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This concise guide is part of series of guides that I am doing after receiving several suggestion on how I can make my website helpful. It’s a guide aimed to help people that are loyal to Serta as a brand of air mattresses and air beds.

The goal is to filter among many of the products coming to us from the company and find the ones that have the best value for price ratio.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can avoid endless searches and reviews among the Serta airbeds and rest assured that what I’ve provided here is “crème de la crème” in their portfolio.

Here they are… I’ve included also two recommended products:

Picture & Model
Overall Rating
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Serta Raised Bed
with Never Flat
Serta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump
Serta Raised Air Bed
with Insta III Pump
Serta Raised Air Bed with Insta III Pump review
Serta EZ Bed –
Serta EZ Bed Queen
Serta 4-inch Memory
Foam Mattress
Topper with Contour
Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Contour Pillows
Density Visco Mattress
Topper – 4 Pound
Elastic Memory Foam
Density Visco 4 Pound Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper
Serta iComfort
Contour Pillow,
Standard Size
Serta iComfort Countour Pillow Standard Size

Serta – the company

Serta is the number 1 mattress manufacturer in the USA and a true authority in the industry of air mattresses and air beds. It was found in 1931 when a group of independent mattress manufacturers merged. In 1933 they officially started making mattresses with the Serta brand name. Their logo are the Counting Sheep. Very cute and cleverly chosen, it sends a clear message.

What we are interested here is the best of the best in their offer of air beds and air mattresses so let’s dig in.


Serta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump

Serta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump

  • Patented under the protected name NeverFlat AC, the internal pump will inflate and deflate the bed in minutes
  • Firmness of the bed can be customized using the presets on the pump
  • Higher then your average air bed, offers the feel of a regular bed but is still easy to get on and out of the air bed
  • Carry Bag in included
  • Different sizes offered
  • See more pictures on Amazon

Let’s see what the owners of this air bed say about it:

  • Best nights’ sleep I’ve had in ages…
  • So comfortable that I don’t know how any regular bed could be better…
  • The pump is amazingly quiet…great buy all-round…
  • It’s great that I don’t have to worry about re-pumping, the pump does everything automatically…
  • Had if 7 months now and I can’t find any flaws to talk about…
  • This product worked exactly as advertised…
  • One of the best customer service I ever dealt with…


Serta EZ Bed – Queen

Serta EZ Bed Queen

  • Like the previous bed, this one also features Serta’s branded NeverFlat pump that automatically ads air when the pressure drops
  • Again, the firmness of the bed is customizable by using the offered presets which cover everything, from a softness of a water bed to “sleeping on the floor”
  • Smart design makes the bed easy to set up (the frame self-deploys)
  • Storage case is included
  • See more reviews on


This bed takes the “air bed game” to  whole new level of comfort, it is easily among the best 10 air beds ever made, in my humble opinion.

But let’s see what the users of this bed are saying:

  • The best air bed I have ever used or seen for that matter…
  • A real winner among air beds…
  • So relieved that I don’t have to worry about adding air…
  • Unpack, plug in and sleep…so easy to set up that I was amazed…
  • Easy to store…
  • When you look at the picture, you would think that setting it up would be complicated, but the bed does it all for you…same thing with the disassembly, just turn the dial, watch it collapse and fold the legs automatically, then just zip it up in the bag
  • With all my back problems, this is my new best friend…


Serta Raised Air Bed with Insta III Pump

Serta Raised Air Bed with Insta III Pump

  • Integrated powerful pump (Insta III) makes for a fast and easy inflation and deflation
  • Raised for additional comfort
  • The package includes a convenient carry bag
  • Soft luxurious finish
  • Visit Amazon to get more info


The customer reviews abstract:

  • We’ve owned a couple of air beds, but this is by far the best…
  • Pump works just as they said it would…
  • Great purchase…I was thinking of going for a more expensive bed, and I feel great that I didn’t…
  • Thrilled with this item…
  • I am seeing no leaks with this bed…
  • No bad out-of-the-bag smell…

You pretty much can’t go wrong with Serta air beds, but let us take a moment and look at the products that would complement your sleeping experience.


Best mattress topper to go with your Serta air bed:


Recommendation 1: Serta 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Contour Pillows

Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Contour Pillows

  • The visco-elastic memory foam is 4 ” think
  • All materials used are resistant to dust mites and are antimicrobial
  • Gently adjusts to your body so that your weight is distributed evenly
  • Temperature-sensitive, so you’re never too warm and never too hot
  • Eliminates restless sleep by reducing the pressure points that are the root cause sleeping problems
  • See this topper on Amazon


What the end user of the topper are saying:

  • Amazing…so soft and comfortable…
  • Allows you to sink in and still keep the support your spine needs…
  • Loving the pillows…
  • It’s might be my deep sleep, but I think that my husband has stopped snoring after we got this topper…
  • Fits the mattress perfectly…


Recommendation 2: Density Visco Mattress Topper – 4 Pound Elastic Memory Foam

Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

  • Makes your mattress more comfortable and more restful in an instant
  • Dense 4-pound memory foam offers optimal softness but maintains the needed support
  • 3 inch thick
  • Made in the USA. All processes used in the manufacturing are environmental friendly and the product exceeds PURGreen standards
  • Sleep better from the first night, as the tossing and turning is reduced by eliminating the pressure points
  • Amazing gel-like feel to it
  • This is its dedicated page on


Abstract from the Density Visco topper user reviews:

  • One of the best purchases I ever made…no back pain any more…
  • This topper made the world of a difference for my sleep quality…
  • My hip pain is gone. I’ve tried various mattresses, various toppers, various pillows until I found my solution with this topper…
  • Great shipping speed and good packaging…the topper itself was just as they are advertising it…
  • I am boasting around to everybody I know since I received this topper…anybody with any sleeping problems simply must try this topper…


Recommendation 3: Serta iComfort Contour Pillow, Standard Size

Serta iComfort Countour Pillow Standard Size

Not just another memory foam pillow. What makes this pillow different is the fact that is packed with thousands of pieces of Cool Action Gel (high end memory foam).

Unlike any other memory foam pillow, it both adjust to any position of the sleeper while maintaining it’s shape, so you are not restricted in any way and your neck has optimal support.

It is 20x15x5″ in size and is made in the USA. This is important when it comes to pillows because it means that it undergoes a strict chemical fumes control.

In my book, this is a solid 5 star product.

See more reviews here – on Amazon.

But, let’s see what the users are saying:

  • Best pillow I ever had, my neck pain is now completely gone…
  • I highly recommend this product for anybody with neck issues…
  • I did spend a little extra on this pillow, but it is worth every penny…
  • If you are a side sleeper, this is the pillow for you, no question about it…


Final thoughts

As I said, you can’t really go wrong by choosing a Serta air bed, but what I tried here is to handpick the best value for money product and recommend products that would be a great addition to your Serta air bed or mattress.

I hope I helped a little, Serta fans. Take care and sleep tight.

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