Best Bed Sheets – Ultimate Guide

Is there a better feeling in the world than to slide into your bed with nice, cozy bed sheets on it? Well, for that to happen first you have some shopping to do, don’t you? But would you know how to choose the best bed sheets from a pile in a store?

Neither did I, once.

It’s super easy surrounding yourself with comfort, you just need to know where to look and what you’re looking for.

PictureModelMy Overall Quality RatingSee Amazon Offer
Pinzon Hemstitch 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet SetPinzon Hemstitch Sateen Sheet Set4.9 / 5ratings
Pinzon Pleated Hem 400-Thread-Count 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton SheetPinzon plated hem sheet set4.8 / 5ratings
King Ivory Egyptian-Cotton-Blend Wrinkle-Free Sheets 650-Thread-Count Sheet SetKing Ivory Sheet set4.9 / 5ratings
Echo Odyssey Duvet CoverOdyssey Duvet cover4.9 / 5ratings
Tommy Bahama Island Botanical Sheet SetIsland botanical set4.8 / 5ratings

As I always say, you could just go out and buy some random sheets or the first ones that catch your eye. But if you want to find something matching your own taste to put on the bed and really enjoy it, we have some homework to do.

Did I say “we”? I meant I will do all the homework, you just sit back, relax and keep on reading. I will compile all there is to know about bed sheets in one place, and you’re looking at it. After reading this guide, I don’t think you’ll ever buy sheets based solely on color or print pattern.

Joking aside, let me walk you real quick through this little dreamland journey of ours. First, we will go through the basics of this shopping list item of yours. Then I’ll explain every single aspect you should be aware of, give you some quick tips, and in the end I’ll even give you a list of my favorites for you to use as a guideline in your shopping.

I can’t pick them for you though, it’s a matter of your personal needs and preferences, and that’s what you’re hear to read about. I will introduce you to your own preferences by showing you the options. And trust me, there are many.

That’s a lot to go through so I better start making good on my words.

Best bed sheets – the basics

Yes sir! You know how they say “he’s got street smarts”? Well, when we’re done here you’ll have sheet smarts. Otherwise, I didn’t do my job.

Here is some basic stuff for us to get our feet wet, and for you to realize what to look for when choosing bed sheet sets. The things you want to pay close attention to are: thread count, weave, material of the sheets, fiber, size, and finish.

I will explain in great detail everything I just mentioned, and as I go, I’ll give you some shopping tips as well. Remember, the higher the thread count, the better the weave, higher the cost so be careful with your budget.

I’ve listed all the crucial points when it comes to sheets, so let’s dig right into analyzing them one by one.

As far as fibers go, we just differentiate natural from man-made. That’s it, not much to it.

What’s this thread count business all about?

What is thread count actually?

It’s nothing more than the number of woven threads per square inch of fabric. We base this number on threads woven vertically (“warp”) and horizontally (“weft”). There can also be some extra threads woven into the weft ones, thus increasing thread count. We call those “picks”. Since picks do get added to the count, some sheets end up with overall thread count in the thousands.

Popular belief is that by watching the size of the thread count you can determine the best set of sheets.

We just saw why this idea isn’t really your best guide when looking to buy best bed sheets for your needs.

And besides picks many manufacturers use the technique that allows them to weave 2 threads together doubling the thread count. It doesn’t affect the longevity of the sheets I’m afraid.

Thread count in bed sheets generally goes between 60 and 800. The most commonly purchased sheets have the thread count of 180 to 350 threads. The higher this number goes, the sheets will feel softer. And will be more and more expensive.

Some manufacturers point out that the finish and the fiber quality is actually what counts when it comes to bed sheets durability and comfort. And, for example, if we take sheets made of flannel, jersey or linen we’ll see that the nature of the fabric dictates low thread count. Higher one would partly eliminate their appeal.

Some home magazines state that 200-250 thread count range cotton or cotton blend sheets provide reasonable comfort and highest durability.

Weave factor when choosing best bed sheet

This is the factor that determines overall finish and feel of the sheets. It simply comes down to the process where fabric is interlaced using different techniques.

Weave is responsible for the longevity of the sheets but also for their price. The least expensive are the basic plain weaves, made from an equal amount of horizontal and vertical threads.

Sateen weave contains higher number of vertical threads, giving the fabric extreme softness, but is more prone to tearing than the basic plain weave.

More intricate weaves cost considerably more money. Damasks and jacquards weaves, for example, feel textured, they have an alternating pattern, from satiny soft to nubby and coarser.

We should also mention percale and dobby weave.

First is closely woven and lightweight, giving the sheets smooth finish with a crisp feel. The second is a pattern creating weave, making checks, stripes and more, to add some texture.

Which material is best for me when I’m choosing my sheets?

