Choose the best electric blanket – 5 Essential Tips

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size BlanketBest electric blankets are like beautiful women… Ok, you’ve got me, they’re nothing alike, but I needed your attention for a while and since I don’t write about beautiful women I had to reach for my bag of tricks…

I’d say you’re here for one of two reasons – either you’re just next level enchanted with articles about electric blankets or one just crawled up on you shopping list and endless google searches brought you to this final stop where you just kick back, relax and let me do the job for you.

Ok, it’s not exactly Game of Thrones books but I see how a man can enjoy a good review of an electric blanket. I’d still put my money on a second reason though.

All joking aside choosing a perfect electric blanket can be a bit of a pickle if you don’t know exactly what you want and need. Good news is I’m here to help and loosen that jar lid for you. I’ve been doing these reviews for I can’t even remember how long and I have a “because” to your every “why”.

So instead of going on and on about everything there is I simply made this short list of basic, most important tips to get you in front of the 8 ball and make sure you know everything you need to mark this bad boy as checked on your shopping list.

Time to make good on my word and deliver what I promised, here are my 5 anti-headache shopping tips for electric blankets:


Ok, we’re starting off with the most important advice I could possibly give you. You might have this on your mind, you might not but I’m here to make damn sure that safety is your number 1 concern. Electric blanket is, as the name states, an electric appliance and it comes with all the benefits and hazards of one. You should be quite fine though if you follow these few simple rules:

  • Never buy an electric blanket or mattress pad without making sure it has a UL (Underwriter Laboratories) mark on it – They have the best and most accepted safety standards regulations when it comes to electric blankets in the US. And if you see their seal of approval you can bet that blanket took everything they threw at it and still came up on top, and their tests are no joke either. ETL mark stands for the same quality, so it’s a green light too.
  • Buy a new blanket, never a second-hand one – This one speaks for itself, with a new blanket you’re in the clear and if you follow the instructions you should be just fine. Used blankets are a cat in the bag though, and you don’t want anything to do with that. This is where your piece of mind literally costs a couple of bucks more.
  • If it has discoloration, scorch marks, exposed wires or torn fabric you just give it a wide birth – Do I really need to be telling you this? Yes, I do! You don’t want to learn under fire (no pun intended) that maybe I do know what I’m talking about.

Once you get it just read the instructions, follow it to the letter and enjoy your personal comfy cloud.

Electric Heated Blanket tips

Tip 2: Durability and quality are your main buzzwords

You should get a good 5 years of use from basically any electric blanket.

You want a fabric that doesn’t shed over your bedding and clothes and internal wiring that will feel flexible to the touch. Homework time on this one so pick up some user-reviews of electric blankets, see what they say and get yourself the best one for your money.

Tip 3: Under or over it? (Over-blanket or mattress pad)

There are basically two types of electric blankets, under and over-blankets. Under-blankets or mattress pads are used as toppers for your bed and are designed to keep your whole bed warm. They’re especially useful if you sleep on an air mattress. Over-blankets sit on top of your bedding as any other normal cover.

Mattress pads do have some advantages though:

  • They are more efficient energy-wise since over-blankets let half of the heat radiate upwards
  • They are safer. They have less chance to overheat since they’re fitted and can’t get balled up, trapping all that heat in the middle
  • You can order waterproof or stain resistant mattress pads, no such thing with heated blankets.

So, depending on your personal preference, bed type or place you intend to use it you’ll pick one or the other.

Tip 4: There’s much more to it than just flipping a switch (ease of use/features)

The days when the switch for anything was just an on/off button are behind us. Electrical products aren’t getting any simpler, so we have a bunch of options to choose from.

Here are some that you’ll want for sure:

  • Automatic switch off
  • Multiple settings when it comes to heat
  • Fitted blanket that stays in place
  • Easy to use controls
  • Machine washable and tumble dry approved
  • Temperature sensors
  • Blanket made for extended use (whole night)

Man, all these options… There are much more, trust me, I just listed some that are nice to have so you can choose the best electric blanket to fit your bill.

electric blanket features

Tip 5: It all comes down to budget

Isn’t this an honest to god truth? You make your own bed based on your price range, literally, so here’s what to expect…

Electric blankets go for 40-120 bucks a pop for basic models, and 70-200+ for deluxe ones.

Mattress pads go for 35-90 for basic and 60-200+ deluxe.

Now with some careful planning you can fit almost any need to your budget. Just read the specifications of the products, find what you need and go for it. You’ll get your must-haves with almost any blanket out there, nice-to-haves however is where you get a bit creative.

That’s all folks! Your 101, pocket sized beginners guide to electric blankets shopping. Hope I helped.



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