Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trekker Mattress – will the mountains agree it’s that good?

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On June 26, 2014
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One of the best inflatable pads out there. Innovative Triangular Core Matrix design with over 100 internal cells distributes weight evenly and makes the NeoAir unparalleled in stability. It packs very small and light and overall, gives you some serious bang for your buck. In my book, worth every dime.

If you are here, you probably are looking for a sleeping pad. I know it can be a drag finding just the right pad.

With the outsourcing of the manufacturing process, it’s more confusing than ever before. Sure, you might read a review online, but what about the fact that you might be reading a review that’s obsolete, because the company outsourced to a poorly chosen location in the meantime.

That’s why I started this website, to help with just these kind of dilemmas. To precisely separate products that make a solid purchase from those which are money wasted.

Ok, so let’s get on with it. In this review we will:

  1. Take a look at the features and specifications of the product
  2. Take a look at the actual owners’ opinions – the good and the bad
  3. Give a final resume and Overall Quality Rating (OQT)

The product features:

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trekker Mattress

  • Triangular Core Matrix construction which equalize air distribution for unparalleled stability with over 100 internal cells
  • heat trapping internal cells that provide efficient warmth without any down fill or uncomfortable synthetic
  • manual inflation, high quality materials, and fibreless insulation that make the mattress light and compact
  • 100-denier polyester bottom and soft, 75-denier top that provide comfort in a wide range of situations

See more pictures and read more customer reviews on Amazon >>

Sizes available:

  • 20×2.5.72 inches when fully inflated
  • a volume of 3600 cubic-inches
  • 1 pound, 4 ounces weight


  • 25×2.5×77 inches when fully inflated
  • a volume of 4813 cubic-inches
  • 1 pound 10 ounce weight

The company, Therm-a-Rest, also includes a lifetime warranty against any material defects and workmanship issues.

Now, let’s see if it really lives up to what the company is saying about it, let’s see what the actual users are saying.

The positive owner reviews – The PROs:

  • The best camping mattress I’ve owned. And I am a big guy with 2 full shoulder replacements, and a side sleeper…if it’s good enough for me, I can’t imagine how demanding you would have to be not to like this inflatable…
  • Small in my backpack, big on the ground…
  • Rolls so small, to about the size of a Nalgene bottle…
  • Finally, a pad that doesn’t hurt my hip bone when side-sleeping…
  • No leaks or weak bulging areas like I’ve seen in my old Big Agnes…
  • Deflates in no time and fits perfectly in my backpack. Keeps me comfortable and off the ground.
  • Super durable, compact and comfortable. Quick set up without any tools. Not cheap but priceless!
  • Awesome for side sleepers! Highly recommend!!!
  • Doesn’t make any noise when tossing and turning. Great price for a great mat. Love the color.
  • Amazing R value, packs down so small. Haven’t had issues with leaking.
  • Impressive design for such a thin mattress. Inflates quickly.
  • Doesn’t rustle, very warm and keeps me from sliding off…
  • I’m so glad I bought it. The best air mattress I have ever owned!
  • Very sturdy, used it on 6 camping trips, still in perfect condition.
  • Can’t feel the ground, kept me warm without any hot spots and compresses so small.
  • Shipped nicely, arrived as described…no issues so far..
  • No kidding I felt like I was back home in my bed! Great value for the money I paid.
  • Perfect for slide sleepers…
  • There’s no comparing this thing to any of the cheaper, thinner pads…worth every dime…

Check out the ratings and pricing of the pad on Amazon:

Click here to

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trekker Mattress review

The negative owner reviews of this inflatable – The CONs:

  • The description said that the stuff sack is included but there was no stuff sack in the box. Customer service said they would take care of it…still waiting for it…
  • No repair kit included…
  • It should have a valve that makes it possible to inflate with a traditional pump. Still a great mattress.

An overall quality rating and my final resume:

Overall Quality Rating of 47 out of 50 puts it right there at the top.

Read more about what users had to share on Amazon >>


Now that is a solid score if you ask me. People did not seem to have any serious complaints that couldn’t be fixed by the efficient customer service which I tested myself at one point in the past.

They really are good and customer oriented.The materials used are very durable, real heavy duty, no joke high quality.

Also, no one seemed to have problems with the out of the box smell a nice plus.

Personally, I find this air mattress one of the best compact camping mattresses on the market today. With these small and light camping mattresses, it’s all about how well it holds air, weight distribution and insulation.

In my book, this seems like a solid product in all the mentioned categories.

But how exactly do I judge an air mattress?

It can be confusing I know. Seeing all the positive reviews and then seeing a negative that’s saying just the opposite. That’s exactly the reason why, over the years of reviewing inflatable beds I have set some very precise criteria.

How well a mattress or a pad holds air is crucial, so with this one I’ve established a ratio between the positive reviews and people saying it leaked. then I make my judgment if the issue is real or the leaks are exceptions.

If you just read the reviews online and give up on a product because someone says it leaks, you might be missing on a great product.

I like to think that that’s why I am here – to eliminate the clutter of information and find real value among the 100s of similar products offered.

I do not even take the time reviewing a product that seems to be a waste of time and money, that’s why you only see 4 and 5 stars in the reviews section, I do a bit of research to see if a bed is even worth reviewing.

Overall, this seems like a solid product and well worth the investment.

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