Best Dohm sleep machines

It’s been just over 50 years since the first Marpac Dohm sleep machine was developed, it’s been about 14 months since I started gathering information to compile this guide on the best Dohm sleep machines and 10 months since I first published it. It’s updated every two months.

To compile the reviews I had to:

  1. get the help and opinion of Ruth Mulley of the National Institute of Sleep Research
  2. use the experiences of 12 of our featured testers – these are the people I found on public forums (people with sleep problems) and “recruited” to test and rate Marpac Dohm machines
  3. go through about 12 thousand online user reviews and interpret each with a rating to be used in the statistical analysis to follow

The results were conclusive – there was one Dohm machine that’s been THE WINNER and the best rated Dohm sleep machine since the first update to this guide (that’s 5 updates since the updates are bimonthly) – the DOHM DS NATURAL.

It’s by far the best rated Dohm machine and, in wider terms, one of the best white noise machines ever made.

I’ll tell you out of the gate, even before we introduce the rest of the runner-ups, the only real downside of this Dohm is that it goes out of stock way to often.

But, let’s take a step back and look at the list of top 5 best rated Dohm sleep machines and their reviews:

PictureModelOverall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
maprac_dohm_natural_sleep_machineDohm-DS Natural white noise sleep machine4.4 / 5ratings
maprac_dohm_dual_speed_machineDohm dual speed sound machine3.9 / 5ratings
dohm_marpac_dual_speed_slep_mateDohm-SS sound conditioner review (formerly Sleepmate 580A)3.9 / 5ratings
dohm_sleep_machine_ss_single_speedDohm-DS Electro sound machine3.7 / 5ratings


Dohm-DS Natural white noise sleep machine review

1_maprac_dohm_natural_sleep_machineBy Marpac

The first glimpse of information about our category winner is the fact sheet of the product:

  • National Sleep Foundation’s official sound conditioner
  • 120V only usable in North America
  • Optimal noise-masking or releasing a comfortable and soft sound if the background
  • Perfect for day cares, baby nurseries, apartments, college dorms…
  • Frustration-free shipment packaging, perfect for either home of office use
  • Durable plastic, USA assembled
  • 1-year warranty

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The PROs and CONs we found are best illustrated by sharing what users had to say about the machine.

Some pleasant experiences – the PROs:

  • I’ve been using this little gem in my office for a while now, and the only thing I can say about it is that it’s the best dohm sleep machine ever (I am a fan of the brand and this is my third in 10 years)! It really cancels all the distracting noises so I can finally get some work done
  • Top notch! It allows me to have a good night’s sleep after years of pure torture. I think a needle dropping is more than enough to wake me up, so living in my neighborhood wasn’t exactly a walk through the park. Until now, that is. It really turned my bedroom into a sanctuary of peace and relaxation, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world
  • After reading about all those white noise sleep machines reviews online I was even more lost than when I started to be honest. Luckily, I’ve seen the “Number 1 seller” next to the name of this bad boy and went for it. Three months in and I know why these things sell like crazy
  • Box and ceiling fans can just forget it from this point on!
  • I like how it’s actually creating its own sound without any prerecorded stuff that’s bound to become repetitive at some point
  • It makes just that calming fan sound I like so much, none of the rattling and other mechanical sounds like with my old sleep machine
  • My husband sounds like a freaking band of power tools at night and in the mornings I used to daydream about getting a divorce just because of the snoring and how fatigued I was. I guess you could say that getting this sleep machine saved our marriage. I am not sure about the science behind it and I don’t really care, it simply drowns the snoring to a point where I can get a good night’s sleep for the first time in years

Let’s take a look at some of the CONs the users shared:

  • I really wished for a dual voltage feature. I miss this machine so much when I’m away on business
  • I’ve been “hunting” this machine all around the place, nobody seems to carry it
  • The design doesn’t really fit into my contemporary style apartment. I was expecting it to look nicer. I returned this and got the ASM1002 Ecotones

The review conclusion and ratings

With the average rating of 4.4 in my Menta statistical model, this is by far the best Dohm sleep machine ever made.

