Best low rise camping mattresses – TOP 5

This is the kind of air mattresses most campers will go with for their trips. If you play your cards right, it will offer a comfort level similar to that of a high rise mattress without adding much bulk or weight to your packing list.

This guide is constantly being updated to reflect the market situation, any new arrivals or changes in quality to the existing products. Here’s the situation right now:

Overall Rating
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ALPS Mountaineering
Rechargeable Air Bed
ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed
Lightspeed Outdoors
Deluxe TPU Air Bed
with Battery-Operated Pump
Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe TPU Air Bed with Battery-Operated Pump
SimplySleeper SS-
54Q Premium
SimplySleeper SS-54Q Premium Queen Air Bed with Built-in Fully Automatic Electric Pump
Insta-Bed Stow-N-Go
Air Mattress
Insta-Bed Stow-N-Go Air Mattress
AeroBed Extra Bed
with Built-In Pump
AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In Pump

Top 5 best low rise camping mattresses on the market right now:

How did I get to this table?

  1. I went through 100s of low rise air mattresses suitable for camping
  2. I read every single review there is on these babies and used that to add points in every category that’s included in the Overall Quality Rating
  3. I am guessing you are getting the idea of how much manual (and pretty boring 🙂 ) work this takes but when I am done I am left with what I believe is the most reliable rating list you could possibly get
  4. I have been tweaking this method for years and I don’t mean to brag when I say that it’s as close to perfect as you can get

I make a note of where I left off with the reviews and rinse and repeat the process weekly so that you can be sure that anything you see on this page is up to date, fresh and relevant information at any given point in time.

I astray from the main story for a moment here just so that you can get a better understanding of what’s involved in crafting and maintaining a guide like this.

Let us now take some time and take a deeper look at each of the entries on this list of air mattresses:

Here is what we’ll look into:

  1. What the company is saying about their product
  2. the most important comments of the users – both the PROs and the CONs
  3. Overall Quality Rating and the review resume

ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed review

ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air BedThe specifications – the fact sheet of the air mattress:

  • easy to fit into virtually any camping tent
  • fast rechargeable pump for fast inflation and deflation
  • wall and car charger included
  • flocked for extra comfort, it also prevents the mattress sliding or tipping
  • innovative design of the chambers – comfort coil, adds sturdiness and durability
  • best quality thick PVC used for extra durability and puncture resistance
  • bag included
  • Twin weighs 8 lbs and Queen weighs 9 lbs

Read more reviews of people who actually own this product – on

Some of the PROs as per the users:

  • comfortable and yet sturdy…
  • I’ve been using this ALPS for 6 months now and it holds like a champ…I only add air once per week on my trips…
  • No fuss with the inflation, deflation, storing…
  • This bed is the real deal, I’ve seen zero leaks in over a year of using it…
  • the best air mattress I’ve ever owned…
  • I can feel the difference in the quality of the PVC straight out of the box, a whole level above my previous camping mattresses…

The CONs:

  • mine started leaking after only few months…
  • not the best solution is you have serious back problems like I do…
  • pump attachment got stuck to the mattress and I still can’t get it off…

Review resume and Overall Quality Rating

The Overall Quality Rating of 88 / 100 says it all. One the best camping mattresses in all categories, especially among the low rise options.

The one point deducted was in the price category, but be careful with this one. If you are using a mattress for home use and it fails you at some point, it’s not a big deal, but if an air mattress fails you on your trip, it can “break” your experience.

I personally believe in getting the best products within your budget for your camping trip. Play your cards right and you’ll forget the few extra bucks very soon. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe TPU Air Bed with Battery-Operated Pump

Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe TPU Air Bed with Battery-Operated PumpThe fact sheet of the air mattress – from the “mouth” of the company:

  • second to none durability – industry leading material (thermoplastic polyurethane) used
  • patented system for stabilizing the sleeping surface
  • adjustable firmness
  • environmental friendly (materials used are free of Phthalates)
  • queen size sheets are a perfect fit
  • fast pump for quick inflation and deflation (battery operated)

Visit Amazon to read more reviews >>

Some of the more important qualities – as reported by the users:

