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The quietest sleeping pad out there. If squeaking is an issue, you probably shouldn't look any further. Nice and thick, it's great for restless and side sleepers. The brass valve is second to none when it comes to holding air. If you are an ultra light hiker that needs to consider every gram of weight, know that this pad is a tad heavier than some of it's buddies. For the comfort and silence, well worth the few extra bucks and some added weight.

It’s a jungle of a market out there and it’s getting increasingly difficult, even for me, to stay on top of things. And I have peers in the industry, I have an army of fellow hikers and a growing community here at my blog who are eager to share. Some of the inflatable pads are best rated but are noisy, some of them have good reviews but their manufacturing has been outsourced to a location that might interfere with the quality….that’s what makes it so complicated…

I am writing this review after a question I received from one of our fellow hikers Keith about what’s a good full length, QUIET sleeping pad. I’ll also recommend a pillow to go with it to complete the experience of a calm night in your tent.

I made few Skype calls just now to conduct a mini poll among my friends. The poll had just one question: “What’s do you think is the quietest sleeping pad?”, and the results were strangely uniform, 6 of the 9 people I called pointed their finger at Q core.

That’s what I was going for here – good quality and NO SQUEAKING!


How do I make sense of it all?

The biggest problem is outsourcing to bad locations – that’s it.

So make a few simple rules and stick to them no matter what:

  • I review products made in the USA, Canada or Western Europe
  • I review products that are outsourced to locations I know will not mess with the quality
  • I remove products from my website with shady practices in outsourcing

The bottom line is – if you see it on my website, you know what you are looking at, quality by Northern American standards.

Here’s what you and I will do in this review:

So, let us get to business.

The fact sheet of Big Agnes Q Core Long sleeping pad:

Big Agnes Long inflatable

  •  3.5 ” of comfort
  • Insulated using X-static technology + silver filament
  • Anti odor and anti microbial materials
  • silver filament increases thermodynamic and reduces noise
  • durable and lightweight
  • 15 F (-9C) in Warmth rating and an estimated R value of 4.1
  • extra strong brass valve and a mouthpiece (plastic coated)
  • Sack and repair kit included

See what else users have to share in their reviews on Amazon.com. >>

The Q Core Long is new to the market, so it doesn’t have any reviews yet, but it’s the same thing (except on length) as the basic Q Core, so let’s see what the users had to say about Long’s older brother.

The PROs:Big Agnes Long Inflatable Pad No Noise

  • I forgot I was camping…
  • I was going through generic pads like crazy until I decided to invest a few more bucks into the Q Core year and a half ago…not a single regret…
  • Comfy and holds air great, hasn’t failed me once…
  • No spots of pressure, no circulation problems, I haven’t a single bump on the ground…
  • So light and packs small…
  • Very quiet, I am a restless sleeper and finally I can turn around without waking everybody…
  • Very thick and keeps you well of the ground…
  • The thick sides give me that real-bed feeling…
  • No drifting to the sides, holds sturdily…
  • Great pad sleeve…
  • 30 hours on this pad with torrential rain outside…this has got to be the most comfortable pad out there
  • Super warm…
  • A game changer as far as I am concerned…
  • Fills up very quick…

You can learn more about the price and ratings by visiting Amazon (link below):

Click here to see all the info >>

The negative review of Big Agnes Q core sleeping pad:

The CONs:

  • I took a very good care of it and it still developed leaks I cannot find…sent it back and waiting for a replacement…
  • pricey for my budget…
  • integrated pump would be nice…
  • Products to go with it for minimal noise:

Nemo FILLOTM Backpacking & Camping Pillow

Nemo Fillotm pillowEasy to inflate and packs very small, great neck support and the plush finish eliminates the sound of two synthetic surfaces rubbing against each other. Perfect choice to complement the Q Core. Size – 4 x 10.5 x 17 inches.


Read what the users are sharing about this pillow on Amazon.com >>




My reviews resume of this sleeping pad

Solid 48 out of 50 in the Overall Quality Rating. Light for the thickness and comfort it provides. Inflates quickly (I wouldn’t even bother getting the pump) and reliably holds air. Sturdy and thick, it’s probably one of the most comfortable pads out there. Strong edges eliminate the all too well known issue to any hiker – side drifting. Well worth the extra few bucks.


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