Best Electric Blanket – The Ultimate Guide 2

Shopping lists at ready, steady? Before you take one more step and GO, make sure you read this and learn if you are getting your money’s worth and getting the best electric blanket you can.

You probably thought that buying the best electric blanket for you will be a walk in the park, right?

It might, if you just walk out and pick one at random without giving it a second thought.

However, if you started doing your homework a bit and reading some electric blanket reviews, you can see the whole new world of options staring at you, adding to the sum of those endless google searches.

Good news is you’ve finally clicked your way to someone who’s going to do that pesky homework for you.

PictureModelMy Overall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size BlanketSoft Heat luxury natural queen size blanket4.9 / 5ratings
Sunbeam Microplush Throw Camelot Cuddler Electric Heated Warming BlanketSunbeam microplush electric throw blanket4.8 / 5ratings
Sunbeam Channeled Microplush Heated Electric Blanket QueenSunbeam microplush channeled electric blanket4.9 / 5ratings
Sunbeam Microplush Electric Heated Throw BlanketSunbeam microplush electric throw blanket4.8 / 5ratings
Sunbeam Velvet Plush HEATED BLANKETVelvet plush electric blanket king size4.9 / 5ratings

Our bed is our sanctuary, and it’s only logical to invest in a quality good night’s sleep. You might be confused, scared even by all those options, but trust me, after reading this guide there’ll be no more pointing in the dark for you.

I’ll cover the basic facts, collect relevant electric blanket reviews, interpret them and help you make an informed decision.

I’ll give you all the information you need so you wouldn’t have to read a single electric blanket review ever again, and still know exactly what dash is best for your cash. Let’s make a child’s play out of this rollercoaster.

How to choose an electric blanket that will keep you safe

Here I’ll give you some general common knowledge that you might you already have, but better safe than sorry, I always say. Electric blanket is as the name states an electrical appliance, so it requires a dose of caution when picked and purchased or used.

First, you’ll want to pick a blanket with a UL or ETL mark on it.

These marks guarantee that the blanket complies with the best standard for electrical appliances in the US. All blankets that come from major manufacturers already passed all those tests, so you’re all set here.

Don’t buy second-hand blankets.

If you’re a “safety comes first” person like me just buy a new one. It keeps headache away, trust me on this as if it was something you didn’t already know.

If a blanket has some discoloration on the surface, scorch marks, fiber tears or any other visible damage, you just move away sir/m’am. Could be nothing, but why take the risk?

So we’ll have none of that.

Exposed wiring is a huge no go, too.

I didn’t really have to tell you this…OH WAIT, yes I did.

Automatic shutoff function, either time or temperature based is probably a good idea, scratch that, is a must have. It’s the best way to prevent accidents when you fall asleep with your blanket turned on.

You should also pick a blanket with low voltage to prevent electric shock risks. So the 120 volts using blanket is your safest bet.

It benefits your health, who would’ve thought this about an electric blanket?

Researches have been done to show that warmth radiating from electric blankets can soothe many different kinds of pain. For example, pain and tenderness in soft tissues of your body caused by fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Heat also cuts down the number of dust mites, commonly know source of breathing issues and irritation. Electric blankets have drying properties that eliminate moisture, which dust mites thrive on. So if you have some sinus problems or allergies this is just what doctor ordered for you.

A good electric blanket also saves you money

Yes, your blanket will pay itself off in a couple of months, depending on your city and electricity cost. You can now lower your thermostat, save money and still be warm all night long.

It also offers a considerable CO2 reduction, so you’re warm, saving money and helping the environment with one hit.

But which one’s the best electric blanket for me?

Aaah, now we’re talking, popping up the big question.

Answering it is not easy, since it all depends on your actual needs. But after these general facts about electric blankets we’ll go into some specifics that will arm you with enough knowledge so you can answer that question yourself.

I’ll give you all the options in one place, recommend some of the best ones and in the end list some of the best electric blankets out there as a pointer.

I promised to do you homework for you didn’t I? Just don’t tell the teacher we cheated.

First vertical crossroad, mattress pad or over-blanket?

As the title said, this is your first step towards that best electric blanket. You can choose between an over-blanket, which is just a regular electric blanket you’ll use for cover or an under-blanket or mattress pad, which goes on your mattress.

It’s your choice, but mattress pads do have some advantages:

  • They don’t radiate heat upwards
  • They are safer since they don’t ball up, trapping the heat inside
  • They can be stain resistant and waterproof

Comfort and durability make for one good ride

It’s just common sense, you want your electric blanket to last as much as possible and be as comfy as any other normal blanket, don’t you now?

Electric blankets normally last about 5 years before you need to replace them. Machine washing and drying included.

Additionally, you want nothing to do with fabrics that will shed all over your bedding and clothes, so keep your eyes peeled for this one.

