Best Hospital Bed Sheets – Complete Guide 4

I would usually make some kind of a joke at the beginning of my guide, but hospital bed sheets are no laughing matter so I’ll skip it this time.

We’ll dive right in and see what you can expect in this guide on the best hospital bed sheets rated based on the customer review – Menta Statistics Model.

Here’s how it works:

  • I collect all reviews I can find and use each to rate a product in 5 different categories (you’ll see them in the mini reviews later on)
  • I find the average in each category and choose our winners to be presented here
  • I repeat the process bimonthly to ensure this page is always up-to-date

Let’s go directly to the list of our winners and then look at them in more depth in digest reviews:

PictureModelMy Overall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Invacare hospital bed sheets and pillowcaseInvacare hospital bed sheets and pillowcase4.8 / 5ratings
3-Pack Hospital Sheets and Pillow Case Set3-Pack Hospital Sheets and Pillow Case Set4.6 / 5ratings
Atlas brand hotel hospital sheetsAtlas brand hotel/hospital sheets4.7 / 5ratings
Hospital 3 piece bed sheet setHospital 3 piece bed sheet set4.5 / 5ratings
Soft-fit knitted contour sheetsSoft-fit knitted contour sheets4.5 / 5ratings

Invacare hospital bed sheets and pillowcase

By Invacare

Invacare hospital bed sheets and pillowcaseThe specifications:

  • Knitted hospital sheets, soft and very elastic
  • Comfortable cotton blend
  • Wrinkle free and smooth, no ironing needed
  • Contoured bottom sheet and top sheet that’s semi-fitted
  • Machine washable/dryable, bleachable

Now that we heard it all let’s compare it to what users have to say, let’s hear the PROs:

  • Perfect fit and glide with our mattress, even when the bed is raised or lowered. Excellent choice ad we’ll be probably ordering one more set
  • Just what I was looking for, these sheets are thick enough to stop me from sweating over the plastic of my mattress
  • Perfect wash ad finally no wrinkles
  • I bought these for my mother that remained confined to her bed since the stroke 2 years ago. They are delightful in their quality, softness and comfort.
  • I’m blown away with how quick this item got to me, thumbs up

And the CONs:

  • These are too big for my bed, I don’t know much about sizes and stuff but I’ll have to return them for ones that do fit my bed

Review resume

Overall Quality Rating of 48 / 50 – best score on the list.

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3-Pack Hospital Sheets and Pillow Case Set

By Hermell

3-Pack Hospital Sheets and Pillow Case SetWe know what to do here, company first, we follow:

  • One package includes: a hospital flat sheet, contour fitted sheet and pillowcase
  • Polycotton blend, 190 thread count
  • Machine washable

Now to put these sheets to some real test, time for the users, so PROs:

  • They fit like a glove on my father’s mattress, and they stay in place as we manipulate the bed
  • I love how soft this product is, and it’s a perfect fit
  • Good choice a and good investment, all I’ve read about these sheets was true
  • My mother is overjoyed with these sheets, she says she never felt so comfortable and I’m so happy I got them for her
  • One of the best bed sheets I’ve ever owned and used
  • I’ve had these for 2 months now, and they’re showing no sings of use whatsoever

Now for some less pleasant experiences:

  • I bought these but couldn’t use them since my wife passed before they arrived, had to return them

Another item I’m proud to put on my list. It’s a great set of sheets and a great deal. You can hardly go wrong with this one.

Review resume

Overall Quality Rating of 46 / 50 – close to perfect score in most categories.

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Atlas brand hotel/hospital sheets

By Atlas

Atlas brand hotel hospital sheetsAs always let’s see what the product specification is:

  • Atlas quality
  • XL twin with 12” deep pocket
  • 180 thread count
  • 55% cotton and 45% polyester

That’s it, now for some PROs related to this product:

  • It’s a perfect solution for a hospital bed patient at home
  • The fabric far surpassed my expectation, it remains soft in spite of many trips to the laundry
  • It washes and dries quite nicely with minimum of wrinkles, and even that only after I remove it from the dryer too fast
  • This works like a charm on air mattress hospital beds

But we wouldn’t have a complete picture without some CONs so let’s have it out:

  • I only wanted one, but I misread the specification and bought three instead. Now I’m stuck with three I guess
  • These were very stiff when they arrived but after a good wash they became much softer

Review resume

With the Overall Quality Rating of 47/50 these sheets offer hotel quality for hospital patients, but with a price to match.