Well, this is a biggy when choosing best sheets. Fabric of the sheets is responsible for its texture, and similarly to thread count you can make an educated guess concerning quality and softness of the sheets based on it. Still, you have a lot of freedom of choice here too, so let’s go through those options real quick.

Cotton – It’s a 100% natural fiber that’s breathable and soft.

Egyptian cotton – Top of the line, best of the best! This is a high quality, long staple cotton, known for its luxurious luster and softness. Some of the best bed sheets in the world are made from this cotton.

Pima cotton – Long-staple, very strong fiber known for its sheen and softness. Supima is a trademark name for 100% pima cotton woven materials.

MicroCotton – Made of high-staple fibers of cotton, this high-performance cotton is among the best and finest in the world – best sheet sets for those with allergies

Tencel – A new-age, man-made fiber with outstanding ability of managing moisture and inhibiting bacteria growth.

Jersey – It’s like sleeping surrounded by your favorite T-shirt. This fiber mixes synthetic materials with cotton for smoothness, stretch and comfort.

Modal – Very silky and soft, with exceptional draping qualities.

Cotton/polyester bland – Combination of synthetic and natural fibers makes care of this fabric extra easy.

Flannel – Brushed cotton measured by calculating the ounces of fabric per 1 square yard, rather than by thread count.

Microfiber – Man-made fibers with superb wrinkle resistance and ultra-soft finish – best bed sheets for those looking for a plush feeling

Now is that a loot of option to cherry pick from or what?

I’ve listed them out, the rest is up to you. You can go with cotton/polyester blend, which has longevity (polyester is more durable than cotton), wrinkle resistance and is relatively inexpensive.

You might go with 100% cotton, for that soft, cool feel. Cotton also takes the moisture of your skin and releases dirt (read: stains) more easily when wet. Or you can up the ante and go for some high-quality long fiber (or long staple) cotton. You’ll be interested in words like Egyptian long staple, pima or Supima then.

These are merely some random suggestions to get you going, now go wild.

Finish of the bedding – are all bed sheets safe?

Most sheets are chemically treated with silicone, formaldehyde and chlorine to prevent shrinking, wrinkling and losing of the shape. Some are also treated with alkalis to get some sheen going.

Some handful of manufacturers will offer pure-finish sheets.

Meaning they were not chemically treated, or all the chemicals used have been removed. They will be harder to keep wrinkle-free, but it might pay off if you suffer from chemical sensitivity or some allergies.

There is one more finish-free option, and it’s called organic sheets. They are woven from cotton which is grown pesticide-free, and are chemically untreated. They come in different colors too.

Bed sheet sizes

Lastly, let’s talk about sizes. Nothing much to tell you here actually, except giving you a chart with most standard sizes of mattresses compared to bed sheets. So here it is:

Sheets Mattress size

  • Twin sheets –  38 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL sheets – 38 x 80 inches
  • Full (Double) Sheets – 53 x 75 inches
  • Queen Sheets – 60 x 80 inches
  • King Sheets – 78 x 80 inches
  • California King Sheets – 72 x 84 inches

And after reading this, YOU know what I was talking about earlier, there’s more to choosing the best bed sheets than what meets the eye.

Now if memory serves me well, I did promise a list of some sort for you to use as a pointer once you decide to go shopping for bedding. I will show you my picks from the bunch, so you don’t get stuck into many generalities and know exactly what you want. So whether you’re searching the best sheets for air mattresses or regular ones, you’ll be all set.

Here’s how this list works. First we hear what company has to say about its product by reading the specifications.

Then we let the buyers and users have their turn, so we hear them out. We divide what they say in pros and cons, depending on their particular experience and see if that helps when you finally get to making the decision on what are the best bed sheets for your needs.

Finally I give my own little verdict on the matter. Sounds good?

Pinzon Hemstitch Sateen Sheet Set – best sheet set by Pinzon (my humble opinion)

Pinzon Hemstitch 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet SetBy Pinzon

Company about their product:

  • Includes: fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillowcases (standard-sized)
  • 400-thread count, luxuriously soft
  • 100% Egyptian cotton, woven using single-ply yarns
  • Sateen weave and understated sheen
  • Detailed 6-inch hem on pillowcases and flat sheet
  • Machine washable

Read more about the sheets on Amazon (link below):

Click here to see its page >>

Ok, that would be one side of the story, and you know how we operate here.

Some good things about these sheets, directly from the users:

  • I’ve finally found sheets that don’t pill
  • best bed sheet I ever had
  • They are heavy but soft, just the way I like it
  • It wrinkles far less than my previous bed sheets
  • These are simply the best sheets for air mattresses in my opinion
  • Well worth my money, thanks Amazon
  • The delivery was super fast
  • Breathable Egyptian cotton, I love it

The not-so-goods, the CONs:

  • They come heavily starched, so you have to wash them first if you want them to be soft
  • It’s too heavy for me
  • Sheets had some chemical odor when I got them out of the box. It was gone after the washing though

Time for a verdict folks. I like these sheets! I always say, you can’t expect a million dollars for a dollar. These sheets are way above their price in quality, and I highly recommend them.