Their main selling point is the quality of construction and general effectiveness at blocking even the most persistent of unwanted sounds. No mechanical rattling in spite of the fact that there’s an actual fan inside this baby speaks towards the quality of the craftsmanship.

No significant downsides to the actual product, apart from the absence of dual voltage. Other CONs that we’ve seen are either a matter of taste (the design) or the fact that it sells quickly and is often not available, which is not really a feature we can hold against the product.

If you’re lucky enough to find it available and especially at a discount, as it often is, I don’t see many ways the decision of getting this Dohm can go wrong.

Dohm dual speed sound machine review




By Marpac

Here is some raw data – the fact sheet:

  • Rushing air smooth sounds, mechanical two-speed white noise
  • Great noise-masking capability and pleasant soft sounds
  • A good choice for day cares, dorms, nurseries etc.
  • Comes with a free sleeping mask


Learn more about it on Amazon website – just follow the link below:

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Well, this is considerably shorter of a product specification, but having “informants” all over the globe has its benefits, let’s use the perks…

Here are some of the things customers enjoyed:

  • We’ve been best buddies for 3 years now. I travel all the time, and this little guy is the must-bring on all of my trips. I’ve used it India, Australia, Finland, England… It made so many hotel stays feel like home
  • This gadget calms our baby like a charm, and I can see he’s really enjoying the sound. We gave it a go since nights were starting and ending pretty much the same way, with me and my husband awake and good for nothing… Thank you Marpac!
  • This one actually recreates the fan sound accurately! Most of my previous sound machines just sounded like static, and that’s it. That’s why my vote for the best sleep machine goes to this Marpac Dohm
  • It really works, and it’s very pleasant and relaxing to hear. I hate water sound and stuff like that, just makes me have to go to the bathroom all the time, so this fan-sounding machine is a definite hit
  • I like that it has two different speed modes. I enjoy them both very much, depending on my current mood
  • Very well made and durable at a very reasonable price for such quality. I especially like how the sound is loud enough to cover pretty much anything, yet soft enough to be very easy on the ears

Let’s see some aspects that caused a couple of raised eyebrows (and not in a good way):

  • It’s just too loud for my taste! But it masks everything else, which was the original intent I guess
  • It cancels the outside sounds perfectly, but it’s too loud that the machine itself becomes an issue
  • Feels cheap, like it’s made in China or something…
  • I dropped it one time and it fell apart into dozens of pieces, poorly made…

The verdict

Good quality (not as good as the previous entry, but still good), excellent noise-masking ability and affordable price is how customers differentiate this Marpac “pony” from the rest of the herd.

The prices does reflect the quality – the fact not as well crafted as our winner and one too many complaints of it being too loud cost it a few points in ratings – final Overall Quality Rating of 3.9/5.

Dohm-SS sound conditioner review (formerly Sleepmate 580A)

dohm_marpac_dual_speed_slep_mateBy Marpac

Basic product info directly from the manufacturer:

  • Soothing white noise made of the sound of rushing air. Dohm-SS features the higher speed of the two featured on a DS model
  • High capacity to mask any noise and replace it with a soothing sound
  • Perfect for home, office use, dorms and nurseries
  • Durable plastic, USA assembled
  • 1-year warranty

Read more reviews on Amazon >>>

Some of the PROs as the users shared them:

  • I like the fact that it features mechanical rather than electric operating mechanism. I had it for years and it still works like the day I unpacked it…
  • Works exactly as advertised! White noise sleep machines are somewhat tricky to choose (this is my 4th) since you can never actually know will they suit your needs but this one is just right
  • My bedroom is quite large, and this machine covers it without a problem. There are no volume or sound issues so I can just turn it on and forget about it
  • It’s like I’m sleeping on clouds since I got this Dohm. Drowns the outside noises, and it fills the room with this calming air flow sound
  • It’s well made, the plastic seems really sturdy, and it just looks good in my bedroom
  • Blocks the snoring sounds very well. I guess I’ll have to give my hubby a different nickname since Mr. Gorilla seems inappropriate now
  • Forget about “masking” the sounds, this thing simply obliterates them!
  • It’s not only helping us sleep better, but it’s also good enough for children
  • It’s not only about keeping things quiet for me since silence is not the environment I’m overly comfortable in. It gets rid off all the annoying noises outside of my apartment and leaves me with this heavenly sound of air rushing through my room. Just what the doctor recommended for a great night’s sleep