All those forms and sizes, let’s find one for you

You have 2 options when it comes to form of the blanket.

First one is a so called flat electric blanket.

You can use it as an afghan, comforter or covering, just as you would a normal blanket. It comes without any alterations to it, which helps giving its form some dimension.

Second option would be a fitted electric blanket.

Which comes with darts and gatherings on its corners. These special features allow for it to have a snuggly fit on your mattress, preventing it to shift while you’re sleeping on it.

Again, choosing the best electric blanket comes down to your needs. More traditional choice would be to buy a flat one. But if you have some medical issues, such as back pain, fitted blanket is the way to go.

When it comes to sizes, as you can imagine, manufacturers got you covered, no matter the need.

If you have a smaller bed, full-sized or twin electric blankets will fit your bill. Larger beds require queen or kind-sized blankets, which can also come with 2 sets of controls. This enables the blanket to have different heat settings on its halves.

There’s also something we call a throw blanket, it’s smaller, and designed to be used on chairs and sofas.

When you’re buying an electric blanket, you should check for one specifically designed for your bed. It will prevent problems like fabric hanging off the edges or not enough coverage.

Features, features, features

For each different model manufacturers produce you have a bunch of variant features, so you can get yourself the best electric blanket customized just for you. The more features you pick, the more cash you will pay, so be mindful of that and choose carefully.

We’ve already talked about safety in the beginning, so we can skip that part where I repeat myself talking about safety features.

Comfort features

We’ve marked comfort as one of the most important things in your new blanket. So let’s see some features that bring us that “I’m sleeping on a cloud feeling”.

First of all, you want your blanket to have heat controls that are adjustable, so you can change your temperature settings during the night.

Some blankets have insulated heat areas. So if you want some specific place warmer or cooler not a problem. This is very helpful if, for example, your feet get cold during the night.

Material used for your blanket’s creation also impacts its level of comfort. You’re looking for plush fabrics or raised nap, so you’ll reduce feeling those wiring inside to a minimum. General materials used for electric blankets consist of: cotton, fleece, polyester, microfiber and synthetic.

Usability features

These features allow you to use your electric blanket in all kinds of settings. For example, if you want to use it in the dark, which you probably would, no problem raised markings on the controls are your friends here.

Light indicators and LCD screens also make controlling your blanket’s settings in the dark piece of cake.

You can have push buttons controls or a large knob so that users with painful hand conditions can operate the controls easily.

You should also make sure that you buy an electric blanket that is machine washable and can be dried in a dryer. Dry cleaning is not recommended for electric blankets, and hand washing is just tedious.

Now, after seeing all the options we come to the part where I become even more specific. I promised to give you my list of some of the best electric blankets on the market for you to use as a guideline throughout your shopping.

Well, I’ll do even better, not only will I give you that list, I’ll also put in a small review of each electric blanket I pick. I’ll give a small introduction, some pros and cons I picked up directly from the users and my own verdict in the end.

So let’s stop wasting time and dig into this list.

Soft Heat luxury natural queen size blanket

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size BlanketBy Perfect Fit

This is one blanket that is sheer luxury. It’s one of the best sellers and company sure has some nice things to say about this product of theirs. But we know better by now than to take their word for it, don’t we? So we’ll see how this blanket fares with the actual buyers and users too.

First, let’s hear out the company:

  • Machine washable and dryable with no stretching, shrinking or peeling whatsoever
  • Safer than other similar products on the market
  • Saves energy
  • Almost impossible to feel ultra-thin wires inside
  • Pre-heat then hold feature

See more pictures and customer reviews on Amazon’s website >>

Big words, no doubt, but let’s see what users liked/disliked on this electric blanket:

  • It heats evenly, and it’s so soft
  • No wires that I can feel here
  • It turns off by its self after 10 hours if I forget to do it
  • Definitely worth the money
  • It’s just so comfortable and cozy
  • I like that the electrical connections are separate from the blanket

Ok, impressive, but let’s hear the other side of the story:

  • I didn’t like the preheat feature, and I don’t know how to turn it off
  • They sent me the wrong size, so now I’m waiting for a replacement

Ok, I’m gonna just say it, it holds up. This electric blanket is a great addition to your household and your trusted friend during a cold night.

Sunbeam microplush electric throw blanket

Sunbeam Microplush Throw Camelot Cuddler Electric Heated Warming BlanketBy Sunbeam

Very nice at first sight, but we’ve got a job to do, dissection it is!

Company’s fact sheet:

  • Machine washable, easy care
  • ultra-luxurious microplush, unbelievable cozy and soft
  • Easy to grip controller with 3 different warming settings
  • Auto-off feature after 3 hours
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Number 1 electric throw blanket in America

Read more user reviews on

Again, some bragging coming at us, and again we know better than to stop here.

