumbs up for that. It’s really comfortable and well made. Seams don’t seem loose or anything. It’s a sturdy built air mattress, and my little girl loves it
  • We bought these air mattresses for our two boys to sleep when we go camping. They’ve proved to be a great buy so far. They don’t require so much room inside the tent as twin mattresses, and have held up to jumping very well. And no leaks whatsoever
  • This is one high quality product. It is very soft and durable, and my grandkids love it. It’s a perfect little bed for them when they come to visit, or when I’m on nanny duty. I’ve also bought one for my dog with arthritis. Very good customer service too
  • Fantastic airbed for my kids! It’s all you can wish for, it’s just the perfect size, very convenient for travel and storage, it’s pretty comfortable, and it comes in many fun colors. Great buy and my recommendation


  • I don’t like the pillow that came with it
  • I liked this bed when I saw it online. I’ve read some reviews of it, and my other choices, and this seemed to be the best rated air mattress in the bunch. Then I figured out I can’t choose the color of the one I order…not cool…

Review digest and Overall Quality rating


Amazing design and colors, I know for a fact that kids love it – Overall Quality Rating of 48/50.

See what the parents who got this mattress are saying on Amazon (linked below):

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CAB-020 Magestic blue twin air bed

By AirCloud

AirCloud CAB-020 Magestic 14-Inch High Inflatable Blue Air Bed with AC Motor Pump 5

Let us take a look at the basic facts:

  • 14” high, inflates fully in under a minute
  • Flocked ultra comfortable velvet sleeping surface. Produced from a k-80 PVC
  • Ergonomic internal I-beam construction able to withstand the weight of 200lbs
  • Includes a sturdy nylon bag for carrying and storage
  • Personal control of the firmness via unit for remote auto-inflation, valve for quick release

The PROs section:

  • This mattress is a bit smaller than your regular twin mattress, but the sheets will fit just fine. It takes almost no effort to inflate or deflate it, and it’s great for kids that are active sleepers. It’s raised edges truly are effective at keeping the little ones in. Besides its perfect size for a toddler, it’s insanely comfortable and soft. Great purchase!
  • This is the best kids air mattress! It’s so lightweight, and once deflated, folds pretty small, which is ideal for storage. The electrical pump fills it with air in about 30 seconds, and the part that I really love is the stopper inside the valve, that prevents the air from going out before you a the cap on it. No more rush to cap that opening, letting the air get out in the process. The construction is very durable, and the material used for the top is soft as heaven
  • It’s one sturdy mattress that’s built to last. My boy enjoys how comfortable it is and uses it for jumping when he thinks I’m not looking. Falling of it doesn’t seem to be an option, thanks to the raised edges. I like the size very much, as it allows for a better fit inside a smaller room than your regular twin size air mattress. My son and his friends say it’s very comfy, and once we need it put away, it’s a matter of minutes


  • It’s a bit smaller than a twin, even though it says twin size

Review digest and Overall Quality Rating


This mattress is a real looker and it seems to me that they got the colors just right while keeping the simplicity – Overall Quality Rating of 48/50.

Learn more about prices and ratings on Amazon >>

Final thoughts

I’ve shown you the best the market has to offer at this moment, concerning air mattresses for kids. You could also see some major points parents spoke of in the PROs/CONs sections. Safety elevated edges, comfort, durability, material, stability for active sleepers just being some of them. These mattresses are the winners of my list because they were up to the task on each and every one of those fields. The truly are the best from the bunch.

I sincerely hope my guide will help you navigate these shopping waters, searching for the best toddler air mattress.

Happy mattress hunting and see you around.


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