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The camping and outdoors community enjoys a wide range of experts and beautiful people that live great lives. They are challenged by nature and the elements, so over the years they develop extraordinary survival skills. To complement these skills they use a wide range of equipment designed to bring help where it is most needed. I often take hours on checking out the newest camping gear, you know it is my passion. It is mind blowing to me what level of quality some of these tools reach.

There are many websites out there that cover gear and general outdoors equipment, but the following are what I found to be the best. I enjoy reading these sites often and I get a lot of information and quality reviews from them. From air mattresses to tents, from multitools to gadgets they cover it all. So with any other introduction here is the list of the best and my favourite camping gear websites:

Gear junkie

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GearJunkieInterested in hiking, footware, backpacks? or maybe bikes or tech/gadgets ? well, has a dedicate category for each of these and more. They review the best tools and equipment and also they keep an eye open for what is coming soon like the “First Look: ‘Budget’ GPS Watch From Suunto (soon coming to market)”…read more about that on their website, this watch actually looks great, I’m already thinking of buying one.

Adventure journal

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Adventure JournalIf one of the following – camping, climbing, cycling, skying, snowboarding, surfing, travelling – is your thing, then you just got to check the Adventure journal out. The guys here offer insight on not only gear but some of the most amazing places that I saw… and they have the best pictures to help you make a clearer impression of why all of these outdoor activities are so important and amazing. Just check the “Daily POW” section.

Gear institute

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Gear InstituteOk, so seriously now, they cover everything. If you just want to check out almost every possible item that is related to camping, they have a great selection of it. One of the funniest things I found is that they have a selection for DOG GEAR. I mean, my dog Cipi drools when I mention Gear Institute. But, that aside, make sure to check their selection of “gear tests” and “gear news”. The other superb thing about them is that they have a forum where all gear enthusiasts and such get together and discuss their related gear issues… cool is that? I found a lot of information there and I’m checking out the forum every now and then to get my camping news stuff.

The gear caster

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Amy JurriesAmy Jurries has a great writing style. I enjoy every post of hers. Of course my favorite ones are in the “Adventures” category. Her pictures are amazing and it is just eye candy to see such beautiful places….when I do not have the time to be there I am thankful I can get a glimpse through pictures like Amy’s. One great feature that this site has is the gear search, the place where you have your price comparison tool. Just input a keyword like camping (oh,well you already know I go for “mattress”) and then select a price range and voila….it’s magic.

The great outdoors

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The Great OutdoorsYet another great place to search for your favorite gear. Gear news, reviews and brands are three major topics that they cover. Great articles like “6 best pieces of gear from day 1 at ISPO outdoors show in Munich” are well worth the time reading. All in all this is just a great site to find boots, rucksacks, tents and all sort of camping accessories. They also have a great pictures gallery and a impressive collection of “wild walks”… check them out to get more on that.

Blister gear review

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blisterJonathan Ellsworth started the site in 2011. It was born from passion and the need for hones gear reviews, as they state. Well, one thing is for sure: I do appreciate all of their reviews and yes they are honest. I got my best backpack after reading one of their articles. But you also can get quality insight on other equipment here such as things you use for skying, paddle sports, climbing, mountain bikes, running and other. Also take a look at their videos section. I am yet to test one of the Blister resorts, but I will get back on that as soon as I get to occasion.

The outdoor adventure

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Paul OsbornPaul Osborn created this amazing site. This is just a great resource to find great gear and also the know-how, more on that on the DIY section of the site. This is a complex place, where you can also find information on food and recipes. Camping with kids, camps, family backpacks and more….these are all well developed subjects here. You have a great collection of educational videos and you can check out some useful survival tips…I personally enjoy the survival gear. All in all this place will make you ready to go out there and know how to stay safe and have the greatest time ever.


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uncrateWell, to use their exact words, Uncrate is the digital magazine for guys who love stuff…and man I love stuff. When they say GEAR they mean some really really cool stuff ranging from multitools, snowmobiles to backpacking stoves, laser light, survival cabinet, knives…etc. One particular section that I enjoy is the Habitat, where they review gear and gadgets that are used for making your habitat a more comfortable and relaxing place. They have a great collection of recommended books and movies too. Make sure to check them out, you will not regret it.

Gear gals

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Jill, Head GeargalSimply “For women who do”. Jill is the “boss lady” as she describes herself, and together with another four of her friend she developed this amazing funny site. They have great insight on outdoor gear and travel gear and also a unique approach to reviewing all sort of equipment. Make sure to check out their blog also. One of my favorite post titles is “Guide to Outdoorsy Relationships”. Made you curious didn’t I? Then just head over to their site and read more about that.

Backcountry edge

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BackCountryEdgeThey cover clothing, accessories, backpacks, camp furniture, cookware, utensils, sleeping bags stoves, etc …. One of my favorite section of this site is the gear care and repair, where you can find all sorts of tips and product to repair your broken gear. Tim King is the Founder and President of Backcountry Edge and together with an expert team made of people with real field experience manage to give great advice when it comes to outdoors living. This is a great site with great reviews that I check out often.

There you go. These are the top 10 camping gear sites that I love and that I regularly visit to get inspired.

Now it’s your turn. What are the best gear sites that you follow or like? Post them in the comments below and give your reason for why do you find them awesome. I look forward to checking them out.

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