What users of this blanket have to say:

  • It actually works really well
  • It met my expectations and more
  • It heats up so quickly
  • I use it every season now
  • It’s just so warm I can’t believe it
  • It’s soft and comfortable, and I really like the 3 different warming settings
  • My mom is just in love with her new blanket

Some not so good impressions:

  • I didn’t like the color at all, so I exchanged it for ivy
  • Wanted to buy two, but at that price could only afford the one, blanket is OK
  • I don’t like the controls on this blanket

Seems to me we have another winner here. Well, I picked it after all, what did you expect? It’s a great blanket and a bang for your buck no doubt.

Sunbeam micro-plush channeled electric blanket (garnet red)

Sunbeam Channeled Microplush Heated Electric Blanket QueenBy Sunbeam

You know the drill by now, here’s what the label says:

  • Sunbeam, number 1 electric blanket in America
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-setting controller
  • Double controls for queen size
  • 100% polyester, ultra plush and soft
  • 5 years warranty

See pricing and ratings on Amazon>>

Time for the users:

The PROs:

  • It’s co soft, like sleeping on a cloud
  • Controls are very easy to use
  • Great price!
  • It keeps me very warm even in a cooler room

Now some less enthusiastic owners – the CONs:

  • I got it as a gift, but the color is just wrong
  • It’s too thin for my liking

Ok, one more of my picks is behind us, and I’ll just tell you, I believe wasn’t wrong about this one.

Sunbeam microplush electric throw blanket

Sunbeam Microplush Electric Heated Throw BlanketBy Sunbeam

As always, first we hear out the company:

  • Sunbeam, number 1 electric blanket in America
  • Dimensions are 60” x 50”
  • Multi-setting controller
  • 100% polyester, ultra plush and soft
  • Auto-off feature after 3 hours

Visit its Amazon website to


  • Excellent item, just the perfect fit for me when I’m reading in my favorite chair
  • It’s very soft and comfortable, wouldn’t trade it for the world
  • Well worth my money
  • It’s very warm, I can finally keep that damn thermostat down
  • Very plush, I like the fabric so much

Some of the CONs:

  • I wish it was bigger
  • I don’t like the design after all
  • I bought this for my grandma, she had to send it back for some malfunction, so now we’re expecting redelivery

Velvet plush electric blanket king size

Sunbeam Velvet Plush HEATED BLANKETBy Sunbeam

You guessed it, first the company:

  • Champaign blond
  • 20 different personalized settings
  • Selectable auto-off
  • Dual controller, preheat feature, auto-off after 10 hours
  • Velvet plush, premium soft
  • 5 years warranty

Read reviews and see the pricing on Amazon >>

The good experiences from the users:

  • Plush yet lightweight, hubby and I love it
  • I just love the preheat function, no negatives so far
  • It works like a clock, and I had it for a while
  • It’s so comfy and looks pretty on my bed
  • My god, so many options, I love it
  • It heats so quickly and evenly
  • The selling point for us was the dual controls

And for some not so good:

  • To complicated controls for my mother
  • I don’t think this selectable auto-off option really works, or I just don’t know how to set it

Saved my best for last.

One thing, it’s my firm belief based on 100s of hours of research that you can’t go wrong with Any of these.

There we have it, your own guide to buying the best electric blanket there is. Just follow it, pick what you like and it won’t lead you astray for sure. You’ve seen all the options, reviews of electric blankets and some examples, I think you’re ready.

Enjoy your new blanket, keep warm and nighty night!


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    I am just amazed that all the websites like the Sunbeam brand of electric blankets yet never mention Cannon.
    We have extensive experience with both brands and I would never buy another Sunbeam if it were the only brand on the market. Not only do they all fail within months of purchase but the manufacturer does not respond to requests for warranty repairs or service. We also bought a Cannon about 5 years ago and have not had any problems whatsoever with it yet there are no reviews for the brand. Why is that?

    • Reply James Dec 18,2015 9:02 am

      Hi Gary,

      Since the start of BAMG (Best Air Mattress Guide) I set out to be objective. A strong factor there are the user reviews and their ratings. When I say “best overall” in the category of best heated blankets that obviously includes the price of the electric blankets, a criteria where Cannon looses the most in ratings. These guides are not set in stone and are updated every two months, so Cannon was featured in the guide with two products at one point (the Triple-rib and the Luxury micro fleece) but in time naturally dropped below TOP 5. This doesn’t mean that it won’t be there in the next update.

      When we do a guide on top rated products we send out a few to our featured testers. The next in-line is producing guides where we would list electric blankets by best brands, but at the moment we just don’t have the budget for that. I expect that campaign to happen within the next few months, so I hope this will be helpful.


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