Pinzon plated hem sheet set

Pinzon Pleated Hem 400-Thread-Count 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton SheetBy Pinzon

Looks very nice, let’s take it with the company:

  • 400-thread count, single-ply yarns, sateen weave, imported
  • Includes: fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillowcases (standard-sized)
  • Machine washable and dryable

See more reviews, the prices and the ratings on >>

What did the users like about it:

  • They are just delicious to sleep on
  • They fit my bed perfectly
  • Great quality, great price
  • Right there in the top 3 bed sheets I ever owned
  • Super comfy and soft, I love them
  • Packed well, shipped fast, it was a great buy
  • My bed never looked so elegant
  • Everything manufacturer said it will be

The Cons of the sheets:

  • I don’t like the fabric, it’s ok I guess but nothing spectacular for me
  • My last bed sheet wrinkled less
  • My friend told me these were the best sheets for air mattresses, so I bought the set but so far I don’t like the feel to them. Maybe I’m just too accustomed to my old sheets

Verdict is in, please rise. I’ll say only one thing, another home run is you ask me! These sheets are on the list for a reason. I pulled, as always just a fragment of user feedback but according to owners the positive outweighs the negative by a mile. So yeah, feel free.

King Ivory Sheet set

King Ivory Egyptian-Cotton-Blend Wrinkle-Free Sheets 650-Thread-Count Sheet SetBy Royal Hotel

Manufacturers word again:

  • Wrinkle free sheets, Egyptian cotton blend, 70% cotton, 30% polyester
  • Includes: fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillowcases (king)
  • Silky soft sheets with 100% luxury, single ply, sateen weave
  • Fitted sheet has an elastic pocket all around
  • Machine washable and dryable, warm iron only, do not bleach

Read more about it by Visiting its Amazon page >>

You know what’s next, let’s hear it from the users with positive experiences:

  • Egyptian bliss
  • It doesn’t wrinkle, it really doesn’t wrinkle!
  • Nice feel and fit, very soft and washed great
  • Excellent quality, I highly recommend this set
  • I was afraid to try these after failing with the set before, but I’m glad I did

And with the little less than positive experiences:

  • The color is just bad for me, I don’t like it
  • Too thin, I like heavier bed sheets

Let’s hear the verdict. And the verdict iiiis, all hail the king! This set really comes through, no wonder it has so many good reviews on Go for it.

Odyssey Duvet cover

Echo Odyssey Duvet CoverBy Echo

Ok, corporative specification, let’s hear it:

  • Printed face, 100% cotton textured fabric. Back: T180 100% cotton print fabric
  • Machine washable

Take a look at what owners are saying on here >>

Ok, let’s see what satisfied users have to say:

  • This is one hell of a price for such quality
  • Exactly as expected. Material is great, and the color is very cool
  • Nice feel and nice character
  • Far better then my old saggy sheets
  • The colors are so relaxing and so right for my bedroom
  • It’s very comfortable and pretty to look at. Colors are beautiful and yet not too bright

Dissatisfied users got their turn as always:

  • It’s too heavy for me
  • I Saw that the colors were a bit off when I unpacked it

Verdict, tough but fair. This is one beautiful duvet cover. The patterns are just mesmerizing. Once you look at it, you won’t be able to look away for a while. It’s also very soft and has a nice feel to it. This cover definitely has my seal of approval.

Island botanical set

Tommy Bahama Island Botanical Sheet SetBy Tommy Bahama

Last one I promise, we’re almost at the finish line.

Let’s hear it from the company:

  • Cotton, 230-thread count, sateen weave
  • Soft, luxurious hand
  • fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillowcases (king)

Learn more on Amazon >>

OK, happy owners, let’s hear it:

  • Very comfortable sheets, I washed them 5 times before use, and they are very soft
  • I just love how they fit around my mattress
  • The bomb, well made, uber soft, a bit pricey but worth it
  • I like that the print can go with everything in my bedroom

And ultimately some cons from the owners too:

  • I wish it had a higher thread count than 230, still comfortable though

Great stuff from Tommy Bahama. People like it so much I barely found something to put in the cons part. That’s saying enough without me piling on top. I’ll just say it’s a great duvet cover, and all those duvet lovers should own one.

James over and out

Oh dear, I’m afraid our time is up.

I hope I helped you in gathering information to define what you’re looking for and being able to find it.

So again, whether you’re after those best sheets for air mattresses or regular bed I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for reading and choose wisely.


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