  • I went through 5 air mattresses before getting this one…finally a camping mattress that met all my expectations…
  • After the initial stretching of the material I’ve NEVER added air…
  • it’s much more sanitary for camping with no fleece flocking…
  • I was hesitant before getting this air mattress because it looks kind of slim and I am a big person, but it works great, it’s heavy-duty, sturdy and it doesn’t leak…
  • I am just amazed at how something that’s so light and packs so small can hold so well, I think I found my long term solution for my camping needs…
  • Excellent…

The CONs as reported by the users:

  • not a fan of the color…
  • I sent mine in for a replacement and waiting for a new one, it was deflating in under 2 hours…
  • don’t be fooled by the “fits queen size sheets”, this mattress is not a queen size, it’s noticeably smaller…

Overall Quality Rating and review resume

Not as good OQR (Overall Quality Rating) as the first entry to the list.

It scored 86 / 100.


The points deducted were in the categories of: price, pump and edges sturdiness.

  • The points deducted in the price is self explanatory – it’s priced at the same point as some of the mattresses that got a better OQR score
  • The points deducted in the pump category is simply because I (and from what I’ve seen, most of the users) prefer rechargeable pumps to battery operated ones. It’s a detail, but a detail that adds one more thing to think about when planning your trip.
  • The edges sturdiness – I talked with a few owners on this one. It is heavy duty and sturdy, but it’s lighter and lower and it’s not physically possible for the mattress to have the same sturdiness of the edges as the thicker ones. Again, not a big deal, but these mattresses are the best of the best and attention to detail is a must when rating them.

As always, I can collect all the relevant info but I can’t tell you if this is the bed for you. Some campers might find the fact that’s it’s lighter and packs smaller more important than, say, how sturdy the edges are.

With all said, a place on this list is well deserved for the Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe.

SimplySleeper SS-54Q Premium review

Hardly any list of best air mattresses in different categories goes without at least one SimplySleeper model. SS is a serious company bringing solid value to the market and they already have a few models that I consider to be an industry standard.

The SS-54Q Premium is their solid attempt to bite into the market of people looking for long-lasting camping air mattresses.

SimplySleeper SS-54Q Premium Queen Air Bed with Built-in Fully Automatic Electric PumpWhat SimplySleeper is saying about their product:

  • highest quality materials used – Durmothane Polyester (Extremely Durable), the newest materials technology in the market used
  • single-piece electric pump used, super fast inflation and deflation (under 2 minutes)
  • very light (10 lbs)
  • unique design of the PVC used (3 layers) makes the bed completely puncture resistant and ideal for camping
  • 2 repair kits included
  • comes in Single and Queen size

Read many more reviews on >>.

The main PROs the customers report:

  • so easy to set up and down…
  • I’ve seen no leaks in over two weeks of every night use, literally added air ZERO times…
  • this baby is just as comfortable as any high rise mattress…
  • it’s addictively comfortable…
  • this bed offered me peace in the middle of a war zone…

The main CONs:

  • some of the seams broke and now I have a huge bulge in the middle of my mattress…
  • disappointed…just a couple of uses and it’s evidently leaking somewhere, sending it back for a replacement…
  • the beige gets dirty so fast and it’s pain in the rear to clean…
  • not as comfortable as I expected it to be…

Overall Quality Rating and review resume

Very good value for money – that’s the first though that comes to mind with this SS. The beige might not be ideal for camping since it really does get dirty easily and it’s hard to clean.

The thicker materials make complicated the storing and make the package bulkier.



With the score of 85 / 100 it’s the lowest rated bed on this list.

Hmm, lowest rated sounds bad since this is still one the best camping beds out there and a solid choice with a few more drawbacks than the other entries on the list.

Insta-Bed Stow-N-Go Air Mattress

The first two entries on the list were from companies that were aiming the camping chunk of the market of air mattresses. Here, we’ll see the response of one of the bigger players – Insta.

The mattress is pretty new to the market but the first impressions tell me that the Stow-N-Go is here to stay.