The CONs section quoted from customer and tester reviews:

  • It’s a very good product, but it just doesn’t work for me. It’s a bit too loud for my taste, so I had to return it
  • Way to expensive, you can get a much better sleep machine for this kind of money…

Conclusions of the review and the final rating of the sleep machine

This Dohm is basically the same high-quality product as our previous entry, but the price is somewhat “shaved” for the lack of the second speed mode.

I was expecting more complaints about it being too loud or not loud enough because there’s no options to choose from but I guess that it hits the sweet spot of volume and I haven’t seen many of those.

A good budget solution and an Overall Quality Rating of 3.9/5.

Dohm-DS Electro sound machine

dohm_sleep_machine_ss_single_speedBy Marpac

The basic info provided by Marpac:

  • Rushing air smooth sounds, mechanical two-speed white noise
  • Masks the outside noise with a smooth fan sound
  • A great choice for offices
  • Durable plastic

See what people are saying on Amazon >>>

Moving on to the user and tester reviews.

Let’s see some of the good experiences:

  • At last I have some peace and quiet inside my own bedroom. I’m really starting to believe my neighbors have this secret contest in which the loudest family wins. It does a great job of drowning that out…
  • It’s very well-built. It’s small in size and highly portable, therefore. The cushioning on the bottom is a great touch; it eliminates the worries about scratching your furniture…
  • It offers a very pure and constant sound, but the best thing about it is that there are no rattles from many mechanical parts my fan used to give me troubles with
  • It really cushions the outside madness well. I’ve tested a lot of different white noise sleep machines, and this one takes the cake…
  • I’m addicted to this machine. Its use to me isn’t limited on nighttime alone, I use it throughout the day when I feel like I want some peace and quiet
  • Every family has one (or more) light sleeper, and I’m that one tormented soul in my family. This machine changed my life completely. It’s very light and well made, and it blocks all those pesky sounds that kept me awake for so many nights
  • Its compact size makes pit a great choice for traveling. I am so accustomed to fan sounds while I sleep that I can’t imagine spending a night without it…
  • I like the choice between the two operating modes. The first one is softer and generally quieter while the higher operating speed masks more sounds but still remains surprisingly unobtrusive

Let’s delve a little deeper under the hood of this sleep machine by going over some things the users weren’t exactly thrilled with:

  • I truly enjoy this machine, but I do have one negative remark. I would really like to see them in some different colors, black for example. This way is looks kind of outdated…
  • It’s good if you want to replace the outside noise with the rattling of this machine. Way too loud for my taste…
  • This thing stopped working after only 4 months, waste of money…
  • I would like them to build in a possibility of this machine being battery operated. I’m a camping and hiking enthusiast, so I would really enjoy the possibility of taking it with me outdoors
  • It arrived and I was really looking forward to trying it out. Plugged it in…nothing, it was dead on arrival. A huge disappointment especially since it took me something like 10 emails to agree on how to return this…

The verdict on the Marpac Dohm electro

The lowest rated product on the list but still a TOP 5 Marpac Dohm and that’s not to be taken lightly – a decent 3.7/5 rating.

The fact that it’s not as well rated as the other entries has something to do with too many reports about it being too loud and the quality of materials and finish not being as good as in the other products we’ve seen, especially the Dohm natural (our hands-down winner)

Final thoughts

If you are new to my website it might be relevant to remind you of two facts:

  1. the information presented in this guide are updated bimonthly to keep them relevant and fresh
  2. I never accept “sample products” from companies, which makes the reviewing process completely unbiased and objective

If you have any experiences or thoughts regarding sleep machines or sleep products in general that you think might be useful, please do share them in the comments section below.

Choose wisely,


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