>> Visit Amazon for more reviews

Hospital 3 piece bed sheet set

By Trifecta Linens

Hospital 3 piece bed sheet setAccording to the tradition let’s have the manufacturer speak first:

  • Cotton blend, extra soft and comfortable
  • Thread count 200, smooth and wrinkle free surface
  • Flat and fitted sheet plus 1 standard pillowcase
  • Machine washable/dryable
  • Top seller

Now that’s something but we know we won’t stop there, Time for the users to speak their mind.

The PROs:

  • I contacted the company before buying as I was worried about the correct size. They were really pleasant, resolved my issue and sent me the perfect size. It fits like a charm
  • The set arrived much sooner than expected, making my homecoming much more pleasant
  • These are very soft and wash so well. I’ve just ordered one more set
  • This set is a lifesaver for a topper hospital bed
  • Very comfortable ad smooth to the touch, I would recommend them to anyone in need of some good hospital bed sheets


  • Not as soft as I expected…
  • kind of difficult to iron…

Review resume

This review was not so easy to compile since my main source of reviews (online user reviews) doesn’t offer very much there, so I had to broaden my search and take my time until I got enough of a sample to get the MSM ratings applicable.

The result is Overall Quality Rating of 45/50, solid but not really as good as some of the previous entries on the list.

>> Click here to see what the users are saying on Amazon

Soft-fit knitted contour sheets

By BH Medwear

Soft-fit knitted contour sheetsThis is the last one, but no reason to break up a good streak so company once more:

  • Superior patient comfort
  • Reduced laundry cost up to 40%
  • Spandex imbued binding providing even better fit than before
  • Superior shrinkage control
  • Jersey knit construction against skin breakdown

Now this is one quite bombastic specification, let’s see how it holds up. In other words PROs:

  • Perfect fit
  • So soft and the price is great
  • Lightweight knit material, deep pockets and a great price
  • I’m so glad I found this item. No more constant making of the bed
  • They are perfect! My 90 years old mother just loves the comfort and softness
  • They launder really well, and their price is so agreeing with my budget

And now for some ultimate CONs:

  • I just wish they came in different colors
  • Too thin for my liking, I prefer heavier and thicker sheets…
  • these tear after a few months of use…

Review resume and results

Overall Quality Rating 45/50 – superior comfort and somewhat inferior durability.

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Let’s talk some more about choosing the linen for the hard times

Choosing the best bed sheets for these circumstances can make all the difference between comfort for the hospitalized person or just add to its predicament. That’s why I’ll skip my usual jokes and informality and try to give you every possible information I can squeeze into this guide. In these situations, every little thing counts so let’s make a difference together.

I have a lifetime of experience in blogging and writing bedding reviews, communicating with the owners and users, gathering their thoughts about products, so I think you’ll be well-taken care of if you choose to continue reading.

Really short on thread count

Thread count is exactly what its name suggests, a number of threads. Vertical and horizontal threads woven together are summed, and we have our count right there.

General opinion is that higher thread count guarantees high quality, but that’s not necessarily true. There’s a number of different tactics the manufacturers use to enhance the count artificially.

Woven vs. knitted

The difference between these two types lies in the construction of the fabric. Woven ones are made by in and out yarn weaving in opposite directions. Knitted ones are made, on the other hand of a single yarn strand that’s knitted into loop rows.

Knitted hospital bed sheets are usually more stretchy and elastic than the woven ones. They are also thicker, softer and warmer, which is a good thing, especially in colder months or colder climates.

They are sadly more prone to snags, pinholes and runners than the woven sheets. Once a runner has started it can worsen with laundering and use, continually extending throughout the whole sheet. Woven sheets suffer from this issue far less.

It is often said that picking one or the other is a matter of preference, but I’ll give you all well-known kind from both world so we can make your preference valid and existent.

Woven fabrics

First let’s debunk one myth from the start. Content of these sheets isn’t the determining factor for durability and softness, thread count is. The high thread count hospital bed sheets will be much more comfortable, and their longevity will be apparent.

Now for some specific representatives of this type.

Muslin – The standard in the industry of healthcare are sheets made of muslin with a thread count of about 130, which is a pretty lower-end thread count as you can already guess.