Insta-Bed Stow-N-Go Air MattressLet’s see what Insta had in mind with this mattress – the specifications:

  • velour finish for added comfort
  • in-built battery pump (Reversible Insta I, inflation and deflation in less than 2 minutes)
  • bag included (Bingo star design
  • queen and twin size available
  • adjusted for camping needs

Visit Amazon to get more on this air mattress

The main positives – the PROs:

  • pleasantly surprised, didn’t expect this kind of quality for the price…
  • blows up in just over a minute and hold air for days with zero leaks…
  • great craftsmanship, very well made…
  • It worked just as advertised, it’s a real bargain…
  • pure hedonism this one, exceeded my expectations…
  • light and easy to store, just right for car camping…takes up very little space…
  • heavy-duty mattress, it seems like I found the lasting solution I was looking for…

A few CONs that the customers reported:

  • I tried for days and it just wouldn’t stay inflated. It obviously arrived with a leak that I can’t find, this thing is going back…
  • the rubbery smell fills the room for days

The review resume and Overall Quality Rating

As I said, this is a fairly new product and it still needs to pass the test of time, but my first thought that this Insta is seriously entering the race of best camping air mattresses with this product.

As with all new products, I did a bit more research on the materials, the design of the internal chambers, the quality of the seams (which is largely determined by the thickness of the PVC) and I’ve seen no read flags.

Overall Quality Rating of 87 / 100 reflects everything I said above.


I even feel kind of bad because I didn’t have enough of a sample to rate it properly when it comes to durability and I went with a 8/10. I will be revisiting this and see what tale time will tell about the Insta Stow-N-Go.

One last thought – I am not really sure what “Stow-N-Go” means in an air mattress. It’s a terms used by Chrysler for extra seats that fold into the floor.

Call me dumb, but what would this say about an air mattress is still a mystery to me. If you understand it, feel free to help me in the comments section or just by shooting me an email.

Bottom line – this Insta camping mattress seems to be here to stay.

AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In Pump, Queen review

One of the oldies and the goodies. A camping mattress that’s proven and tested over time. I know two people who own it and they have nothing but praise for it.

Let’s take a closer look.

AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In PumpAerobed Extra specifications:

  • available in twin, full and queen size
  • fast integrated pump – less than 2 minutes for inflation deflation
  • luxurious comfort of fleece flocking
  • added support by the coil construction (oval design of internal chambers)
  • thick PVC resistant to punctures

See how people rate it on Amazon. >>

The main PROs as per the customers:

  • extremely comfortable is not a overstatement when I am talking about this bed…
  • I’ve seen almost no leaks and that’s a huge plus, I have to be able to completely rely on my mattress on my camping…
  • friendly and professional customer service…
  • I keep trying other brands and I keep getting back to Aerobed…
  • far more comfortable that any pullout couch…
  • just the perfect size for my tent…
  • this is my 4th camping air mattress and by far the best…

The main CONs as reported by the customers:

  • plastic odor fills the room and stays with you for days…
  • the color looks kind of childish…
  • mine started leaking within the first month…I sent it back and waiting for a replacement…

Overall Quality Rating (OQT) and review resume

This mattress might not look so serious and heavy duty as some of the other entries on the list. But if you were to judge it by it’s looks, boy, would you be wrong…

Aerobed means business with this bed.

From what I’ve seen it’s strong, smartly designed, well crafted and durable.


I’ll be honest and say here that the system I have in place for rating sometimes is not always compliant with what I personally think about a specific product.

This is the case with this Aerobed – I don’t think that the mattress deserves the 2 points to be deducted for the price but I have seen people mentioning this one times to many for me to ignore it so I went with 8/10….even though I personally think it’s bargain for the quality it offers.

The point deducted for the design is because there’s a gap between how well made this mattress is and what meets the eye. Color choices would be a solution here, but it is what it is and the cost of that was one point.

Bottom line – in spite of the “deceiving” looks this is a heavy-duty bed, a solid choice for camping and a product built to last.

Final thoughts

This was one the hardest guides I ever had to compile because there were so many close calls and the competition was fierce.

This also means that I’ll have to be extra diligent with keeping track of what’s going on in the arena of low rise camping mattresses and update the guide accordingly.

With all that said, allow me to remind you that all the products listed above were winners among 100s of others very good products.

For YOU, this means that you can hardly go wrong with any of these.

Take care and sleep tight!


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