Best brands of electric blankets

best electric blanketIf you are here you are likely looking to do a bit of reading and get some pointers on what’s the best electric blanket.

Admittedly, if you’re here for plot twists and character development, this might not be your cup of tea. However, if you’re banging your head over top notch brands and overall best electric blanket to fit your needs and budget, your endless internet searches finally led you to the right place.

All kidding aside I know all too well how big of a pain in the… well, headache that shopping list can be. So I’ll offer some good news. From this point on you can just sit back, take a drink (do I smell scotch or wine?) and let my years of experience in writing professional reviews of electric blankets do all the work.

Don’t drink with your blanket around once we pick one for you though, that’s just asking for trouble.

Time is money and money is good so let’s dive right into this thing and list some of the best brands our market has to offer. There will be no more pointing in the dark after this since we’re going straight for the bullseye.

Electric blanket Olympics (time to jump some hoops)

Before we get to the actual list of brands, we need to see how they got there in the first place. There’s a lot to be done when it comes to electric blanket testing but hey, I’ve already done it for you. Am I a friendly neighbor or what? 🙂

Now for some hoops, the more the merrier:

  • Every electric blanket first takes the tour through the climatology chamber, where I measure how fast it heats up and if the heat is distributed evenly. The room temperature is set to 55 degrees, I turn on the blanket to the max setting and time how long it takes before it’s completely heated and the how long does it take it to cool down.
  • Then we time how log it takes for a blanket to reach 70 degrees and to cool down below 62. This is done at 1-minute intervals.
  • Durability is a paramount, so I test the blanket by washing it as per manufacturer’s instructions. After that process, I try to spot any signs of fiber degradation. We keep our eyes peeled for things as discoloration, shrinkage and other surface changes.
  • Safety is a “make it or break it” point of every electric product for us. Better safe than sorry we always say, so I check the temperature of the plug to see if it matches the safety standards for bedding that is electrically heated. Auto shutoff after 10 hours is a sight for sour eyes when it comes to this btw.
  • Next hoop is energy efficiency which we also measure. We want to make sure your blanket is saving you money as well as keeping you warm and cozy.
  • Then we got some reading to do, not exactly The Catcher in the Rye but I’m happy to do it for you. By reading the user manual we gauge the user-friendliness of the blanket, and trust me, you don’t want an electric product as your enemy. We also check the responsiveness of the controls to make sure it’s easy to operate them.
  • And finally I give voice to the actual owners and users to seal the deal. I read ridiculous amounts of electric blankets reviews so that our opinion can actually come from the people and not from the companies bragging about their product and sugarcoating it at every step. That’s how we know, for example that users prefer dial controls to button ones, soft microfiber fleece to the acrylic and so on…

Sunbeam Velvet Plush HEATED BLANKET KING Size Champaigne Blonde

So when it’s all said and done I think that blanket that can pass all these obstacles with flying colors is truly worthy of the name best electric blanket your hard earned cash can buy. I wouldn’t want it any other way since I put my word on the line for it.

We’ve got the appetizers out of the way, time to serve the main course of this article.

Best brands of electric blankets are served

As far as American market is concerned there are 3 big time manufacturers. There are differences between models, of course, when it comes to controllers or outer fabric, but the heating technology of all brands/models from one company will be the same.

So let’s have at it and list these bad boys:

  • Biddeford blankets – A company known for a combination of style, comfort and safety plus a 5-year guarantee for every product is nothing to look down upon. Their top seller brands are: Delightful nights, Sealy and The Cannon.
  • Perfect Fit Industries – Producing, as they say one of a kind mattress pad and electric blanket with low voltage (as liquid friendly as it gets) with almost impossible to feel heating elements. Their most popular brands are: Select Comfort, Chattam & Wells and Soft Heat Low Voltage.
  • Sunbeam Products – A well known company, not only for its electric blankets but a platitude of home appliances. Free shipping for orders over 50 bucks also caught my eye. Their top contenders in these Olympics of mine are the following brands: Therapedic, Imperial Brands, The Slumber Rest and Royal Nights.

Sunbeam Microplush Throw Camelot Cuddler Electric Heated Warming BlanketOf course, they all come in different sizes, colors and styles but I’m afraid I can’t help you there with my poor man’s aesthetics. If you’re a male reading this now would be a perfect time for the lady of the house to jump in.

If you ask me, you can’t go wrong with any of my picks for this list. Now it’s simply a matter of preference and your actual need and purpose for these blankets. You saw the unforgiving challenges all listed products had to overcome, and they did. My helping hand part ends here, and it’s up to you now to decide which electric blanket will make your warm home even warmer.

Sleep tight and keep warm!


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