They are made of poly blended cotton or cotton fibers, loosely woven and generally on the bottom of the spectrum of quality regarding longevity and softness. Thus, they are very thin and almost transparent when lifted into the light.

These sheets can withstand somewhere around 75 – 100 launderings. They are, however pretty inexpensive, and most institutions seem to have no problem with them.

So, bottom line, they are not very soft, long lasting or high quality, but they’re budget friendly and easy to replace.

Percale – These sheets are also usually made of 100% cotton or, just as muslin ones, of poly-cotton blend. Their thread count is somewhat higher though, it’s somewhere around 180. These sheets are more or less the equivalent of any regular home sheets you can find at home stores. Thus, they will always be more durable and softer than their muslin counterpart. They can take somewhere around 160 – 180 launderings.

Knitted Hospital Sheets

These hospital bed sheets are enjoying a fair amount of popularity, so let’s see why exactly.

They are very stretchy, they can stretch from 20 to 35 percent, which allows for fitted sheets to stay perfectly in place while the hospital bed is raised or lowered. They are softer, more breathable and don’t require a “break in” period as woven sheets often do. The are also a lot less prone to wrinkling once the sheet stretches to its full size.

The quality here is not measured by thread count, but rather by fabric weight in ounces. These sheets are not woven but knitted so if the weight is higher they’ll be more soft, thick and overall more durable.

We have 3 most well known types of knitted sheets, so let’s go over them real quick.

Jersey – Fabric used for these sheets is similar to the one most standard T-shirts are made of. They can stretch somewhere between 20 and 25 percent since they’re made of single knit that’s light to medium. The process of knitting is creating fine lines vertically and a distinctive horizontal grain on the sheets other side. So, the sheet will feel a tad softer on the side with the vertical lines but it should overall feel very smooth and soft to the touch.

These sheets only lack in durability. As the many launderings go by they will thin out, snag or show some runners. They’ll also over-stretch as they gradually lose elasticity.

Interlock – Light to medium knit once more, but more resilient due to the knot formed at the threads juncture. This resists pin-holes and prevents runs. They can be made from a lot of different fabrics and will stretch more naturally, up to 35 percent. They are generally thicker than the jersey sheets, and both of their sides will have the same feel and look.

Pique – These sheets are made using a knitting method for creating a textured mesh, fine surface. This method provides the ultimate protection from runs and snags while keeping the sheet very soft. This type is picking up on popularity as we speak, due to its high durability and comfort.

Skin shear and hospital sheets

Skin shear is a well-known risk factor if you’re confined to your hospital bed. More so if a patient can’t change position in bed without any assistance. This can happen when the skin is rubbing against the sheets, creating friction and resulting in irritation, redness and possible sores. When it occurs, skin shear can damage blood vessels and skin.

This issue can be prevented by use of knit fitted sheets. They are more breathable, soft and less abrasive option. They can also help reducing the level of moisture trapped inside the bedding.

But everything we’ve learned here goes to waste if we fail when it comes to the size of the sheets, especially fitted ones.

Sizes of hospital sheets

There’s not much I can really say here, but I’ll point out that other than width and length you should also pay attention to the depth of the mattress. You want your fitted hospital sheet to stay in place, right?

Here’s a little table of standard sizes for mattresses. You “calculate” which fitted sheet you’ll need by simply measuring width and length.

  • Standard Hospital Mattress: 36” x 80”
  • Standard Bariatric Hospital Mattress: 42” x 80”
  • Twin Size Hospital Mattress: 39” x 75”
  • Full Size Hospital Mattress: 54” x 75”

Some quick tips

If you can choose you’ll want a waterproof sheet, as they’re by far the best bed sheets for the hospital environment.

  • They are preferably made of vinyl and have antibacterial properties.
  • You’ll want a sheet that’s easy to clean and take care of.
  • If you can find one with a zipper that can fully encase your mattress.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, I’ve armed you with enough knowledge to make an educated and controlled buying decision.

Thus, we conclude our little whiff in the world of hospital bed sheets.

Make wise choices!


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      I solved the issue by opting-in for sheets with elastic bands.

      Make sure that the thickness of your mattress is the same as the “height” of the side of the sheet so that you can tuck it in securely, the elastic part should go all the way under the mattress.

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